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11 Feng Shui Metal Element Balancing And Decorating Tips

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Among the five elements (Water, Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal), the Feng Shui Metal Element offers great qualities that anyone can enjoy, and boost the element by decorating your home with it.

Feng Shui has delivered tremendous impact for a long, with its practice used to achieve harmony between a person and their surroundings. As an ancient science, Feng Shui is helpful in getting the best out of life.

In this article, we will go through how to use Feng Shui Metal Element, and some useful balancing tips that can make you maximize the element. 

In this article, you will learn more about the following:

  • Feng Shui Metal Elements Meaning
  • Metal Element Shapes
  • What Represents the Metal Element?
  • Metal Element Colors
  • Feng Shui Metal Element Personality
  • Feng Shui Metal Element Decorating Tips
  • Feng Shui Metal Element Personality
  • Feng Shui Metal Element Businesses
  • Feng Shui Metal Element Jobs
  • Feng Shui Metal Element Crystal
  • Feng Shui Metal Element in Bathroom
  • How to Strengthen the Metal Element
  • Feng Shui Metal Element Placement
  • Quick Feng Shui Metal Element Balancing Tips?
  • Feng Shui Metal Element and Wood Compatibility

Feng Shui Metal Elements Meaning

By following the Feng Shui way, you can channel positive energy from these elements through the force of nature, and Feng Shui operates on five elements that control the world.

All these five elements play important roles in our daily living. These elements are Water, Wood, Metal, Earth, and Fire.

Feng Shui Metal Elements
Feng Shui Metal Elements

Feng Shui further explained that these elements have correspondent colors, shapes, directions, and ways to balance them, which are indispensable in determining the outcome of what you experience.

The Metal element is among the five elements, and it indicates purity, truthfulness, and joy. This element has unique traits and appearance. It brings out qualities that make you distinguished.

In Feng Shui, the Metal Element has associated with reasoning, decisiveness, and mental soundness. The metal element makes someone be precise, simple, and have clarity.

When you add it to your home, it can boost your organizational skills as well as shape your focus, analytical capacity, and also improve the way you make decisions.

Feng Shui Metal Element Decorating Tips

Adding metal elements to your home is easy, and simple. That is why we provide various few decorating tips you can use to beautifully add the metal element.

1. Walls

Looking for where to start your decoration? Start on your walls. You can decorate your walls with the metal element color, especially white.

And fortunately, white color is a general paint color, which makes it easy to add a metal element on walls, since the metal element is represented by white.

In fact, many are already living in homes painted with white color which made it possible to have the metal element present already. White is a great platform of inviting other colors and elements.

Another color used to represent Metal Element is light gray. It serves as an added advantage that can be used to invite the metal element.

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Likewise, a gray color which is the third color used to represent Metal Element can provide tranquility and calmness. It offers a perfect complement with almost all other colors.

As an alternative, you can add many beautiful wallpapers that come in white and gray colors.

2. Shapes

Preferably, you can add the mental element by decorating your home with a circular shape since the element is known with that shape. All you do is pick things that come in circular shapes like

  • Metal furniture and accessories made up of silver, gold, iron, or aluminum
  • Round decor and furniture
  • Silver, gold, white, or beige elements.

Also, you can choose wallpapers that have metallic accents as the backgrounds.

Wind Chimes and Bells

Another decorating tip you can make use of is by adding a metal wind chime and bell to your home. Bringing metal elements to your home is easy as this offers a simple and attractive way of adding a metal element to your home.

Getting results from wind chimes and bells is based on how you place them. According to Feng Shui tips, when you ring a bell in your home and you properly place the wind chimes where they can be moved by the wind can help to enhance the metal element.

Make sure to place both the bell and the wind chimes where there is enough space to ring the bell and the wind chime has more space to move freely, without anything intruding into their movement. Doing this will make you to get a rocky sound.

Besides, when you ring a bell intentionally, it is a popular belief that you’re sending signals across the border that your home and life are opened up to receive something new.

