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Bat Symbolism Meaning, Bat Statue Benefits, Placement Tips

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Bat Symbolism Meaning: Bat has received a lot of skepticism because of the facts that surround it. Hearing the name alone sends a certain signal, and it can be quite frightening.

But no matter your experience with these creatures like Eagle, Dragonfly there are still some fascinating things you need to know about them and the bat symbol.

Put your mind off what society has fed you with concerning bats. The symbolic meaning of a bat is powerful and can have a great influence on how you see things around you. If you want to know how to predict, foresee, decode, and interpret your dream and make wise decisions, study bat symbolism.

When you fully understand Bat symbolism and what it has to offer, you will encounter illumination, support, and guidance. It provides an outstanding insight into what the future holds and analyzes your past shortcomings and what needs to be improved.

For this reason, we put this blog together. In this blog, we will discuss the meaning of bat symbolism, and the following topics will be covered to position our readers to benefit immensely and allay all fears relating to this animal. 

The Meaning Of Bat Symbolism Spiritually

The bat is symbolic and offers some symbolism that is useful to mankind despite the kind of reputation they have. They have powerful symbolism which can affect a man’s course.

The spiritual meaning of bat symbolism is that despite darkness or challenges that may surround the achievement of our plans and goals, there are still some reliable ways to maneuver and achieve our desires.

No matter the darkness, bats would still be active and operate. It tells us there are still ways to go to accomplish your goals.

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What Does It Mean When Bats Are Flying Around You?

When you see or come across a bat flying around you, it is passing some vital messages to you. The meanings of bats flying around you are:

  • It is one of the vital symbols of a new start or resurgence. It is an indication that something in you must die. A phase has been exhausted, and you must give way for a rebirth of new life or phase. Allow it to spring forth.
  • It is also a sign of healing is coming to you. It means you will encounter the amazing rejuvenating and renewing power embedded in bats.

The Meaning Of Bats Outside Your House Spiritually

Bat Symbolism Meaning Feng Shui
Bat Symbolism Meaning Feng Shui

The spiritual meaning of bats outside your house could mean the following:


  • Mostly, bat lives in a company. They live together in a group. Therefore, when you see bats outside, it is proof that you need to make use of the advantage available in belonging to a company.
  • It shows that you should align with relevant people who can help you to achieve your goals. Also, those who believe in where you’re going. 
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Long Life:

  • Bats enjoy longevity. For example, because of this attribute, the bat is used as a symbol of longevity in China which is attributed to old age.
  • Seeing a bat outside your house shows the best years are yet to come.
  • It does not matter the kind of challenges or tests you are passing through, your dreams and endeavors will be accomplished.
  • It is a message you’re getting the energy that will help to build something that will last longer and withstand the test of time, no matter the challenges.

Adapted to changes:

  • Bats are flexible. They can maneuver no matter the obstacle. They are excellent at maneuvering because of their nature.
  • Likewise, if you see bats outside your house, it is telling you if things seem not going the way you envisioned, or if you are going in the wrong direction, change or turn back. 
  • If a project you embarked on is not working, stop it, and take a deep thought of the way forward


  • Because of their activeness at night, the position in which they sleep, and others, bats have received a lot of criticism. But, the truth is that bats like bees and butterflies help in pollination.
  • They are vital to life’s existence and pivotal in supporting life and keeping life in balance through their activities.
  • Bats form an integral part of the ecosystem species. Since the bat is a great balance symbol, if you see bats outside your house, it is telling you to check your life and ensure is balanced.
  • Balance the time you spend on your career, for instance, you must balance your career, relationship, rest time, exercise, and finances so that one does not affect the other.

Wealth and Good Luck:

Bat is a custodian of fortune, luck, and wealth. In Chinese tradition, the bat is a symbol of luck, fortune, comfort, and abundance. If you encounter bats outside your house, it is a good sign that luck and abundance are at your doorstep.


