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How To Use Citrine: 15 Money Manifestation Tips + Benefits

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Citrine has been popular for centuries. It used to be valued for being special, but that has changed over time. The ancient Romans used it to make beautiful decorations and art.

How do I use citrine? In feng shui, it is linked with inner peace and positive thinking, which is understandable considering its bright tones. It’s frequently utilized to aid in the manifestation of financial prosperity and possibilities. It may also be utilized to stimulate the solar plexus chakra, which aids in the development of self-confidence as well as personal strength.

We’ll discuss various aspects and How To Use Citrine For Money Manifestation, Meditation And Healing. Citrine is good for inner peace and positive thinking, let’s check.

Also, read how to feng shui meditation room in detail.

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What exactly is citrine? And what does citrine look like?

How To Use Citrine
How To Use Citrine Crystal

Citrine is a famous quartz crystal that is frequently utilized in feng shui to attract plenty, success, and optimism.

Genuine citrine is extremely uncommon, and the majority of citrine on the market is really amethyst which has undergone heat treatment to change its appearance.

The term citrine is derived from the French term citron, which implies lemon. Citrine, the same as citrus fruits, appears in bright yellow, as well as orange tones.

Citrine quartz is a unique crystal because it also transforms negative thoughts instead of just absorbing them, therefore, it does not require clearing like other crystals.

It promotes harmonious feelings and thoughts as well as peaceful moods, and since it is linked to the solar plexus chakra, which is situated in your gastrointestinal tract, it is also helpful for digestive difficulties.

Spiritual meaning of Citrine

In the spiritual world, citrine is called the “Merchant’s Stone” or the “Success Stone.”

It has the energy of plenty, success, and making things happen. Citrine is thought to boost imagination and bring in money, which boosts self-confidence and personal power.

People often use it to make their dreams come true and bring good things into their lives.

Citrine’s Attributes And Features

Citrine ColorAll particularly solar plexus
ElementsEarth and Fire
OriginUS, Madagascar, Brazil, United Kingdom, France and Russia
ChakraAll, particularly solar plexus
Bagua AreasXun which represents Abundance and Tai Qi which represents Health
NumberVibrates to six(6)
ZodiacLibra, Aires, Leo, Rooster and Gemini

Importance Of Citrine Crystal In Feng Shui

Citrine is an excellent gemstone for improving feng shui healing for your household. Below are a few of the best-loved feng shui applications for citrine.

1. Tai Qi, The Health Region, Will Be Activated

Citrine’s warming, earthy tone helps make it a wonderful complement to your apartment’s Tai Qi region. Tai Qi is located at the heart of your house and signifies health and happiness.

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It is associated with the earth component including shades such as orange, brown, and yellow. Since it is at the heart, the Tai Qi affects all regions of your house.

This means that adjustments in this region will most certainly have an impact on the remainder of your existence. Place a gemstone citrine in your Tai Qi region to elevate the chi in your house and inspire health and vigor.

2. It Stimulates The Wealth Corner, Xun

  • Citrine has a strong link to Xun, or perhaps the region of the feng shui Bagua chart associated with plenty as well as riches, because of its link to riches and plenty.
  • By standing at the main entrance and staring inside, you may identify your apartment’s wealth area. Your fortune is located in the far left area.
  • Place a few citrine stones in this region of your residence if you want to embrace further monetary abundance into your daily existence.
  • Citrine is also associated with self-worth, thus you may put it there with the goal of enhancing your own self-assurance and faith.

3. It Will Makes Your Wallet Productive

Keeping a little fragment of Healing Crystal Pocket citrine Stone inside your feng shui wallet might help you tap into the stone’s abundant potential. Citrine promotes benevolence, as well as the acquisition and preservation of riches.

While it may appear that spreading and preserving riches are mutually exclusive, they really complement one another.

You are often more inclined to distribute what you possess if you feel plentiful. You’ll be able to hang on to additional fortune as you feel increasingly prosperous.

