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How To Use Green Tourmaline Healing Properties [15 Ways]

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What are Green Tourmaline Healing Properties? Green Tourmaline belongs to the family of Tourmaline and is notable for its energy healing, various benefits in Feng Shui, and other practices.

Tourmaline comes in different colors such as pink, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and then a blend of two or more of these colors. Among several colors of tourmaline crystal available, Green Tourmaline is distinctive, popular, and classic.

Green Tourmaline
Green Tourmaline Healing Properties

The value of this amazing crystal is tied to its active vibration qualities and falls among the semi-precious gemstone. The Green Tourmaline is used for healing purposes for many years. In fact, many tribes regard Green Tourmaline as a crystal to be kept close to you.

Apart from green tourmaline metaphysical properties, it is known to boost confidence, give happiness and needed inspiration, and eliminate your fear. It is capable of increasing your strength and vigor. If you are looking for a beautiful and vibrant stone to add to your gemstone collection, it is Green Tourmaline.

In this blog, we will show you how to use Green Tourmaline for healing. You will know some of the health benefits loaded in this amazing crystal. This is one miraculous gem you must not do without when it comes to healing!

You will learn more about the following topics that will help you know more about how to use Green Tourmaline for healing:

  • What is the spiritual meaning attached to tourmaline?
  • What are the Uses of Green Tourmaline?
  • Is It Rare to Find Dark Green Tourmaline?
  • What is the Value of Green Tourmaline?
  • Can Green Tourmaline Be Worn by Anyone?
  • How to Use Green Tourmaline for Healing?
  • Where Can You Purchase Green Tourmaline Jewelry
  • Where is Green Tourmaline From?
  • What are the Benefits & Uses
  • What is the Worth of Tourmaline Stone?
  • How Can You Use Green Tourmaline?
  • Can Green Tourmaline Bracelet Be Worn & How?

What is the spiritual meaning attached to tourmaline?

Green Tourmaline is a type of Tourmaline that belongs to the semi-precious crystals, and a Tourmaline gemstone that is green in color.

One distinctive attribute of this crystal is that it is endowed with health properties and can be considered a brilliant gemstone for jewelry because of its vibrant color and luster.

Similarly, the color green represents the heart chakra, and this is where affection, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness reside in your heart.

Also, the heart chakra accommodates the energies needed to carry out negative expressions, such as wrath, bitterness, sadness, and anger.

What is the spiritual meaning of tourmaline?

Tourmaline has a spiritual meaning, and this is determined by its shape and structure. The structure of Tourmaline is a hexagon, and this shape is known to fuel energy and active performance.

Therefore, Tourmaline has the capacity to help you attract your desires or wishes as well as assist you in developing energies you always dream to have.

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Among other gemstones, Green Tourmaline is good for releasing pleasant vibrations that affect the level of joy and happiness in you. The vibration coming from the crystal enhances your wellness and happiness.

Also, it has an effect on your heart making it to be caring, loving, and compassionate, and it can improve your health through electromagnetic properties present in the earth which resonate with the Green Tourmaline.

What are the Uses of Green Tourmaline?

Green Tourmaline serves many purposes and has outstanding benefits. Among them is that it can position and energize you to start manifesting love and improve the level of romance in a relationship.

green tourmaline healing properties
green tourmaline healing properties

Green Tourmaline is powerful to remove anger or bitterness, and also empower you to be tolerant and forgive. In addition, it is helpful in bringing prosperity, especially wealth into your life.

Green tourmaline has energy healing capacity and can improve your energy, thus assisting you to gain enough emotional and physical energy anytime you sense they are empty inside you.

Can Green Tourmaline Bracelet Be Worn & How?

Just like any other Feng Shui Bracelets, Green Tourmaline Bracelet can be worn easily around your wrist. It can be held close to the body anytime, anywhere.

What is loaded inside the Green Tourmaline bracelet is amazing. It will definitely energize you to achieve your dream, realize your potential, and strengthen you.

If you want to enjoy vigor and vitality, get a Green Tourmaline bracelet, just like black obsidian bracelet.

Is It Rare to Find Dark Green Tourmaline?

