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17 Feng Shui Landscaping Front Yard and Gardening Rules

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Feng Shui Landscaping Front Yard- According to Feng Shui, the garden is an essential part of the home because it is a place where all the five elements of Feng Shui are incorporated.

In many parts of the home, all the five elements i.e. wood, fire, metal, earth, and water may not be present. But, in the Feng Shui garden, all these elements are incorporated in a balanced form.

Feng Shui Landscape
Feng Shui Landscape Principles

You can create a welcoming and harmonious space in your garden by using these elements. In this article, we will tell you exciting principles that can give your garden a feng shui makeover.

What Are The Basic Feng Shui Landscape Design Principles?

The ancient art of feng shui isn’t as much complicated as it looks. The principles of feng shui are relatively easy if they are understood well.

  • The basic feng shui landscape design principle is that you need to create a pleasing and harmonious arrangement so that you can harness positive chi.
  • You should be aware that feng shui works with nature and not against it. The consideration of different elements is to be taken in a way that they balance each other. In some places, people modify designs in complicated ways.
  • Avoid using straight lines, poor lighting, clutter, competing sounds, narrow steps and walks as these things will create negative energy in the landscape area.
  • On the other hand, the use of wind chimes, water fountains, clay pots enhances the positive chi. The presence of natural things in place of artificial things in the garden is to be encouraged.

What Are The Directional Basics For Garden Design

The feng shui garden map has significance in every corner of the garden. Also, there is a certain place for everything that you place in your garden.

Here is a breakdown of how these things should be placed according to energies and landscaping features.

#1- North

The energies of the north side are focused on the career path in one’s life. The element that is generally associated with the north side is water.

So, the deep blue and black color will suit this area. If you want to position something in this area, a feng shui birdbath or fountain is going to be just perfect.

#2- Northeast

The northeast direction depicts spirituality and knowledge. If you add comfortable seating in this area, which is facing a beautiful view.

Then, you can use it as a place to complement your life. The element of this direction is earth and the colors that should be preferred are brown and yellow.

#3- East

East directions feature the energies that focus on Longevity and health. The element associated is wood and the color that is preferred in this direction is green.

Feng shui garden plants with bright leaves can add more to the beauty of this direction in your garden.

#4- Southeast

The southeast direction is related to money and abundance. The element that is associated with this side is softwood and the color that is associated is purple. Placing golden bells in this area is considered lucky.

#5- South 

The energy that is related to the south direction is Fame and attention. Complimenting to this the element that is related to this direction is fire.

Therefore, if you want to put things related to cooking in your garden such as a grill, fire pit, then south is the ideal direction.

#6- Southwest

Southwest is considered to be the direction of relationships and love. This area in the garden should be planned in an intimate way where you can spend quality time with your loved one. Earth is the element of this direction and yellow, pink and red are its colors.

#7- West

This direction is associated with creativity as the energy in this direction is for relaxation and pleasure. Metal is the element for this area.

While silver, white, and gold are the feng shui garden colors. This direction is appropriate for practicing yoga.

#8- Northwest

Northwest direction is for your loved ones and close friends. This direction enhances networking. When you talk to people standing in these directions more positive thoughts get generated.

The metal element is associated with the Northwest direction and the color is white and grey.

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How To Use A Bagua Map For Your Garden

Feng shui garden Bagua map can be used for décor as it is used inside the home. The starting is to be done from the entry into the feng shui garden. Stand on the entrance and use the map to identify the areas supporting different horizons of life.

  • The area on the back left-hand corner depicts wealth and abundance. In this area, the things that promote love need to be placed. To aid them, the things that bring abundance such as vertical plantings, red or gold flowers should be used.
  • The area on the right-hand corner will be the area of relationship; this area is to be enhanced with things that will create intimacy and love in the relationship such as flowers of pink and red shade or paintings that show love.
  • If you want to add a small coffee table or put in some chairs, this is the area where you do it as it will encourage companionship and conversation.
  • The water feature is the most important feature that you can incorporate in your garden; it is the thing that will enhance the flow of chi most in the garden.
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Finally, you need to create an open path for the flow of chi in your garden and you need to make sure that it is free from all the clutter and dirt. Because dirt and clutter represent the bad chi.

