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Top 36 Feng Shui Paintings For Each Room For Luck

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Numerous Feng Shui specialists use the concept of placing Feng Shui paintings and artworks.

Realizing how the positioning of oneself and art items throughout one’s house and workplace might indeed have a beneficial influence on many aspects of one’s life

It is rooted in the concept that, as living beings, we are linked to the territory we inhabit.

You may pick art based on the vibe you require, like relaxing and sensuous inside the bedroom or lively and bright inside the sitting room or workplace, using only the simplest general understanding of Feng Shui flow.

In feng shui Colors, as well as pictures linked with a certain region of desire, are used in Feng Shui art to produce good vibes for the observer.

This article is aimed at empowering you to determine which feng shui artwork is best for every room within your home and workplace in hopes of bringing prosperity and wealth.

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Importance Of Painting In Feng Shui

Among the preferred (and most enjoyable!) methods to improve the feng shui frequency and energy within your house is to use art.

Feng Shui Paintings
Feng Shui Paintings

Although selecting feng shui wall art is extremely individual, and you must definitely choose art that you enjoy, particular artworks may offer dual roles by complementing your decor and adding to the atmosphere in your house.

Art has always been about motivation and raw expression; therefore, it’s a great way to change and improve the atmosphere of your house. The artwork’s source material, tones, size, form, and location may all have an influence on one’s living area’s feng shui.

Feng Shui Paintings Meaning

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese technique of placement and arrangement, promotes well-being, wealth, and optimism by harmonizing “chi” (energy).

Every object, color, and picture in Feng Shui is significant, even paintings. Feng Shui uses paintings because their content, colors, and location create certain energy dynamics.

When using Feng Shui artwork, evaluate the colors utilized, since each has meaning. Blue and black signify water and can improve prosperity, while green represents wood and promotes growth and health.

Finally, find works that speak to you. Unless you connect with a painting emotionally or visually, it may not have the desired effect on Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Paintings For Wealth and Success

1. Seven-Horse Painting

  • The Seven Horses picture and 7 Running Horses painting are excellent images to have in a wealthy corner of a living area. There is a great significance to horses in feng shui, be it horseshoes or paintings.
  • It will propel you onward through your profession without stumbling blocks. Horses are associated with wealth as well as strength.
  • A seven-horse artwork within your house promises career advancement, business prosperity, and monetary security throughout your daily existence.
  • When installing the picture, ensure it overlooks your house, i.e., the ponies must be approaching your house.

2. Feng Shui Eight Horse Painting

  • Horses represent achievement, commitment, bravery, agility, and persistence in Feng Shui.
  • To generate wealth and great fortune energy throughout your residence, Feng Shui suggests hanging artwork of eight trotting horses inside the family room next to the front door.
  • It can be used as Feng Shui wall decor for the living room.

3. Feng Shui Bamboo painting

  • Bamboo artwork is a constituent of “Wood” within Feng Shui, which is said to generate riches, fortune, wellness, and long life.
  • It’s also a representation of personal development, prosperity, and connections. It’s also useful for warding off negative thoughts.
  • You may hang bamboo artwork anywhere in your home or business. There really are no limits on where the bamboo picture can be kept.
  • A lucky bamboo plant is also another great addition to your living room.

Feng Shui Paintings For Home

It’s undeniable that the manner in which you arrange your house may have a significant impact on your capacity to manage pressure, your overall health, your personal fortune, and even your money.

Here are the best feng shui pictures for your home:

4. Feng Shui Water Paintings

Cleansing, plenty, tranquility, and regeneration are all symbols of water within Feng Shui’s five elements. Utilize Feng Shui water drawings to enhance your home’s richness, serenity, and calm.

If you operate from your house and are stressed or tense as a result, an advantageous Feng Shui artwork of water should be displayed inside your home workspace.

This could help to bring wealth, serenity, and tranquility to the room by balancing the opposing energies.

5. Feng Shui Life Paintings

  • Feng Shui still-life artworks with outstanding precision encourage calm and greater degrees of reasoning.
  • Great Luck’s Feng Shui still life pictures depict a range of topics that are meant to elicit emotions that will improve your mental state and, as a result, your standard of living. Flowers represent life as well as excellent luck in Feng Shui.
  • While you’re starting to feel lonely at home, try incorporating one of several Feng Shui still life canvases.
  • Still, life flower drawings have imaginative and harmonious energies, resulting in improved efficiency and serenity of thought.
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6. Feng Shui Bird Paintings

Birds are strong icons that are often connected to great fortune and liberty.