Green Tourmaline was discovered in some countries, and these countries can boast of huge deposits of these attractive gemstones. These countries include Brazil, the USA, Africa, Afghanistan, and Australia.

But it is rare to find real and dark green Tourmaline among the crystals because of its properties.

What are the Top Benefits of Green Tourmaline Stone in Feng Shui?

The Green Tourmaline is useful in Feng Shui because of the many benefits derived from this delightful stone. Listed below are some of them.

  • Green Tourmaline has the healing properties to relieve stress, enhance mental soundness and improve the alertness of the brain.
  • Help blood circulation and improve the immune system.
  • Effective in decreasing toxin-related diseases.
  • Green Tourmaline has powerful detoxification and cleansing properties that can help cleanse the nervous system, organs, and body tissues.
  • Help to reduce stress from the body, and enhance vitality, and vigor.
  • Has the ability to generate its own heat which releases a powerful stabilizing effect on our nerves.
Type of TourmalineBenefitsProperties
Green TourmalineUseful for healing the physical heart attract negative energy enhance physical energy in terms of strength, activeness, vitality, and courageClassic Delightful Healing virtues
 Color range: Mint green, Deep emerald green, and Dark green (black)Shades: Dark bottle green, Light green, yellow-green, blue-green, and olive green  
Green Tourmaline Healing Properties

Other types of Tourmalines are Blue Tourmalines, known as Indicolite, Reds, and pinks are called Rubellite. While the green type of Tourmaline is called Verdilite.

What is the Value of Green Tourmaline?

Green Tourmaline is a valuable stone and one of the popular gemstones among jewelers because it possesses attractive vibrations.

As a loose stone, you can get Green Tourmaline for as much as $400 per carat. While the prices of some high-quality Green Tourmaline gemstones like chrome, rubellite go between $400-$1000 per carat.

Also, when you consider the benefits of this gemstone, you will see the value. 

Can Green Tourmaline Be Worn by Anyone?

Anyone can wear this exquisite gemstone, as it is not reserved for any class or group of people. This gemstone is ideal for people passing through hard moments like challenges with their kids, spouse, relative, or friend. Wearing this may be of help to you by strengthening you.

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Also, wearing Green Tourmaline as a necklace has been found to be helpful for those having health challenges of any kind. The Green Tourmaline composes of healing qualities which are able to clear the aura and remove blockages.  

How to Use Green Tourmaline Healing Properties?

There is a popular saying that states that “if the benefit of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”. The same is applicable to Green Tourmaline.

There is always a way to use it for healing so that you can get the desired result. Among other crystals, Green Tourmaline is useful for healing the physical heart.

In many nations such as UK, USA and Australia, Green Tourmaline is found to protect and heal. Boosting powerful properties, this crystal is different because of its ability to attract negative energy. Because it can attract negative energy, it is necessary to clean it after use.

The gemstone works by enhancing your vitality, and strength and you can preserve these effects by heating the crystal, and balancing the level of chakras you have in the body.

What is the Worth of Tourmaline Stone?

The worth of Tourmaline is determined by the color you choose to buy. Therefore the pricing varies. For example, Paraiba Tourmaline which is exotic, exquisite, and rare is the most expensive type of Tourmaline. It is sold for $10,000 per carat and above based on the size and the color saturation.

While some types of Tourmaline can be between $7 and $50 per carat. One thing is known with this stunning gemstone; the price list of Tourmaline is as broad as the color range. So the price you have depends on your color selection, and the quality.

How Can You Discover the Genuine Tourmaline?

If you want to know if Tourmaline is real, all you do is scratch out the Tourmaline to see the hardness of the crystal. Extreme hardness is one of the organic properties of Tourmalines.

Another way to know if your Tourmaline is real is by placing the Tourmaline under artificial light to reveal the color. During this process, the real Tourmaline will change color, and display a brownish undertone. If the color doesn’t change under the light, know that it is a fake Tourmaline.

Where Can You Purchase Green Tourmaline Jewelry?

We have established that Green Tourmaline carries healing properties and works by attracting negative energy that may affect one’s health, and is known to increase vitality and strength.

