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Top [27] Feng Shui Bracelet + Symbols For Good Luck + Wealth

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We can bring luck by wearing lucky Feng Shui bracelets to design your house in the Feng Shui style. Men/Women wearing lucky bracelets have been associated with spirituality, occult practice, love, and divine protection.

Before we start to know what all are the lucky Bracelets for this year, here are some common questions. which usually asked in order to understand the effect.

Does authentic feng shui bracelets really work?

We all want to be too lucky in all the sectors of coming life, events. Even in the most difficult situation, we expect a favor from the universe. In Feng Shui, there are some ways to invite a change in your life, one way in the form of a Bracelet.

By using a few tricks that can help you achieve health, prosperity, and luck. So in this article, we will see what are the Feng Shui Lucky Charms Bracelet & Symbols.

which hand to wear bracelet for good luck?

Its always recommended that The Bracelets must be worn on the left hand, not on the right hand. You might have heard this many times. But this is not the case always.

You can wear the Feng shi bracelet in any working hand no matter to wear a lucky charm bracelet left or right hand.

Its because it is believed by wearing it on the working hand will attract good luck, wealth. Wearing it on the right hand will do the opposite effect.

how to wear a lucky charm bracelet?

When you just bought or were gifted feng shui jewellery, the first thing you need to do is cleansing the amulet. As it needs to be activated before you wear it.

There are many ways to cleanse the jewellery like use freshwater, burning sage, lighting incense to use powerful sunlight and moonlight to charge it.

What Does A Lucky Feng Shui Bracelet Represent?

At its simplest, a Lucky Charm Bracelet Meaning is peace of jewellery with small beats and colorful materials. Some charm jewelry bracelets symbolize friendship.

For many, they are an item of style. But for others, bracelets mean a lot more than a piece of jewelry.

Feng Shui Lucky Charms Bracelet For Love, Money, Health & Protection

Here are compilation lists of the Feng Shui Bracelet that you can wear to attract all good energies. You can also read about the entire Feng Shui Jewelry for enhancing beauty & life.

Feng Shui Lucky Charms Bracelets
Feng Shui Lucky Charms Bracelets

Gold Pixiu With Black Bracelet

Pixiu Bracelets created under the principles of feng shui imbues the user with the energies that the bracelet generates or represents. This has the all in one feng shui bracelet style can present semiprecious gems, Chinese characters or symbolic talismans.

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Can You Wear Pixiu During Sleep?

According to Chinese practices, we must take it off when you are sleeping or bathing. Its because it loses its energy while sleeping and bathing.

Five Element Feng shui Bracelets For A Balanced Life

Bracelets with five-element carry the color representations of the five elements, provide a healthy balance in the user’s life. If you are experiencing life out of balance, this type of bracelet can help you realign all areas of your life.

Eight Auspicious Objects Or Symbols

Feng Shui considers the eight auspicious objects or symbols very auspicious when used in a grouping. Each symbol represents an aspect of the eight teachings of the Buddha’s path.

If you need a boost in your life or simply want to enjoy a life full of abundance, this bracelet is for you.

Bracelet Of Auspicious Objects Of The Eight Of Good Luck

Bracelets are made of silver metal alloy. Each embossed symbol stands out on a dark background with drawings. Each symbol is artistically designed to flow from one symbol to another.

Use this bracelet to ensure good luck in every business or adventure you undertake. Grouping of these eight symbols will also counteract all the negative energy you find.

Chinese Bracelets To Attract Love And Marital Happiness

In feng shui rose quartz is used to attract the chi energy of good luck in love. The symbol of double happiness is synonymous with love and marriage.

Select one or both of these bracelets to invite your soul mate to your life or to improve the current relationship of love or marriage.

Attract Love

Scent Diffuser Bracelet With A Rose Quartz Buddha

It is believed that feng shui bracelets made of pink quartz beads deliver auspicious energy to marriages and love relationships. They also heal a heart hurt by love issues.

This bracelet has pink quartz beads along with lava rocks and the main account with the Buddha for an auspicious chi. Lava rocks can fill the essential oil of your choice. Simply apply a couple of drops to the porous lava beads.

Lava beads will retain the aroma of the oil for a few days, so make sure it is a scent you love and inspire feelings of love, such as lavender, rose, ylang-ylang, geranium, jasmine or sandalwood.

Feng Shui Double Happiness Symbol Bracelet

The double happiness symbol is for weddings use. The symbol was born from the love story that two young people had each other.

After a period of separation, they married and wrote the symbol of happiness twice to celebrate their love. Double Happiness quickly became a precious symbol of love and marriage.

Feng Shui Lucky Bracelets Of Wealth

There are numerous feng shui symbols for the fate of wealth that are part of the bracelets. If you need to infuse a little wealth and luck in your life, try using a jade or citrine bracelet.

You can also check out this article on Lucky Charms- Wealth & Business for more details.

Feng Shui Bracelet for wealth

Brazilian Citrine Beads Bracelet

This feng shui bracelet is made of citrine beads with an elastic cord for ease of use. The citrine is known as the stone of wealth or the stone of the merchant. It is believed to be a magnet of wealth and prosperity.

