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Feng Shui Ring How To Wear, Types, Significance For Money

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Are you wondering how you can wear rings for luck? Read here to learn about Feng Shui Ring How To Wear, Feng Shui ring symbolism, and the different types of rings you can wear!

Feng Shui is all about balancing energy elements so that you can have luck coming your way. It involves balancing the energy elements around you so you can bring balance to your being.

Just like Feng Shui gives a lot of importance to decoration pieces in the house, it also gives great importance to jewelry, and most importantly, rings. Besides simply being a fashion accessory, rings are also extremely symbolic.

Feng Shui experts believe they help attract wealth and bring luck and happiness your way. So, depending on which type you wear and the finger you wear it on, you can have luck coming your way.

Feng Shui Ring How To Wear
Feng Shui Ring: How To Wear

Before you make a choice, just be sure about why you’re buying it. Buy it with the belief that it will help you get what you want.

Then, once you buy it, make sure that you wear it at all times and don’t just put it away somewhere and forget all about it.

To know more about Feng Shui ring symbolism and what each of these rings stands for, continue reading! 

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Feng Shui Ring How To Wear For Wealth & Luck + Types of Ring

Feng Shui experts have pointed out several rings that you can wear for good luck. These include the Jade ring, blue sapphire ring, and Mantra Pixiu ring, amongst many others. All of these help you with different things in life.

TypeSignificanceHow To Wear
Jade RingLuck, love, and for peaceMiddle finger
Blue Sapphire RingGood for better communication and plenty in life Index finger
Mantra Pixiu RingProtection and SecurityMiddle finger
Emerald RingLuck, prosperity, and moneyLittle finger
Garnet RingSolid network and communicationAny finger
Amethyst RingGood for spiritual practices, money, and luckMiddle finger
Tortoise RingGood for spiritual practices, money and luckAny finger

Jade Feng Shui Ring

Here are a few rings that have significance in Feng Shui.

The Jade Feng Shui ring is known to bring harmony and also allows the flow of energy to be balanced in one being.

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Jade Feng Shui Ring
Money catcher ring 
  • Available in lovely shades of green, it looks absolutely gorgeous when worn. It is known to strengthen your positive energy force as well.
  • Checking for quality is one of the most important things when buying a jade ring. The ideal thing to do here is to buy it from an authentic place, so you don’t have to suffer later on.
  • In China, it is popularly believed that jade has protection properties as well, which means that this ring can also protect you from anything bad happening to you.
  • If you own a jade ring, it is best to wear it at all times and never keep it away in an unused drawer.

Which finger to wear a jade ring for luck

This ring can be worn on the middle finger for fortune and luck.

Blue Sapphire Feng Shui Ring

The blue sapphire ring stands out from the rest and shines from a distance. Being one of the more unusual Feng Shui rings, it is the best one for better communication.

Blue Sapphire Feng Shui Ring
Blue Sapphire Feng Shui Ring
  • When we talk about the symbolism of the feng shui ring, we can see that this blue sapphire ring allows you to communicate better with those around you.
  • If you are looking for better networking opportunities for business, this ring is surely the best one for you.
  • It is one of the most unique rings you will find, and one of the most gorgeous ones too.

Blue Sapphire- How to wear a ring for luck

This ring can be worn on the index finger for fortune and luck.

Mantra Pixiu Feng Shui Ring

This ring is known to help attract wealth. So, for all of those looking to get lucky with wealth and abundance, this is surely the best ring.  

  • If you ever get into any unexpected financial problems, this ring will protect you and help you out of the situation.
  • Apart from that, this ring also protects you from other dangers lurking around.
  • However, there are very specific guidelines for wearing the Pixiu ring.
  • You first need to clean it with running water or sacred plants. That way, you can eliminate any unwanted energy that might have accumulated on it.
  • Next, you need to feed the Pixiu. To do that, place it in a silver bowl with other valuable items, like coins and other gems.
  • After that, you can wear it. You will start seeing positive changes in your life sooner than you think.  

Which finger to wear Mantra Pixiu ring for luck

Feng Shui experts suggest that you wear this ring on the middle finger since the money line is found right below the middle finger. This line is the one that dictates your fortune.

Emerald Feng Shui Ring

The emerald stone supports harmony.

  • If you are looking to solve any disputes in your house and want it to become more peaceful, then you can get this ring.
  • For those looking to get lucky with their love life, it is wise to buy this ring.
Emerald Feng Shui Ring
Emerald Feng Shui Ring

On which finger to wear a ring for luck

Most experts suggest that you wear this on your little finger. This blocks people from spoiling the harmony in your life as well.

Garnet Feng Shui Ring

A garnet ring helps you secure a position of power and authority at home and in the workplace.

  • If you feel like you have no control over different situations in your life, then you can wear this ring, and you will see how the situation changes in no time.
  • It also allows you to form better and more solid networks.
Garnet Feng Shui Ring
Garnet Feng Shui Ring

Which finger to wear a ring for luck

You can wear this on whichever finger you wish to.

Amethyst Feng Shui Ring

The Amethyst ring is very helpful if you want successful progression in your career.

  • Not only does this ring look exceptional when worn, but it also helps you get lucky at work.
  • If you have been trying to secure a position at work and haven’t yet been able to, this ring will surely help you with that.
  • People who have tried this have spoken about how the thing ring has helped them.
Amethyst Feng Shui Ring
Amethyst Feng Shui Ring

Which finger to wear an Amethyst ring for luck

You can wear this on your working hands and middle fingers to invite luck and money.

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Tortoise-Feng Shui Ring

As the name suggests, a tortoise ring has a tortoise on it. Aside from being a chic fashion accessory, it is also known to bring luck your way. If you have tried everything and are now experimenting with luck, then you can try this one. Most vouch for how good it is.