Because of this link connecting birds and great fortune, installing a Feng Shui bird artwork inside your house may have a significant impact on its energy state.

Drawings of birds bring great success and wealth by inviting fresh possibilities. In love interactions, birds are frequently linked with happiness.

Decorate your house with this image of transformation and wealth to embrace a positive shift throughout your daily existence.

Feng Shui Paintings For Entrance

Find below the best feng shui wall art for the entrance to embrace the home path.

7. Koi Fish painting

Feng Shui Koi Fish Paintings
Feng Shui Koi Fish Paintings
  • The Koi fish painting Feng Shui symbolizes the fire energy within Feng Shui, which governs the flow of money into one’s life.
  • A portrait of a koi fish is just a mix of two elements: water, which represents circulation, and koi fish, which represents courage and authority.
  • A drawing of a koi fish somewhere at the doorway of your workplace or house promises a profusion of riches throughout your life.
  • You must ensure that the fish moves towards your workplace rather than out of it when installing the koi fish artwork.

8. Goldfish painting

Among feng shui specialists, goldfish is a highly significant representation. The Chinese vocabulary regarding gold plus fish has gold as well as an abundance tone to it.

Accordingly, there are generally eight golden fish (yang) and one blackfish (yin) (derived from the yin vs yang theory) throughout goldfish artworks to neutralize ill luck. For the total of the fish, the numerals 8 and 9 seem quite fortunate.

To improve your profession, hang these feng shui paintings near the north entryway of your house, family room, or workplace. However, you can position it at the southeastern doorway to bring money and success, or even in the east doorway to relieve health problems.

Feng Shui Paintings For Good Luck

9. Nice fishes painting

Nine fish connect together in a waltz to summon a dragon inside this contemporary artwork.

This is a representational picture meant to offer good fortune in life while also assisting professional growth.

It also brings great success to the possessor, as well as a favorable emotional outcome. Simultaneously, this artwork evokes sensations of buoyancy, serenity, and contentment in observers.

10. Peacock Painting

Amongst the most prominent feng shui wall art, living room paintings, and decorations are peacock portraits. The peacock symbol is a representation of beauty and strength.

This artwork does not just create a wonderful and spectacular aspect of the space; it also boosts the urge to progress, with the dominating picture of peacocks exhibiting their colorful tail feathers beside the flowering petals.

Feng Shui Paintings For Bedroom

Below are a few lucky paintings for the bedroom that can be used above the bed, near the window, or door.

11. Double Happiness Painting

A set of Chinese inscriptions signifies twofold portions of romance, prosperity, and bliss in the artwork “Double Happiness.

This is frequently utilized in wedding centerpieces. This picture is frequently exhibited mostly in the southwest region of the main bedroom alongside related love fortune art pieces.

12. Birds Paintings

Birds are said to be emissaries from the moon-dwelling god of marital relationships. Birds are arguably the most evocative representation of spousal affection.

Bird pictures should always be displayed in pairings. The southwest area of the bedroom seems to be the finest position.

Other than these koi fish painting in the bedroom is also good for love, romance, and harmony.

Mountain Feng Shui Painting

13. Golden Mountain Painting

Mountains are important for excellent Feng Shui, mostly in surroundings, and represent the origin of good fortune from the heavens.

These also give incredible assistance and reinforcement, securely stabilizing you and keeping you from getting carried away with ill luck, treachery, or disaster.

This mountain’s gold appearance denotes enormous prosperity and large sums of money.

For all career-oriented persons, it is a highly favorable sign. They must put a painting of a mountain next to them in the office in which they work.

Feng Shui Mountain Picture Placement

In Feng Shui, where you put a picture of a mountain can have a big effect on how the room feels. Mountains are a symbol of support, stability, and power, and the Earth element is especially linked to them.

Remember that, according to Feng Shui, the mountain picture shouldn’t have sharp, jagged peaks, which can cause Sha Qi (bad energy).

Instead, choose pictures of mountains that are smooth and round. You don’t want stormy or dark clouds to cover the mountains because you want to invite the mountains’ supporting energy, not their oppressive energy.