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Wear a citrine bracelet to attract wealth and abundance. If you are in business, it is good that using a citrine bracelet gives great success in business as well as energy. The stone also has a neutralizing or repellent effect on chi negative energies.

Auspetious red money bag bracelet

This vibrant red color lucky bracelet is said to bring prosperity and is a symbol of longevity for the owner’s life. This is also a very strong charm that is to be worn on the wrist to provide abundance.

How to wear a money bag bracelet- This cab be worn on both hands, but effectively wear it on the working hand.

Which Hand Citrine Bracelet Must Be Worn?

This is a rule that you can wear on any hand but you should not use that hand to write which is the non-dominant hand.

Auspicious Jade Bracelet

This auspicious jade bracelet features jade beads and a jade centrepiece with figure 8. This is fastened in a Chinese silk cord with a knotted closure for easy adjustment.

Jade brings many favourable properties, such as happiness, harmony, kindness and abundant wealth.

The wealth properties that jade brings to the user are enhanced by jade figure 8 which is a symbol of infinity. It is believed that the combination ensures unlimited prosperity and wealth.

Feng Shui Health Luck Bracelets

Feng shui offers many remedies and lucky charms for health. Flying star 2 is the start of the disease and, like the celestial stars, the flying stars move in a daily, monthly and annual cycle. The Wu Lou (pumpkin) is a strong symbol of feng shui bracelet for health. Another symbol is natural quartz and the lapis lazuli gemstone.

If you are in poor health or need protection from a flying start, especially if you have come to perch in your bedroom, kitchen or dining room (all areas that affect health), choose one of these bracelets.

Have you ever heard about Rudraksha? The name Rudraksha is translated according to Indian mythological The Eyes of Shiva (Rudra is another word for Shiva, and Aksha means eyes).

It practiced and used in CANADA for ages and Rudraksha is the fruit of a tree, with natural healing power. Grows in South-East Asia, UK, USA, CANADA the string is considered divine.

By wearing them, they ensure several health benefits like control over your own health, blood pressure, mental stress, anxiety, happiness. They also bring success, self-confidence, and keep love in your life and they also bring wealth and success.

Scientifically proven to prolong life and help balance the human body chakras.

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet With A Wu Lou

Lapis lazuli bracelet offers protection against the star of disease # 2. While the descriptor describes a specific year, this bracelet will protect against flying star # 2.

Regardless of where the star is since it changes from month to month and year to year.

Made of lapis lazuli beads having healing energies of Medicine Buddha. As a matter of fact, lapis lazuli pearls stimulate the immune system, calm inflammation, lower blood pressure and purify the blood. Mantra beads with royal blue and gold are good.

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Mantras are designed to establish a flow of healthy chi for the wearer and to protect against diseases. The golden pendant Wu Wu also eliminates the star of disease # 2 monthly and yearly.

Transparent Quartz Bracelet To Cure

Quartz bracelet features natural quartz crystals and is believed to create a balance in the body’s electromagnetic frequencies. Quartz crystals are helpful for the improvement of the body’s natural immune system and mental thought processes.

There are many styles and different types of feng shui bracelets. While selecting a feng shui bracelet, consider what part of your life you want to improve and choose the right one.

11 Feng Shui Lucky Charms for health and wealth

Below are the most powerful feng shui amulets and symbols for attracting plenty and abundance in life.

  1. Phoenix
  2. Crystals
  3. The Dragon
  4. Chinese Coins
  5. Red Envelope
  6. Lucky Bamboo
  7. Smiling Buddha
  8. Golden or Koi Carp
  9. Money Plant & Money Tree
  10. Lucky Cat Brings Good Luck
  11. Double Happiness Sign for Good Luck

What Is The Luckiest Good Luck Charm + Symbol?

In Chinese practices, A Four-Leaf Clover is the luckiest charm. You can place this to your Home/Office to get most of its benefits.

A Four-Leaf Clover

Which Plant Is Considered As The Lucky Plant?

Its always recommended to use freshly cut flowers which bring good luck to the house. The beneficial plants and flowers in Feng Shui are the lucky bamboo.

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Here are some common FAQs on Feng Shui Bracelet

How much is the feng shui black obsidian bracelet?

Feng Shui Black Obsidian money bracelet can be purchased from 3 to 8 USD.

How do you clean a black obsidian feng shui bracelet?

Below we are the 6 methods to Cleanse Your Gemstone and Crystal Bracelets
Daylight/Moon Bath.
Salt Water.

Where should pixiu bracelets be placed at home?

In the event that you place a Pi Xiu at home, ensure its head to confront a window or front door for cash flow and home safety.
Pi Xiu isn’t good for placing in the room.

The head of Pi Xiu can’t confront the front entryway which is under the charge of the God of Door and the God of riches.


Here we discussed the most popular traditional feng shui bracelets symbolic cures and charms for good luck and protection. Do let us know which one is your favourite feng shui bracelet to wear.