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How To Cleanse Amethyst: 21 Rituals To Charge + Reactivate

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For over two thousand years, Amethyst crystal amethystine is one of the world’s most profound, elegant, and famous crystals.

Amethyst had the power to cure people and keep them cool-headed, the soldiers claimed. These are also crystals for beginners.

The use of amethyst is an important part of Feng shui culture. Therefore, to get the optimum results from your amethyst, it is necessary to understand how to cleanse the amethyst properly.

For cleansing and amethyst energy activations, we can use Salt from the Sea, Smudging Over, a good cleanser for crystals, moonlight, and sunlight.

Let’s explore all the ways for amethyst stone cleansing in detail along with common FAQs and how to cleanse amethyst for the first time.

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What does raw amethyst look like?

What does raw amethyst look like? You can identify amethyst as a purple or violet shade crystal. A few pearls may have a somewhat rosy connotation, yet should in any case remain fundamentally purple.

Some amethyst pearls might be so light there is just a light purple glint. Some might be dull to the point that, under light, they seem blackish. Find below all the tips on how to cleanse raw amethyst to activate all its powers.

Amethyst Stone is also compatible With Other 21 Gemstones, which can make it a perfect gift for many occasions.

Why Cleansing is so important for Crystals?

Numerous individuals use gems and crystals to alleviate their whole selves. Some accept that precious stones follow up on a vigorous level, sending regular vibrations out into the world.

Gems, stones, and crystals for safe travel and protection, from source to vendor, before a buy is made. Each change opens the stone to energies that might be skewed with your own.

Regularly cleansing and re-energizing your stones is the best way to reestablish your gem to its common state. This demonstration of amethyst care can likewise revive your own feeling of direction.

Top amethyst cluster benefits & Mineral Uses

Amethyst is a translucent and precious stone of violet tone. It contains a type of silica mineral quartz.

Amethyst clusters stone has powerful healing energy and spreads all around your home and office. They are incredible devices to be set in the focal point of gathering reflections. Amethyst Clusters can also be used for amethyst charging and cleaning other valuable stone gems.

Below are a few additions to Amethyst Cluster Benefits:

  1. Very good to improve your inner self and immune system.
  2. Circulate good vibes and happiness.
  3. Enhance skin tone and skin condition.
  4. Advancing gut health and stomach wellbeing.
  5. Improve focus and concentration power.
  6. Correct Cronic hormonal conditions like PCOD, PCOD, THYROID.

How To Charge Amethyst crystal and reactivate Amethyst Pendulum?

How To Cleanse Amethyst
how to cleanse and charge amethyst

Crystals for negative energy removal- Natural stones and crystals absorb and store the energy they experience, both positive and negative, over time. The energy contained in your pendulum is very useful in most situations.

Best way to cleanse amethyst:

It is suggested to clean crystals, pendulums, and stones frequently.

#1 Salt from the Sea

This is a perfect way to get rid of bad energy from your crystals! Leave your crystals overnight in a sea salt/water mixture, much like cleansing your Amethyst. This way it will be cleansing negative energy with sea salt as a cure.

#2 Running Water

Keep the stone under running water and ask the World to eradicate from this crystal all negativities. You can also soak the amethyst crystal in the water for some time, but remember to remove the crystal’s water once the process is over.

#3 With other crystals, cleanse

The easiest way of clearing crystals is to add the crystal that you are trying to trigger to the bag where your crystals are kept.

#4 Smudging Over- Sage

Asking for protection or dedicating love to your crystals with sage.

#5 Cleanser for crystals

Some crystals tend to be more fragile than others, and brittle crystals and like a stone (mostly because the crystals are not immersed in water) perform well with crystal cleaners.

There are hundreds of ways how to clean stones, but we have restricted guidelines for those that are safe for all stones.

#6 Kit for Gentle Energy Cleaning

Energy cleaning made easy is the simple framework of AYP that employs methods of natural energy cleansing and Citrine’s power and writing purpose.

