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9 Feng Shui Wood Element: Balancing Tips [Career, Luck, Health, Money]

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Feng Shui Wood Element is one of the important five elements including earth, metal, water, Fire that the Feng Shui experts engage in understanding and making a balanced space.

You might have come across the term “Feng Shui”, and be wondering what is the meaning. Feng Shui is a popular, and ancient Chinese belief founded on principles that have been used to create harmony between a person and their surroundings, and obtain remarkable results from life. 

Feng Shui works by exploiting the forces of nature and its benefits. Through ages, the Feng Shui principle has been applied at home, and people have seen their homes turned into a place of euphoria.

What Feng Shui Wood Element Meaning?

There are five elements present, and among them is Wood. The other four elements are Water, Wood, Metal, Earth, and Fire.

These elements exist to make things work better, and they are so vital, that they are needed in our daily activities.

As one of the five elements, the wood element symbolizes vigor, generosity, increase, and development. Wood energy is derived from the wood element as a byproduct.

As one of the several Feng Shui tools, the wood element is engaged when there is a need to balance and adjust the space energy if things go wrong and off-balance.

What Represents the Wood Element?

Wood is used for the maximum flow of chi energy, and where it is lacking, you can use it to attract the chi you need in your home or place of work.

The wood element is symbolic and represents good growth and healthy family relationship. Its good energy can help attract much-needed love and harmony at home. 

Feng Shui Wood Element Direction

Every element in Feng Shui has its unique direction, which when maximized, can attract positive energy, and its directions are always east, and southeast.

Feng Shui Wood Element Decorating Tips

There are times when you need to increase wood elements at your home, therefore we provide simple Feng Shui ways to decorate your home with the Wood Feng Shui element. These tips will drastically improve the wood element energy.

Feng Shui Elements
Feng Shui Elements

1. Walls

You can start with the walls of your home because it provides an easy and efficient way of improving the wood element energy of your home.

One of the ways to decorate your wall is to change the color of the walls and paint them with the wood element colors like green, blue, and teal. These paint colors offer a stunning look when used.

Besides, introducing these colors, especially green and blue when adding the wood element to your home can bring you peace and ease as they are calm colors.

As an addition, these colors bring to mind the colors of nature which represent the following:

  • Serenity
  • Quietness, and
  • Calmness which we enjoy in nature.
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Now, just imagine how relaxed, and peaceful you feel each time you look at the green canopy of a forest or a clear blue sky.

If you feel fascinated by adventures sight, or have a taste for adventure, you go for nature wallpaper or wallpaper that has images of botany in green or blue color.

If you are hate seeing wallpaper all over the place, you simply add to a small portion of the wall, or inside the bedroom. Just decide on the size, and where is comfortable for you to place it.

2. House Plants

Be glad to have house plants hanging around your home as it is a good Feng Shui practice. Having house plants offers a great way of adding a wood element, as well as introducing positive, fresh, and life-saving Qi to a home.

Rather than getting upset with having too many house plants, take advantage of tendering for them, as it provides you the avenue to be more kind and compassionate, and these two qualities are associated with the wood element.

While Feng Shui plants can be a major addition to increasing Qi, and adding the wood element, careful consideration must be given to its selection. As suggested by Feng Shui, go for plants that have rounded, and soft leaves that cannot harm when you touch them.

Note– Avoid thorny and pointed plants in the house, in order to remove bad vibes.

Also, let it be a plant that allows you to regularly give your attention, and care to, and follow the environmental requirements of your home.

3. Home Decor Accessories

If you are looking for a major way of experimenting with the five elements in your home, using accessories is a sure bet.

Using décor accessories comes with a lot of flexibility, which provides a good opportunity of having a wood element taste. That is why we provide a few ways you can use to add wood décor accessories to your home:

Remember that wood is illustrated with tall, and columnar shapes since it is from a tree. In fact, using woodwork at home provides added beauty and a calm environment.

  • Use of long window curtains, especially those that come in blue or green color, provide the best opportunity of adding a wood element to your home in an attractive, favorable, and pleasant way.
  • Besides, what you have in your set of furniture represents a wood element, with their cool colors offering also an adoring design view. A homeowner can start little by using a little smaller decor, linens, and pillows which provide a simple and accessible way of testing out the wood element.
  • Go for table runners or throw pillows that come with green, blue, or teal colors. And as an added tip, you can hang artwork that you admire which perhaps have images that used these colors, or artwork that includes pictures of botanicals.

4. Architectural and Outdoor Design

Architectural design is really a stunning way of adding the wood element to your home because architectural and outdoor designs allow you to create balance and harmony within your home.

Since the wood element is represented by tall, vertical, and columnar shapes you can carve out different design patterns and also decorate your columns with wood element representations like flowers, trees images.

Some outdoor equipment and design offer the advantage of adding the wood element to your home. Including outdoor plants, planting trees around your property, have a connection with the wood element.

Another way of enhancing the wood energy in your home is to ensure your landscaping is well taken care of. You can do this by adding water, and fertilizing regularly, and pruning when necessary.

Best Feng Shui Wood Element Colors

As one of the popular elements among the five Feng Shui elements, the wood element is represented using 3 colors namely, green, blue, and teal

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Feng Shui Wood Element Business Tips

While there are many businesses, there are businesses that are categorized as wood element businesses. These businesses depend on things that either come from woods or agriculture to function.

The category of these businesses is garments production, education, publishing, landscaping, furniture, floral, and agriculture sectors.

