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How the (4) Four Celestial Animals Can Help You Attract Abundance to Your Life

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Do you know how the placement of four Chinese celestial animals can help to promote and encourage positive chi, the earliest and most traditional method of Feng Shui?

This is the predominant principle in the Form school Feng Shui. In this article, we are going to discover how Four Celestial Animals, heavenly symbols, and four symbols of the Chinese constellations can be used to attract Abundance to Your Life.

Four Celestial Animals
Four Celestial Animals

This school of Feng Shui focuses on landforms in the immediate environment to identify good and bad places for our homes. In the last few years of the hundred years, the use of landforms in Feng Shui has become less popular, especially in the West.

What celestial animals meaning is?

Animals that are found in the heavens have a significant symbolic meaning in China, and the four Feng Shui celestial animals, the Green Dragon(Avalon Dragon, Azure Dragon), Red Phoenix, White Tiger, Kirin Dragon, and Black Turtle, are represented by shapes and landforms in the surroundings of a house.

While the Azure Dragon is associated with the east and spring, the Vermilion Bird is associated with the south and summer, and the White Tiger is associated with the west and autumn.

Each of these animals embodies a distinct set of qualities and characteristics.

Let’s look at each of these Feng Shui four celestial animals individually :

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1. Feng Shui Green Dragon

The first of the four mythical creatures symbols is the Green Dragon also called Azure Dragon, Avalon Dragon is a legendary dragon name. As the first of the animals, the Green Dragon sits to the east of the house, where the sun rises.

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Representing Spring, the Green Dragon brings wealth and goodness to the house. The Green Dragon in the Form school Feng Shui is represented by a low hill east of your house.

  • Azure Dragon Yang represents energy. It is considered a symbol of good fortune and fortune by the Chinese people. In China, this mythological animal symbolizes the emperor (especially the five-toed dragon) or male.
  • In Feng Shui, the dragon controls the direction of the east (which is directly opposite the tiger) and its element is wood. Formerly the location of the rising sun, the place is considered a yang location.
  • Therefore the dragon (especially the green dragon) is listed as the most yang of all Feng shui animals. If you plan to grow a plant, here is a suitable place recommended by Feng Shui practitioners.
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2. Feng Shui Red Phoenix

In front of the house is Red Phoenix. The red phoenix Chinese faces south toward the sun and represents fire and heat. Red Phoenix brings fame, success, and new opportunities to your home.

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The atmosphere in front of the house must be flat, or slightly submerged and there will be a line of energy flowing in it which may have been a river or stream in olden times but now it may also include a road or road.

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3. Feng Shui White Tiger

To the west of the house sits the White Tiger as we follow the motion of the sun. The White Tiger represents Autumn. The White Tiger is represented by a low hill to the west of your house. White tiger prevents luck from running away from home, so it is very important that you do not have land on the slope away from home.

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4. Feng Shui Black Turtle

Finally behind the house, facing north is the Black Turtle representing winter. The black turtle is represented by a high mountain that provides strong protection, support, and stability to the home.

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Feng Shui Yellow Snake

The yellow snake animal is not one of the Celestial Four, but rather, the Yellow Snake replaces us. In deeper meaning, we are the snake in Feng Shui, and the other 4 Divine Beasts revolve around the Snake. Which is located in the center. The Yellow Snake represents the Earth element.

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Feng Shui Dragon And Tiger Together

According to Chinese astrology, the dragon and tiger are exceptionally complementary companions. Sometimes people like to combine these two celestial creatures to create or represent the Yin-Yang symbol.

  • Although some Chinese would prefer a combination between the dragon and the Phoenix to symbolize Yin Yang. Both tigers and pythons are highly respected in Chinese culture. And to this day, there are many images of dragons and tigers locked on the walls of temples.
  • When paired with a dragon, the tiger represents yin energy (when displayed alone without the dragon, it symbolizes yang energy). This fearless animal has always represented admirable qualities of strength and courage.
  • In Feng Shui, the tiger rules in the west direction and its element is metal. The white tiger that rules the western parts of every house is considered a yin animal.

What are the Four Sacred Animals of Chinese Mythology

Chinese mythology is a very vast topic. According to religious aspects, they are the Below. Which we are going to discuss in detail shortly. There are many names that we can use to call them like “Four Guardians“, “Four Gods“, “Four Auspicious Beasts“, “Four Celestial Animals“, “Four Symbols Elements“, “Four Symbols“, “Four Sacred Beasts Japan“.

  • The Azure Dragon of the East,
  • The Vermilion Bird of the South,
  • The White Tiger of the West,
  • The Black Tortoise (also called “Black Warrior“) of the North.
Four Celestial Animals

What are the Animals That Represent the 5 Elements?

Below are the animals that represent the 5 elements(Wood, Fire, Metal, Water, Earth)

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Feng Shui Five ElementFour Celestial Animals
WoodTiger, Rabbit
FireSnake, Horse
EarthOx, Dragon, Goat, Dog
MetalMonkey, Rooster
WaterPig, Rat

What are the 12 Elements Of Nature?

