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27 Feng Shui Kitchen Cures, Directions For Wealth + Health

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Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy referring to maintaining a balance between a specific individual or family and the environment through an arrangement of pieces in a home.

Feng shui is two Chinese words referring to wind and water.

In all spaces inside a home, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces. Often, the kitchen has been called the “heart of the home”.

Feng Shui Kitchen Cures play an important role, as Feng shui experts also agree with the correct arrangement of the kitchen.

These include Layouts, colors, directions, and small rules. An arranged kitchen in feng shui form represents wealth, good health, and luxuriance. 

Let’s find below the issues and cures for the Feng shui kitchen.

  • Feng shui tips for refrigerator
  • Feng shui cures the bathroom over the kitchen
  • Feng shui kitchen colors
  • where to place the stove in the kitchen
  • kitchen in northeast feng shui
  • Feng shui kitchen pictures
  • Feng shui stove burners
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How do Feng shui Kitchen Cures Work?

Feng shui cures involve making adjustments to the flow of energies within a physical space. It is a fact according to feng shui experts, that the flow of energies changes directions yearly. 

It is essential to adjust the energy flow in the home yearly if you want to set up Feng Shui in the house.

However, the adjustments are possible with the help of Bagua. The Feng shui Bagua is simply the energy map of any living space.

The direction of energies changes yearly in February. 2016 feng shui cures are slightly different from 2017 feng shui cures

In 2018 feng shui cures, the 7th flying star implied violence, while in the 2019 feng shui cures, the 7th flying star implied robbery. The annual flying stars help in knowing the right direction for each energy flow. 

Importance of good feng shui for kitchen

Feng Shui Kitchen Cures
Feng Shui Kitchen Cures

Feng shui stresses balancing the positive energy of living spaces. A tidy and well-organized kitchen keeps the circulation of positive energy steady within the kitchen.

It has been established that the kitchen is the epitome of good health in feng shui. A disorganized and messy kitchen will disrupt the positive energy flow and create a negative flow of energy. 

A negative flow of energy will have an effect on the health of residents living in the home. Cleaning and organizing the kitchen will guarantee a feng shui kitchen. Following kitchen cures will help to establish the kitchen for feng shui.

Also, the kitchen in Feng shui is directly related to the fortune of the women in the house. If its layout is not as per feng shui then it definitely creates several relationship-related issues and also it will interfere with the luck of the women in the house.

Best Principles For Good Feng shui kitchen

Having a feng shui kitchen is nice but requires lots of work. Many people find it hard to keep up with creating a perfect feng shui kitchen. Luckily there are some feng shui remedies for the kitchen

1. Clutter-free

Firstly, as mentioned before, the kitchen holds weight in the home. Deep cleaning of the kitchen is of utmost importance.

As clutter-free environments symbolize fresh energy circulation and good health.

Broken and cracked items like plates and mugs should be thrown out because they are believed to cause ill luck.

2. Kitchen Placement & Layout

Secondly is the placement of kitchen wares and their layout. In feng shui, knowing the right place to set the equipment up is essential.

For example, the fire energy in the kitchen is decrypted from the oven. It is advisable and important to set up the oven in a position.

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Where the rest of the kitchen will be visible only when the oven is in use. There are different energies in feng shui.

There is metal, earth, and water, including wood energies. Another feng shui cure for the kitchen is setting the right energies together.

3. Love & Joy

Thirdly, feng shui solutions for the kitchen include cooking every meal with a touch of love. It is essential to prepare meals with joy and love.

The food prepared with love indicates good nourishment for anyone taking the food.

Feng shui kitchen rules

Here are some rules applicable to a typical feng shui kitchen;

1. Kitchen Placement center of the house

The kitchen should never be at the center of the house. One of the prominent energies in the kitchen is fire energy.

In feng shui, the heart is believed to contain fire. Setting up the kitchen at the center of the house will have a drastic effect on the house occupants’ health. A bright place is a suitable location for the kitchen.

