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Top Feng Shui Kitchen Design & Decor Idea’s

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in Feng Shui, it is one of the places where the prosperity and abundance of the family are generated, we will discover Feng Shui Kitchen Design, decor ideas, and how to make your kitchen work for you. You can also know more about How To Feng Shui Your Kitchen- Important Guide.

Food is cooked in this room, abundance is generated in the kitchen, and a fridge and a well-stocked pantry are always a symbol of prosperity and wealth in general.

To feel good in your kitchen it is important that you have everything you need on hand if you put the salad bowl that you use every day on the top shelf and you cannot easily take it you will not be at ease.

Check out how to make good Feng Shui In the Kitchen Tips.

Plan what you usually use and order it to have it at hand, there are many things that we have very close and that we never use, I call it junk. Feng Shui urgently to be happy in the kitchen.

When you make your kitchen a cozy place where being comfortable changes the way you cook.

Feng Shui Kitchen Wall Art

Feng Shui Kitchen Art can be anything from an authentic Chinese painting, feng shui kitchen pictures, tapestry, or feng shui wall decor hanging to a portrayal of a Feng Shui Symbol.

Another type of Feng Shui Kitchen Art that can assist you in creating a Feng Shui Kitchen Cure is created out of one of the Five Elements.

Decorate The Feng Shui Kitchen Walls

Do you also feel that your kitchen deserves a little style? Although it is a service space, it does not have to be boring. Dare to try these decorating ideas to give personality to your kitchen.

Feng Shui Kitchen design & decor

Taking advantage of the walls to place decoration will not only help you create a kitchen with a lot of styles but also use a space that is often not used in any way. In this way, you add decoration without losing functionality.

Get inspired by these ideas to decorate the walls of your kitchen and transform that space in a fun and original way.

Change The Look Of Your Feng Shui Kitchen Tiles With Vinyl

If you want to decorate your kitchen and you are not very comfortable with the tiles. You can change its appearance with vinyl, to transform your kitchen quickly.

Today, hydraulic imitation tiles are very fashionable and you can find them in a variety of Feng Shui Kitchen colors.

Use Vinyl On The Feng Shui Kitchen Walls

Vinyl is also good for decorating any other kitchen space, such as the wall in the market. You can find many designs and you will surely find the one that best suits your style. They are straightforward to put on and take off making them an ideal option for rental apartments.

Apply Wallpaper To Your Feng Shui Kitchen Walls

You can choose a prominent wall or apply it throughout the kitchen, wallpaper is the best way to add style and Feng Shui Kitchen color to a space without personality.

There are also vinyl wallpapers, which withstand moisture and stains perfectly, ideal for this environment.

Feng Shui Kitchen Wall art

Highlight A Wall With A Blackboard

A decorative option widely used in kitchens is to create a slate to decorate and use it to write down the supermarket list, for example. This corner can also be transformed into an art space to enjoy with the family.

To achieve this, you can hang a slate, paint the wall with special paint, or buy vinyl with a slate finish to place on your walls. Generally, these blackboards are black, which will make this a prominent wall within the space.

Paint Your Walls In An Original Color

The walls of your kitchen also deserve a little Feng Shui Kitchen color, choose a tone that matches the decoration of the home.

And your style to give life to the walls of this environment. You can paint only one wall to highlight it, as in the photo, or the whole kitchen to integrate it.

The colors most used in kitchens are blue and grey, but you can also opt for yellow, orange, red, and pink tones that are increasingly integrated into the interior decoration of these spaces.

Create An Original kitchen wall Design With Tiles

Opt for original-shaped wall tiles, and create a unique kitchen wall design that will be decorative as well as functional.

It is not necessary that you cover the entire wall of the kitchen with tiles, the parts closest to the counter will suffice.

Highlight A Part Of Your Feng Shui Kitchen

You can also use the tiles to highlight a part of the kitchen, using tiles of another design or Feng Shui Kitchen color. Thus you create sectors within the kitchen space, creating a focal wall.

