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How To Feng Shui Kitchen: 21 Tips And Design Ideas

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The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the house, according to Feng Shui. Among all the rooms that make up a home, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces. The kitchen symbolizes prosperity and wealth according to traditional Feng Shui Kitchen experts.

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Singnificance of Feng Shui Kitchen 2022?

Small Feng Shui kitchens can look beautiful and be just as practical as a full-size one, you just need to know how to distribute them. These tips will help you to fit everything without it being crowded.

Whatever the style of decoration chosen, the type of room, and the cost invested in each case, if we wish to obtain a good result, it is essential and obligatory to maintain proper order and cleanliness.

So the position of this space in the house plan is very important. You can also go through Top Feng Shui Kitchen Design & Decor Ideas where you will find a lot of decor, design ideas.

For reasons of comfort and perhaps even logic, in many homes the kitchen is located near the entrance door, this means that the energies that reach the home flow and concentrate right in this space.

sample kitchen feng shui layout
sample kitchen Feng Shui layout

In the kitchen, the food that the family consumes is prepared. It is, together with the bedroom, a space where there is more interaction between people living in the home.

Whether at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this room is a meeting point between families. So if we attract negative energy to our kitchen, it will be absorbed by our food and at the same time by our health.

According to Feng Shui, the kitchen must be the centre of the house. Dominated by fire (Feng Shui is based on the correct flow of energy, which is achieved by ordering and balancing these five elements. Fire, wood, water, earth, and metal), the kitchen nourishes us and is the basis of survival.

Especially for those of us who do not motivate us to cook, that this stay is tidy, that we can have everything at hand and place. And especially that it is pleasant to be in it or even fun, that makes us feel good, produces many changes on a personal level.

We could say that cooking can become a “mindfulness” moment, if you apply the principles of feng shui to your kitchen, you will discover that the balance also comes to your interior, both emotionally and to your own health.

Feng Shui Kitchen Design Concepts?

When you make your kitchen space a more manageable, attractive and cosy place. You started to feel very comfortable the way you used to feel and cook. Here are few design concepts for a good Feng Shui Kitchen.

#1 Reflect The Stove

Feng shui professional says that the greatest image of abundance for your Kitchen space is the stove.

As the stove burners symbolize your wealth-generating skills and correct placement of your kitchen stove, it can symbolically double your wealth talents.

#2 Beautify With Clean Fruit

Who doesn’t like to view a fresh bowl of fruits? Adding a bowl of fresh fruit in a kitchen can improve the feng shui kitchen decor as well as symbolize the wealthiness in the corner.

#3 Suitable Kitchen Shades

Essentially the most critical element within the kitchen is the stove, a fire point. Which represents the element of Fire. Due to this, the Feng Shui advisor recommends aiding the colors like yellow, purple, brown, and white.

Best Feng Shui Kitchen Plants

Discover how to activate the Chi of your house with plants. They will fill it with positive energy and attract abundance and prosperity in the kitchen. Sign up for the most natural Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Kitchen Guide
  • it is highly recommended to place aromatic plants in the kitchen. Basil, mint, parsley, rosemary, chives, oregano, sage, lavender, coriander, thyme.
  • In addition to beautifying and impregnating rich fragrances they transmit positive energy and their use will provide an extra dose of nutritious energy to each dish.
  • The plants help to protect from toxic and negative energies, also acting as a protective barrier against noise, heat, excessive light.
  • That is why they are indispensable in balconies and windows: in addition to filtering, they harmonize the external with the internal, María Fariña tells us, of Energy Design, an expert in feng shui and energy cleaning.

Energy flow

The plants with pointed leaves are ideal for corners, dark areas, spaces between columns, or in those corners where natural light does not enter. They help us to activate Chi or vital energy in these places where it tends to stagnate.

Boosting abundance

“Fat plants are highly recommended for their resistance, they need little care and always look beautiful. By their qualities, according to Feng Shui, they activate the energy of abundance.

The cactus with thorns also belong to this group, but in this case, better place them outside (terrace, patio or garden),

Since plants are great energy enhancers, the more beautiful and leafy you have, the better. Never keep plants in poor condition or dry since what they are going to give you back is dead energy.

Leaf shape

The plants create a direct relationship with nature and with our genuine state of health and balance. Those with round, oval or heart-shaped leaves, such as ficus, pothos, lily of peace can be kept easily in the kitchen.

Feng Shui Kitchen Plants

Do not place plants in areas that impede the passage of the house, this would cause the energy to be confused too and not flow properly.