2. Kitchen Arrangements

Equipment used in the kitchen should be neat and set appropriately. Disrupting the layouts of pots and pans will create proneness to germs and diseases. It can also lead to headaches.

Another rule is never to allow the refrigerator to remain empty. The rice bucket must always have content. In feng shui, when the two elements contain content, such a home has no worries for both food and clothes.

3. Proper ventilation

A normal kitchen requires sterile and ventilated air. Ventilated air is also essential to a feng shui kitchen. Having ventilated air in the kitchen requires the presence of a window.

The kitchen sink must have a window, preferably directly in front of it. So In feng shui stove facing the window is a good sign.

4. Kitchen Directions

There is a direction in the kitchen that should never be located. A feng shui kitchen located northwest facing the front door of the house is not advisable.

That direction in a house symbolizes the health of the man of the house.

A kitchen in the northwest direction will cause various discomforts to the health of the male head of the family. 

Kitchen Floor Mat Colors

The colors of the kitchen floor mat are very important. Don’t use too dark colors and try to use lighter colors so that people will not make mistakes in the kitchen and cause serious consequences.

Do kitchens sink near the stove? Is Good Feng Shui?

Feng Shui Kitchen Cures
feng shui kitchen sink and stove

In the natural world, water and fire do not get along. In feng shui, water and fire energies are incompatible. The best position in feng shui to set up a kitchen sink is diagonal to the stove.

It is advisable because, in that way, the sink is not by the range, and contention will be avoided between the two components.

So if you have stove and sink on the same wall, or on a same counter, the best feng shui cure is to separate both the energies by placing plants in between.

Kitchen in southwest feng shui

  • Based on the feng shui Bagua, there are few suitable locations for the kitchen. Among these few locations is where we see the Southwest feng shui area.
  • It is considered ideal for a kitchen location. However, there are some degrees to the south that is not ideal for the stove. 
  • If the stove is in the range of 165 and 195 degrees to the south of the house, it will have an effect on the residents’ personalities.
  • Plan the kitchen to the southwest of the house and avoid placing the stove in the wrong degree.

Feng shui stove burners rules

  • Stove burners in feng shui mean opportunities and wealth. Getting more stove burners illustrates an increase in sources of wealth and an increase in opportunities.
  • Stove in feng shui is a career and resource. If the family could not afford to get a new stove, it is advisable to get new burners.
  • After getting the new burners, rotate them daily to create more chances in your career.

3 burner gas stove good or bad according to Feng Shui?

Well, the answer is of course Yes. There is no harm in keeping 3 Burner Gas in the kitchen. the only thing to take care of is the right direction.

Kitchen in front of the main door

  • This type of kitchen positioning should be avoided. In feng shui, it is not ideal for the front door to enter the kitchen.
  • It is wrong to see the kitchen directly from the main door. Also, the symmetry of the kitchen oven with the main door is wrong according to the philosophy of feng shui. 
  • Flowers and some herbs can be of little help in balancing the flow of energy. The alignment of the front door facing the back door should also be avoided.
  • A house having numerous doors facing another door will produce a negative flow of energy with no balance.

Feng shui Kitchen pictures and colors

To have a perfect feng shui kitchen, the colors to be used in the kitchen is important. The goal of having a feng shui kitchen is to have a calming and efficient kitchen. Each color has a meaning in feng shui. 

1. White

If we talk about all Feng shui kitchen colors. The white color defines purity and neatness. Having a white color in the kitchen is essential, it is a good color to use when practicing feng shui in a home. 

2. Beige

Another color that goes well in a feng shui kitchen is beige. Adding the beige shade as part of the kitchen colors symbolizes stability, warmth, and comfort in the home. 

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3. yellow

The yellow shade illustrates socialization. The family will enjoy each meal cheerfully. There will be an uplifting spirit within the family that will let them enjoy being around each other. 