Feng Shui Kitchen Colors

Use Shelves To Decorate And Order

If you need more storage space, you can choose to place open shelves on your walls and place your favorite dishes there. Remember to always have an organized kitchen, so that there are also decorative shelves.

It is best to use this space to place your best crockery or some collection of elements, in a decorative and beautiful way. You can also add plants to provide a natural element.

Display Your Utensils On A Hanging Bar

Another way to organize and decorate is by using a wall bar to hang your knives, spatulas, reviewers, and more. It is the ideal way to maintain order, the Feng Shui Kitchen countertops, and the walls.

Feng Shui Kitchen Tools

As with the previous advice, this idea is very good for making the most of the vertical space of the walls in our kitchen, usually wasted.

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Build A Vertical Garden

This is a beautiful and functional option at the same time since you can have aromatic herbal plants that will help you to cook. Make sure they receive light and water them, so you have your own garden inside the kitchen.

You can choose to hang pots from a barrel, place them on shelves, or look for pots that adhere directly to the wall. Find the solution that best suits your space.

You can choose to hang pots from a barrel, place them on shelves, or look for pots that adhere directly to the wall. Find the solution that best suits your space.

ExposeYour Cutting Boards On The  Feng Shui Kitchen Wall

An original way to keep your cutting boards tidy, handy, and decoratively is to hang them on a wall that you have empty. So you can proudly display your collection and organize these items without taking up a whole drawer.

Feng Shui Kitchen design

This idea can also be applied to other culinary elements, which are shallow so as not to protrude too much from the wall, such as fountains, pans, trays, cups, and more.

Decorate Your Feng Shui Kitchen With Dishes

An element related to the kitchen and which is also widely used to decorate the walls is the dishes.

You can hang old dishes that you like or opt for a more modern option with plates printed in different frames that adapt to the Feng Shui Kitchen color palette of the kitchen.

Kitchen dishes

Hang Pictures On Your Feng Shui Kitchen Walls

The feng shui paintings for the kitchen are not only reserved for the living room or bedroom but can also be integrated into the kitchen.

Take advantage of your walls to create an art gallery and give your kitchen a lot of style and personality.

feng shui kitchen walls

Search For Decorative Posters

Another element to decorate your walls and achieve a rustic look in your kitchen is to look for thematic posters that have phrases or special shapes. The most used for cooking are metal or wood veneers with an aged effect.

Order Your Books On Shelves

Your cookbooks can also be part of your feng shui kitchen decoration, you don’t have to hide them, bring them to light! Place shelves to order your books and always have them handy when you want to prepare that special recipe.

With these ideas, we hope you get inspired to decorate your kitchen, however small. The walls are an excellent resource to take advantage of in the decoration of any environment.

As the feng shui kitchen is a service space, the entire surface tends to be covered by furniture to optimize each square meter. That is why resorting to the walls for decoration is a great idea.

Using the walls, you do not interrupt the kitchen functions and you will surely achieve a very beautiful space where you will want to prepare all kinds of recipes. After deciding how to decorate your kitchen, you can search here for a recipe to release your new space.

Feng Shui Kitchen Color

In any culture, a well-supplied kitchen is synonymous with wealth and abundance, in feng shui the colors for kitchens and the arrangement of furniture are key pieces so that the best energy flows in your kitchen when preparing your recipes.

Five important elements intervene in Chinese culture: earth, metal, water, wood and fire and all of them are necessary for energy to be balanced and flow properly. And most of these elements are present in the kitchens of any home.

  • In the kitchen, two very important but opposite elements are used: water and fire. For this reason, your kitchen should be distributed so that fire and water are far away.
  • If this is not possible you can put something in wood or metal between these two elements to help balance the strength of these two elements.
  • Avoid placing the Feng Shui Kitchen stove in front of or next to the door of the room, if this is not possible then place a mirror on the wall of the stove.
  • Try to cook in all the burners of the Feng Shui Kitchen stove, so that the energy of the fire flows harmoniously.
  • Avoid having garbage insight, this is for reasons of balance in feng shui and aesthetic issues.