3. Home Decor Accessories

You can comfortably add a metal element into your apartment using accessories and furniture made from metals. There are different types of metalwork that are elegant and can be used inside the home.

For example, you can get metal chairs, metal tables, and even coffee tables made with metallic legs. Also, a round mirror is another stylish means of boosting the mental energy around your home. What makes this even more suitable is that mirrors can accommodate a lot of different decor styles.

The round mirror can also help to boost love and promote harmony in a relationship when it is properly placed inside the bedroom. The best position is to put it above your bed.

Another décor accessory you can use to add metal elements in a stylish and fun way to your home is getting white or gray color pillows that come with circular patterns, or even pillows that are circular in shape. Round rugs and blankets are another beautiful addition to your home decor which can boost the metal element.

4. Artwork

Using appropriate artwork and paintings are another way to introduce metal elements.

Artworks that are made using white and gray hues, and also anyone that come with a circular shape can be a great addition. Remember to get artwork with beautiful images, and not with harmful ones.

5. Plants and Flowers 

Plants and flowers can be used to introduce a metal element to your space. By using a vase of white flowers, it’s interesting to know that you are introducing the metal element through color.

Naturally, flowers add beauty to the environment, and beauty is one of the qualities known with metal.

In order to accomplish this, put your flowers in a white or metallic vase. The only thing to avoid is allowing dead flowers to stay because dead flowers or plants are sources of stagnant qi. Ensure to replace dying flowers once you notice so as to maintain healthy qi.

If you have an interest in keeping living plants in your home, there are many beautiful metal planters you can choose to raise your plants. But to introduce a metal element, we need a round shape, and white metal planters. Also, those made of brass or copper can work.

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You can now raise plants that have round leaves such as peperomia, or a white flowering plant, such as tulip, peace lily, or white moth orchid.

Feng Shui Metal Element Personality

  • In Feng Shui, the metal element personality possesses mental clarity that makes them excel even in the midst of challenges.
  • A mental personality will enjoy success because of integrity, and purity. These traits make people admire them.
  • All the Feng Shui elements have their unique traits which define their personality.
  • In same manner, the metal element has its own. A Metal Element personality is described as a person that has the following traits:
  • Integrity, and honesty
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Energetic
  • Active

Most metal element personalities are known to be tall and show a level of precision that makes them enjoy the balance of Yin and Yang. Therefore, they are moderate in their behaviors and characters.

Metal people portray attributes of being responsible, disciplined, and loyal to friends which make them to enjoy love and good relationship from people around them. Coupled with these, they are determined, and motivated to see they achieve their goals.

On every assignment, they are self-willed, and have strong self-esteem which makes them handle their problems single-handedly. In the midst of challenges, the metal person is ambitious, which makes them fit to lead, and stable.

Therefore, they fit in as a good leader with great organizational skills as well as business-oriented.

Feng Shui Metal Element Businesses

There are businesses that rely on metal to perform, or make tools, and they are categorized as metal element businesses.

These businesses are computer hardware, car manufacturing, gold production, glass manufacturer, mechanical technology, hardware stalls, hardware shops, pawnshop, computer hardware, accountancy, audit, military, police, security outfit, and protection system.

Feng Shui Metal Element Jobs

There are jobs that cannot do without metal. The characteristics of metal element jobs are:

  • Their operations involve the use of metal
  • Jobs that cover financial management, because gold represents money in ancient times, and even in China.
  • Jobs that generate noises while doing them, due to moving metal or machine, or work that makes use of heavy electric types of equipment.

Jobs categorized as a metal element are health care equipment manufacturing, banking, law firms, insurance companies, electrical and mechanical engineering, Hardware production, machinery production companies, manufacturing, transportation business, , medical fields like surgery department, technicians, appliances, military, security, internet network, music instruments, TV, video games, etc.

Metal Element Shapes

The metal element is recognized by its circular shape. Even, using artworks that have circular images can serve this purpose. The metal element is represented by circular, spherical, or rounded shapes.