4. Blue & Green

Other colors suitable for a feng shui kitchen include blue and green. However, the blue color should be used in small quantities for the kitchen. The green shade aids digestion according to feng shui experts. 

Colors to be avoided

The colors to be avoided are black and red. Both colors can affect the balance of energy in the kitchen, especially if the quantity used is high.

south facing Kitchen Colors

The shades of yellow, white, pink, and deep orange are the perfect color for a feng shui door facing the south. 

Feng shui tips for refrigerator 

Of the five elements in feng shui, the refrigerator belongs to the water elements. It is right in feng shui to place the refrigerator in the kitchen. It creates balance in the kitchen elements and has an effect on the family’s luck. 

Having the stove and the refrigerator facing each other should be avoided. Water and fire do clash, which will cause disputes among the residents in the house.

The best location for a refrigerator in feng shui is to have it placed diagonally to the stove. 

Feng shui bathroom above kitchen cures

The center of the house is the bathroom. The bathroom and the kitchen belong to different energies. The bathroom is filled with water energy and the kitchen is filled with fire energy. 

Placing the bathroom above the kitchen is not favorable to the energy flow of the home.

The kitchen will be filled with negative energy because of the bathroom. The health and wealth of the family will be affected unless the balance is restored. 

feng shui bathroom cures

There are some feng shui bathroom cures to help in the restoration of energy balance. Earth energy is known to absorb water energy. Using earth elements in the kitchen will reduce the negative energy flowing from the bathroom, it will also restore balance within the energies in the home. 

Where to place the stove in the kitchen

In an ordinary kitchen, the stove is considered important as it is used for cooking meals. Likewise in a feng shui kitchen, the stove has a great significance. 

The location of the stove is to be considered carefully, the stove belongs to the fire energy. According to the feng shui Bagua, south, and southwest are the best locations for the stove. 

The location of the stove must be in a commanding position. It is important to place the stove in a position whereby the rest of the kitchen is visible when using the stove.

Feng shui northeast kitchen cure

When setting up the location for the kitchen, the northeast, even the whole north a location for the kitchen.

Having the kitchen in the northeast direction is bad for the family, there will be disputes, misunderstandings, and financial issues

Feng shui cures For northeast kitchen

However, if the kitchen is already located in such a direction, there are feng shui fixes that can be applied.

Using red colors for the kitchen paint and avoiding excess white, blue, and black colors will feng shui the kitchen.  

Read more feng shui cures for kitchen in northeast direction.

Feng Shui Remedies for bedroom above kitchen

The bedroom is the third important space in the house. The energy revolving in the bedroom symbolizes well-being.

  • It is a bad feng shui when the bedroom is directly above the kitchen. The fire energy from the kitchen will disrupt the energy in the bedroom.
  • it might cause sickness, sleepless nights, and restlessness. 
  • The feng shui cure for the bedroom above the kitchen is relocating the bed to a more suitable position.
  • The bedroom should be filled with earth elements and a mirror, to minimize the effect of the fire energy.  

Feng shui cure for kitchen in the center 

A kitchen located in the center of the home is bad feng shui. The kitchen represents fire in the heart.

It is disruptive to the health of the occupants. The kitchen should be relocated to the back of the house or to a brighter space where the fire energy can mix with the right energies.  

Feng shui northwest kitchen cures

  • Having the kitchen in the northwest direction is considered harmful to the male head or the breadwinner of the family.
  • The head of the family will face some difficulties financially and health-wise if the kitchen is at this location. 
  • Having various earth elements available can suppress the negative energy in the kitchen.
  • However, relocating the kitchen is the best cure for the kitchen. 

Feng shui kitchen plants

Plants belong to the wood elements. In the productive cycle of feng shui, the fire energy is fed by wood energy.

