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Feng Shui Earth Element Balancing And Decorating Tips

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As mentioned, the Feng Shui Earth Element consists of five elements that impact the environment, and mankind when adequately utilized.

We live in an amazing world controlled or influenced by certain forces. Among the forces is the one influenced by Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, we have five elements that determine whether you attract positive or negative energy. These elements are listed as:

The element we are taking into consideration in this blog is the Earth Element. While different elements have different attributes, they still work together to achieve a balanced and healthy world.

The earth element is recognized by stability, grounding, and reliability, which can serve as a home design to attract the qualities of life.

In this article, you will learn to know more about the Feng Shui earth element, and how to maximize the element for various purposes, and use it to attract good energy to your home. 

Feng Shui Five Elements
Feng Shui Elements

The following topics will acquaint you with what you need to know in this article:

  • Earth element meaning in Feng Shui.
  • What represents the earth element?
  • How to strengthen Earth element
  • Earth element decorating tips
  • Earth element colors, direction, personality, job
  • Earth element shape, crystal, business
  • Quick earth element balancing tips the Feng Shui way?

Feng Shui earth element meaning & significance

Among the five elements, the earth element has its own qualities and attributes that differentiated it from other elements. The meaning of the earth element is based on its physical strength, and stability.

Since the earth naturally serves as a base on which all other nature exists and carries out various activities, it tells that the earth is indispensable. In fact, humankind cannot exist without it. This describes how important the earth element personality is.

Filling your home with earthen items and materials by introducing the earth element can make everything around you experience stability.

Besides, the earth can define our overall well-being, self-caring, and boundaries. Just like the earth serves as a base to human existence, the Earth element likewise can provide the dependable base for your life.

The earth element brings out to its users, and personality exceptional mothering feature which can leave you balanced and secure.

The earth element provides a relative and deep place needed to sustain all your efforts to see that you realize your desires and goals.

Some of the powerful necessities of life like health, knowledge, and stability are associated with the earth element. The earth element brings nothing less than a powerful chi around your home since it is unquantifiable too.

Feng Shui earth element personality

Something differentiates people from the earth element. The earth element personality is identified by being generous, kind, gracious, compassionate, and caregiving.

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The earth element personality has a round and fleshy body structure which makes them look firm. Earth personalities always occupy themselves with thoughts which make them sometimes to be worrisome.

Feng Shui Earth Element
Earth Element

If you are looking for tolerance, honesty, good temperance, and excitement, you can find them in the earth element personality. Also, they associate easily and flow along with the people around them.

It has been established that earth element personalities are introverts, and they exhibit qualities of honesty, trustworthiness, diligence, and steadfastness.

The earth people operate often with good support, harmony, quietness, and amazing organizational skills and they set their hearts to make a profit. Just like the earth, people have their strength, they have shortcomings too.

As a result of the sticky nature of earth, it makes them sometimes respond to things slowly, slow in words and deeds as well, and sometimes become insensitive to new things around them, because of the slow response of the running vital energy.

Suitable earth element crystal

Do you want to keep the earth element close to you?

  • You can get that in crystal. Using earth element crystals can stabilize and ground you. The earth element crystal has been found to help erase every feeling of unsettlement.
  • So, you can benefit from using the earth element crystals to invite more earth element qualities into your home.
  • Some crystals that are affiliated with the earth element are the tiger’s eye, agate, malachite, and tourmaline.

How to strengthen Earth element

The earth element can be strengthened and enhanced by using some earthy items. We have some earth-related items, and they can have plenty from which you can choose. Check the items below:

1. Use of earthen materials like

  • Pottery, Terracotta, Clay
  • Use earthen vase made with rocks, crystals, and stones
  • Keep jars or bottles containing sands around the home
  • Use of bricks to decorate or demarcate a portion in your space.
  • Using materials that have earth tones and colors like brown, beige, yellows, and sand.
  • Hanging images that have mountains, gorges, and valleys, and these images display much soil than flora.

2. Eat Earthy Foods

Another way to strengthen earth elements is by eating foods from crops known as a tuber or root crops like yam, sweet potatoes, carrots, ginger, garlic, etc.

Adding these foods to your diet is a sure way of strengthening the earth element in you.

  • Introduce add earth tones, like yellow, or light brown, and beige to strengthen the earth element.
  • Use some accessories too depending on your style of decoration. Some may add a brown rug to their bedroom to leave a touch of earth around the space.
  • You can also strengthen the earth element by placing yellow stylish couch in your living room as a way of catching fun.
  • If you prefer to begin with something smaller, get brown terracotta flower pot, and put where you pass often, and you’ll see that the earth is strengthened.
  • In order to strengthen the earth element, you must consider the productive cycle also. It implies you must be familiar with other elements that are compatible with the earth element.
  • Using an earth-toned furniture or accessories can strengthen the earth too, Place images of landscapes around your space.
  • Adding square or circular shapes around can also be a sure way to strengthen the earth.

When you introduce these elements, you can strengthen the earth element. In the Feng Shui, the fire element has the capacity to strengthen the earth, and earth can strengthen the metal element also.

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Hence, you can introduce materials that represent these elements. You can know more about these materials in our other blogs.