Creating a corner like this near a window and taking advantage of the decorative trends that are filled with tropical leaves, is a very up-to-date idea.

Love is in the air

Feng Shui tells us that flowering plants attract love. Whether you are alone or as a couple, you can enhance this feeling to reign in your home through small pots with a flower, such as lavender, which will also give you a good smell and a relaxing environment

Feng Shui Kitchen Love

For Astrid there is no better way to achieve peace, than through nature: “The plants are the great harmonizers, they balance the environment making the rooms more cozy and relaxing. Being in contact with them helps to reduce the level of stress”.

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Green is life

For Feng Shui, living energy is one of its pillars, generating it, moving it and empowering it, and the best way to achieve it is precisely through elements of nature. Say no to artificial plants or dried flowers, they are dead energy and what they cause is stagnation.

In the house, there are suspended particles that harm our health, such as radon, nitrogen dioxide, and even dust. Feng Shui advises ventilating our home

According to the ancient Feng Shui Kitchen art of Feng shui, aromatic plants have the ability to recreate the best of nature in that space of creativity and energy engine that is the kitchen.

A window full of plants allows us to attract and let that energy flow. But be careful with going over: excess plants can hamper prosperity.

Feng Shui Kitchen Guide

The great allies of feng shui must be present in the kitchen, providing freshness, adding the element of wood (fuel for the fire), and Feng Shui Kitchen colors if you also use flowering plants.

You can use natural plants if you are one of those who do not manage well with them there are currently many plants and pots with artificial flowers that seem almost real, bet on the Feng Shui Kitchen color 2022 and freshness.

Feng Shui Kitchen Guide

The aromatics also provide “food” and improve it, so you can choose to have even a small vertical garden if you have natural light so they are happy.

How To Feng Shui Small Kitchen Tips

If you dream of a nice kitchen but you have a few meters, do not worry. With some ingenuity. You can multiply the storage spaces and achieve a super functional environment.

But sometimes space is smaller than we would like and we think that there is no way to make it more beautiful than it looks. Is this your case? Don’t despair! We share tips and tricks on how to decorate a small kitchen without dying trying.

Feng Shui Kitchen
Feng Shui Kitchen Sink

Although your kitchen is a few meters, there are some decorative tricks that will help you turn it into a beautiful, practical, and comfortable space. It’s not magic: it’s just a matter of a little ingenuity and good practice. Let’s see it?

How To Organize Small Feng Shui Kitchen

Today, small modern kitchens have resources that multiply the capacity of the space. Organizers, hangers, furniture to the ceiling, and other variants allow adding appliances and objects without sacrificing the beauty of the space.

A good distribution, adapted to each type of space, is the key starting point to get the most out of the kitchen. In general, there are three kitchen designs and a feng shui small kitchen layout idea.

Feng Shui Small Kitchen: L-Shaped

If it is long, distributing the kitchen in an L-shape is the best option, especially when it is very narrow. Sometimes it can be a mistake to take advantage of both sides equally, but the passage area will be very small and can be overwhelming. If you have no choice but to use the other side, it is key that the feng shui kitchen cabinets do not reach the ceiling to avoid the tunnel effect.

Feng Shui Small Kitchen: U-Shaped

U-shaped kitchens are typical of square kitchens. On one side the fire area is placed, on the other, the water area and a countertop area are left as clean as possible to have a comfortable work area.

Feng Shui Small Kitchen: One Side

if you have a kitchen hallway or integrated into a single environment together with the living room or dining room, the idea is to place it on a single wall, taking advantage of the length. If space allows you can place a small mobile island, with wheels, which will serve as extra support and storage.

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6 Things You Must Have In Feng Shui Kitchen

#1 Allow Proper Lighting

To welcome the good energies to your kitchen, particularly if it’s a small kitchen one, “Proper lighting is essential,”. Apart from the Feng Shui kitchen lighting set, you must allow natural sunlight as well to balance out the essential vibes.

#2 Decor Wall With Hang Art

Good art can bring instant energy to any space as well as another it’s an easy way to incorporate color into your space. We need to be mindful of the type of artwork you incorporate to display within your kitchen.

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The art can have an indoor or outdoor cafe, diner scenery, or any other type of colorful fruit related.

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#3 Maintain Clutter-Free Space

If you are practising Feng Shui or if you know a little bit about this art. The very first rule which impacts the space is the clean and clutter-free environment. Keep your feng shui kitchen countertops clear and manageable.