Your next thought is where you can buy Green Tourmaline jewelry. There are online stores and physical stores selling Green Tourmaline jewelry. For example, there are many people selling jewelry on popular online stores like Amazon. Feel free to find the best seller, and get.

If it is your desire to get one, watch out for the trade name. The trade name of Green Tourmaline is Verdilite (Vera Wang rings) and is common. People often use this trade name to sell the Green Tourmaline jewelry.

Below are my top recommendation, if you need to buy one of these.

How to Clean Green Tourmaline?

Cleaning of Feng Shui gemstone brings out its beauty more and more, and you can do it using warm water and a compactly woven microfiber or other soft fabric.

It is recommended to make use of professional jewelers to clean all your jewelry at least twice a year for a comprehensive cleaning and inspection.

Is Tourmaline More Costly than Sapphire?

Both of these crystals are beautiful gemstones, and they are used to represent different birthdays. Tourmaline represents the birthstone of October, while the Sapphire is the jewel for September.

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Both of these gemstones have a similar attribute, which is the color pink. The pink Tourmaline is cheaper than the pink Sapphire because pink Sapphire boasts brilliancy and a superb appearance than the pink Tourmalines.

Which Country Has the Most Beautiful Tourmaline?

Many countries such as Brazil, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the USA have the presence of Tourmaline.

And the best Tourmaline can be found in any of these countries because when mined, it will be coming rough and uncut from the source, which is the best form of Tourmaline. The Tourmaline gotten from any of these countries is stunning, and perfect.


Q: Does Tourmaline Come in Different Types?

The Tourmalines Are Blue Tourmalines, Known As Indicolite, Reds, And Pinks, Known As Rubellite, And The Green Tourmaline, Called Verdilite.

We Have A Different Color Range Such As Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Green, Orange, And Then There Are Blending Of Two Or More Of These Colors.

Q: Is it Good to Wear Tourmaline Everyday?

Yes, It Is Good For Every Day. Make Sure It Stays Closer To You To Gain From The Healing Properties Present In Green Tourmaline.

The Only Concern Here Is That You Must Be Careful When Working With Any Of The Tourmaline Jewelry, Especially The Ring When Working Inside The Factory.

Or Workplace That Uses A Machine to Avoids Any Injury Or Accident As A Result Of Hitting It Against An Object. This Is Applicable For Rings.

Q: How Do You Pick Tourmaline? 

Tourmaline Varies Based On Color, And That Also Determines The Quality And The Price Spectrum. In Order To Pick Tourmaline, You Have To Look At The Color Makeup.

When You Have A Gemstone With Intense Or Vibrant Color, The More The Worth Of The Crystal.

Also, To Ascertain The Quality, Place Under Artificial Light, And If The Color Undertone Changes, It Is Of Less Quality.

Q: Which Color is the Perfect for Tourmaline?

Tourmaline Comes In Different Colors Such As Green, Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow, And Orange, As Well Have Some Blending Of Two Or More Of These Colors.

Among Several Colors Of Tourmaline Gemstone Available, Green Tourmaline Is The Perfect And The Best Color.

Q: Is Tourmaline More Costly than Emerald?

There Are Some Types Of Tourmaline That Are Costly Than Emerald. For Example, Green Tourmaline Is More Costly Than Emerald When It Has A Touch Of Blue. Likewise, Chrome Tourmaline Is Also more Expensive Than Emerald.

Q: how to wear green tourmaline?

Be Proud To Wear A Green Tourmaline Crystal, As This Is Found To Be The Easiest Way To Use It. Also, The Crystals Can Be Placed Around Your Vicinity, Room, Home, Or Your Office-Based On What You Want To Achieve.

Q: Where is Green Tourmaline From?

Green Tourmaline Can Be Found In Large Deposits Particularly In Brazil, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, And The USA. 

Also, read the below articles for your knowledge.

In conclusion

In this blog, we have learned all Green Tourmaline Healing Properties.

Green Tourmaline is also a stone you must not joke with. Apart from its energy healing quality, this stunning gem is capable of bringing much-needed fortune, breakthrough, business success, and abundance.

You can use it to your advantage by keeping it close to you and seeing it gear up the creativity that helps you breed new ideas capable of making you enjoy wealth and prosperity.


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