How To Integrate Five Elements In Garden Design

Feng shui is an art that is already present in nature as the five elements. If you want to integrate all these five elements in your garden design, you’ll have to increase the natural flow of chi through these.

Feng Shui Elements
Feng Shui Elements

What Are Five Elements Of Feng Shui

The literal meaning of the word feng shui is “wind and water”, which makes it naturally occurring in almost all garden designs. The main 5 elements of Feng Shui are (Metal, Wood, Fire, Water, and Earth).

  • In most of the garden design, almost every element from these is present. But you need to establish them in a sense that creates a balance in the garden.
  • When they are established in a proper manner they help in creating peace and harmony in the outer area.
  • This will also help in eliminating the chaos from your life. As when the chaos will be reduced around you, then you can focus more on achieving what you want.
  • The important part is to integrate these elements into the correct way. Because wrong integration can lead to a harmful situation.

Here is a breakthrough about how to use each element in your feng shui yard: –

#1 Metal

It is the element that allows you to be creative with it. It can inject your personal touch into every bit of your design.

Metal elements can be incorporated in a garden in many forms such as gazing balls, decorative trellis, metal sculpture, and the most important of all wind chimes.

#2 Wood

The element wood occurs naturally in nature, wherever there are trees there is a sign of life. The wooden items will also enhance the design and fashion of your garden.

Some of the most commonly used wood items for feng shui garden decor are wooden gates, wooden furniture, and wooden carvings. Feng shui garden colors that are associated with the wood element are grey, green, and blue.

#3 Water

The water element is a carrier of vitality in feng shui. Always remember to integrate water elements into your garden that should be moving, it can’t be stagnant.

The moving water represents the flow of life while stagnant water depicts not going anywhere. That’s why things with flowing water, such as a fountain, waterfall, and pond, should be included in the garden.

#4 Fire

Fire elements constitute a vibrant aspect of your garden. Fire elements can be used to add beauty to your garden such as creating a fire pit.

But if you don’t have space for this you can use a bright red hue or orange color to add the touch of this element.

#5 Earth

The earth element landscape design is naturally present in the garden. Unlike at home, it occurs in natural form in the garden.

When you design your garden using these elements and the principles of feng shui, you’ll see that the beauty of your garden will increase.

Also, it will provide peace and harmony along with providing an abundance of positive energy in your life.

How The Feng Shui Landscape Architecture Should Be?

Interior design is an integral part of Feng Shui. Whether you are a feng shui believer or not, you will be surprised by the life-enhancing tips and tricks of feng shui to properly utilize your interior.

Feng shui landscape
Feng shui landscape

It must be understood that arranging your home perfectly to fully utilize feng shui is not everyone’s cup of tea as many things need to be considered.

We can provide you with some simple rules which you can follow to enhance your interior landscape.

Feng Shui is a 6000 years old ancient Chinese practice. It talks about 8 magnetic directions that correspond with the magnetic field of the earth, and they all match with some specific elements and themes.

If you can sync up these elements with proper direction then it is said to promote the flow of your positive energy throughout your house.

Basic Things To Remember While Designing Your Interior

Various Feng Shui techniques are used in interior designing, one of the easiest and most widely used techniques is the use of the compass.

A special compass known as Luopan is used to establish the center point in the house and then add eight directions that are extended keeping the center as a reference point.

Let’s learn more about the steps that you can take for your Feng Shui landscape.

  • In the first step, you must determine the front door’s direction and then the center of your home. These two directions are most important as the front door invites the positive energy inside your house.
  • Also, as talked about before all eight directions are decided concerning the central direction.
  • You can use the blueprint of your home to determine the center point after that divide your property into 8 equal parts or directions (North, North-East, South, South-East, East, North-West, West, and South-West).
  • In landscape arrangements, complete accuracy isn’t necessary as these directions cover a large amount of area. If you have a really large background then you can consider assigning your backyard its center point

And then dividing it in 8 directions the same way as mentioned before.

  • Here comes the fun part! Once you’ve divided the 8 parts you can start putting things in those regions.
  • Each direction has an associated energy and its utility can be maximized in a certain way by using specific colors, natural elements, and spatial purpose.
  • Like West is the direction associated with children and creativity, which makes it an ideal place for the play area.
  • While decorating your garden choosing plants that work best with that direction and color is a great idea. North-East is linked with spirituality so using it for a place of worship is advised.
  • The pink color is associated with South-West direction so placing pink objects in that direction can be beneficial.
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As important as these 8 directions principles may be, some people find it difficult to align every object of their home according to these directions and their associated materials.