You might always hear about the powerful five elements of Feng Shui. Do you know what are there are other 12 elements? Below is the list.

  • FIRE – Represents heat and flames.
  • THUNDER – Represents electricity.
  • ICE – Represents snow and the cold.
  • WATER – Represents water and the ocean.
  • EARTH – Represents soil and rocks.
  • WIND – Represents air and the sky.
  • FORCE – Represents combat and spirit.
  • FLOWER – Represents plants and nature.
  • TIME – Represents time and eon.
  • MOON – Represents space and the paranormal.
  • SHADOW – Represents darkness and negativity.
  • LIGHT – Represents divinity and purity.

The Four Feng Shui Celestial Animals Placement + Directions

When the home placement is thought of, there is less emphasis on the directions of the Four Guardians for wealth and more emphasis on how the atmosphere is in your home. They are the most auspicious Chinese four beasts.

In an ideal world, this would be how our house sits in its plot but unfortunately, we do not always live in the ideal world. You can use the below Chinese symbolism if your home does not have natural landforms and little or no opportunity to physically create them.

Green Dragon Placement

  • Always remember that you are using the symbol while performing three mystery reinforcements in the item position. Planting a tall tree or hanging a wooden windchime in the area of the Green Dragon stimulates the Dragon Chi.
  • If you have no outside space on this side of your house add something made out of wood to this side of the house or hang a picture incorporating a dragon on the far left wall of your home (the left as you look out of your home)

Red Phoenix Placement

  • In the area of the Red Phoenix, it is important you stimulate yang chi by introducing movement. This can be done by hanging a wooden wind chime, or a crystal, or by creating a moving water feature at the front.
  • The front of the house is also a good place to celebrate the Red Phoenix by planting red flowers and plants and erecting a bird table.

White Tiger Placement

  • In the area of the White Tiger, it is very important that the ground does not slope away from the house. If this is the case in your environment hang a metal windchime or erect lights in the outside area.
  • If you have no outside space on this side of the house hang a picture of a white tiger, introduce a metal sculpture, or hang metal coins on the far right wall of your home (the right as you look out of your home)
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Black Turtle Placement

  • In the area of the Black Turtle stimulate turtle chi by adding water or mirrors to this area of the house. For the best feeling of protection ensure that the back of your house is private.
  • And if you have open ground at the back try and ensure that you can create some feeling of privacy. If you have no outside space at the back hang a picture incorporating a black turtle or a picture of a mountain scene on the far rear wall of your home.

What are the 5 heavenly beasts?

In China, 5 heavenly beasts are the symbol of power, also called 5 celestial animals. They are the creatures Turtle with a snake, the azure dragon, the vermilion bird, the white tiger, and the yellow dragon.

Basics Landscape Of Feng Shui

When looking at how your house sits, I always like how to sit in a chair first. If you sit in a chair, you are well protected on your back, you have support on your side and open space in front of you. Now think of your house sitting on a chair.

This is the way your home should sit in its environment, protected on the back, supported on the sides, and with an open view in front. In our modern surroundings, especially if you live in a town or city.

  • It is not easy to find natural landforms to provide this support and good luck in our environment. However, we can have our own shapes, forms, and structures to give us the same protection and to ensure that the ancient Feng Shui masters first looked while practicing Feng Shui.
  • The edges of our house should provide some support when we stand at our front door. This support can be provided by another house, a fence, a hedge, a row of trees, or a garden wall. Ideally, we would not like this support to be more than our own home and not too far away.
  • At the back of our house, we want to feel maximum security. Here, ideally, there should be a tall structure that molds our house. Again if you don’t have a convenient hill or mountain then another building behind your house, a wall, a fence, a row of trees, or a hedge.
  • It is possible. At the back of the house, we want this security to be either the height of our own house or a little high and not too close so that our house feels oppressed.
  • Finally, there should be an open area in front of our house which is flat or slightly downstream. There should be some form of chi line that can take the form of a road or river. If there is a barrier between the front door and the road or river it should be low enough to be seen.

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FAQS on four divine Beasts

Q: What animal is genbu?

Genbu in China represented a single combined creature which is a combination of a large tortoise or turtle with a snake.

Q: What are 12 celestial animals?

In feng shui, these 12 animals represent the zodiac signs, and they are-
 a pig, dog, rooster, monkey, sheep, horse, snake, dragon, rabbit, tiger, ox and rat


Many people in our modern towns and cities feel that the use of landforms is no longer relevant and so we have turned to different ways to promote positive energy in our homes. However, it is a shame to throw away old ideas altogether when we discover new ways.

In Form School Feng Shui, a house that is full of positive chi, there should be four celestial animal symbols on each of the four main compass points outside your house.

  • There are four main animals which according to Feng Shui represent the ideal place. They are considered the four heavenly beasts. These animals help protect the house from the flow of negative energy.
  • The concept of these four Chinese celestial animals is able to distinguish four types of landscaping structures that protect the house. These animals are a green dragon, a white tiger, a red phoenix, and a black turtle.
  • They were given their names in honor of the four spirits that the ancient Chinese sermons had seen to support.

I hope that you have found this article interesting and knowledgeable.