  • The combination of fire and wood energies will produce favorable positive energy in the house. 
  • The presence of herbs in the kitchen is good for feng shui.
  • Herbs are considered to have healthy and beneficial nourishments when cooked.
  • The hanging of plants in the kitchen passes positive energy.
  • Wood energy settles the clash between fire and water energy.
  • Avoid placing plants with pointed leaves in the kitchen. Plants with round leaves are advisable, they symbolize money.  

Here are some good plants for the kitchen in Feng shui.

Feng shui cures for a black kitchen

Each color belongs to different feng shui elements. Painting a feng shui kitchen in black or dark gray is not ideal.

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There will be conflicts between the elements present in the kitchen.

The black color is associated with water energy, the kitchen belongs with the fire energy. Water and fire don’t mix. 

Here are some cures for black kitchen.

  • The feng shui cure for a black kitchen is introducing an element to restore the feng shui in the kitchen.
  • Adding white shades to the black shades of the kitchen will restore balance,  producing a dynamic feng shui in the kitchen.  

Best feng shui Kitchen cures for relationship 

According to the feng shui Bagua, the southwest area of the house is connected to the relationship aspects of the occupants’ life.

To rekindle a relationship, the best cure is to add fire or earth elements to the southwest area of the house.

Hanging artworks in the southwest area is a good way of replenishing a relationship. The southwest area of the house activates the role of women in the house, creating balance in the energies in the home.  

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Feng shui cures for stove facing the sink

There are some dangers attached to a sink facing a kitchen stove. In the realm of energies, there will be conflicts arising from these two different elements.

In turn, the negative energy will affect every relationship in the home. The home will experience disagreements and conflicts. 

The best feng shui remedy is to place an earth element between the kitchen stove and the sink. An earth element like a green rug, putting an end to the conflict.  

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I have kept 2 dead fridges in the kitchen is it bad Asper Feng shui?

First of all, kitchen has a Fire element, there is no place to keep such things if it’s dead. Either repair the fridge or throw it out. As per, Feng Shui dear items like watches, fridges, and broken things create negative vibes.

Feng shui cures for a black kitchen counter

Painting a kitchen counter black is not so bad if the kitchen color is a fire element. However, if the kitchen color and the kitchen counter are painted black, too much water element will have an effect on the family’s health

Feng Shui’s cure for this is to place a fire element or an earth element on the kitchen counter. For example, a red vase or a white tray should be placed on the kitchen counter. Doing that will feng shui the kitchen.  

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Feng Shui Kitchen Remedies FAQs

Q: Best position of stove in kitchen feng shui?

In feng shui, the best direction to have range or stove in the East sector. As this is the ideal location, to promote fire element.

Q: Is kitchen visible from front door good feng shui?

It’s always best to set up your kitchen far from teh main gate. But if this can’t be done then as a cure, place a crystal ball in between them to break the energy wall.

Q: Placement of feng shui knives in the kitchen?

Keeping exposed knives with sharpened edges produces bad chi in the kitchen. The best ways to place them in teh drawer or counter top knife shelf.

Q: Front door opens to kitchen is good or bad feng shui?

It’s a bad feng shui, as said above, to have a cure by placing a crystal ball as an obstacle.

Q: Dishwasher and stove next to each other cure?

Dishwasher is a water element and stove is fire, they are opposite to each other. If you have a setup like this, then it will create conflict and disagreement.

Have a plant in between to minimise the conflict, as plant represent a wood element.

Q: Mirror over stove kitchen cure?

Mirror over stove kitchen is not a good idea, as mirrors are water element and the stove burner is fire. Avoid such an arrangement.

Q: kitchen layout fridge next to oven feng shui?

The fridge, oven and sink must be placed in the triangular set up in feng shui to wipe out the conflict.

Take Away On Feng Shui Kitchen Cures

We hope you find all these Feng Shui Kitchen Cures helpful. We don’t need special and costly things in order to make our kitchen feng shui enables. Only small arrangements, layout, and rules can do wonders.

Please do let us know your feedback and also the problems if still, have. We would love to answer your queries.