What Are The Feng Shui Basic Principles For Your House Energy Flow

In addition to these directions, some important concepts are used in Feng Shui to enhance the flow of energy in your house. These principles are as follows.

Entering Direction:

In front door landscaping, it’s very important to watch out for the entryway. As Front door holds a very special place in Feng Shui as they serve as the major entry point to all kinds of energy entering the house.

In other forms of design and structure, doors are a very important aspect as well. Combining the specific element and color in the direction of the door can provide a very powerful welcoming landscape to your home.

For example, if your door is in the Northern sector then use the color black as these two syncs perfectly with each other.

Some other ways to enhance the utility of the Northern sector is to use the water element with it, perhaps by introducing a fountain along with your gate or incorporating a nice beautiful-looking piece of driftwood along with it.

Curved walkway to front door

  • A Curved walkway to the front doorway in Feng Shui has no negative impact. It slows down quick moving energy, making a feeling of calm as it enters your home.
  • It gives a great sense and immense pleasure when we return our home from a very busy workday, walking up a long straight way to the home.

Exiting Direction:

  • Designing your exit is a tricky part because you want the ambiance of the house to be so good that you might not even think about leaving.
  • But you also can’t block the exit as it goes against the rules of Feng Shui, especially if your exit is within the view from your gathering area.
  • Feng Shui suggests using some items to soften or shield the exits; they create some kind of distraction from the lines of exit.


Lightness and movement are very crucial parts of interior designing. Feng Shui promotes the inclusion of light-themed objects in your house to give it a surreal feel.

And promote the flow of energy in even the darkest places of your house. Lightning also helps to harness the flow of positive chi. As the dark and dim areas are said to store the negative energy in them.


To balance the light and soft elements use bold weighted elements in the right place to bring that firm and strong support to your house.

Front Of The House Landscaping Quick Tips

  1. Watch out for Your Front Door- repair and redesign if it required.
  2. Incorporate Some Colors and Lights.
  3. Create a pathway or curved entryway towards your front door.
  4. Add wooden items and Five elements to your space.
  5. Paint Your exterior House with Feng Shui Colors.

What is the average cost of landscaping a front yard?

There is no perfect answer to landscaping front yard costs.But it may range between $500 to $1,500 for a small garden, $1,500 to $3,000 for a mid-sized garden, and around $3,000 to $6,500 for a large garden.

Based on the complicated designs it can even cross $10000. That is why choosing the design wisely and based on your actual requirements.

Best Feng Shui Front Yard Trees For House Entrance

Adding lush greenery to the front door house is like adding harmony There are many evergreen trees for your home entrance or front yard, that can add a great aesthetic to any space. Below are a few ideas.

  • Thuja Tree
  • Palm Tree
  • Ficus elastica Tree
  • Aralia (Polyscias) Tree
  • Ficus Benjamina Tree
  • Brassaia actinophylla Tree

These trees will add a touch of nature and bring prosperity to your garden feng shui.

What Are The Auspicious Colors To Include In The Garden

The feng shui garden colors are associated with the direction and the element which governs that direction. For instance, on the north side of the garden, it is preferred to have a water feature or some of the colored plants.

  • On the south side, the colors that are preferred are yellow, orange, and red as this direction represents fame and gives social recognition to the owner.
  • The wood element in the garden is represented by the woody plants and they should be placed in the south direction in the garden.        
  • You must remember that the colors that you use should be according to the direction and element.
  • The most auspicious colors that can be used in the garden are orange, red, yellow, green, and other bright colors. Dull colors should be avoided in the garden.

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How To Feng Shui Landscaping Front Yard

The feng shui landscaping front yard should be designed in such a way keeping in mind the most basic principle of the feng shui first and moving to advance after that.

  • Suppose if you’re entering someone’s house and in the garden, there is clutter and dirt present. You will feel naturally bad.
  • This thing also works with Feng Shui. It is the most important thing to keep your garden clean so that positive chi can be harnessed in the garden.
  • If your garden is clean and beautiful, it will naturally create a good aura. You and your guests will feel positive if there is a right balance of yin and yang in the garden.
  • After taking care of the cleaning and beautification, the next step goes through balancing each of the naturally present elements.
  • Landscaping of the front yard should be done by positioning each of the elements in the proper place.

