How To Use Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet For Wealth (Benefits)

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet is considered to attract good luck, good fortunewealth, and abundance into your life. By using this bracelet, it helps you achieve your financial goals in life.

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet
Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet

In this blog, we are going to cover everything about The Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet.

  • What is Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet?
  • How to wear a black obsidian bracelet.
  • Which hands should you wear a black obsidian bracelet?
  • What all are the benefits. How feng shui bracelets words in bringing good luck and wealth and many more facts about this.

You can also check many other benefits of Feng Shui Jewellery, for your good understanding in detail.

What is Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet?

In good luck bracelet for men and women: The Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet is a Chinese bracelet that brings good fortune and wealth and money.

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The black obsidian bracelet is very popular for Chinese it can wash the inner nerve and bring good luck. Also, take you back to your mentally healthy and physically healthy spiritual self.

How To Use Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet?

Black Obsidian Beads Bracelet Material is made up of  Natural stone beads come with an easy to store flannel gift pocket. It is a great lucky charm for wealth and prosperity.

The black obsidian bracelet is  perfect for gifts for men,  women , kids , couples and friends. Black obsidian bracelet is a Feng Shui good luck bracelet which is a perfect gift for anyone. As the Black obsidian is the one that defines the dictionary of the RAE, like volcanic rock of aspect.

Major Facts About Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet

Formed by the rapid cooling of volcanic magma, Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet can have different shades. These are due to the presence of metal inclusions, gas bubbles, or spherules. The obsidian snow or snowflake has spherules or small circular patches of gray or white feldspar.

  • The name of obsidian comes from the name of an explorer from the 1st century AD. de C, who found a stone in Ethiopia, which Pliny called “ lapis Obsianus ”.
  • Known as ” truth stone ” or “soul mirror”, it not only reflects the physical reality displayed on its polished surface.
  • This rock favors introspection, showing the fears and traumas repressed within us. When your temperature changes the bracelet will change its color. It can feel your temperature.
  • Its cool feel of black obsidian bead bracelets on hands can make anxiety calm down. Natural stone black obsidian bracelets are made of 0.394in natural obsidian stone, the inner length is about 7.

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How To Wear a Feng Shui Obsidian  Pixiu Bracelet?

The Feng Shui Pixiu bracelet is recommended to be worn on the left hand, instead of the right hand, as it is believed wearing black obsidian on the left will attract good wealth luck and if you wear it on the right.

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet
Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet

It is giving away your wealth to other people. Another thing to remember is that the head of the Pixiu should be facing outwards.

How To Cleanse Feng Shui Bracelets

There are many ways to cleanse this magnificent jewelry. We can Cleanse by using Brown Rice in a bowl of uncooked brown rice that is completely covered.

Put your bracelet or any other jewelry in and Keep them overnight. The idea behind the rice water is that it will draw any defects or negative energies out which the stones have consumed over time. ut always remember to discard the rice afterward.

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The second way to cure and cleanse the jewellery or bracelet is to Keep your bracelet in the moonlight or sunlight to discard any negativity.

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What is Black Obsidian Buddha Power Bracelet?

The meanings of the Buddha’s black power bracelet differs  depending on the posture of the hands. In any case, they all refer to protection, harmony, teaching, invocation and meditation.

  • The right hand raised palm out symbolizes peace and its establishment. The 5 fingers trying to reach the ground refer to the illumination of God. Both hands on the lap symbolize wisdom. If you form two circles with both hands you are symbolizing the wheel of life.
  • For Orientals and practitioners of Buddhism, the Buddha is a sacred symbol and part of their religious beliefs, while for most Westerners it is a good luck talisman. The truth is that wearing a Buddha bracelet will always be beneficial and will attract positive energy, harmony and happiness.
  • The power of the Buddha consists of the wisdom of discrimination. Buddha overcomes the temptation of passions; all disordered appetite, greed, greed and lust.
  • With this wisdom, the person who surrenders or invokes the Buddha distinguishes all beings separately, while being able to recognize each being as an individual expression of the one. The Buddha bracelet is ideal for the disciple who has trouble controlling his emotions
  • Buddha as an inspiring symbol of self-improvement brings vitality and noble feelings. Which motivates us mentally to have good and wise thoughts.
  • And since thought is creative energy, it harmonizes the habitat so that it inspires positive thoughts, which are, ultimately, the authors of our future.

Buddha Power Bracelet Instructions

Buddhist power bracelets are meditation accessories made of beads. A traditional japa mala has 108 beads, which in Hinduism represent the 108 names of the deity Visnú.

  • And also a perfect number, since it has three numbers, is a multiple of three, and the sum of its digits results in nine (three times three). While in Buddhism, the figure represents the 108 kleshas or types of “darkening” that prevent enlightenment. However, Buddhist bracelets also come in less beaded versions for shorter meditations.
  • A traditional Buddhist bracelet can be made of wood, sandalwood, lotus seeds, yak bone, and precious or semi-precious stones, although today they are made of various materials. 
  • Its correct use prevents showing it off as a piece of jewelry since it would then be an object to enhance the ego and not an accessory to meditate. Hence there are some instructions you must follow to keep the Bracelet in its best form.
  • If the Buddha Power Bracelet is made of wood, it is recommended to apply sandalwood oil to clean them. If they are made of any precious or semi-precious stone.
  • A cloth dampened in water is sufficient, just as if it is plastic, although in the latter case a soapy mixture can be applied if it is really necessary since the material is resistant. If you have a Tibetan bowl, you can rub it so that its sound cleanses the Buddha Power Bracelet energetically

Which Hand To Wear Black Obsidian Bracelet?