4. It Encourages Prosperity in the Workplace

Citrine is a fantastic gemstone to keep in your office since it attracts prosperity.

Regardless of whether you take a job from residence or in a workplace, you might wish to keep a crystal of citrine at your table or anywhere else in your workstation to bring more success and optimism into your working life.

Citrine should be worn on the body.

Getting citrine crystal jewelry is a great way to carry this stone’s radiant and cheerful aura with you all day.

Choose a piece of citrine jewelry that you appreciate and establish an objective for ways you would want it to help you; you will be conscious of such an objective each moment you wear it.

Top 11 Benefits Of Citrine Gemstone

Citrine crystal benefits include;

  1. Citrine crystal’s effective healing effects are linked to its energy-boosting capabilities, which enhance stamina and endurance capabilities.
  2. Intellectual ability, focus, knowledge, self-confidence, and clarity of thought are all enhanced through the help of citrine crystals.
  3. It also aids in the stabilization as well as harmonizing of hormone secretion linked to growth.
  4. Citrine stone aids digestion as well as nutrition intake, as well as reducing food allergies and improving metabolism.
  5. Using this stone as jewelry might improve your skin, hair, nails, and sexual desire, and decrease menopausal signs as well as reproductive organ problems and infectious diseases.
  6. This stone’s good energy frequency will have a beneficial effect on your lifestyle as well as your health.
  7. The citrine crystal’s emotionally soothing qualities are focused on the person who is carrying it. It enhances courage, uniqueness, and self-expression while promoting self-esteem.
  8. This stone will assist you to become less susceptible to other people’s judgements and it will assist you in developing an optimistic mentality.
  9. It will aid you in conquering phobias, sadness, and dread by improving your focus and rejuvenating your mind.
  10. It’s excellent for providing assistance, debating, comprehending information, and identifying solutions.
  11. It will keep you extra conscious of what is happening around you and motivate you to make good decisions and take action.

How to use citrine to attract money

Below are the ways you can utilize Citrine Crystal To Attract Money, Abundance and prosperity in life.

How To Use Citrine In feng shui
How To Use Citrine In Feng Shui

1. By using a citrine stone to meditate

Citrine, as previously said, is a gemstone that can store energy. Invest some moments meditating well with the crystal to connect with its frequency.

By uttering or consciously focusing your goals into the stone, you will be able to manifest them. For example, you can project the stone by saying “I am deserving of getting riches” just a few times.

2. Decorate your house with citrine decorations

Citrine feng shui has a number of feng shui healings that you may use in your living area money sector. The citrine money tree gemstone jewelry is one of them.

The citrine ornament must be placed in the southeast part of your residence which would be regarded as your money region, according to ancient feng shui.

Current feng shui, on the other hand, advises that if you think the decoration would appear odd there, go with your instinct and put it where you think it belongs.

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3. At your checkout counter, put a citrine stone

Citrine, commonly known as The Trader’s Stone, is beneficial for attaining commercial success. It instills in you the conviction and optimism to explore business possibilities, helping you to expand your financial resources.

Put a small citrine crystal inside your checkout counter or drawer to attract riches into your work environment if you operate a business.

How To Use Citrine Crystals For Healing

1. In your house or business, build a citrine layout for good energy and healing.

Before you commence, clean all of the gemstones and set one citrine gemstone at every corner of the space of your office or house.

In your strong hand, grab the selenite or crystal, and declare your purpose for the layout: “I create this layout to maintain the energies of this space clean, uplifting, pleasant, as well as fully protected.

2. Base Chakra

Set a citrine stone on your base chakra which is situated at the bottom of your spine or around your pelvic bone. Your muscular body, strength, vigour, as well as overall energy balances, are all regulated by your base chakra.

Citrine chakra will offer this base chakra as well as your body a surge if you place it around there for at most 15 minutes. Put a citrine firmly on your adrenal gland or thyroid glands for fifteen minutes if your adrenals are tired or your thyroid levels are poor.

