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15 Rules: How To Use Pixiu Bracelet For Money Magnet

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How to Use Pixiu Bracelet? The Feng Shui pi xiu (P’i-hsiu) is a Chinese mythology creature also called “chimera (chmera)” also referred to in West Greek mythology. Which has a powerful significance in Feng Shui for protection.

There are many Pixiu or pi xiu pronunciations, in general, pi yao (pixius), and piyao are associated with money, abundance, and wealth. It’s basically a Chinese money dragon (half lion half-dragon).

Nоt оnlу іѕ Pі Yао (Pі Xіu) thе mоѕt роwеrful рrоtесtіvе fеng ѕhuі сurе аgаіnѕt thе Grаnd Dukе (а flуіng ѕtаrѕ ѕсhооl tеrm), іt іѕ аlѕо a gооd fеng ѕhuі сurеаttrасt wеаlth.

How To Use Pixiu Bracelet As A Money Magnet
The symbol of money (Feng Shui pi xiu)

In this blog, we discussed how to use Pi Xiu (Money Magnet) for attracting wealth and abundance, and how you can activate this powerful fortune facilitator.

You will learn more about these topics below to know how to use Pi Xiu (money magnet) to attract wealth and abundance.

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What Is Pixiu and Its Usages In General

Pi Xiu is a mystical creature that commands the attraction of wealth, prosperity, abundance, luck, and good fortune.

Throughout history, Pi Xiu has been highly appreciated and as a result, this hybrid animal has been turned into magnificent statues, which you will find everywhere with the essence of guarding the environment.

Based on its usage, it has been termed a “money magnet”. If you desire to see wealth and prosperity attracted to your doorstep.

The Pi Xiu is a hybrid creature that may appear slightly differently depending on the region or period in which it was made.

The depiction of Pi Xiu shows a dragon head sitting on a lion’s body, with the horn on its head. The body of Pi Xiu is a little outsized and tubby, illustrating the swallowing of treasures.

How To Use Pixiu Bracelet As A Money Magnet

The Pi Xiu (also referred to as Pi Yao) is a mystical creature that is popularly accepted as an auspicious being, with its origin in Chinese culture.

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In Chinese culture, it is a belief that Pi Xiu is powerful enough to attract wealth, abundance, prosperity, and protection (an evil eye), which has earned it a symbol of luck.

The Pi Xiu is not only perfect in attracting wealth, fortune, and good luck, but it can also dispel negative forces and bad luck.

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It is a belief that the Pi Xiu has the power to appeal to the Grand Duke Jupiter, bringing about favor on its users and even guiding you to see an improvement in your relationship, career, and business.

With many enormous benefits of using Pi Xiu, it has caught the attention of many.

Hence it is worn as a bracelet for wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Not only does it serve as an ornamental object but also become a celebrated wealth instrument in feng shui.

If you want to attract wealth and abundance to yourself without stress, this blog is for you. You have the opportunity to join those leveraging on the Chinese money magnet.

What Is The Significance Of PіXіu Feng Shui Application?

The significance of Pi Xiu is immense and positive, and that has made it to be applicable in feng shui.

In feng shui, Pi Xiu is seen as a wealth and fortune catalyst, and that is why we listed some of its significance.

If you’re practicing Pi Xiu, you can look forward to enjoying the following:

Safeguarding The Main Entrance

In the olden times, the Pi Xiu is placed at the entrance of strategic places, such as temples, and palaces to protect them.

They serve as a guardian to watch over those places. Likewise, in the modern-day, the symbol of Pi Xiu is commonly used at home to guard the entire house.

Since discovering the enormous benefits of placing the Pi Xiu at home, people position a pair of Pi Xiu at the two sides of the main entrance to protect the residents of the house, thereby making them enjoy safety and financial stability.

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The Pi Xiu can guard you and your home against negative events, and bad luck.

Enhance The Wealth Corner In Your Home

The symbolism of Pi Xiu to wealth, prosperity, and fortune attraction is undoubtedly the best. In feng shui, the wealth corner in your home is important to how wealth is attracted to you.

You can position the symbol of Pi Xiu at the wealthy corner of your home by allowing it to face the main entry.

This placement is significant to allow Pi Xiu to guzzle around the wealth of the family, thereby securing it for a lasting purpose.