Feng Shui is also based on how well things work for you personally. Make sure that the picture you choose speaks to you in a positive way and that you find it calming to look at.

Here’s how to hang your picture of a mountain:

  1. Behind a desk or work area: One of the best places for a picture of a mountain is behind a desk or work area. When you put a picture of a mountain behind your desk (and it’s important to put it behind, not in front), it can be a sign of support in your job and help you feel grounded and stable in your work. Just put it where you can see it.

2. Paintings for the living room: Putting a picture of a mountain in the living room can give the whole family a sense of calm and stability. The Bagua, a Feng Shui energy map, shows that the North, Northeast, and Southwest corners of the living room are the best places to put things.

3. Bedroom: A picture of a mountain in the bedroom can make you feel safe and stable. It works best when put on the wall across from your bed. Don’t put it right over the head of your bed, though.

Feng Shui Paintings For Health

14. Koi Fish Painting

Koi painting in Feng Shui is said to give protection and longevity. As a result, these artworks, especially in the wellness area of your house, can assist in enhancing well-being and richness.

15. Buddha Images

Buddha representations, either in the form of sculptures or paintings, give great fortune as well as overall wellness.

16. Positive Pictures For Home

Encouraging pictures, also including gorgeous landscapes or festivities, are painted on walls to provide great vibes and health to your household or business.

Lucky painting for living room

Find below the top good paintings for the living room, and feng shui living room art, to attract good vibes and chi.

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17. Landscape paintings

Nature landscapes, magnificent mountains, streams of green vegetation, and charming rivers are shown in waterworks of art.

Mountains represent stability, and water gushing, which represents serenity, is also a mark of good success.

The river travels steadily across the mountain, as though to assist the landlord, who is always solidly in possession, of money, and is neither exhaustive nor concerned.

It’s no accident that the most prominent feng shui painting for the living room is a lovely landscape picture.

18. Phoenix Paintings

Since the phoenix seems to be a sign of transformation in life as well as professional progress, phoenix artworks that are hung or glued on the family area wall add refinement and attractiveness.

This is a prominent art style because it draws the viewer’s attention. Phoenix Paintings is one of the good paintings for the living room.

Feng Shui Paintings For South Wall

The Region of Stardom, Acknowledgment, Name Fame, and Social Prestige is located in the South (S).

If properly engaged, the south wall of your home offers you a favorable reputation throughout your chosen line of employment.

It contributes to your ability to get popularity and notoriety. Feng Shui artworks are a great way to add some flair to this area.

19. Feng Shui Eight Horse Painting Framed

The pictures of Feng Shui ponies are loaded with Yang (positive) energy, which increases luck and also gives notoriety, renown, and even admiration.

To invigorate Yang’s Significance of Fire energy such as the strength of the Sunlight or Southwest for creating conviction to achieve, hang a Feng Shui Eight Horse Portrait mostly on the Southside of your sitting room or workplace.

20. Feng Shui Bamboo painting

  • Since the fire factor nourishes the wood factor, you may utilize complementary components linked with wood upon the southern wall.
  • Bamboo artwork is a constituent of Wood within Feng Shui which is said to generate riches, fortune, wellness, and long life.
  • It’s also a representation of personal development, prosperity, and connections. It’s also useful for warding off negative chi.
  • You may hang bamboo artwork anywhere in your home or business. There really are no limits on wherever the bamboo picture can be kept.

Feng Shui Paintings For Office

21. Waterfall Paintings

Waterfall paintings Feng Shui or fountain works of art throughout feng shui provide an abundance of riches and auspiciousness. Within your prosperity borders, you should install a water fountain and perhaps even a water element.

Install this work of art at the extremities of the passage or doorway that connects to your workplace to encourage the stream of financial resources into the company.

22. Paintings Of Fish

Since the Chinese term for fish essentially means “more than enough,” the fish signifies riches and success. Since fish reproduce quickly and occasionally swim in couples, they also represent marital pleasure, concord, and procreation.

Since the southeast part of your workplace regulates your income flow along with your inventiveness and courage, it’s the perfect spot to hang this feng shui office art.

Feng Shui Paintings For Dining Room

23. Food Wall Art

The artwork within the dining room that features food may appear a little out of date, but it always works.