#7 smudge stick

How to cleanse amethyst with incense– You can light a smudge stick or incense can also be used. First, blow the flame and then slightly move towards the smoke with a pendulum at least 4-5 times.

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#8 Brown rice

This is another natural remedy to cleanse negative energies from stones, especially this works wonders for black tourmaline. To start with, fill a bowl with rice and bury your crystals and stone for about an hour.

Once this is done throw the rice immediately and never ever keep or use them. As they absorbed all the negative energies from the stones.

#9 With The Sound

Sound therapy has been used in order to cure many health conditions like stress, mental issues overall healing. It’s also a great way for cleansing crystals. The vibrations and tones clear the blocked energies.

#9 Moonlight

How to charge amethyst in the moonlight? Moonlight, unlike sunlight, is safe for all rocks. During a full moon, place the pendulum or crystal on a windowsill and let it stay overnight.

The crystal works for a longer time if charged before cleansing. It also allows the crystal to be more vibrant and gives energy to the crystal.

There are various ways to charge amethyst crystals, but the main methods to be familiar with are the following. Below methods can allow your crystals to bathe in the light of both the moon and sun.

  • how to charge amethyst in the moonlight: It is one of the best sources of energy for the pendulum and also boosts energy. Moonlight energy can be used to charge my blocks.
  • Charging crystal in sun: can you charge amethyst in the sun? the answer is yes. The masculine counterpart to the vitality of celestial illumination is sunshine. The energy from the sunlight is powerful and vivid. You can place it in the sun to charge as long as the crystal is not light sensitive and has been washed in advance with another technique.

How to program a crystal? Exclusive [5 Steps]

By programming your crystal, we mean to get all the healing and powers, which a crystal has. Once they are programmed we can feel their powers and healing properties. The best time to program your crystal is after you’ve cleared your stone by following the above techniques.

Now, let’s find out the most effective ways How To Program A Crystal in easy 6 steps.

  1. The first step is to hold the crystal with good intentions in your left hand.
  2. Remember to surround yourself with natural light, or near a window.
  3. Then, program the crystal for a specific purpose. Whether it’s for a new job, health benefits, or speaking more opportunities.
  4. Whenever you’ve imagined the precious stone’s motivation, finish the interaction by saying resoundingly: “I commit this gem for the purpose.”
  5. I likewise prefer to wear my stones on me for seven days to additionally associate with them. By and by, I discover this is the most ideal approach to stimulate them.

How To Cleanse Amethyst Stone Without Chemicals?

How To Cleanse Amethyst Without Chemicals
how to charge amethyst stone

To soothe your mind, body, and soul, many people use crystals. It is considered that crystals provide natural vibrations in the universe. Read further to learn about the famous strategies on how to cleanse stones?

#1 Water flowing

Water is said to neutralize and return to the earth any harmful energy contained within the stone. While it is best to have natural flowing water like a waterfall, under a faucet you can also rinse your stone.

It will impact differently upon using a variety of water like Tap Water, Filtered Water, Rain Water, Spring or River Water, Crystal Infused Water, Ocean/Salt Water, etc. Each water contains its own mineral value.

#2 Salt Water

Can amethyst go in salt water? You can get seawater if you are near the sea or you can also take a bowl with water and sea salt. This is also called amethyst salt water cure.

Make sure your stone is fully submerged and leave around 48 hours for it to soak. When full, rinse and pat dry.

Read here what all crystals can go into salt?

How To Cleanse Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is a beautiful pink stone connected to love, harmony, and healing. For cleaning rose quartz and recharging your stones, you have several choices.

  • Soap water: With soft, soapy water, cover your stones or crystals. Fill warm water in your container. Then put two-three drops of liquid soap or a mild detergent for dishwashing. To mix the soap well, swish the water around.
  • Starlight: This is a little-known, but most effective, form of crystal cleaning. Even humans are inspired by the starlight and so the crystals get a new life.
  • Crystal: Only put your crystals next to the Quartz or Selenite on top or right, so that they touch in some way. You can leave them for one night or maybe a little longer. If the weather does not permit outdoor cleaning, this approach is suitable.