#4 Watch Out Your Stove

In every kitchen whether big or small, the Stove plays a very important role. It’s not only used to cook food but is a part of the Fire element in Feng Shui. which provides us with the main energy. Below are some factors which we must check on the Stove part.

  • Is the Stove working properly?
  • Is it clean after used every day?
  • Do you use it to cook frequently, or is it just a decor peace here?
  • If you use the Stove to cook, how often do you alternate the burners for cooking?

All the above questions answers must be YES, otherwise you need to rethink these points.

#5 Include Some Fruits

Who doesn’t like fresh fruits? By incorporating a fresh fruit bowl in the kitchen not only adds colors but also is great for abundance for health and wealth. if You cant keep fresh fruits every day then you can add artificially fruits as well.

#6 Include lucky Kitchen colors

The biggest challenge for every small space is to make it bigger. One way I use light and the same Feng Shui kitchen colours for all the furniture and kitchen walls equally. It will give an illusion of expanded space.

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Feng Shui Kitchen Design & Decor Tips 2022

It is the heart of the home: we spend a good part of the day there, preparing food, snacking on something delicious, sharing good times, and much more. It is one of the most used environments in most houses.

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Now here are the few tips to decor your small kitchen below.

  • Take advantage of the light: if you can create windows or a hatch to let the light in, do it! You will feel more comfortable and you will avoid looking like a small cave.
  • Open the space: another possibility is to create a kitchen open to the dining room or living room. In this way, you will get a more spacious feeling and create a space to share with your family and friends. If you choose this option, we give you a tip: buy a hood that is as powerful and quiet as possible.
  • White, your color: white generates a spacious visual effect. You can use it on walls, in closets and even on the floor. The kitchens “dressed” in white are much brighter.
  • Crystal, your material: use glass in all the places you can. On doors and also in cabinets, especially those where you store dishes, glassware, or cups. The glass will not only let light pass but will also reflect and enhance it.
  • You can choose to hang objects or bars on the wall. They are used to place implements that would take place in a low table or drawer.
  • It is important to have a good smoke extractor because if the space is small there is less ventilation and air circulation.
  • To help us achieve a comfortable and elegant visual effect, there are very appropriate accessories such as fireplaces. Whenever we have the possibility, the installation of a decorative fireplace will bring the touch of glamor and elegance sought. It can even be a modern, classic decorative fireplace and also a fake fireplace.
  • if you don’t have space to decorate your kitchen, you can use a shelf to put pots or soap.
  • You can make your kitchen look more modern with chalkboard paint and take advantage of the space to store your utensils.
  • Use shelves on the walls even if you show your frets, it is a nice vintage touch that you can adapt.
  • If you don’t want your kitchen utensils and/or your appliances to be seen, you can ask for secret drawers, pantries, and cabinets that will save you a lot of space.
  • Instead of having a drainer, use the same shelf where you keep your plates and glasses.

Feng Shui Kitchen Cures 2022

You should be able to know that when you feng shui your kitchen properly and put everything in place. There are some bad energies that will be dismissed from your kitchen. Let us find all the kitchen cures and remedies to fix blocking chi.

Hence, once these energies are been dismissed and eluded from your kitchen, good energies flow through.

  • Once there is an inflow of positive energy, the process of living a healthy lifestyle begins since cleanliness is next to godliness, you begin to experience some positive changes in your home.
  • Be rest assured, when you feng shui your kitchen, everything good becomes yours, you will be cured totally of every sort of negativity. This is the best Feng Shui Kitchen Cures.
  • Feng shui your kitchen with all the do’s which will be illustrated below in some of the articles, follow these guidelines and process, and begin to enjoy a divine cure from feng shui kitchen. 

Feng Shui Kitchen Smart Tips 2022

Maintaining order and cleanliness in the kitchen is also a key element to consider according to Feng Shui to take advantage of all the positive energy of the stay.

The kitchen should be a warm and welcoming space that invites you to enter and spend pleasant and quiet moments alone or with your family. In addition, the fact of not placing electronic devices in it such as televisions, radios or telephones will also favour family relationships.

Feng Shui Kitchen Tips

Order and cleaning

The kitchen should always be clean, ventilated and in order, something fundamental and key in feng shui, especially to maximize the positive energy generated in this area.

The countertop is one of the key points in the kitchen, put on the feng shui glasses and discover how much space is free on your countertop, ideally, it was mostly cleared.