Ensure to include a photo or two of delectable food, and combine flaming touches of yellow, orange, or red alongside neutral landscapes to establish the perfect setting.

Feng Shui Paintings For Love

24. Floral Paintings

A floral artwork might help you develop a loving sense. For illustration, a serene and majestic daisy artwork inside your bedroom would create a calm and joyful environment in your romantic life.

A pristine and exquisite lotus artwork inside your bedroom may help you embrace wonderful affection; as well as a quiet and attractive orchid picture will help you find a wonderful relationship.

25. Mystic Knot Paintings

The interwoven number eight of the magical knot represents love, luck, wealth, and eternity. This is an ideal love sign. This picture is frequently used in conjunction with many additional feng shui emblems and artwork.

Feng Shui Paintings For North Wall

26. Feng Shui Eight Horse Painting canvas

Feng Shui eight pony canvas is utilized to generate popularity, acknowledgment, and victory, as well as progression and advancement, as well as a consistent and rapid rise in greatness and professional career accomplishment.

Profession, Offspring, Reputation, Well-being, Personal Improvement, Relationships, Learning, and Joy are the eight-lifetime goals represented by the number eight. It is suggested that horse paintings be hung in the Vocation section (North).

27. Feng Shui Koi Fish

Koi Fish Paintings Feng Shui symbolizes prosperity, good fortune, riches, and the inflow of new possibilities. Koi fish represent tenacity in the face of hardship, as well as personality and intent.

The north portion of the building’s family room is an ideal location for the artwork.

Feng Shui Paintings For West Wall

Feng Shui is an old Chinese idea that is all about making people fit in well with their surroundings.

According to Feng Shui, when choosing paintings for a West wall in your home, you should focus on certain things that are related to the West direction.

In Feng Shui, the metal element and the color white are linked to the West wall. It’s also like the energy of the sun going down, which is linked to the happiness and joy of children and to creation. Here are some guidelines:

28. Metal Element and Colours:

Choose art that has metal elements or shiny colors like gold, silver, or copper. White, grey, and soft colors can also look good on a wall facing west.

29. Blissful and Joy:

Since the West is linked to the happiness of children, you might want to think about art that shows happy children playing or laughing. You could also hang up pictures or paintings that your own children made.

30. Nature:

The fall season is also connected to the West. So, pictures of a late harvest, leaves gently falling, or beautiful autumn scenery can go on the West wall.

31. Creativity:

Pieces of art that make you feel creative and happy can be a great addition. This could be an abstract piece, a colorful drawing, or a picture of a place or thing that inspires you.

Remember that Feng Shui is about creating a peaceful environment, so choose art that you like and that makes you feel good when you look at it.

If the art fits in with your style and these rules, you’ll have found the right piece for your West wall.

Feng Shui Paintings For East Wall

In Feng Shui, the Wood element is linked to the East wall, which stands for health and family.

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The East is also where the sun rises, which brings the energy of a new start. Keeping these rules in mind, here are some ideas for picking art for your East wall:

32. Colors and the Wood Element:

The East wall has a lot to do with the Wood element. Look for art that has wooden parts or colors that go well with wood, like green and brown.

For example, think about pictures of trees that are growing well or bamboo, which is important in Feng Shui because it is strong and grows quickly.

33. The theme of Rejuvenation:

Since the East wall is connected to the rising sun, art that has a theme of rebirth, refreshment, or the beginning of a new day can be good.

Think of pictures of beautiful sunrises, the sun rising over a scene, or dew on leaves in the early morning.

34. Health and Fitness

Since health is linked to the East in Feng Shui, artwork that shows good health and energy would be a good choice.

This could be bright, lively scenes from nature or surreal works that make you feel alive and full of energy.

35. Family Ties:

In Feng Shui, the East is also the direction for family ties. Paintings that show this could be portraits of happy families, pictures of people getting along well, or even pictures of ancestors or family treasures.

36. Scenic Landscapes:

Since the East wall also stands for growth, scenic landscapes that show nature in full bloom or a lot of lush grass can help emphasize this.

Just remember that in Feng Shui, it’s important that the art you choose makes you feel good and brings you joy, peace, and good energy.