3. Anti-depressant

Put citrine quartz on your heart chakra, which is positioned in the middle of your chest, if you’re feeling down. Clasp your hands on the citrine, take a deep breath, and visualize any bad thoughts or feelings getting sucked and changed by the citrine.

How To Use Citrine Crystals For Wealth Purposes

Carry A Citrine Stone

Quartz Citrine is also beneficial for people who desire to advance in their jobs. Citrine, often referred to as The Fortune Stone, is beneficial when interviewing for a job, concluding a contract, or seeking a promotion.

Keep a piece of citrine on you at all times to get the benefits of the gemstone. To help you achieve business success, keep the crystal inside your wallet, bag, or handbag.

Citrine Can Be Worn As A Bracelet For Wealth Purposes

The further you interact with gemstones like citrine, the further beneficial they become. As a result, accessories like bracelets are a wonderful method to take advantage of the stone’s abilities.

Having to put on a citrine bracelet allows you to be in constant contact with the gemstone and build a strong bond with it. To get the most out of your citrine bracelet, it’s important to know the exact hand to put it on.

How To Use Citrine Crystal For Good Luck Purposes

1. Make A Citrine Elixir

To make a Citrine Elixir, combine all of the ingredients in a glass jar, called a money bowl. Citrine is a kind of crystal, making it a suitable elixir to utilize.

By putting a few citrine gemstones into a clean jar and exposing it to sunshine for several minutes, you may mix tap water with citrine powers. This elixir will bring good luck to your life.

2. Wear It As A Jewelry

Citrine is a good stone to wear. Wearing this strong stone will allow you to tap into its power. It can be worn as a pendant or incorporated into an item of jewelry to bring good luck.

Using Citrine Crystals In Meditation

  1. You’ll really need your preferred quartz as well as a determination to conduct crystal meditation to begin.
  2. Before you commence, make sure your citrine healing crystals have been cleansed. This may be accomplished by swirling your crystal over incense fumes, particularly sage fumes.
  3. The next stage is to establish a connection with your deepest essence.
  4. Crystals must not be left on your body for longer than 20 to 30 minutes, in accordance with feng shui.

Using Feng Shui Citrine Crystals For Digestion

  1. This brilliant orange citrine crystal helps the internal tract by assimilating and digesting food and energy.
  2. It could be used to aid weight loss as well as boost energy levels when exercising, as long as the crystal is on you.

Various Types Of Citrine Cystals

1. Natural Citrine

Natural citrine is a crystal type with orange, yellow, and brown incorporated tones. It’s a little more difficult to come by, and it’s usually more costly than that of the heat-treated variety.

2. Heat Treated Citrine

Heat-treated Citrine is a genuinely high-temperature application crystal, a purple crystal variety. The purple becomes tones of Citrine Color which is yellow, brown, and orange once the heat is applied.

3. Smoky Citrine

Smoky Citrine is a kind of citrine that contains smoky crystals. It’s particularly beneficial when it pertains to dealing with spiritual issues. It can assist you in releasing outdated ideas that are preventing you from experiencing more prosperity in your life.

4. Citrine Spirit Stone

Citrine spirit stone is a kind of spirit stone that has citrine tones and may be used to purify the energy body and also inspire forgiveness to oneself and others. This could also assist in attracting wealth while simultaneously eliminating ties to material possessions.

How to Activate Citrine Crystal?

If you are physically captivated by a Citrine gemstone, it is a sign that you have connected to it and experienced its energy.

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Learn to understand your stone by taking it everywhere with you and connecting to it. You may also meditate on it. Just like Amethyst crystal activation and cleaning, it’s also important to charge and clean Citrine Crystal too.

How To Use Citrine Crystal Bracelet

Place the citrine bracelet around your left wrist which serves as your receiving hand.

