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15 Feng Shui Fire Element: Balancing Tips [Career, Luck, Health, Money]

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Feng Shui Fire Element is one of the five elements which include earth, metal, water, wood that the Feng Shui experts engage in understanding and making a balanced space.

These elements are used to illustrate the cycles of nature, with each functioning to ensure how nature is coordinated, works together, and stays in balance. Among these five elements, fire is distinctive and powerful.

Let’s talk about everything what is fire element and how we can balance it to lead a healthy and happy life.

What is the Fire Element?

In all facet of life, fire element is indispensable and can be identified with their appearance, glowing, and nature. According to the Feng Shui tips, the fire element is passionate, inspirational, and expressional.

When properly used, the fire element can bring the needed passion, beauty, illumination, vigor, and warmness into homes.

Feng Shui Fire Element Personality

We all know the attributes of a physical fire. That defines the personality of whoever carries a fire element.

  • Being a fire element means that person is an embodiment of passion, creativity, and vitality. The only shortcoming is being fiery!
  • Those with fire element personalities are capable of going from strength to strength, and they have the attribute of being famous, bright, and liveliness which makes them live a fulfilled social life.
  • Anyone with the fire element has an authoritative personality, furnished with passion, creativity, and friendliness.
  • Likewise, the fire element personality can build a respectable life as they are grace with what makes them hook with meaningful people.
  • Their bright and lively nature makes them attractive, and since they have transformational touch, they can create a warm environment needed for relationships to flourish.
  • Despite their fiery nature, the fire element personalities are excited, smiling, and loving. The fire element personality may be subject to certain diseases which include high blood pressure, headaches, chest pains, and insomnia.

Feng Shui fire element direction

As a fire element, you possess the attributes of passion, brightness, illumination, heat, warmth, beauty, enthusiasm, and energy.

Knowing the direction to go is important. As a fire element, the favorable direction is south. Since fire element is identified with fame plus reputation, south is the best direction that helps its personality.

Top 5 Feng Shui fire element decorating tips

We provide some decorating tips that can help you increase the fire energy in your home. These decorating tips will favor the fire elements.

Feng Shui Fire Element
Feng Shui Fire Element Decorating Tips

1. Walls

One of the decorating tips for the Feng Shui fire element is by hanging painting and the art work to the wall. Also using Feng Shui paint colors. Painting has been seen as one of the easiest, yet powerful method of transforming a room and introducing an element is through color.

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For example, you can include a fiery red or orange color in your room by painting the entire room with them. If you feel it may look too harsh, use the colors as an accent wall.

Also, since everyone likes a red door, you can go for that. If none of this suits you, you can choose wallpapers that have triangular or zigzag patterns on them, because these shapes are identified with the fire element as well.

2. Light Fittings

The major component of the fire element is lighting. Lighting always accompanies fire, and that is why one can increase the energy of fire by ensuring your home is full of brightness and lightning.

In this case, you can use various lighting fittings that can bring more fire to your home. For example, candles can serve as a powerful means of bringing more fire into your vicinity.

You can boost the fire element by burning candles around where you’ve meditation so as to increase your engagement and focus, or adding to your dining room table to provide warmth, and an attractive glow.

Another way of enhancing the lighting in your home is by adding light materials that can upwardly direct the light, which illustrates flames going up towards the sky.

Also, you can use a touchier which stylishly and practically provides much-needed lighting and fire energy to your home.

In order to sustain the fire energy in your home, learn to always clean your light fittings to prevent any dirt and negative energy (qi) from gathering on them!

3. Home Decor Accessories

If you’re looking for an exciting way to add fire elements to your house, home decor accessories can be the best choice.

Home Decor accessories provide many options to pick from for making your home fire-ready. Increasing the level of the fire element at your home is quite easy, which leaves you with no excuse.

Feel free to express yourself as you stay in touch with your inner fire! Using decor accessories can save you cost, and you can start small where you’re not ready to go for painting or wallpaper because of costs.

There are many accessories that can be lit up your fire element, ranging from pillowcases to linens, tablecloths, blankets, and geometric patterns.

Go for pillowcases, linens, tablecloths, or blankets that have red hues as well as geometric patterns that come with triangles or zigzag shapes.

Adding your preferred artworks with triangular shapes, reds, and orange color can be helpful. You can ask the artists to include triangular shapes, bright reds, and oranges, or even images of fire. You can step up your game by picking a red table, chair, or sofa.

4. House Design Elements

Now, the architectural design of a home can accommodate a fireplace. The fireplace is one of the sure ways to increase the tempo of the fire element in a home. It literally generates pure fire which lit up your home.

Feng Shui Fire Element
Feng Shui Fire Element

If you’re looking for a great way to stay close to the energy generated by the fire element, it’s by including a fireplace in the home, and this makes you feel the light and warmth of a real fire.

In a situation where there is no provision for proper ventilation for a real fireplace, one can opt for a ventless fireplace. It can serve the same purpose and deliver the same result.

Also, remember that your stove has a connection with wealth, which tells you the more you take care of it, the more you’re exposed to greater benefits in other ways.

The fire element is represented by a triangular shape, which means adding a herringbone or chevron pattern to your home floor or tile implies you’re adding more fire.

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5. Plant Decoration 

Plant decorations have been found to increase the fire energy in homes. All you do is place cut flowers and potted plants around your home, and you also bring nature close to your home.