Must-Have Feng Shui Backyard Design Principle And Idea

Great Feng Shui garden plan and design backyard landscaping ideas incorporate a characteristic boundary for security and protection.

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Your nursery or patio must be surrounded by nature. So that it can provide all the vital chi which we all need.

You can also incorporate little things which can enhance the backyard like wooden furniture and five elements of Feng shui.

Best Feng Shui Rock Placement Ideas For Garden

Feng shui arrangement has different utilizations for rocks for the garden. They are utilized to make stability in certain regions and are utilized to “weight down” regions.

That is topographically high or out of balance. It can likewise make stability and peace in a part of life.

Good Feng Shui Plants For Front Yard

The plants come in the wooden element of the feng shui. Some plants have special importance in feng shui that will create a positive flow of energy and bring good vibes. You can also create a feng shui vegetable garden using some of these plants. They are best for outdoor plants in feng shui.

  • Orchid
  • Lily
  • Iris
  • Bamboo
  • Maple Tree
  • Pine Tree
  • Citrus
  • Daffodil
  • Magnolia
  • Plum
  • Grasses

What Are The Best Feng Shui Landscape Paintings

The feng shui paintings that will bring prosperity and happiness to your garden are the ones that represent waterfalls, rivers, and streams.

  • The feng shui landscape paintings that depict nature are popular amongst the feng shui enthusiasts.
  • The paintings of flowing water will give you a vision that you should always keep moving in your life. There is just one thing to keep in mind that these paintings should not be placed in the blind spot in the garden.
  • It is to be placed in your line of sight so that you always see them and keep moving in your life.

Below are my top Feng Shui Paintings, if you wish to buy them.

No products found.

How Can I Landscape My Garden Affordably? 17 Tips

The best tips by which you can affordably make a feng shui landscaping front yard are: –

  1. The basic thing is to keep your garden clean and clutter-free so that positive energy can be harnessed.
  2. You can use the items already present in your garden and properly arrange them using feng shui principles to make it look more prosperous.
  3. The garden feng shui can be done using the Bagua map so that you can find a place for each element.
  4. The entrance of the garden should be wide open as it works for a portal of chi to enter.
  5. Water elements can be incorporated in the garden which will help in harnessing more chi from nature.
  6. If possible use flowing water instead of stagnant water such as fountains.
  7. Place a table and chair in the garden so that you can socialize with your loved ones in the natural surroundings.
  8. The lighting in the garden should be proper as it will make it look more beautiful.
  9. Remove the dead plants and leaves from time to time as they don’t look good and also store negative energy in them.
  10. If you want to create a feng shui backyard, remember not to dump your waste there, as most of the people do. It must be strictly avoided.
  11. Try to decorate your garden with wind chimes, birdbaths as they create harmony with nature and give peace to mind.
  12. Be open to change, don’t use the same plants. From time to time, keep changing your plants and flowers.
  13. Use bright colors for the garden fence and doors as it will look good and create positive surroundings.
  14. If you want to use paintings in the garden, use the paintings of nature such as waterfalls, mountains, landscapes.
  15. The furniture that is placed in the garden also needs to be cleaned from time to time. If it will stay dirty it will create a bad impact.
  16. If possible do the beautification of the garden keeping in mind the principles of feng shui.
  17. Since natural things will help you in connecting with nature. Therefore, try using as many natural things as possible for your garden decoration instead of artificial things.

Feng Shui Sloping Front Yard Remedies

A house with Sloping Front Yar in feng shui is a bad house structure that drains out the positive energy called Chi.

As a remedy you can raise the energy in your patio and prevent the energy from spilling is by making a natural divider/a divider produced using normal materials that mix in with the climate.

This should be possible with a tall wooden fence, a line of evergreens or a blend of the two.

You can also grow feng shui friendly plants and trees to support and retain the good vibes.


From reading the above article with several affordable tips, you should know by now that creating a feng shui landscape architecture isn’t that difficult.

You just need to follow the principles and place the right thing in the right place and you can create it.

As soon as you incorporate feng shui in your garden you’ll experience peace of mind and harmony in your lifestyle.