Do you really need to have all those appliances you use once a day on the counter? The spice and vegetable canisters? Knives and cutlery?

Best Feng Shui Kitchen Direction

When decorating the kitchen according to Feng Shui, the direction of the room in the house is especially important. Ideally, it should face south and be close to the entrance door without being seen from the main entrance.

  1. We must also avoid that the kitchen door is in front of the bathroom door and that the person who is cooking is turning his back on the door.
  2. When we cannot prevent this, a good solution is to place a reflective surface either mirror or steel that allows us to see what happens behind us while we are cooking.
  3. The kitchen should be a meeting and meeting point between family members. So if space permits it is essential to have a table for breakfast or to cook.
  4. To increase the positive flow, we must include decorative elements such as plants, natural fruits, fresh flowers, or food-related representations. The result will be a place with prosperity, fresh and natural.
  5. The kitchen is your space of vitality. Avoid decorative excesses and balance Feng Shui Kitchen colors and materials.
  6. Fire-related items (hob, microwave, oven) should be together and those related to water (dishwasher, washing machine), too. If you do not have space to separate them, divide them with wood (cutting board) or soil (aromatic pots).
  7. The kitchen should not be a place of exile, but to find us. No matter how small, according to Feng shui, you must have an office. A table or a bar (foldable if it does not fit you) is key. Furniture
  8.  Depending on the area of ​​your Bagua map that occupies the kitchen there are some details that you must solve. Although remember that harmonizing your kitchen properly, you can always make the energy work in your favor.
  9. The ideal quadrant for the kitchen is usually the south since it coincides with the element that is generated in it, the fire.

Other beneficial areas for cooking are the Southwest and the East

On the other side, one of the most delicate areas for cooking is the north, in this case, we can resort to adding the element of fire and wood in order to counteract water, red, orange, green, plant Feng Shui Kitchen colors.

Nor are the Northeast, west, and northwest corner quadrants highly recommended, in these cases, we must work with the elements that harmonize and generate the fire.

Feng Shui Kitchen and Five Elements

A harmonic kitchen transmits positive energy to the food that is prepared in it, also activates prosperity. In this article, we will explain the most important detail.

That you should take into account to evaluate the feng shui of your kitchen, along with the resources you can use to harmonize it.

Of the Five Elements of feng shui, water and fire are always present in the kitchen, represented by the dishwasher and the burners or the oven, respectively. In the cycle of the five elements, Water and Fire maintain a destructive relationship.

As the Fire element represents the enthusiasm and joy of living, when in the kitchen the Water and Fire remain in a bad relationship, in the house there will be a lack of joy and happy events.

  • Especially in the couple. Water (dishwasher) directly facing the Fire (burners) should be considered as a negative factor in the kitchen.
  • Also if they are less than 60cm from each other. Look at the bottom of the page our exclusive advice to harmonize a bad relationship between Water and Fire.
  • In order for the food, you prepare in the kitchen to have optimal energy, you should avoid receiving aggressive Chi (energy). For that, the fires should not be directly facing the entrance door of the kitchen.
  • The flow of energy or Chi directly in front of a door is aggressive and hurtful, this negative condition transmits to food. The beams on the fires or the columns in the kitchen also project hurtful Chi.