If you know your passion, interest, and enthusiasm are getting dwindle, you can fire them up by adding a vase of red flowers in your bedroom. In no time, you see your love kindle, and you feel energized.

Placing a bundle of red peonies in the kitchen can serve as a catalyst in restoring your vigor, strength, and happiness. Get your firing up your passion by laying hands on any of these flowers.

Remember to regularly keep your flowers fresh, because having dead flowers around can be a pointer to experiencing a stagnant, negative and unfavorable qi. 

Getting your desired result is based on the kind of flowers you choose. It is recommended you use red flowers or leaves since red is one of the colors of the fire element.

You can get the following flowers & plants:

  • Red aglaonema,
  • Coleus,
  • Polka dot plant,
  • Amaryllis,
  • Poinsettia

Quick Feng Shui fire element balancing tips?

Too much fire can cause a lot of damage, therefore, it is imperative to balance it. Listed below are some tips you can use to balance fire.

  • Reduce red color
  • Reduce intake of foods and drinks that boost the fire such as alcohol, coffee, etc
  • Reduce the usage of décor accessories that are red

When properly used, the fire element can help you gain more clients, attract good partners, help your social life, and energize you in achieving your goals.

Best Feng Shui fire element colors

Red, orange and yellow colors are often associated with the fire element.

Since the fire element is regarded as the most powerful element out of the five elements, it is represented with either of these colors.

Likewise, a candle and a red lampshade are often used to represent the fire element also.

Feng Shui fire element for business Ideas

Some businesses are related to fire, or energy and these businesses fall under the fire industry. If you are looking for the fire element business, we mentioned them below.

  • The fire element industries are businesses that rely on fire or energy for their production. These businesses cut across bakery, restaurant, energy healing, light, mass communication, crude oil, and chemical.
  • Any business that allows you to use computers and electronics, falls under the fire business. The reason is that they use electricity, which is considered to be a form of fire.               
  • If your business deals with the use of petrol and other fuels as their major source of energy for its operation, then you belong to a fire-related business.
  • Other businesses like hot beverages cafes, chemical industries, foods and snack industries, aromatherapy, energy healing, and any business that make use of light, or passion, or make use of objects that produce light or warmth. These businesses fall under the fire industry.
  • Likewise, you’re running a beauty outlet, make-up shops, spas, and helping people to look more beautiful, you’re in a Fire business. So, any business you engage in that deals with fire, means you’re in fire business.

Feng Shui fire element jobs idea

Just like some businesses are fire-related businesses, likewise, some jobs are regarded as fire by the virtue of what they use. These jobs rely on fire, heat, light, or energy to perform. 

If your job is among the following, your job falls under the firework.

  • Electrical installation, and Electronic Engineering,
  • Computer Repair & Engineering
  • Glassmaking
  • Fuel, Gas, or Oil company
  • Firearm & Firework production
  • Photography
  • Food Processing, and Cooking
  • Semi-conductor, and Laser Work,
  • Welding, etc.

Feng Shui fire element crystal

The fire element is a powerful element that is capable of providing burning passion to accomplish a goal, providing warmness, and re-energizing a dwindling enthusiasm.

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The following are the fire element crystals which you can use, hold close to your heart, and always fix your eyes on so as to increase the fire energy within you.

Use these fire crystals to increase energy.

Some other popular fire element crystals

  • Red Garnet
  • Fire-Opal
  • Ruby
  • Sunstone

These crystals can be used either as a bracelet, or necklace, and they will bring the fire energy closer to you.

Feng Shui fire element in the bathroom

Do you know you can decorate your bathroom with the fire element, and get your energy back on the ground? While your bathroom serves as a place for taking care of oneself, cleanliness, and rejuvenation, but with the fire element, you can get the best out of it.

Some of the fire elements you can introduce inside your bathroom are nightlights, candles, red decor accessories, and items, as well as fire scents, such as cinnamon, amber, and nutmeg.

How to increase fire element in the body

The fire element is one element that everybody should aim at, since it’s tied to the driving force behind passion, attraction, beauty, and fame.

If you’re looking for ways to increase the fire energy inside you, you can engage in certain activities and sports like dancing, running, jogging, playing football, and sunbathing.

Some foods and drinks can also help you to increase fire energy. Examples include black pepper, alcohol, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, vinegar spring onions, coffee, nuts, chocolate, apricots, parsley.


Q: Feng Shui Fire Element Placement

If you want to make the most out of the fire element, proper placement is vital. The fire element can be placed in the south, southwest, northeast, or the center of the Bagua of your home or office.

Q: Feng Shui Fire And Water Combination

Feng Shui fire and water combination are not compatible as they’re conflicting elements. 

Water is a destructive element to fire. Naturally, water is used to quench the fire, likewise, Feng Shui fire and water may not be the right combination.

Q: Too Much Fire Element Feng Shui? How Do You Weaken The Fire Element?

Naturally, too much fire can be harmful as it can be destructive. Since the fire element is the most powerful element, it should be used moderately. To weaken the fire element, introduce water.

Q: Where Should I Put My Fireplace Feng Shui?

The best place to put your fireplace in smaller, easy-to-heat rooms like the master bedroom, office, or spare bedroom. You can also place it where you receive the most wind during the cold season.

Q: What Represents The Fire Element?

The fire element is required to create a balanced, friendly, loving, and pleasant environment, and it is mostly represented by signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.