The wearing bracelet on the left hand, according to feng shui, is supposed to capture the chi force that surrounds us. Placing it upon your left hand permits energy to access your body, which would be beneficial to your financial situation.

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Identifying Real Citrine Stone

Throughout most cases, a real Citrine crystal would not have a pristine white foundation. There would be color all over the crystal. It could have widely running fault lines that are smooth. Across many cases, there will be no bubbles or violations within the crystal.

Citrine Crystals Side Effects

We have already talked about citrine stone’s benefits and uses, but now let’s explore who should not wear citrine stone.

  1. Once the therapeutic energy of citrine interacts with the impulses of the pineal gland as well as the impulses of the brain, headaches are a typical consequence.
  2. When individuals get citrine crystal treatments, they may sense a tingling feeling which seems like prickling in various parts of their body.
  3. Other effects of Citrine crystal include dizziness or drowsiness, particularly if it is a really powerful piece of citrine.
  4. Wearing citrine gemstones can increase the negative impulses of a hyperactive solar plexus, like aggressiveness and rage if you own one.
  5. It could cause emotional swings for some individuals.

Ideal Location For Citrine In A Room For Wealth Purpose

Citrine is said to be in the wealthy region of Feng Shui. The prosperity and riches region is represented by the upper left corner of your room.

You may use Citrine to reinforce your aspirations as well as work with it to bring constant and gushing riches into your home and businesses by creating a crystal layout in that same region.

Common questions on How to use citrine Crystal?

Q1: Is it Possible To Sleep With Citrine?

If You Put A Citrine Crystal Near Your Bed Each Night, This Could Help You Have More Empowering Dreams.

Q2: Is It Necessary To Wash The Citrine Crystal?

Citrine, Like Other Crystals And Gemstones, Should Be Cleaned Every Two Weeks With Cold Water.

Q3: What Crystals Are Incompatible With One Another?

Calcite And Citrine Stone. Avoid their combination in jewelry to minimize health issues, loss of money, and prosperity.

Q4: Is It Acceptable To Wear Citrine Each day?

The Greatest Approach To Harness The Energy Of Citrine Is To Wear The Quartz Every Day.

Q5: Which Would Be The Most Potent Stone For Attracting Wealth?

Citrine, Often Known As The Fortunate Trader’s Gemstone, Is Frequently Connected With Commercial Success.

Q6: What Is The Best Crystal For Enticing Money?

Citrine Is The Ideal Gemstone For Attracting Prosperity And Money.

Q7: Wearing diamond and citrine together?

You should avoid wearing Diamond and citrine, this can lead to depression and anxiety in the person.

Q8: Can citrine and amethyst be worn together?

Wearing two crystal-like citrine and amethyst, can work wonders. Their combination can promote good health and growth in life.

Q9: Citrine and clear quartz be used together?

They both belong to the crystal family and can be worn and used together without any issues.

Q10: Can citrine and emerald be worn together?

Ideally, similar color shades of gemstones are better combinations to wear together like blue (Aquamarine), greens (Emerald), and yellows (citrine).

Q12: Citrine and rose quartz be worn together?

Yes, citrine and rose quartz be worn together. Both enhance the power of your life and make it balanced.

Q13: Should you wear citrine and aventurine be worn together?

Yes, you can combine citrine and aventurine in the bracelet and wear them. They both act as a healer and inject good vibes into your life.

Q14: Can citrine and black tourmaline be worn together?

Citrine and black tourmaline improve Protection, Security, and your Love Relationships.

Q15: Wearing citrine and peridot together good?

Yes, when citrine and peridot are combined they multiply your wealth, luck, and fortune into your life.

Q16: Can citrine and jade be worn together?

Wearing Jade and Citrine together would be great in order to achieve Prosperity, and fame and for boosting of creative power.


Thorough healing is frequently accompanied by considerable distress

The more serious the issue, the more indications emerge throughout the healing phase. While operating with your citrine, stay calm so it can go to the root of the problem and fix it.