White and beige-  These tones help promote tranquility and peace of mind, as well as support the natural lighting of the kitchen.

Feng Shui Kitchen Wall colors

Yellow and orange

The well-known earth tones transmit a lot of warmth for both the cook and the diner, so they are one of the most used kitchen colors, these colors encourage the tendency to eat constantly.

Feng Shui Kitchen design


This tone stimulates economic growth. The perfect combination of colors for cooking with this tone is to do it with light tones as it will give a touch full of prosperity

Feng Shui Kitchen green wall


If you have a penchant for blue, then think in light tones to encourage family communication.

Feng Shui Kitchen blue wall


According to Feng Shui, this is a tone that should not be taken as an option in colors for kitchens as they encourage anger and restlessness.

Feng Shui Kitchen red wall

Color combinations for kitchens are also of the utmost importance, always try to play with the color palette without saturating your kitchen. Remember that energy comes even from the ones you have chosen to decorate your kitchen.

Feng Shui Kitchen Decor Rules

The arrangement of the elements, the creation of an ideal atmosphere or the maintaining order are some of the aspects that will help you transform this room—filling it with renewed and healthy energy and making it one of your favorite spaces.

Feng Shui Kitchen design rules

Matter Of Balance

Food is linked to health and wealth. Therefore, special care must be taken to find the perfect place. Thus, when designing the kitchen, the fire area should never be facing the entrance to the house, since the fire burns the Chi (energy).

Which enters through the street door. In the same way, it should not be located in front of a bathroom, since water accumulates in the toilet and water retains the good.

Distributions With A Plus

“It’s like doing space acupuncture,” says Ana de Ramón ( In ‘Feng Shui there are five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) and the kitchen is related to wood, such as the living space where the family usually meets.

That is why it has to be a pleasant and attractive stay, with a place to sit, even in the smallest ones. If you have enough meters, arrange an island with the area of ​​fires, as it provides a position of control over the space and the preparation of the food is done in the center.

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Do not forget the light, both natural and artificial. It can never be dark, so you must make a good light project.

A Decoration That Accompanies You

And that follows your style and that of the people who inhabit it. Ideally, start decorating once you know the energies in the kitchen. “The flow of Chi is moved by the person and each house and space has energy, so generalizing would be a mistake,” says Ana de Ramón.

Thus, although it is preferable to decorate with soft or neutral tones, which promote tranquility, in this millenary technique there is nothing established so that many times the color can provide strokes of vitality and strength.

‘Feng Shui always seeks the balance of spaces and the kitchen does not fall outside this objective. Defined by two elements: the fire, with the plate, the microwave, and the oven; and the water, with the Feng Shui Kitchen sink, the fridge, and the dishwasher.

Although it is often said that the different elements of the kitchen have to be separated by blocks (fire on one side, water on the other), the truth is that this is indifferent. It is only an important aspect of ‘Feng Shui when they are online so that there are no energy conflicts.

Thus, when distributing the elements, there is a rule that you cannot skip: if the fire zone is in line and on the same Feng Shui Kitchen countertops as the Feng Shui Kitchen sink, there must be a distance of 80 cm between them.

If this is not possible, the element of the wood should be mediated, preferably “live”, such as flowers and plants. Regarding storage, it is preferable that objects are stored or covered, since if they are insight they can give a sense of disorder, chaos, and dirt.

Order And Concert

The three fundamentals of ‘Feng Shui‘ are order, cleanliness, and detachment. Therefore, we must follow its motto (use it daily or save it). The cabinets and the pantry can collapse with objects, such as small broken appliances, and lots of plastic lunch boxes.

That is why it is important to organize and remove what is not used,” says the expert. In addition, it is important to keep the trash can and recycling bins out of sight and always keep the Feng Shui Kitchen countertops clear and clean, always ready for use.

Among the different elements of the kitchen, you have to pay special attention to the refrigerator, as it contains the food that you are going to consume and always have it clean and tidy. An aspect that, in addition to being beneficial for us, will help us in our daily economy.