The wealth corner of your home is located at the far left side of your house when you stand at the main entrance of your house and look inside.

Turn Your Career Into Wealth Hub

The Pi Xiu can touch your career and turn it into a success. You can place the Pi Xiu symbol on your desk and workspace, and witness a turnaround in your career.

Boosting the feng shui of your career to attract wealth and luck is possible through the use of Pi Xiu. Discovering the wealth corner within your office can help you attract wealth.

The wealth corner of your office is located at the far left side of your office when you stand at the main entrance of your office and look inside.

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How To Activate Pixiu Bracelet for Attracting Money

If you want to maximize the benefits the Pi Xiu, as a money magnet has to offer, you need to learn how to activate it. Without the activation, it will remain dormant.

By following the steps mentioned below, your Pi Xiu will be activated.

  • The first step to activating your Pi Xiu bracelet is by putting it inside an original sterling silver bowl any time you get to the house or office.

According to feng shui, to get an excellent result, it is ideal to place one bowl each at home and the office. The bowl at home will serve the purpose of resting your Pi Xiu when you get home, and the bowl at the office will serve for resting your Pi Xiu when you get to the office.

Some circumstances may disallow you from placing a bowl in the office. In this case, use the bowl you placed at home. 

This is also applicable to those who have the Pi Xiu statue inside the house. The activation is done by placing the silver bowl beside your Pi Xiu.

  • The second step to activating your Pi Xiu is to put some treasures like gems, gold, and silver inside the sterling silver bowl.
  • The logic behind this is to train or configure the Pi Xiu to watch out for your favorite wealth symbols to attract them. In feng shui, it’s recommended to put only coins and other treasures inside the silver bowl to see if these are attracted by Pi Xiu. Don’t put paper currency or bank notes there.
  • Lastly, to preserve the activation, keep changing the precious materials inside the silver bowl annually. You can replace the old treasures (gold, silver, and gems) with new ones once a year. It is noted you get this done before the new month of February enters.

Be committed to these steps to activate a Pi Xiu, and you will be dashed with the result you’ll obtain. 

How To Keep PiXiu Attracting Money

The best way to keep Pi Xiu from attracting money is to position it in the wealth corner of your home or office, while it faces the main door into your house or office. The main door serves as the mouth of your house or office.

Therefore, placing the Pi Xiu this way both preserves and secures your wealth, prosperity, and fortune

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How To Wear Pixiu Bracelet Correctly?

Correctly wearing the Pi Xiu bracelet can do great things for you. We listed below how to wear your Pi Xiu bracelet correctly.    

  • The Pi Xiu bracelet should be worn on your left wrist, and not on your right wrist. The left hand is described as the receptive (receiving) hand.
  • Don’t wear your Pi Xiu bracelet to private business settings.
  • Put the Pi Xiu bracelet on from time to time, except when you want to have your bath, sleep, or go to the toilet.
  • Don’t wear your Pi Xiu bracelet when having romantic moments.
  • Be consistent in wearing your Pi Xiu bracelet to develop a close tie with Pi Xiu.
  • In feng shui, it is recommended to keep touching it frequently. Touching it often makes the Pi Xiu active.
  • Keep it close to yourself, because when others handle your bracelet, Pi Xiu’s allegiance is diverted to the people who touched it.

Hоw Tо Aсtіvаtе Pixiu Feng Shui Brасеlеt

Inside the feng shui, Pi Xiu bracelet lies a talisman that brings you wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

Pi Xiu’s attribute of becoming a symbol of wealth is tied to its anatomy. Pixiu іѕ believed to be an animal without an anus, as its anus was cut off. It means Pi Xiu permits the flow of wealth and prosperity inside your home, without escaping. 

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If you want to activate your Pi Xiu bracelet in Feng Shui’s way, follow the steps below:

  • The first way to activate is by wearing the Pi Xiu bracelet on your left wrist. This is because your left hand is described as your receiving hand.
  • Give proper care to your Pi Xiu bracelet by cleaning it before wearing it.
  • Keep touching the body of the Pi Xiu bracelet from time to time. Frequent touching sends a message to the creature that you know its worth, care about it, and are in control.
  • Allow it to stay long on your hand, except in some instances when you want to sleep, you’re in the toilet, or engage in private businesses.
  • Lastly, know how to give the best attention to your Pi Xiu bracelet by showing it a lot of respect. In this way, Pi Xiu stays with you and does not leave you.