Many believe that bat has bad eyesight. Bats have superb eyesight they possess the capacity to visualize and envisage what will happen. This is a good prerequisite for achieving your goals.

What Is Dead Bat Symbolism Meaning?

You might have seen a dead bat outside your house, don’t be scared at the sight of a dead bat. The meaning of a dead bat is a good omen. It is a sign that your moments of difficulty will soon end.

Very shortly, there shall be a shift into a new phase of life that will usher in fortune and luck into your life. It is pleasant you didn’t give up, great days are near.

What Is The Meaning Of Seeing A Bat During The Day

It is rare to see bats during the day. When you see one, it is passing a message across. When you see a bat, it is a sign you should watch out, as there is going to be an impactful, dramatic shift in your endeavors.

A bat that shows is like a light at the end of a tunnel. So disperse every doubt and take a swipe against the tide. Be bold to take steps to accomplish your set goals and plans.

What Is The Meaning Of A Bat Outside Your House?

Seeing a bat in your house is a sign that adequate preparation is required to meet the changes you are about to witness and you can see fulfillment when you accept these changes with positivity.

Don’t be scared to see one. It will not harm you. Bat, among other birds, are carriers of messages from the spirit realms. Therefore, when you see a bat in your house, prepare for a positive change coming your way.

What Are The Top Superstition About Bats In The Home

Listed below are top myths about bats in the home are listed below. These myths make bats a mysterious and scary animal to be identified with. 

Bat Symbolism Meaning Feng Shui
Bat Symbolism Superstition
  • Bats are regarded as evil animals because they sleep during the day and are more active during the night. They move about during the night season and because of this, they are compared with vampires that suck human blood.
  • Bats have strong ears used to know what is going on in their environments. This makes them mysterious and unique.
  • Their sleeping pattern is scary. Bats sleep upside down by hanging their legs and their head dripping down.
  • Bats are seen in dark, desolate, caves, ruins, and graveyards. They live in places that are synonymous with rejection and dejected. These tend to paint them negatively.
  • They are devilish and associated with witchcraft since they fly in the night.
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Bat Symbolism In Dreams. What Does It Mean?

When you see a bat in the dream, what does it mean?

Seeing a bat in a dream means you should put more energy into concentrating on the positive aspect of the future that lies ahead of you, instead of spending time concentrating on the bad side.

It also symbolizes that you are moving in the right step where you have planned for.

What Is Bat Symbolism In The Bible

In the bible, the bat is associated with uncleanness and abominations which should be avoided. When God gave the Israelites the law through Moses, bats were among the unclean animals they must not eat.

In addition, bat symbolism in the bible is ascribed to the doctrine of idol worship in the book of Isaiah. This depiction came as a result of where bats are found and sleep – ruin, and desolate places, graveyards, and in the darkness.

How To Use 5 Fortune Bats Symbol In Feng Shui Way

You may be surprised what is Five Fortune Bats.

Five fortune bats are symbolic and often used as an emblem to illustrate prosperity and abundance. Five fortune bats symbol reveals to us the five heavenly blessings, which are-

  • Fortune and Wealth
  • Health
  • Longevity
  • Love of virtue
  • Natural death

These blessings are heaven’s gifts, and the belief is that the Five Fortune Bats can attract great fortune, happiness, luck, and peace. If you are looking for an auspicious symbol that can enhance wealth, peace, prosperity, and abundance, it is Five Fortune Bats.

To make use of these Five Fortune bats, can use them for decorating and attracting good energy into your home. Place it inside the home like the living room, and kitchen, and let the powerful energy bats carry be released.

Can We Gift Bat Symbols in Feng Shui?

Yes, it can be given as a gift to people. In Feng Shui, the bat symbol is powerful and in many countries like Japan, and China, and in some tribes, the Bat represents peace, fortune, happiness, and joy.