Feng Shui Kitchen Decoration Tips

The word used in Mandarin Chinese to say the food is very similar to the word “wealth”, so the place where wealth is stored is very important for them, in this case, wealth is saved and leaves the kitchen.

furniture kitchen

The kitchen is, on the other hand, a very special place since two very important and antagonistic elements come together in it, fire and water.

Essential In Your Kitchen

The Feng Shui Kitchen stove, the kitchen, the fires, the hob, this is the place that represents money, as well as fame and social life, generates the fire element.

Therefore, the person who cooks must be able to master the entrance door to cook with peace of mind, when it is not possible, reflective surfaces can be placed on top of the fires so that he can see what happens behind him.

Feng Shui Kitchen design essentials

In addition, the fact of being reflective makes it a mirror, in this way it will make money, abundance multiply.

We must use the kitchen to cook regularly, as well as the oven since it is a powerful generator of abundance, this is a feng shui tip. what should you follow?

A kitchen that is only used to heat in the microwave does not generate abundance or prosperity, a dull oven produces no money.

The Feng Shui Kitchen Sink

In Feng Shui the sink area represents love, logically includes love for oneself, self-esteem, and even couple love, so it must always be clean and clear as it reflects the internal and spiritual situation of those who live in the House. So use kitchen sink wall decor to enhance this area.

Feng Shui Kitchen Sink

The Confluence Of Elements, Water, And Fire

Since there are two elements so strong and that they destroy each other it is important to take great care of their combination, it is important that the cooking area is not next to the Feng Shui Kitchen sink, since both elements destroy each other.

If so, we can solve it by placing some wood or metal in the middle, any accessory such as a wooden cutting board, a boat with wooden ladles or a set of metal boats can exercise the function of separation.

You can also place them in half pots with aromatic, they are very feng shui and perfect for cooking.

Item Location

As a general rule, we should place in the same area all the elements related to fire, oven, microwave, and kitchen.

Feng Shui Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is one of the most active rooms in any house. Either by its nature as a workspace or by its character, increasingly valued, as a meeting point, we talk about a stay that has to be profiled as functional and attractive.

There are many criteria that you can apply to your decoration but, in general, a balanced and inspiring space is the best combination to achieve your goals.

In this article of ideas, we propose a review of half a dozen keys to designing a kitchen according to Feng Shui.

A philosophy aimed at composing spaces capable of promoting positive energy that will undoubtedly give balance to your kitchen. Do you take notes? Take note!

A Well-Lit Space

Lighting is a key factor when making positive energy flow and, consequently, one of the keys to designing a kitchen according to Feng Shui has to do with the lighting criteria that you include in the decoration.

Natural light becomes the protagonist in a space that does not have to do without artificial lighting points. Placing lamps on ceilings, walls and even, under the upper furniture, will help give your kitchen an appropriate luminosity.

The choice of light colors is not too much either and, in addition to promoting the luminosity of the room, they will transmit purity to the set that, on the other hand, you must always try to keep tidy.

The Distribution Of The Elements

Another of the fundamental aspects when designing a kitchen according to Feng Shui is the distribution of the elements. The Feng Shui Kitchen organization of furniture and accessories is key in this ancestral philosophy based on elements such as water and fire.

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Under your mantras you have to keep in mind that the hob or gas cooker and the oven should not be located near the refrigerator, the washing machine or the dishwasher since only then will you eliminate energy conflicts.

It is also recommended that you avoid locating the heat source of the room on the same side as the access door to it.

Plants, A Classic

of plants in any room in the house. According to Feng Shui, their presence is synonymous with the absorption of negative energy from the environment and, consequently, it is worth adding them to the kitchen design.

So much so that one of the recommendations that you can put into practice is to place fruits in a bowl on the Feng Shui Kitchen countertops or aromatic in small pots arranged on shelves on the wall. A decorative resource that will not only give color and joy to the whole but also to the owners.

