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Effective Feng Shui Water Element Colors, Placements Guide For [Career, Wealth, Health]

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Feng Shui traditionally has five elements which are fire, water, earth, metal, and wood element. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the Feng Shui water element.

How you can best practice it to achieve prosperity and abundance, and highlighting various tips on how to use it in your career, business, home, and other areas of your life.

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In Feng Shui, what Does Water Symbolise?

With all the other feng shui elements also being important, the Feng shui water element is significantly essential in Feng Shui.

As it is the Chinese traditional symbol for prosperity and abundance. The symbol for income is flowing water which can be a river or a pond.

So far it flows peacefully, which means the inflow of money or wealth. Water accumulation signifies the accumulation of affluence and assets.

One notable belief is that if you have a swimming pool of at least 18 inches deep, it will entice success and abundance into your home.

Scientifically speaking apart from the affluence having running water in the home attracts, the sound and sight of flowing water calms the mind, reduces stresses, and helps to keep positive energy around in the home at all times.

Still or motionless energy is negative and will cause devastation to the body and soul, but keeping the energy in motion is substantially beneficial and rejuvenates life energy force. 

How Do I Know My Feng Shui Element?

Feng Shui Element
Feng Shui Element

Your birth element in Feng shui and Chinese zodiac sign animals will guide you to get your feng shui element.

For twenty-four months, each of the elements is predominant, and the cycle of the feng shui elements repeats after every 10 years. The 10 stems or 10 divine stems are referred to as these.

 The last digit of your moon birth year will determine what your element will be:

  • Metal: Birth years with 0 or 1 endings.
  • Water: Birth years with 2 or 3 endings.
  • Wood: Birth years with 4 or 5 endings.
  • Fire: Birth years with 6 or 7 endings.
  • Earth: Birth years with 8 or 9 endings.

Having knowledge about your feng shui birth element will guide you in creating the best feng shui for yourself and your loved ones.

It will help you choose the decor colors, items, and areas you should take more importantly and ones with not much significance. 

For instance, if your feng shui element is a fire element, you are supposed to use shades of red and yellow (fire element colors).

While using less white, green, and brown (metal and wood element colors). You also should place more importance on the fireplace.

Why Is Water In Bedroom Not A Good Feng Shui Practice?

The bedroom is among the most essential spaces in the house. The place you position your bed, the door location, the colors you use, bedroom art, and items present in the room will be the key to good feng shui in your bedroom. 

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Every art piece or decorative component present in your bedroom is considered to be very significant. Since the energy in your bedroom is directly connected to your health status, your relationships, and your overall well-being.

Water elements in feng shui typically help the flow of energy. The bedroom is, however, one location where you shouldn’t use it in any form the water element may be existing.

In art pieces or even a mostly blue color scheme that likens to water, do not showcase a water element or any symbol of water in the bedroom.

The feng shui element present in the bedroom is fire, so any water wall decor or symbol placed in the bedroom can douse the fire energy and passion in your room. 

What Color Is The Water Element?

Feng Shui Water Element
feng shui water element colors

It is easy to add elements to your Decor through color. The black color is likened to the water element in Feng shui.

Though several people do liken water elements with blues and teals color but these colors are actually for the wood element

Feng shui water element colors: Try using throw pillows, artworks, woodworks, vases, or other accessories with black colors, deep charcoal gray, or navy blue to add more water energy to your house.

Feng Shui Water Element Direction

The proper placement is significantly essential for victory. The feng shui water element is highly advantageous in the East, Southeast, and North direction or location.

Water fountains must never be located in the South direction because it is likened to reputation and fame which is a fire element in it.

If these directions are found in your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, locate the fountain in your common room wealth corner.

Do not put a water fountain under the stairway as this will lead to sickness or other bad luck to children.

No matter the Feng shui direction, the house’s main entrance is a good location for a water element, as it tends to attract richness and victory.

Just ensure it is placed on the left of the door because if placed on the door’s right side, it can lead to extramarital affairs. 

Feng shui Water Element Personality

In feng shui, each Chinese moon birth year is linked with one specific element out of the five feng shui elements.

Your personality is influenced by your feng shui birth element, this element will determine the items and choices you have to choose to have a good and positive feng shui energy.

Individuals that belong to the water feng shui element seem to be sensitive, calm and possess strong intuition. They possess a great creative mind.

As calm as water is, it can suppress the hardest rock, individuals with the water element feng shui possess a strong hidden reservoir of energy inside them and they require the right feng shui practice to support this inner strength.

Below are some tips about the feng shui water element and water Decoration ideas.

  1. Colors which you are to attribute yourself mostly with are the blue and black color or white and gray, while you should dissociate yourself from earth colors e.g brown color.
  2. You should associate yourself with certain decor items that signify the water element e.g water wall decorations, water fountains, and many others. You should not associate yourself with earth-related decors like rocks and many others. 

Feng Shui Water Element Placement 

In feng shui, some water placements are unpropitious.

If you put a water element symbol or material outside your home front door, ensure its flowing direction is towards your home, not away from it.

According to feng shui when it flows away from the house, it means the money and abundance moving away from your home.

