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Tigers Eye Meaning: Benefits, Healing Properties & Cleansing

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Tigers Eye Meaning and Benefits– Tiger’s eye is a beautiful and powerful gemstone just like Amethyst, and Malachite Stone with unique attributes that make it look reflective and adoring crystal.

Tiger’s eye is recognized for its healing and protective properties capable of promoting mental prowess, making you focus, and helping to remove emotional disturbances. Throughout history, this gemstone has been used for protection because of its appearance, thus it is referred to as a stone of protection.

When it comes to building confidence and courage to take action, Tiger’s eye is the one to choose. Using it can dispel fear and anxiety and help you to look stable, balanced and promotes harmony. It is found to be helpful for anyone who lacks confidence, courage and desire to gain courage.

According to Feng Shui, the tiger’s eye can attract good luck and prosperity. It is suitable when you need the energy to take action on time and with enthusiasm.

What Is the Tigers Eye Meaning?

The incredibleness of the tiger’s eye is found in its importance which gives meaning to its existence. As one of the unique gemstones, the tiger’s eye is filled with remarkable and impactful curative ability.

Tigers Eye Meaning
Tigers Eye Meaning

Tiger’s eye has the ability to boost positive energy (yin yang) and provide the necessary stability which promotes strength. As an active and energetic gemstone, it can provide inner capacity and boldness to fulfill your dream.

Since it is associated with vigor and energy, it is a crystal that can attract wealth.

So, if you’re looking for a gemstone that helps you take control of your willpower and overcome every emotional setback anytime, it is the tiger’s eye.

Those Tiger Eye Gemstone Is Not Suitable For?

The tiger’s eye is not suitable for everyone. There are categories of people that tiger eye gemstone is not suitable for. These are:

  1. Those that their dates of birth fall under any of the following signs of the zodiac below, you can’t wear a tiger eye
  2. Libra
  3. Capricorn
  4. Taurus
  5. Aquarius
  6. If you find it difficult to sleep at night, you should not wear a tiger’s eye because of its activeness.  

Top Tiger Eye Crystal Benefits

Considering the healing and energy properties of tiger’s eye crystal, it is undisputable loaded with amazing benefits. Some top tiger’s eye crystal benefits are:

  1. Tiger’s eye offers healing qualities.
  2. Tiger’s eye helps to cultivate new innovation and proffered solutions to tough issues.
  3. It can help you to see things differently, and positively.
  4. It provides more clarity as it enhances your vision and expand your insight.
  5. It offers the energy to seize any prospect to succeed that comes your way.
  6. It is an eye opener.
  7. It makes you to dare anything, by enlarging your heart.
  8. It can fuel your passion for trying new things and achieve your dreams.
  9. It can bring good luck.
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How To Wear Tiger Eye Stone?

Wearing the tiger’s eye stone in the right way can deliver the desired result. So, how do you wear this precious stone?

According to Feng Shui, the best way to wear a tiger’s eye stone is to wear it as a ring and put it on the ring finger of your right hand.

It can also be combined with a silver pendant and ensure to change it and the pendant every year.

How To Use Tiger Eye Stone For Healing

The tiger’s eye can be used for healing and it draws its healing strength by combining the force of the natural elements such as solar and the terrestrial.

Tigers Eye Meaning and Benefits
Tigers Eye Meaning and Benefits
  • Since tiger’s eye is reliable in providing harmony and stability, you can count on its healing ability to provide natural healing to the body.
  • You can use tiger’s eye stone for healing when your energy is depleting or you are feeling wearied, tired and weak.
  • It works well by stabilizing your endocrine system, ensuring you stay strong.
  • You can benefit from its healing power by using the chi energy to awake your passion, happiness, optimism, effectiveness and efficiency.
  • When you feel depressed, lay hold on heat tiger’s eye draws from the sun to melt away every source of depression and anxiety.  
  • Tiger’s eye can help you to properly channel your energy drive, allow you to feel confident and release vitality to accomplish your plans.
  • Use tiger’s eye to get rid of indigestion, stomachaches, dizziness, and severe tiredness.