Do you have this question in your mind ? “how to wear the black obsidian bracelet“. So are you supposed to wear the black obsidian bracelet on your right hand? The answer is NO. The black obsidian bracelet is mandatory to be worn on our left hand at all times with no other bracelet.

This promotes and affects its powers to save us from dangers and also to be able to cleanse our energetic space. Wearing it on the left hand is also believed to attract luck and good wealth. Pay attention to:

  • You should remove the bracelet when you shower.
  • Don’t wear the bracelet with other bracelets.

Do Feng Shui Bracelets Really Work?

Feng Shui bracelet works like magic if you are positive and have a very great intuition while you put it on. Feng Shui bracelets work if you believed in it. The Feng Shui Obsidian as a crystal that helps clear negative energy while the other bracelet Pixiu dragon is known to attract wealth in the oriental world.

It works with the mind and approves all your wishes in time. It is very important to always put the Feng Shui bracelet on our left hand, it works effectively if it’s worn around our left hand according to Feng Shui.

What is the Black Obsidian Mantra?

Om Mani Padme Hum– In lateral translate ‘Hail the jewel in the lotus’ a mantra of Avalokitesvara, one who is invoked as the protector from danger.

  • It is said that one who using this mantra will be saved from all dangers and will be protected. This mantra is widely used in Buddhism communities. One can find this mantra chanting on rocks, prayer wheels, stupa walls, loose stones heaped as Mani (jewels) on roads, paths, mountain passes, the approaches

What are the Benefit Of Black Obsidian Bracelet?

The black obsidian bracelet was known in the Middle Ages as a crystallized firestone bracelet or black eternity bracelet. This shiny black bracelet was considered one of the most powerful amulets, protective talismans. Its the ability to reveal secrets to the bravest was highly valued. Ahead!

  • The black Obsidian bracelet is a bracelet of justice and balance. It carries the energy of the Law: that of being, and that of the Universe. It helps you to align your life with your own inner law.
  • This bracelet allows you to become aware of your own imbalances. It makes you understand that, through the game of resonance.
  • The injustices that you experience reflect the way in which you do not respect your own law. In the same way, the conflicts and oppositions which you meet echo your returned fits of anger and your interior wars.
  • This bracelet strengthens your confidence. It places you in your power. This is not about crushing others, but simply respecting yourself and making yourself respected. It, therefore, helps you to take a stand in your daily environment.
  • It dissolves your fear of conflict by letting you realize that it can be constructive. The black Obsidian bracelet(silver or celestial) helps you to express your natural authority.
  • With respect for the Other and for yourself. It shows you that to restore balance it is healthy to be in authority sometimes so that your messages are taken into consideration.
  • The authority helps you to make yourself respected, and therefore to say “no” to what is fundamentally wrong with you.

It also helps you with the listed benefits, which you can consider before using Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet.

  • Helps integrate shade-Not all that glitters is gold. Nobody is perfect and knowing the positive and negative things that we repress will give us a more realistic vision of ourselves.
  • Clarity to change-It helps in also Knowing more about ourselves which truly implies being able to change or really accept ourselves.
  • Stability-It helps us to Be sure of our place on earth, recognizing our needs allows a fuller life in the material and a good physical support in the spiritual. Obsidian helps you accept the material side of life.
  • Physical benefits-The black Obsidian bracelet is akin to the root or base chakra and our relationship to the material.
  • Protection and cleaning-Most black obsidian bracelet absorb dense energies. Like true protective shields, black obsidians bracelets protect us from negativity.

Thinks to Consider While Wearing Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet Caution

  • Although the black obsidian bracelet is powerful and effective, yet it has some cautions that each and every user must be aware of. All the so-called protective bracelets do not protect in the same way and the same things.
  • Indeed, the power of stones is strong, but none offers perfect and total protection, so you have to discern your real needs in terms of protection to choose the best stone for you.
  • The benefits of stones are so numerous that it is difficult to state them all. it would be necessary to study lithotherapy for a long time to understand concretely the power.
  • And the scope of each, but it takes time and investment. Then Coco Papaya makes your task easier and helps you find THE most relevant stone according to your needs.
  • To start, you need to be clear and take time to think. Indeed, often, one problem hides another, deeper and more difficult to admit. To determine them precisely, do not hesitate to practice meditation and/or list your needs and fears on paper.

How Do You Wear Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet?

  • As stated earlier, The black obsidian bracelet is mandatory to be worn on our left hand at all times with no other bracelet. This promotes and affects its powers to save us from dangers and also to be able to cleanse our energetic space.
  • Wearing it on the left hand is also believed to attract luck and good wealth. Feng Shui bracelets work if you believed in it, it works with the mind and approves all your wish in time.
  • It is very important to always put the Feng Shui bracelet on our left hand, it works effectively if it’s worn around our left hand according to Feng Shui.


In conclusion, the Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet is a very powerful protective bracelet. With labradorite and tiger eye, it is part of the trio of protective stones most used in lithotherapy

Being a black bracelet, it encourages introspection and many people find it difficult to bear it.

This is why, there are softer obsidians like the speckled obsidian or the golden obsidian which can be worn all the time.  It is not recommended to wear black obsidian bracelet all the time.

However , the Obsidian Black Bracelet is believed to attract good luck, good fortune , wealth , and abundance into your life.

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