What Is A Chinese Pixiu Meaning

The Pi Xiu is so much appreciated by the Chinese that it is counted as an auspicious and the last child of a dragon animal.

The meaning surrounding Pi Xiu as a legendary animal was from the story when it ate in the palace of a great emperor, and messed up the entire place with excreta. This led to its anus being sealed up and its excretory system ended.

The tubby stomach of Pi Xiu is believed to be a result of the animal swallowing some treasures like crystals, silver, and gold, but no way to excrete them because its anus has been sealed off.

Hence, the Pi Xiu is symbolic of wealth and prosperity as a result of swallowing up those precious items but was not able to excrete them. The mishap that occurred to Pi Xiu led to the benefit enjoyed by a man now. 

The Pi Xiu is referred to as a “money magnet” because of its ability to attract and sustain the wealth of its owner.

Feng Shui Bracelet Use And Placement Do’s And Dоn’tѕ

The Pi Xiu is symbolic when it comes to luck, wealth, prosperity, and protection.

That is why wearing a feng shui Pi Xiu bracelet rightly can bring its owner wealth, and luck, and defend against bad energy.

PiXiu Bracelet Benefits

The benefits of the Pi Xiu bracelet are listed below:

  • It can draw the energy that helps to attract prosperity, abundance, and good luck, thereby improving your financial life.
  • Wearing a Pi Xiu bracelet conserves and sustains your fortune. Don’t have to worry about financial loss again.
  • Wearing a Pi Xiu bracelet can guide your home, and office against bad energy. It dispels evil events.
  • Wearing a Pi Xiu bracelet can make you enjoy good luck by inviting it. Any luck you desire, just use the bracelet and give voice to what you want.

Pixiu Bracelet Rules

There are some rules guiding Pi Xiu bracelet wearing. Following the rules can help you to get the best out of Pi Xiu.

  • Wearing the Pi Xiu bracelet is suitable for people who are still active physically.
  • Wearing the Pi Xiu bracelet should be on the left hand, which is the receptive hand.
  • When you wear the Pi Xiu, check to see that the head is pointing outwardly.
  • Ensure the bracelet stays on you for a long time.
  • The Pi Xiu loves frequent touch. So do so from time to time.
  • Don’t wear it to sleep.
  • Don’t wear it to the toilet.
  • When you remove it from the hand, position it to face the front door of your living room. 
  • Show that you care by cleansing the Pi Xiu bracelet from dirt regularly. Wash under running water with salt.
  • If your bracelet gets damaged and breaks, wrap it with a red cloth.

What Is The Pixiu Tattoo Meaning

The meaning attached to Pi Xiu’s tattoo is derived from the symbolic nature of Pi Xiu. Pi Xiu is a symbol of wealth, luck, and prosperity.

Therefore, the tattoo is used to represent the gaining of wealth, prosperity, fortune, and luck.   

Pi Xiu tattoo also represents a creature that can guard, and watch over a person, and home against negative energy, bad luck, and evil events.

How To Cleanse Pixiu Correctly

Cleaning your Pi Xiu doesn’t take time to do. Just wash it under running water, and wipe it with a neat towel.

When you notice the amulet is touched by people, or stained with blood, wash it.

The cleaning removes any dirt that gathered on it.

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How To Wear Jade Pi Xiu

Wearing jade Pi Xiu follows the same procedure as wearing the Pi Xiu bracelet. It should be worn on your left hand for a long time.

Many also have lots of doubts about wearing this magnificent Feng Shui bracelet. This is the common question I have received “Should we wear pixiu during sleep?“.

Pixiu bracelets are the kind of jewelry accessories that can be worn as an amulet. But it’s advisable to take it off while you are sleeping or taking a bath (the same way we treat any other jewelry).
Apart from this, there are some #6 suggestions/rules on wearing Pixiu below.

1. Who can wear a Pixiu bracelet?

As pet Feng Shui experts advise it is not allowed for females to wear it during pregnancy. Another rule says kids under the age of 16 and elderly above 70 should not wear Pixiu due to its vital energy flow.

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2. Which hand should I wear the Pixiu bracelet?

The bracelet must be worn on the left hand to attract wealth, luck, and prosperity.