Tiger Eye Stone Side Effects

Despite the energy and healing potency the tiger eye stone carries, it has some side effects.

There are different types of tiger eyes and some have a certain amount of harmful toxins such as asbestos and silicosis, which make them unsuitable for wearing. And these harmful toxins can cause diseases like lung cancer.

Other common side effects are as below.

  • Discomfort in Heartbeat.
  • High BP and sweating.
  • Feeling nausea and vomiting.
  • Skin problems and irritation.

Blue Tiger’s Eye

The blue tiger eye is a type of tiger eye and is symbolic. The indispensable nature of the tiger eye can also be found in the blue tiger eye stone as well.

Therefore, the blue tiger eye is recognized as a crystal that can provide vitality, security, fortification, safety, power, and determination.

It is suitable for those who want to feel as confident and courageous as the tiger.

What Is Tiger’s Eye Chakra

The Chakra has a connection with the ground, and that is why it is known as the root chakra or base chakra. In other words, the tiger eye chakra functions based on its connection with the ground by providing strength and firmness.

By making use of tiger eye chakra, you are inviting energy to remain steady, and firm. Since the ground can absorb anything, know that every unpleasant experience and bad thought can be absorbed by tiger eye stone.

Tiger eye chakra opens you up to a world of energy, possibility, and enthusiasm to accomplish your task.

Steps for Cleansing Tiger Eye Stones & Jewelry

Cleansing is a very crucial part of every stone to function properly. The importance of cleansing tiger eye stones and jewelry cannot be overemphasized.

As dust gathers on your stone over time, it loses its luster and cleansing makes the effectiveness of this gemstone to be intact, without losing worth.

Washing tiger eye stone and jewelry require some precautions because of the composition; therefore it is important to know how to cleanse the stone for effective usage.

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  • Make sure to wash your hands each time you clean your tiger eye stone because it is composed of asbestos.
  • Cleanse the tiger eye stone with cleansing gemstones composed of selenite or clear quartz to get rid of any negative energy from the stone. Carry out this step before and after using the stone.

Steps To Clean Tiger Eye Stones And Jewelry

  1. Clean using soap: One of the effective ways to clean tiger eye stone and jewelry is by using mild soap (organic soap) to preserve the luster. Using organic soap preserves the energy and luster of the tiger eye because tiger eye loses its worth using acidic soaps.
  2. Rinse your stone with plain water to remove negative energies.
  3. Then get a soft cloth so as to remove moisture.
  4. In order to subject your gemstone to further purification, you can make use of incense which is proven to be effective in absorbing bad energy and also revitalize depleting energy. So, get burning sweet incense around your tiger eye stones.
  5. Yon can also use sun light and moon light for cleansing the stone.
  6. Burning sage is another way to clear its negative energies.

Types Of Tiger Eye Jewelry

Pieces of jewelry are one of the great ways through which tiger eye stone is used, and that is why we provided the types of tiger eye jewelry.

  • Golden tiger eye: This is one of the types of tiger eye jewelry and is appropriate when it is necessary to take step. Keeping this type of tiger eye jewelry opens your eyes to the right step and action to take. It is also helpful where you need to make quality decision that can mar or make your dream. Golden tiger eye also offers protection, and is capable of enhancing your ability to concentrate.
  • Red Tiger’s Eye: Red tiger eye is another type of tiger eye jewelry which is suitable for those who lack enthusiasm, passion, and motivation to get things done. Where you need to recharge your energy level when you feel lethargic, use red tiger eye.

Does Tiger’s Eye Bring Good Luck?

Without a doubt, the tiger eye is symbolic of bringing good luck. It is also capable of bringing healing and protection to its user.

In addition, this stone can help to make you develop full concentration, increase your thinking, and intellectual capacity. If you want to remove fear, negative energy and be courageous, use the tiger eye.