9 Feng Shui earth element decorating tips

There are various ways you use to decorate your home with the earth element, and you find these tips mentioned below helpful.

  1. You can start by decorating your home with earth materials elements.
  2. Lay hands on things that have earth tones such as using rug that is circular, and yellowish in the living room, or make beige walls in a study.
  3. Likewise you can pick up gray carpet and use for your apartment, place green flora in the bathroom, and also make use of terracotta in the kitchen to show you’re earthy passionate.
  4. You can go for materials produced from earth such as ceramics, pottery.
  5. Go for sand jar or bottle and put earth inside, which can add more beauty to your shelve.
  6. Gardening is another unique way you can use to decorate using earth element. Simply grow beautiful plants that are soft using your hands on the soil.
  7. Earth element paint color: Making use of Feng Shui earth colors like brown, yellow, and beige can help to attract the positive energy of earth into your home.
  8. Other methods of earth element decorating tips are the addition of accessories like artwork that portray earth, pillows made from earth color, and any creative material that connects you with the source.
  9. You can place a vase flower made of earth around the home

Feng Shui earth element business

The following are the businesses categorized as the earth element business.

These businesses depend directly or indirectly on the earth to make their products, work, or function. Such businesses are real estate and property selling business, antiques, architecture, and road construction.

Feng Shui earth element job

Like we have earth element jobs, we have earth element jobs. These categories of jobs are related to the earth. For example,

  • Building construction, storage, and warehousing business,
  • pawnshop, sales of building materials, renovator,
  • ceramics making, demolition, marble, pottery, landfill,
  • recycle, sculpture, and stone masonry are considered as earth element businesses.
  • Furthermore, jobs that involve earth, soil, land, or rock, like car parks, mining are under earth element jobs.

Quick earth element balancing tips the Feng Shui way?

The earth element has some attributes you can use to identify. The earth element brings nothing less than a powerful chi around your home, and can be helpful in relationships too.

You can balance the earth element by stylishly adding paintings of earth or landscapes to your space. Also, introducing the earth element color can serve as a viable way to balance the earth element.

  • You can consider adding earth tones, like yellow, orange, or brown to balance earth in case of its excesses.
  • Use some accessories too depending on your style of decoration. Some may add a brown rug to their bedroom to leave a touch of the earth around the space.
  • You can also balance the earth element by placing a yellow stylish couch in your living room as a way of catching fun.
  • If you prefer to begin with something smaller, get a brown terracotta flowerpot, and put it where you pass often, and you’ll see that the earth is balanced.  

Feng Shui earth element in bathroom

Careful consideration must be given to the earth element in the bathroom. This is because the earth element destroys water, and the bathroom is graced daily with water.

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So, to get the best out of the earth element in the bathroom, you can add marble sinks, ceramic wall tiles, or quartz countertops.

Feng Shui earth element placement

If you want the earth element to work well for you, it must be placed in the right position. It is important to acquaint yourself with the earth element placement.

Therefore you can place the earth element in the northeast and southwest areas inside your space or apartment.

Too much earth element Feng Shui? How do you weaken earth element?

When you want to weaken any element, the best thing is to introduce the destructive element. In this case of the earth element, you can introduce wood because it is stated that wood element weakens or reduces the earth.

When you consider the destructive cycle, the earth also weakens or diminishes water elements. Also to weaken the earth element, you can introduce a few decorative elements that represent the wood element.

Earth element and wood compatibility

Some elements are compatible with the earth, and to get the best out of the earth and wood compatibility, there is a need to balance the two. Wood is compatible with fire because it makes the fire burn, and likewise, fire is compatible with earth.

Otherwise, earth elements and wood are not compatible.  

The earth is indispensable as it provides the ground where things, including living things, grow. It is a symbol of trustworthiness, soundness, stability, and solidity.

If any other element fails, the earth cannot because it is reliable, and supports each of the other elements.  


Q: What represents the earth element?

The Earthy Element Is Represented Using Earthy Vessels, Mountains, Rocks, Bricks, And Stones.

Q: Best earth element shapes?

The Earth Element Is Represented With Cubic, Flat And Broad Shapes.  

Q: Feng Shui earth element direction

The Earth Element Is Determined By Its Direction.

So, When The Earth Element Is Properly Placed In Its Direction, You Get Seamless Positive Effects. Both Northeast And Southwest Are The Directions Of The Earth Element.

Q: What element is marble in Feng Shui?

All the stones, marbles, and rocks are the representation of the earth’s elements. That is used as a decorative element in feng shui to boost career and harmony.

Q: What feng shui element is ceramic?

Because of its material made with earthy elements ceramic, vases are part of Earth’s elements. Used as decorative items.

In conclusion

Adding Feng Shui earth element materials, colors, and images to your space can help you attract positive energy. When you are earthy-minded, it can benefit your relationship.

The earth is the next point of call when you are feeling unease, ungrounded (seems you’re drowning with challenges), or anxious. Also, the earth can rescue you when it is your desire to build self-care or create stronger boundaries.

Consider introducing the earth element to your space as it:

  • Offers supportive energy into your environment.
  • Offers the much needed ground to experience stabilized energy.
  • Wipes away anxiety, and fears.
  • It can magnify the harmony and love in your home.
  • It can make more passionate, loving and generous.