3. What is the Pixiu head facing direction?

The recommended Pixiu head direction should be facing outwards to bring wealth and luck to give it back to you.

4. Where the Pixiu be kept while I am not wearing it?

Just like any other jewelry can be kept during sleep or during bathing.

The same rule is applicable to bracelets as well. So then the next question is where should we keep it when not wearing it?

You can keep it in the living room and the head facing direction must be towards the main door.

5. How do I find myself a suitable Pixiu Bracelet?

You can find Pixiu in many best ways as they are available in wide ranges, like (gold, jade, crystal etc). If you need to buy Pixiu, you can check it Here No products found..

6. Can Pixiu be touched by anyone else?

It’s advisable to touch the Pixiu while wearing it to get all its positive vibes But avoid someone else touching it, if it already happens don’t worry just need to rinse it with water and wear it back.

How To Use Pi Xiu 4D Number

Pi Xiu can bring fortune in gambling to you if you stick with it. Using Pi Xiu 4d number can attract financial luck. The following are ways to use the Pi Xiu 4d number.

  • Pick a clothing color.
  • Pick the best direction that will aid betting.
  • Go to one of the tіkаm broad and click having the assurance of good luck.
  • Then, your Lucky 4D number would be delivered.


We are sure you’re well-informed about this auspicious and “money magnet” creature, which can attract financial luck, wealth, and prosperity for you.

Your finances can take a new turn by getting a Pi Xiu bracelet or statue. Wear the bracelet consistently and give your almost attention to Pi Xiu. Your space can be protected too with Pi Xiu.

FAQs: Piyao bracelet Meaning and Uses

Q: Who cannot wear a PiXiu bracelet?

  • 1) Anyone can wear a Pi Xiu bracelet as long as they’re active physically. If your energy is depreciating, you cannot wear it.
  • 2) This applies to the elders.
  • 3) f you’re pregnant, you cannot wear Pi Xiu so that it won’t have a negative impact on the baby inside the womb.
  • 4) If your sign of the zodiac falls under the list of dog, rabbit, and tiger.
  • 5) When, as a woman, you are menstruating, don’t wear it.
  • 6) It cannot be worn when having intimate affairs.
  • 7) If you don’t believe in Pi Xiu, don’t wear it.

Q: Can I wear a PiXiu bracelet to sleep?

No, you can’t. One of the rules is that you shouldn’t wear Pi Xiu when you want to sleep, have sex, or do personal business.

Q: How To Choose PiXiu Bracelet?

To choose your Pi Xiu bracelet, consider the effectiveness of its amulet and beads. Be determined to walk with the rules that make Pi Xiu work, and stick with them.

Q: Can I Wear Pixiu To the Toilet?

No!  Avoid it so that it can bring you wealth, prosperity, luck, and good fortune.

Q: What Is Pixiu Bracelet Mantra?

Pi Xiu bracelet mantra is like an amulet on your bead that carries luck and fortune.

Q: Where to put the Pixiu bracelet when sleeping

The Pixiu bracelet should face the door in the living room as you sleep. Keep it out of bedrooms, kitchens, and toilets to preserve its sanctity.

Q: How to cleanse pixiu bracelet with salt

By placing your Pixiu bracelet into a container that is then filled with sea salt, you will be able to purify it with salt.

Allow it to sit undisturbed for approximately twenty-four hours. Afterward, rinse it under running tap water and pat dry.

Q: Can I put pixiu in my bag

Yes, you can put Pixiu in your bag. It is thought that whoever possesses it would experience an increase in fortune no matter where they go.

Q: Can pixiu bring bad luck?

It is thought that Pixiu might bring about unlucky circumstances if it is handled rudely or positioned in an inappropriate manner.

Always make sure that the correct recommendations for wearing and positioning the Pixiu are followed at all times.

Q: How to wear a double pixiu bracelet?

Make sure that the heads of both Pixius are facing outwards (towards your pinky finger) when you are wearing a double Pixiu bracelet.

This is a sign that prosperity is coming to you in the near future.

Q: Can I wear my pixiu bracelet with my watch?

It is suggested that you do not wear your Pixiu bracelet on the same wrist as your watch.

This is because the two bracelets can interfere with each other.

The reason for this is that the energy emitted by the watch has the potential to impede Pixiu’s capacity to bring in wealth.