Because Bats can bring abundance and fortune and unwavering assistance in times of challenges, they can be used as a gift for someone dear to you.

Where To Place Bat Statue In Feng Shui?

  • You can position the bat statue at the back of your seat at your office desk. Getting this done would attract positive energy like luck, and abundance around your space while deterring any negative energy.
  • Placing on the walls of your home such as the living room or even in your garage can bring protection and good luck.
  • Placing the bat statue on the walkway can enhance your fortune, luck, and career success.
  • Placing them outdoors by hanging on the wall can dispel unpleasant things, evil, sickness, and bad luck.
  • If you want to attract helpers, position the bat statue in the Northwest sector of your home.

FAQs On Bats Symbolism Omen

Q: What does black bat symbolism mean?

  • Because they are active at night, black bats are often linked to mystery, the night, and the unknown. They stand for things that are secret or can’t be seen.
  • They encourage you to look deeper into your mind or into parts of your life that you don’t know about.
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Q: Brown bat symbolism meaning?

  • Because brown bats are earthy colored, they are sometimes linked to security and being grounded. They stand for staying rooted, being tied to the earth, and finding security in life.

Q: Bat symbolism in native American culture

  • Bats are often a sign of insight, vision, and the spirit world in Native American cultures. People believe they protect the night and have ties to magic and the power to see into the future.

Q: Bat symbolism bible

  • Bats are usually seen as bad omen in Christian symbols.
  • Because they only come out at night and in dark places, they are linked to darkness, evil, and sin. In some situations, they stand for darkness or lack of knowledge.

Q: What Is The Symbolism Of Bat In Japanese Culture

In Japan, Bats Are Used As A Symbol Of Fortune, Good Luck, Positivity, Happiness, And Abundance. This Correlates With The Symbolism In China.

Q: Is It Good To Keep Bat Statue At Home?

  • Bat is considered part of the wild animals and keeping the statue at home can promote violence and disharmony. Don’t keep the statue where you stay or spend time in your house.
  • Placing the statue outside the house can be beneficial. It can be an exciting and interesting addition to any outdoor surroundings or statue collection.

Q: Bat flying around me meaning?

  • The bat can sharpen your sensitivity towards your environment. This helps you to have in-depth knowledge about the happenings in your environment.
  • Bat symbolism encompasses life’s existence. Having a bat around your vicinity can bring some level of support and partnership.

Q: Spiritual meaning of seeing a bat during the day?

A bat seen during the day may have many spiritual meanings based on culture and personal beliefs:

  • Change or Transformation: Some spiritual traditions associate daytime bats with change. It may indicate that life changes are coming or that you’re changing.
  • Some cultures consider sighting a bat during the day a sign from the spirit realm. It may indicate that ghosts or invisible powers are trying to contact or guide you.
  • Bats are flexible, thus seeing them during the day may symbolize the need to adjust. It might also mean you need to pay greater attention to your surroundings.
  • The balance between Light and Dark: Bat sightings during the day may symbolize the need to achieve balance in competing views or emotions.
  • Sightings are typically interpreted using intuition, culture, and religion. To find significance in the sighting that resonates most with you, consider your current life, feelings, and beliefs.

Q: Bat hanging outside my door meaning?

  • A bat hanging outside your door may symbolize a life shift in various spiritual contexts. This big change may indicate a period of transition or adaptation.
  • Some cultures view bats as protectors or guardians. A bat at your door may indicate that you’re being watched over or guided by hidden powers.
  • Some religions view strange animal behavior, such as a bat lingering outside your door, as a divine message. It may indicate a need to be more attentive, pay attention, or evaluate messages.
  • Adaptability and Resilience: Bats can manage different conditions. Their existence may indicate the need for flexibility or resilience to overcome problems.

In Conclusion

We hope you have understood Bat Symbolism Meaning and Removed every doubt you have about the bat and embrace the good luck, fortune, happiness, and prosperity are capable of bringing into your life.