How To Cleanse Amethyst Geode?

Amethyst, like all other crystals and stones, should be energetically washed. Read more and learn how to clean amethyst crystals. By using these steps, you can purify an Amethyst quartz:

  • Rainwater: Several individuals have claimed that a perfect way to cleanse it is to leave your amethyst out in a storm to get rained on. It is one of the direct sources to charge it.
  • River water: another best source is earth and water. The natural water crystals of the river are great for cleansing amethyst.
  • Smoke: Light a smudge bundle of your choosing and blow the flame out so that a lot of smoke is smoldering and released. Now, spread the smoke all around the crystal areas. Do this until there’s no smoldering and the smoke ceases.

How To Cleanse Clear Quartz?

How to clear crystals? Crystals frequently move long distances, from source to seller, until a transaction is made. But these transitions expose the stone and cause misalignment of energies.

Also, during the healing process, these stones grasp or redirect the negativity you are trying to get rid of.

And, when used for healing, these stones are said to absorb or redirect the negativity you are trying to expel. You can use it anyway for cleansing and charging crystals. Find below the best ways on how to cleanse amethyst and clear quartz?

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#1 Sound Audio

Sound healing enables washing over a region of a single pitch or tone, taking it into the same sensation as the tone. This approach is suitable for collectors who do not easily inventory or transport a large number of crystals.

#2 Usage of a bigger stone

Amethyst geodes, large quartz clusters, and selenite slabs can be fitting agents for cleaning smaller stones.

You can directly set it on the head of other stones or place your stone inside. It’s assumed that the vibrations of the larger stone eliminate the inharmonious energies present in the resting stone.

#3 Respiration

To get started, keep the stone on your dominant side. Draw the stone close to the face and exhale fastly, take deep breaths in, and breath-out on the stone to get the stone to its full vibration.

How To Charge Rose Quartz?

It’s a good idea to clean your crystals regularly and charge them like you would any other item in your house. If you can, on the full moon or the new moon, it’s more effective.

But you can still use sunshine entirely. There are several ways to clean a crystal, and here are some suggestions:

  • In a cup of water, add 3 tbsp sea salt and let keep your crystal in it for at least one night.
  • Visualize the crystal’s white moonlight or vivid white sunshine, to rid the rose quartz of any harmful energies.
  • Smudge the stone with a stick of sage, palo santo, or some other smudge.

Which Crystals Cannot Be Cleansed In Salt water?

Cleansing Crystals with salt- Before cleansing your stone, we suggest that you analyze its structure; there are stones and crystals for cleaning. Depending on their chemical composition, you should not clean them in saltwater (it could be sea salt or Himalayan salt)

Salt on stones is corrosive and extremely abrasive and should not be used for the most delicate stones, as they are at risk of being opaque, whitish, and dull.

Red Coral, Selenite, Opal, Moonstone, Topaz, Azurite, Amber, calcite uses,calcite stone, Malachite, Turquoise: stones which must not have contact with salt.

How To Cleanse Citrine?

You can do the cleansing for crystals in several different ways. Most techniques can be used on most crystals.

#1 Moonlight

The full moon’s light is best for cleansing. Keep your crystal under the moonlight for one night. In the sunlight, you can also clean and charge crystals.

But be aware because some crystals, including Amethyst and Fluorite, can fade in the sunlight.

#2 Singing Bowl

In the singing bowl, place your crystals, then tap it and allow the note to echo through the stones. With a single crystal and keep a tuning fork next to it, you can also do the same.

How To Cleanse Selenite?

It is said that many crystals are capable of cleaning. However, it is urged that the best is selenite.