Kitchen Do’s And Don’ts- Best Practices

  • Irregular houses cannot be used as kitchens, as this will affect the health of the family, which is the most important thing to avoid.
  • Secondly, the kitchen is a symbol of wealth and must not be opposite the door. The gate is the entrance of qi, which is where the family and friends go in and out. The gate is facing the kitchen, which will reveal the wealth and cause financial constraints.
  • Third, the kitchen should not be placed next to the master room. In Feng Shui, the kitchen is defined as a shaded area. If it is near for a long time, it will easily lead to a gloomy family and a deep personality, affecting the stability of the home.
Feng Shui Kitchen Tricks
  • The floor of the kitchen should not be higher than the floor of the hall, room, etc. This aspect can prevent sewage from flowing backward; secondly, due to the difference between the primary and secondary, the kitchen cannot be above the hall, the room; again, to feed on the kitchen into the hall, should be step by step Rise, otherwise, there is a risk of retreating.
  • The kitchen door should not face the door. “Yangzhai San Yao” pointed out: “Open the door to see the Feng Shui Kitchen stove and spend too much money.” This grid will damage the hostess’s health and make it difficult for her family to gather money. If you encounter this pattern, the only way to avoid it is to change the door.
  • The kitchen door should not face the bedroom door: oil fume will easily cause the dweller to feel dizzy and irritable.
  • The kitchen door must not face the toilet door: the Feng Shui Kitchen stove is the source of a large and small appetite, which must be filled with gas, the toilet is unclean, and the kitchen represents fire, the toilet represents water, and the water and fire are incompatible. Homes also affect the health of family members.
  • The kitchen and the toilet cannot be the same door: In order to save space, some families share the same entrance and exit of the kitchen and toilet, which makes the home water and fire inexhaustible, and it is very unlucky. Moreover, if the advanced toilet is in the kitchen, the appetite is absolutely lost.
  • The balcony walkway should not face the stove: the promenade is under fire, the masters are not together, and they are prone to diseases such as high blood pressure.
  • The Feng Shui Kitchen stove in the kitchen must not face the refrigerator or Feng Shui Kitchen sink: the refrigerator also represents a place of storage and gathering of wealth. Its nature is water.
  • The cooktop should not be under the beam: it should not be stressed in any place where it is often entered and operated, especially as a food platform.
  • Do not open windows between the cooker hood and the Feng Shui Kitchen stove.
  • The Feng Shui Kitchen stovetop should not be left behind: the owner ’s family ’s health, marriage, and reputation should be supported, and the backside should not be empty. It must be against a solid wall, such as a glass wall.

What are the Feng Shui Kitchen Sink And Stove Rules?

In order to Feng shui wealth corner kitchen, below are few rules to follow on Kitchen Sink And Stove placement. As if they are not correctly situated, they can drain the money.

  1. Never place the sink near the stove, it creates clash between water and fire element.
  2. The ideal position and sequence is the sink, refrigerator then countertop for better luck.
  3. Sink and stove must have a gap of 12 to 18 inches.
  4. If its too close , then add earth element between sink them like plant as a cure.
  5. Never place stove and sink facing each other, as this promotes money loss
  6. The ideal direction for Gas stove is southeast.
  7.   Southwest and east direction are suitable for sink as per Feng Shui.

FAQs on feng shui kitchen

Q: What Are The Basic Feng Shui Kitchen Rules

Here are quick 8 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules That Apply To All Homes.

1) Don’t- From the Main entryway, the kitchen must not be seen.
2) Don’t-There should not be any conflict of the stove and sink placement as described below.
3) Don’t- Refrigerator must not be diagonal to stove and sink.
4) Don’t- Avoid red paint shades for the kitchen.
5) Don’t- Do not place unnecessary paintings in the kitchen.
6) Don’t- The main entryway should not open directly into the kitchen.
7) Don’t- The cooking position must be correct.
8) Don’t- Attached living space.

Q: Feng Shui Cures For Kitchen In North West

In a perfect world, the kitchen ought not to be in the northwest area of your home and the stove itself ought not to be in the northwest area of the kitchen. This mix represents fire devastating the metal component of the area.

Q: What Are The Best Feng Shui Kitchen Location

A decent feng shui format favors the kitchen at the back of the home in the south or southwest corner, just as north or upper east parts. You can consider the Bagua energy map for getting the correct locations!

Q: Is The Mirror Behind The Kitchen Sink Is Good Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, it’s advisable to avoid Mirrors behind the stove or in the Kitchen. As they reflect the negative energy. There are many places at home to have mirrors, just avoid them in the kitchen.

Q: How To Enhance Feng Shui Loves Corner In Kitchen?

In order to enhance love cornet in Feng Shui kitchen, use double happiness symbols or painting that depicts love and romance. Also adding plants can also make a kitchen a lovable and happy space.

Q: is having corner stove tops good kitchen Feng Shui?

There is no issue for having corner stove tops in the kitchen if its in the south or southwest corner, and north or northeast direction. Also avoid sink immediate nest to the stove.

Q: Which stove color is good Feng Shui?

White is the best color that depicts purity and cleanliness. Although is needs little bit of the maintenance but it has positive effects.


The Feng Shui of the kitchen influences the quality of the energy that food incorporates and, ultimately, health and prosperity in the house.

The kitchen, together with the entrance and the bedrooms, is one of the sectors of the house that contributes most to generating good or bad Feng Shui.

When cooking, light the fire, prepare food, etc. We mobilize a lot of energy and for that reason, the kitchen Feng Shui is so important.

Try all these Feng Shui Kitchen ideas and let us know if you feel any differences. Do Comment on us.