  • The tortoise ring is not only a spiritually significant one but also allows luck and wellness to come your way.
  • These rings can be made with many different materials.
  • This ring is mostly very popular with businessmen looking for luck and prosperity in business.

Which finger to wear a ring for luck

  • When wearing this ring, ensure it fits well on your finger and doesn’t get lost.
  • You can wear this on any finger that you are comfortable with.

So there are several rings that you can wear to achieve different things in life, as you can see.

Before you decide which ring you want, understand why you want it. Based on that, you can pick the best one for yourself. The ring you select should be one you love, have an aesthetic appeal, and fulfill the purpose for which you are wearing it.

At the end of the day, you have to wear it, so you have to like it enough to want to wear it all the time. So believe in the benefits of these rings and wear them. You will surely love the results once you start!

Feng Shui Ring: How To Wear FAQS

Q: How do I wear an abacus ring facing?

If you want to wear an abacus ring correctly, make sure the beads face up. This will align your energy perfectly.

Q: Where to wear a money catcher ring?

To bring in money, wear a money-catcher ring on the index or middle finger of your dominant hand, with the stone facing inward.

Q: Where to wear a money catcher ring for females?

It is suggested that women wear a money-catcher ring on the index finger of their dominant hand, making sure that the setting faces inward to bring them wealth.

Q: What does money ring gold mean?

A money ring made of gold is a sign of wealth and plenty, and it can help you make money.

Q: What lucky charm ring are you wearing?

Wear a lucky charm ring on the finger that represents the intention or energy you want to attract. For example, wear it on your index finger to attract ambition and on your ring finger to attract love and relationships.

Q: Which finger to wear the millionaire ring

People usually wear the millionaire ring on the little finger of their dominant hand. It represents wealth and success in getting rich.

Q: Where to put the money catcher ring

You should wear a Feng Shui ring on your finger. You can decide which finger you want to wear it on based on what you want to get out of it.

With a huge variety of rings available, pick one after analyzing your options. Depending on what you want, make a smart choice!

Once you pick the ring you want, make sure you keep wearing it as much as you can.

Q: How do I activate my Pixiu ring?

  • To activate your Pixiu ring, start off by cleaning it. When unwashed, it has unwanted energy, which has the opposite effect of what you want it to have.
  • Next, you need to feed it by putting it in a crystal bowl with auspicious things like metal and other ornaments.
  • Once you do that, you wear the ring. Very soon, you will see luck coming your way.

Q: Which ring finger is for wealth?

Most Feng Shui experts suggest that you should wear your ring on the middle finger if you want wealth and abundance. The middle finger is the one that symbolizes wealth and luck.

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Q: Which finger do you wear a jade ring for wealth?

Women should wear a jade ring on the little finger of their right hand, whereas men should wear it on their left hand. This way, they get lucky with wealth.

Q: Why should you not wear a ring on your thumb?

You should never wear a ring on your thumb since it is considered highly inauspicious. Instead of bringing luck your way, it does quite the opposite, which is the last thing you want.

Q: Who can wear Pixiu?

Anyone between the ages of 16 and 65 can wear a Pixiu ring, regardless of gender. It helps greatly with luck and prosperity in life. You will notice positive changes once you start wearing it.

Q: Do you wear a ring facing you?

You can wear a ring facing out and facing yourself. There are also several other factors that play a part in this, like the size and the color of the ring.

Try it on to see which one you like best, and then go for that only. Make a smart choice, and then stick to it. Hopefully, you will see positive changes in your life.

Q: Index finger ring benefits

Leadership and Ambition: Many times, the index finger represents power and authority. Wearing a ring on this finger can enable you to accentuate your leadership abilities, so it is a wise decision for anyone trying to increase their power and assertiveness in personal or professional life.

Q: Middle finger ring benefits

The middle finger stands for balance and taking care of oneself. Wearing a ring here can help you feel more stable and in control of your life. This makes it perfect for people who want to make better decisions and handle their tasks better.

Q: Wearing a ring in thump benefits

The thumb stands for will and uniqueness. Wearing rings on your thumb can help you be more confident and independent, giving you a boost when you need to be strong and by yourself.

Q: Should you wear a silver or gold ring?

  • Silver Rings: Silver rings are known to be calming and reflective, which means they can help clear your mind and calm you down. This makes them good for people who want to lower their stress and improve their intuition.
  • Gold rings: Gold is seen as a sign of wealth and success. It brings in good energy and can help you make your goals for success and money stronger.

Q: Benefits of wearing a gold ring on the index finger

Ideal for people in leadership roles or who want to have more impact, this mix can greatly improve your confidence and leadership skills, therefore increasing your visibility in your career or social life. Gold Ring on the Index Finger.

Q: Benefits of wearing a silver ring in thump

Wearing a silver ring on the thumb can help anchor your ideas and improve emotional control, thereby helping those who experience great stress or need to make cool, collected decisions.

Q: Which finger to wear ring for good luck

Usually connected to the heart and relationships, wearing a ring on ring finger can also bring luck into your personal life. It is thought that the ring finger directly connects with the heart, so strengthening all goals related to love and intimate relationships.

Q: How to wear rings for guys

  • Men may choose to wear rings as a display of devotion or authority. Think about simpler, more aggressive designs that capture both professional aspirations and personal style.
  • Wearing rings on the active hand can show professionalism and a dynamic attitude to work; the passive hand might express personal values and inner convictions.

Q: How to wear rings for women?

  • Fashion and Function: Women can combine symbolism with style to select rings that enhance their Feng Shui intentions in addition to matching their clothing.
  • Women typically have more freedom to mix metals and designs. Think of the energy of every metal and gemstone to complement spiritual and personal objectives.