Order And Cleaning

In keeping with its functional nature, any kitchen worth its salt must be clean and tidy.

However, these recommendations go beyond mere logic to become other keys to designing a kitchen according to Feng Shui. Practicing detachment is a classic of this current that advocates favoring the flow of energies.

Eliminating elements that involve a jarring note from Feng Shui Kitchen countertops and cabinets, in order to achieve balance and harmony, is essential if you want to get a space designed at the height of these mantras.

Transparent Accessories

Applying the maximums of Feng Shui to the design of your kitchen will not only allow you to create a positive atmosphere in terms of energy but also, you can add decorative touches of the most attractive.

When organizing your legumes, condiments, or pastes, bet on transparent containers and accessories. The glass boats that allow visualizing these foods are not only decorative but also convey a sense of abundance that, according to this philosophy, is perceived as a symbol of prosperity.

The Shopping List

Before we made reference to the interesting contribution that transparent jars can make to a kitchen designed according to Feng Shui, in terms of abundance and prosperity, it is also worth talking about the fridge and the cupboards.

Ideally, they should not be too empty but you have to be careful with filling them with food that spoils soon and ends up being stored expired or in poor condition. Keeping them in poor condition goes against what Feng Shui promulgates so, maybe it’s time for general cleaning to avoid stagnant energy.

The Colors

Avoid using the two catalytic elements in excess: Water and Fire. Therefore, the red color (of the Fire element) should be used very sparingly, and likewise the blue color (of the Water element). The latter is not associated with anything edible, on the contrary, it is shown to decrease appetite.

The most appropriate colors for painting the kitchen walls are neutral, such as white, and cream, different shades of yellow, which promote warmth and tranquillity, and the colors of the Earth and Wood elements, such as green and brown, among others.

The Ubication

The kitchen of a house should be located near the entrance door and not in the center of the house. It is also inadvisable to see it from the main entrance or from outside. As we obviously cannot change the location of the kitchen once built, a viable option is to place curtains on the windows, so that it is not visible from the outside.

It also prevents the kitchen door from being right in front of a bathroom, although it can be nearby. Always make sure to keep the doors closed. A plant in the middle of the two rooms is an excellent option, also that will bring harmony and life to the house.

Order and cleanliness are very important aspects of maintaining harmony in the kitchen.

Order & Cleaning

Both order and cleanliness are essential and essential to maintain harmony, not only in the kitchen but also in the rest of the house. A clean and tidy house invites you to feel good, enjoy the days off, live with loved ones or prepare a delicious snack.

Try not to have too many decorative or visible objects. Do not accumulate utensils, clothes to wash or iron, or old newspapers, and garbage, among others. Only expose the utensils and objects you use most frequently.


Always remember to decorate with natural elements that bring life to the kitchen. Be it flowers, plants, or fruit baskets. If the space is very small, you can place paintings with paintings of fruits or landscapes.

Many people have fish tanks in the kitchen, but this can be done as long as it doesn’t disturb food processing and stays clean.

Utensils Insight

Avoid keeping on the counter those utensils that can create an aggressive atmosphere or attract bad energies. Knives, scissors or any sharp object should be stored in drawers or in hidden places when they are not being used.

Ventilation And Lighting

Be sure to keep the kitchen ventilated, to prevent Chi energy from stalling. Ideally, it flows. To achieve this, open the windows at least a few minutes


The best Feng Shui Kitchen Design, If you are choosing your future home, the first advice of feng shui is: avoid the houses that have a kitchen in the center. A house with kitchen space in the center is very dangerous from the point of view of feng shui.

The center should be treated as if it were a person’s heart and should be kept calm, serene, and balanced. The kitchen is a place of work and movement, located in the center is equivalent to a restless and restless heart, it imbalances family affairs.

Another option to harmonize a negative relationship between Water and Fire is to use color.

The color that corresponds to the Wood element, which harmonizes Water and Fire, is green, so the shades of green are very appropriate for the kitchen. If you don’t like green, yellow and raw and natural colors are also a good alternative.