Best Feng Shui Paintings For Study Room

Feng Shui considers the study room or environment where children study key to attention, clarity, and memory. Study room and kids’ room murals should inspire, calm, attention, and positivity.

The greatest Feng Shui artwork for these spaces:

  • Mountains: Mountains provide stability and support. A painting of a peaceful mountain environment can give academic support, grounding, and determination.
  • Calm Waters: Pictures of tranquil lakes or gentle streams might help you focus and study.
  • Bamboo: Paintings of bamboo, which symbolize endurance, adaptability, and growth, might encourage academic perseverance.

Traditional paintings or pictures of open books, academics in concentration, or old study scenes might boost learning and intellectual progress.

The Wood element promotes growth, rebirth, and fresh vitality in green forests and trees. Paintings like this may refresh and alleviate study weariness.

  • Globe or World Map: Paintings or images of globes or world maps can encourage global awareness, curiosity, and ambition in older children and teens.
  • Birds in Flight: Flying birds symbolize infinite potential, freedom of mind, and ambitions.

White blooms or soft pink petals may convey pleasant, uplifting energy without being overbearing or obtrusive.

Stars, the moon, and other celestial bodies can inspire awe, curiosity, and a desire to learn more about the cosmos.

When picking Feng Shui artwork for a study or kids’ room:

  • Avoid Overstimulating Images: Fast-moving sceneries, violent animals, and chaotic visuals may distract. Position paintings so they are visible but not distracting.
  • The picture should energize the atmosphere without distracting from studying.
  • Personal Connection: Older children must connect with the painting. If they like an image, it may help create a favorable study atmosphere.

Lucky painting for the southeast wall

The southeast sector of a Feng Shui home or area represents riches and plenty.

Paintings that accentuate and energize the southeast’s major elements, Wood and Water, are ideal for this direction. These southeast wall Feng Shui paintings are lucky:

  • Bamboo Forest: A painting of a peaceful bamboo forest will boost Southeast wealth energies since bamboo signifies Wood.
  • Paintings of rich green woods, trees, or landscapes can boost the Wood element and bring development and wealth.
  • Flowering plants: Images of blooming plants or trees, especially those with fruit or flowers, represent plenty and fresh opportunities.
  • Boats and ships, especially on calm waters, bring prosperity. Feng Shui uses “wealth ships” with money and diamonds to bring prosperity.
  • Dragon and Phoenix: Together, these two creatures signify a balance of male and feminine energy and can symbolize wealth, especially if the dragon is shown over clouds or water.
  • Birds in Flight: Flying birds can symbolize optimism, luck, and possibilities.
  • Treasure or Jewel Images: Rich treasures, diamonds, or gold can represent riches and success.
  • Flowers: The lotus symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and fresh beginnings. Its development from dirt to surface water symbolizes overcoming obstacles to succeed.

When choosing a southeast wall painting:

Green (Wood) and blue or black (Water) are lucky colors for the southeast. These colors boost wealth energies in this way.

Choose an artwork that seems good and connects with you. While Feng Shui provides rules, a personal connection to art can boost its benefits.

Paintings can boost a space’s spirit, but keeping the southeast clean, clutter-free, and well-lit also boosts its wealth potential.

Feng shui paintings FAQs

Q: Best Feng Shui Wall Art For Home

Buddha paintings may be hung in any area in the house, however, the sitting room seems to be the ideal choice. To invigorate the Chi accessing the household, position the Buddha next to the entrance door.

Q: Is Abstract Painting Good for Feng Shui?

Abstract paintings should not be hung inside the living room.

Q: Is Hanging Art Above Bed Good for Feng Shui?

Yes, hanging pictures above the bed feng shui and paintings precisely just above the bed is terrible Feng Shui. It can interrupt your good night’s sleep.

Q: Lucky Feng Shui Hallway Pictures?

In order to break long hallway chi energy, add paintings with frames. This can slow energy motion. You can also hand mirrors or mirror artwork.


We have discussed everything on how to choose feng shui paintings for prosperity.

Picking energy paintings while keeping feng shui in consideration is crucial for how chi flows throughout your house or office, make certain you buy pictures that incorporate deeper than just these forces.

It’s also crucial that you pick an artwork that you enjoy since you’ll be gazing at it for a long time.

As a result, make a decision on what sorts of artwork you want for each room of the house and then select those that you enjoy staring upon.