The bedroom is not an ideal place for a water element, as it naturally contains fire element energy.

So never place any water symbols or images of water in your bedroom. The bedroom contains fire energy which is contradictory to the water element energy.

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Only if the bathroom location falls in the water sector should you put additional water symbols in it, the bathroom is already filled with water energy materials in the form of showers, sinks, and toilets.

Methods Of Using Water Element For Career Growth

Feng shui practice if done properly can help in a variety of ways. Fountains, ponds, and other Water elements prove useful here.

It is essential in Feng Shui For Career that the energy flow is directed towards your home or business, therefore the water fountain should be placed in a way so the water flows towards your building.

If your front entrance is in your career area, use wind chimes to attract Ch’i inside. Plant brightly colored healthy flowers along the path leading to your door, and there exist greeters in plant form which you can place on either side of the path.

In Feng Shui, the entrance door or front door is important. Therefore, anything you can do to put much importance on it will persuade new opportunities and energy to come your way.

Using water element symbols will not only highlight it but also attract abundance and positive energy.

Methods Of Using Water Element Feng Shui For Wealth

According to Feng shui flowing water is likened to the flow of finances and abundance in your home or office.

Always pay close attention to the waterworks in your building and home, make sure there is no leakage, and fix any plumbing issues that might arise with immediate effect. Especially check the water tap in your bathroom.


Placement of flowing water, like a fountain, will attract the water element energy into your home.

Always make sure the fountain is clean at all times, in good condition, and direct the flowing of the water toward the center of your house.

In case you want to use an outdoor fountain, you should locate the fountain in the front area of your property with the water flowing in a direction toward your home’s front door.

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Different Methods To Balance Water Element In Feng Shui 

Water is linked with abundance, cleansing, wealth, and emotional streams. When you want to use water decorations in your home, place your attention on calming ponds and not violent tidal waves.

To use a water element in the home, try adding water features that include blue color touches and balance it with curved items and pictures of soothing and calm water.

Feng Shui Water Element For Business 

Are you aware that water in feng shui is the strongest symbol of money? The radiant energy of chi is valuable to your wellbeing and success, but you must be vigilant at all times to keep the water clean.

Small fountains built for a desk are excellent, or you might even consider getting an aquarium. The use of any material that represents the water element, like a photo, is yet another approach to integrate water into your business.

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Set up a proper working environment for your job and try to establish a feng shui strategy for your area of choice.

Know that even minor improvements will make a huge difference in providing your business or office with great energy.

Business related to water element?

Below are a few options for water element-related businesses.

  • Airline and Airways
  • Destination Wedding Planner, Travelling,
  • Sub Marine, Drinks
  • Navy and Spa Treatments
  • Aquarium and fish farming

Top Feng Shui water Element Decor For Home and Offices 

Metal Element In Feng shui 

The feng shui metal element is Mastery, clarity, and consistency and at the same time symbolizes truth, honor, and happiness.

To attract these qualities into your home and to bring the Feng Shui metal element energy into your home.

You should use any of these design elements. The white, gray, or metallic color, circle or round shape, items like metals, lighting, mirrors, etc.

Here are some of the notable ways you can bring the metal element into your home’s feng shui 

  1. Wind chimes and bell
  2. Round white tables
  3. lighting

Feng shui fire element 

The fire element in feng shui is connected to passion, motivation, and language. In your home, the fire element will bring enthusiasm, excitement, and warmth.

Did you ever feel like you were losing interest in a project, career, or partnership? Maybe what you need is to add fire to spice things up.

If you always keep your emotions inside, and always seem to have a rough time expressing yourself, integrating the fire element into your home can prove useful.

You attract the Feng Shui fire element energy into your home through any of the following design elements: The Red color, Triangle shape, items like Candles, lighting, electronics, etc.

You might also like to explore other Feng Shui-related tips.

Q: Feng shui meaning of water leaks?

Water leaks in feng shui represent poverty, money loss, and drain of name and fame. Fix any leakage weather in the kitchen, bathroom, or outside the home.

Q: Best Feng shui pond location?

The best direction for a pond and a pool is in the East, Southeast, and north corners.

Q: How to reduce water elements in feng shui?

In order to weaken the water element, use the destructive cycle. Water and Fire both are the opposite of each other. Increase the fire to reduce water elements.

Q: How to increase water elements?

To activate or to increase the water element, add water objects like fountains, fish tanks, and water-related paintings.

Q: Suitable feng shui water element crystals?

Here are a few suitable crystals and gemstones specific to water elements- Alexandrite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, and Chrysocolla.

Q: Feng shui water element Shapes?

A water element in feng shui has Wavy, curvy and shapeless shapes. Adding these shapes can increase the water elements.

Q: What element does glass represent in Feng Shui?

Glass is a Water element, just like water reflects energies and bounces back your reflection.

Q: What element is north in Feng Shui?

The North direction in feng shui is a representation of knowledge and fluidity. That is also depicted as career paths in life.

This direction is also part of the Water element due to its nature.


The feng shui water element is indeed a great practice that can be used to bring abundance and happiness into your home.

Make sure you practice it in the right way to achieve the greatest positive energy possible through the water elements