The Best Position To Put Tigers Eye Inside Your Bedroom?

It is important to know how to properly position the tiger eye stone inside your bedroom.

Since this gemstone is effective in providing solutions to some life difficulties, you can place it close to you. For example, if you are losing peace and happiness as a result of a stressful and busy schedule, you can alleviate such a bad experience that makes lose your sleep by placing a piece of tiger eye stone (red) under your bed.

In addition, Feng shui established that placing your crystal stone like tiger eye stone at the center of your home, office, or any given space can be helpful since that position shares a strong bond with the earth element.

How Do You Set Intentions With Tiger’s Eye?

The kind of intentions you have can determine the result you obtain in life. The tiger eye can help you to build positive intentions towards achieving your dream.  

In order to set your intentions right and see your dreams come true, you have to confess positively holding your stone close to you.

Therefore, set your intentions with the tiger’s eye by making use of positive declarations to attract prosperity, happiness, good luck, and breakthrough to your life such as:

  1. I am succeeding, and excelling.
  2. I am scaling new heights.
  3. In control of the affairs of life.
  4. I am standing firm no matter the challenges.
  5. I am maximizing every open doors that I see.
  6. Starting to prospering.
  7. I am healthy.
  8. I am beautiful, and loaded with great qualities
  9. Always precious, and loving.
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How Do You Meditate With Tigers Eye?

We provide various ways that can aid your meditation. You can go out alone with your crystal stone and meditate, thereby connecting with your intuition and inner being.

  • Locating a quiet and serene environment is key to gainful meditation. For example, you can use your garden, attractive, comfortable and neat space in your home.
  • Ensure the space is properly cleaned using incense, and candle lightning ahead of time to remove bad energy. 
  • Bring in your tiger eye crystal stones to form a suitable place for the spirits to meddle with yours. Go ahead and position many stones around you to help your meditation or around the corners of your space.

Tigers Eye Compatibility With Other Stones

The Tiger eye stone is a unique stone that can form a synergy with other stones. In other words, the tiger eye is compatible with other stones and this resonation can usher in good luck, clarity, prosperity, and strength.

The following stones are compatible with tiger eye:

How To Activate Tigers Eye?

Activating your tiger eye helps you to benefit from the healing and energy properties it carries.

So, one major way to activate the tiger eye is by wearing it either as a bracelet or jewelry.

If it is your desire to build your inner strength, boost your self-esteem, as well believe in your ability, wear the tiger eye on the left hand. While wearing as jewelry ensures you’re closer to the energy it carries.  

FAQs- Tigers Eye Meaning

Q: What Energy Does Tiger’s Eye Have?

Throughout history, the tiger’s eye has been recognized as a crystal that contains healing and protective energies because of the nature it carries. It is also made up of positive energy capable of attracting good luck and dispelling bad energy. 

Q: Which Hand To Wear Tiger Eye Bracelet

According to feng shui, the best hand to wear the tiger eye bracelet is the left hand.

The reason is that your left hand is quite open to receiving, sensitive, responsive, and non-controlling.

Wearing on the left-hand offers protection, healing and boosts your self-esteem.

Q: What Does Tiger’s Eye Attract? 

Tiger’s Eye can help to attract the good things of life such as wealth, happiness, luck, protection, and healing.    

If you want boldness, confidence, love, and success, tiger eye can help you to attract these qualities.

Q: Where Should I Put My Tiger Eye?

For effective use, you can put the tiger eye stone on your body by wearing as jewelry.

This gives you the opportunity to be intimate with the energy the tiger eye carries. Tiger eye also works well by placing it on your root chakra.

In conclusion

In this blog, we have talked about Tigers Eye Meaning and its Benefits.

The tiger eye is unrivaled in terms of the healing and energy qualities that it contains, and using it properly can benefit you always. Ensure to use tiger eye for your benefit.