  • In selenite, a cleaning plate is a platform in which you can keep your crystal for 24 hours to get it purified. Smaller tumbled stones may take less time but being on the safe side is easier.
  • You may also use Selenite Charging amethyst Crystal Points. Pick a place you don’t object to covering in crystals for the following day and place your selenite column in the center.
  • After you have discovered an acceptable spot, lay the stones you desire to load in a ring encompassing the tower. This is much better if they can hit the tower.

Can Amethyst Go In Water?

Yes, amethyst can go in the water. Find below how to charge amethyst in water.

If you are wondering how to clean crystals and which one is okay for water? then here is the solution. According to the Mohs hardness scale, if the crystal is below 5 then it should not be kept in water.

In water, such crystals crack or dissolve. Few stronger crystals should be kept out of the water as well. These involve crystals containing minerals that can rust in water or release toxins.

how to recharge amethyst?

  • Sunlight: Direct sunlight not only cleans your amethyst but also charges it. From feeling bland and dead to tingling in your palms, your amethyst is going to go.
  • Smoke: Light a smudge bundle of your choosing and blow the flame out so that a lot of smoke is smoldering and released. You can use a feather to spread smoke around the crystal in all areas. Do this until there’s no smoldering and the smoke ceases.
  • Embed It in Salt: You should immerse your amethyst in dry salt, without the water part, to minimize the probability of creating mineral destruction to it.

Use a clear stone bowl and apply your amethyst to carry it inside. Stuff the bowl with sea salt till the whole crystal is covered beneath the ice. Let it stay for four hours, 30 minutes.

To get the better features, keep the bowl in sunlight directly and get it charged. With the sun’s energy, the crystal and the salt will be supercharged, and the salt will overshadow the straight sunlight from reaching the crystal, which can harm the glass.

What Negative Effects Does The Amethyst Stone Have?

Often you can over-ground your amethyst. Don’t be alarmed. Until you fix it, it’s nothing scary. While your head chakra keeps grounding you.

It becomes tough to get up from the ceremony pose or think of a different thing. Everything you need to do to unground yourself is one of the Lapis Lazuli, Apatite, or Shattuckite gemstones.

In addition to keeping, you too grounded, if you’re trying to swear, amethyst can be poisonous to your mind.

How Do You Use Amethyst For Healing- Step By Step

Amethyst is also related to safe cell regeneration at the physical level, facilitating calming sleep and rest, and fostering hormonal balance.

As Amethyst helps regulate metabolism and serves the endocrine system positively, the body learns its inner peace and does not go too wild in the development of cortisol.

Which significantly decreases stress and tension. Simultaneously, with all this, the purple hue of Amethyst also ensures that the soul, body, and mind remain purified and detoxified.

For those struggling with a foggy head or migraines, Amethyst can even help in real clear energy.

Is Amethyst Rare Stone?

Amethyst was included, until the 18th century, among the cardinal, or most precious, gemstones. However, after the discovery of extensive deposits in locations such as Brazil, it has lost much of its importance.

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Collectors are searching for color depth, likely with red flashes if conventionally cut.

Since amethyst is readily available in large structures, the value of the gem is not strictly measured by carat weight.

This is distinct from other gemstones where the weight of the carat raises the value of the stone exponentially. The color shown is the greatest factor in the amethyst’s worth.

The amethyst of the highest grade (called ‘Deep Russian‘) is extremely rare and, thus, its value depends on the collectors’ demand when one is found.

how to tell if amethyst is real?

Nowadays you will easily get trapped. The originality of the crystal can be marked based on the below parameters.

  • You need to feel the amethyst with your hands – You can feel the hardiness of the real crystal which is naturally like this.
  • You can also test the amethyst visually, in real stone you can see small bubbles within.
  • Floor test- You can also test how the Real Amethyst is sat on a flat surface.

Bonus Tips (the fastest to identify amethyst)

By touching you will track down that a certifiable one feels cold even in summer and a phony one won’t have that highlight. In the event that you place the amethyst on your brow, you will feel that a genuine one is cool, yet a phony one will warm up as per your temple temperature.