Therefore, you can represent the metal element in your home by using materials that come in more circular shapes like round tables, round furniture, and other small accessories that are the right shape.

Feng Shui Metal Element Crystal 

All five elements have different crystals identified with them. The metal element is represented by crystals that show uniqueness, and ability.

Metal element produces energy, and this energy is associated with intelligence, truthfulness, healing, and creativity. Most often than none, metal element crystal is hard, strong, attractive, and vibrant.

By placing these crystals around, you enjoy the positive energy that makes you display a metal element personality.

For example, the metal element crystals can attract energy that will help you to remain focused, determined, and enthusiastic. The metal element crystals are moonstone, and hematite.

How to incorporate Feng Shui Metal Element in Bathroom

The water and metal elements are the two most common elements inside the bathrooms. Naturally, these elements are found inside the bathroom because of the materials used.

Some of the materials are sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet, and they already represent the water elements. While, the metal elements are the plumbing items that support the water elements.

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So, the metal element in the bathroom gives strength, support, and shape to the water element.

  • To enhance metal the element inside your bathroom, you can add metal materials like bowls with marbles, as well as use tile instead of wood flooring.
  • Also, you can hang artwork that is painted in metal element colors. Likewise, there are images you can hang on the walls that are in black, blue, gray, or silver color.
  • Besides, you can choose the latest bathroom design that comes in circular shapes like modern sinks, and also round mirrors too can serve.
  • You can also go for different metallic décor. Only try to balance the metal element with wood, or earth element to reduce excessive mental energy.

How to Strengthen the Metal Element

Are you looking for ways to strengthen the metal element? Simply introduce more metallic objects, materials, and round shapes.

Also, there are decor that is stylish with round shapes that can fit in, and those that come in white or metallic colors as well.

You can introduce metal elements in your bedroom by picking lamps with a circular base or shade.

Quick Feng Shui Metal Element Balancing Tips?

You can balance the metal element by adding metallic things that come in circular shapes like

  • Metal furniture and accessories made up of silver, gold, iron, or aluminum
  • Round decor and furniture
  • Silver, gold, white, or beige elements.
  • Use wallpapers that have metallic accents as the backgrounds.

FAQs On Feng Shui Metal Element

Q: What Represents the Metal Element?

The Metal Element Is Represented By Anything Metallic Material Such As Metal That Ranges From Chairs To Tables, Kitchen Tables, And Mirrors.

Q: Feng Shui Metal Element Placement?

The metal element can be properly placed inside the house using the direction favorable to the metal element. The metal element is represented by west, and north west direction.

Q: Too Much Metal Element Feng Shui? How To Weaken Metal Element

If you are aware that there is too much metal element in your home, you can use the destructive method. That is, you introduce an element that can weaken the present element.

How do you achieve this? Fire element has the ability to destroy or weaken the metal, therefore you can introduce a fire element like a candle to weaken the metal element.

Q: Best Metal Element Colors?

The Color Of The Metal Element Is Usually White, Gray, And Metallic Colors, With These Colors Capable Of Striking A Balance Within Your Home, And Moderately. Besides, These Colors Indicate Pureness And Innocence.

Q: Feng Shui Metal Element And Wood Compatibility

Metal element wood elements are compatible because metal ores are used to make metal come from the earth.

Q: What element is Northwest in Feng Shui?

The northwest direction inspires communication and travel and is part of the Metal element in feng shui.

Q: What direction is metal in feng shui?

The best direction for metal elements in feng shui is west and northwest, both inspire travel, communication, and exploration.

The Wrap-up

In Conclusion, The outstanding qualities of the metal element define the metal element’s personality. It will be of great benefit if anyone can add the metal element to his or her home. As time goes on, it structures your personality.

The metal element can bring you fame, and financial well-being because of the qualities, and traits that accompany it. Balance the element with other useful elements so that you can get great results.