Few more business ideas for wood elements are:

  • Businesses like
  • coaching, teaching,
  • fruit business, carpentry work,
  • botanist, florist, plantation,
  • greeneries, paper, lumber,
  • wood furniture, fabric,
  • and stationery, Others include fabric,
  • fashion, curtains, and cloth selling,
  • bookshop, gardening, fruit business,
  • and office supplies or any business relating to the education like publishing (publishers)

Suitable Feng Shui Wood Element Jobs

Some jobs are categorized as wood element jobs because they rely on wood, or any natural biological material, whether plants or animals to work. 

Likewise, any job that requires creativity, and artwork, illustrating a tree with its branches, leaves, and flowers demonstrating positive energy, and vibe falls under this category too.

Some of the jobs include farming, forestry, agricultural industries, leather, textile industries, gardening, furniture making, paper production, book or magazine production, etc.

Feng Shui Wood Element Crystal

Tapping the power embedded inside the wood element can release positive energy, growth, health, and nourishment, for both the body and soul.

And you can maximize these benefits using the wood element crystal. It is suggested that keeping a green-colored crystal at home can help boost your health, relationship and attract prosperity and abundance.

Wood element crystal is known for its green color, and it includes green colored crystals like Malachite and Diopside.

Feng Shui Wood Element in Bathroom

The wood element can be added to your bathroom, and see how things begin to change for the better.

Among the best element to be added to the bathroom in the Feng Shui way is wood!

The wood element is impactful because it is nurtured by water, and its positive effects and components can be accelerated by the large volume of water flowing here.

Various means of adding the wood element are through the wooden counters, picture frames, and bathtub trays which provide easy ways to sustain the good vibes abundant in this room.

Feng Shui Wood Element Placement

To get the best out of the wood element, its placement inside the room is of almost importance. Utmost attention must be given to how you place the wood element inside your home.

The right placement for the wood element is either the east or southeast. Getting this right can help promote calmness and serenity.

How to Increase Wood Element in Body

If you want to increase the wood energy in the body, there are many things you can engage in to achieve this.

These vary from exercises to activities, and consumption that can boost the wood energy inside the home, or in you. Check out the list below.

  • Exercises: Exercises can help strengthen the wood energy inside your home and within you. Exercises that focus on gardening, swimming, walking, Tai Chi, meridian stretches, and meditation can help you add the wood element.
  • Consumption of green vegetables can nourish, and boost the wood energy, as well as rejuvenate your body’s youthfulness. Some examples of leafy green vegetables that you take and increase the wood element in your body include collard greens, spinach, cabbage, beet greens, watercress, romaine lettuce, arugula, etc. The majority of foods come in green color, making wood element vast.
  • Take green fruits too like cherries, grape, lemon, lime, green olives, and peaches.
  • Eating root crops can boost the wood energy inside you. It can also help you health-wise. Taking root crops have been found to detoxify the liver, and assist the stagnant energy to be released. Including crops like garlic, onion, sweet potato, and carrots as part of your diet can be helpful.
  • Consumption of grains is found helpful in increasing the wood element inside you. For example, many that eat more wheat, quinoa, amaranth, brown rice, millet, and buckwheat tend to have more wood energy.
  • Consumption of beans like lentils, limas, and split peas.
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How Do You Weaken Wood Element In Feng Shui If It Is Too Much Wood Element?

The best way to weaken wood elements is by introducing other elements that are not compatible. For example, you can weaken wood element by introducing metal element, as it is found that metal element destroys wood element.

The reason for this is that woods can only be cut into pieces, seizes, or logs by using sharp instruments made from metal like axe, hacksaws, etc.

You can also weaken wood by introducing fire elements. Fire has the capacity to weaken wood because when the fire is kindled, it can consume wood resulting in less wood or even total consumption if the fire keeps burning.

Feng Shui Wood Element Shape

Trees produce wood, and the shape of a tree is tall. That suggests that the wood element is represented by tall, vertical, and sometimes columnar shapes.

Quick Feng Shui Wood Element Balancing Tips?

You can learn how to balance your wood energy because too much of anything can be dangerous. We provide some useful ways to balance wood elements:

  1. Regular Exercise: Exercising regularly can keep the wood energy balanced, and also help get rid of negative Qi.
  2. Daily Meditation. Meditating daily is a way to balance the wood element. Because the wood element people are always goal-oriented, they may be pushed beyond the limit through busy thoughts. Therefore, writing and meditating can get you off of excessive wood energy.
  3. Consumption of leafy green vegetables and berries can help you to balance the wood energy, as it ensures nature, and wood is balanced.
  4. Stay away from alcohol, and limit coffee intake.
  5. Another Feng Shui tip in balancing wood elements is being disciplined. Discipline helps the Wood-type personality to stay balanced. You commit yourself to some habits and practices that help you stay on the course daily.

Feng Shui Water and Wood Element?

Although fire may be harmful to wood, if put under control, and regulated, fire can help release the potency of wood. Therefore, fire can enhance wood energy.

Feng Shui Wood Element Direction

Wood element has their direction on the East and Southeast areas of a home or room.

What element book is in Feng Shui?

All the books, papers, cards, and wooden objects are part of the wood element in feng shui.

In conclusion:

Among other elements, the Feng Shui Wood element makes use of the power of creativity and expansion to attract good energy, while indicating positive traits such as strength, growth, generosity, flexibility, and intuition.

Wood element carries nature as it is connected with green and blue-green tones. In this term, wood element provides renewable, creative, and moving energy.

We hope you learned everything about wood elements and how you can decorate wood elements to maximize their effect.