How To Care For Amethyst Crystals?


Unexpected temperature fluctuations can produce the amethyst to crack. Some amethyst colors will subside with continued exposure to strong light.

Amethyst might also be affected by ammonium fluoride, hydrofluoric acid, and alkaline solutions.

Cleaning Facilities

It is possible to clean the amethyst safely with warm soapy water. Ultrasonic cleaners are ordinarily stable besides in unusual situations.

Where a stone is stained or administered by fracture filling. Steam cleaning is not advised, and no heat should be exposed to amethyst.

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Now let’s have the Physical properties of Amethyst.

Properties Of Amethyst
Chemical FormulaSiO2
Stone Colour Purple
Crystal Shape Hexagonal
Refractive Index1.54 – 1.55
SG2.63 – 2.65
TransparencyLittle translucent
Double Refraction.009
Mineral ClassQuartz

FAQs On How To Cleanse Amethyst

Q1: Can Amethyst go in the water?

Drop amethyst into your water channel pitcher or bottle and simply drink the water.

Amethyst is totally protected to drink (a few gems are NOT so kindly check a dependable source prior to ingesting diamond water).

Try to clean your amethyst prior to placing it into the water, however (see subtleties above).

Q2: Can I sleep with my amethyst?

Amethyst is a defensive stone that gives help from pressure and tension. This stone assists with quieting your mind and gives quality rest around evening time.

It interfaces with your soul at an undeniable level. Accordingly, you may likewise get some lovely or natural dreams around evening time.

Q3: What bad effects does the amethyst stone have?

Amethyst Side Effects by Likelihood and Severity

1. Stomach Bloating.
2. Skin break out.
3. Bosom Pain.
4. Unsteadiness.
5. Queasiness.
6. Retching.
7. Water Retention.

Q4: How do you recharge amethyst crystals?

Once more, as long as your precious stones are not touchy to one or the other light or water, you can lower the gem in a bowl of ocean salt and water and afterward place it in splendid daylight.

The sun will additionally empower the purifying water itself, and as the stone becomes purged, the daylight will start charging the stone.

Q5: What does amethyst protect you from?

Amethyst is a ground-breaking and defensive stone. It prepares for mystic assault, changing the energy into adoration and shielding the wearer from a wide range of mischief, including geopathic or electromagnetic pressure and sick wishes from others.

Q6: how to cleanse an amethyst necklace

In order to Cleanse Amethyst Necklace, you need a bowl with sea salt. Keep the Necklace inside (fully covered in salt) for 1-4 hrs. Also, place this bowl in direct sunlight to reactivate it fully.

Q7: how to clean chakra stones?

All other Healing crystals are also known as gemstones or chakra stones. You can follow the same above steps to cleanse amethyst, to cleanse any other crystal-like moonlight, sunlight, meditation, etc.

Q8: how to make crystal water?

In order to make crystal-infused water for purifications follow the below steps.

1) Before preparing crystal water, first soak the crystal in the cold salt water for 2-3 days for complete purifications.
2) After the purification is done, you can now place the stone into filtered water.

Q9: how to cleanse amethyst with fire

Reactivate amethyst crystal with fire elements via burning sage or lighting incense. Also, you can smudge or keep the crystal in sunlight for cleansing.


As we have learned now How To Cleanse Amethyst? and other different amethyst cleansing techniques. All the above tips can be used on how to cleanse amethyst bracelets and other amethyst jewelry.

Amethyst helps in calming the mind, improves mystic abilities, and intensifies intuition. But for this, it must work at its best and cleansing become essential for it. We have also seen awesome rocks and gems, and options for healing.

Utilize the above-mentioned cleansing techniques for amethyst to bring tranquillity and peace and healing through crystals at home. You can also use the same techniques if you are looking for answers on how to cleanse crystals?