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How To Feng Shui For Halloween: Meaning Decor Rules, Myths

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The last three months of the year are filled with diverse events and festivities.

With much anticipation and excitement, Halloween is an event celebrated in October.

Halloween celebration is filled with fun among the family and is usually marked with the use of spooky materials such as pumpkins, fake blood, leaves, ghosts, cobwebs, and black colors that may make it look scary. 

Halloween focuses on venerating the ancestors and that is why its symbolism mostly surrounds death. This celebration brings unique energy into the house as a result of the Halloween decorations used.

How To Feng Shui For Halloween

As a way to show how significant this event might be, many people swathe the front of their houses with these Halloween materials ranging from black cloth, fake blood, and ghostly figures such as vampires, skeletons, and witches.

You might be preparing to celebrate Halloween this year, and that is why we discussed in this blog Feng Shui for Halloween, meaning, décor and rules.

You will learn How To Feng Shui For Halloween symbols and attract the Halloween energy into your home.

Is Traditions Halloween Bad Feng Shui?

As the year is rounding up, and we are heading toward Christmas and New year, everyone knows what is up in the air. As an autumnal event, Halloween allows people to catch the best moment of the year.

Despite the fun and the excitement of this event, it may be seen as bad Feng Shui because of the materials used for decoration.

By following the Halloween Feng Shui decoration methods, your house can attract positive energy and be protected against bad luck, and dark stuff that negatively affects your energy.

Feng Shui Colors and Symbols of Halloween

Here are a few of the Feng Shui colors and symbols of Halloween:

Feng Shui Colors

  • Orange: This is one of the Feng Shui colors used for Halloween decorations. Orange is an auspicious color representing the fire element. It symbolizes rejuvenation, energy, power, and vibrancy. Adding this Feng Shui color can make your event bubbly and exciting.
  • Black: Black is a color used for decorating during the Halloween event. This color is one of the colors that represent the water element. Black is a color that is powerful with the ability to bring security.    
  • Purple: Purple is a color that has been adopted for celebrating Halloween. In feng shui, this color inspires and attracts prosperity and abundance. Purple shares a connection with wealth, prosperity, and self-respect.
  • Green: Green is a favorite color for marking the Halloween festival and is important in Feng Shui. It is a color that represents the wood element. It signifies development, freshness, abundance, and growth.
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Symbols Of Halloween

Here are the five most popular symbols of Halloween:

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Halloween Feng Shui Decoration and Symbols

How do you go about doing Halloween decorations in the Feng Shui way? Here are some of them.

1. Candles

Candles can be used for Halloween decorations. In feng shui, candles represent fire elements, and fire is known to purify, illuminate, and energy.

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Apart from this symbolism, candles for Halloween decorations can soothe, calm, and provide relief from every stress.   

2. Cobwebs

Cobwebs are one of the Halloween symbols used for decoration. Cobwebs are good Feng Shui and auspicious which makes them fit perfectly into the excitement of the night.

This is not the end! After the Halloween event, you are expected to clear away all the cobwebs used from your home and the surroundings to prevent any negative representation of getting stuck without moving forward in life.

This is also applicable to the actual cobwebs.

3. Lighting

Lighting is an important part of the Halloween celebration and light is seen as auspicious in feng shui.

The most popular way of lighting in Halloween events is the display of a lighted jack-o-lantern close to your door.

  • To make the event fun-filled, there is a need for adequate lighting and you can achieve this by illuminating the walkway to your house using small paper lanterns known as luminarias.  
  • When decorating for the Halloween party, using orange bulbs in your lighting fixtures can provide adequate lighting.
  • While going for this Halloween decoration, avoid putting up these colors for display in your bedroom. It is not good Feng Shui. The bedroom represents the love or relationship corner of a house.

4. Animal Symbols

In Feng Shui, some animals are seen as positive symbols. The animals are used for Halloween decorations as well. Animals such as ravens, owls, and bats are displayed outside to add more fun to the party.

How To Feng Shui For Halloween: 10 Tips

You can turn your home into good Feng Shui during the Halloween festivity. Here are 10 tips you can follow to Feng Shui your home during the Halloween party.

How To Feng Shui For Halloween

1. De-cluttering:

Clutter in the home blocks the flow of positive energy.

Therefore, it is important to de-clutter your bedroom by removing any cluttered items. Clutter causes tiredness, weakness, and stress.

De-cluttering promotes the free flow of positive energy flow in the room.

2. Halloween colors:

Colors are powerful and can influence. When you use Halloween colors, you attract Halloween energy into your house. Popular Halloween colors are black and orange.

3. Your Bedroom

Change your bedroom vibes by decorating the bed with a Halloween-themed bedspread.

4. Integrate Feng Shui Halloween Symbols

You can make the event fun-filled by lighting your room with some spooky Halloween decorations like pumpkins, owls, bats, and ravens are a few feng shui-friendly symbols, that are perfect for Halloween vibes.

You can consider placing some Halloween materials on your bedside table like a pumpkin candle, and a witch’s hat.

5. Remove debris from the front door:

Where it is acceptable to make your front door look haunted which depicts the Halloween party, removing garbage, used items, or debris from your front door can turn your home into good Feng Shui during the Halloween festivity.

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The main objective here is to allow the flow of energy into your home.

6. Using Feng Shui Animal Symbols

You can Feng Shui your home during the Halloween party by decorating with the appropriate animals. Some animals have positive symbolism in Feng Shui.

Animals like owls, bats, and ravens can be placed inside facing outside through the windows. They attract good energy.   

7. Adequate lighting:

In Feng Shui, lighting is important and auspicious. By adding enough lighting to your home during the Halloween event, you are Feng Shui your home.

Light is a good energy that changes the vibes of the home. Use many Halloween lighting fixtures such as candles, Jack-o-lanterns, and luminaria to attract positive energy into your home.

8. Add Metal Element

Adding a touch of a metal element such as gold or silver to your Halloween decoration can provide balance and stability because these metals are extracted from the earth. The earth element in Feng Shui offers stability.

9. Improve Homes CHI Energy

Ensure your home is well-lit and calm which makes the moment exciting and at the same time attracts energy for the event.

10. Organize Home After The party

Tidy up your home after the Halloween party is over. Let every place looks organized to allow the free flow of energy.

Common Halloween Symbol And Their Meanings:

Many symbols are used to mark Halloween festivity and some common symbols are listed below:


This is a popular symbol used for celebrating Halloween. It is a pumpkin figure which is symbolic of dispelling evil spirits away. It has long been used to celebrate Halloween.


Witch is one of the most ancient Halloween symbols. Using the symbols of witches during Halloween means wisdom. According to Celtic culture, the meaning of which is the “wise ones”.  


Candles are one of the symbols used for Halloween. Candles provide lighting which makes it possible to keep the darkness away. Candles will also fill the atmosphere with scent and provide relief for every stress.   

Blood Symbol

Blood is a symbol that has significant value during Halloween parties. The main purpose of using blood is to show how ghostly the holiday is. 

Halloween Bat

Bat animal is used as part of the Halloween symbols based on their symbolism of strong sights. Bats are always attracted to insects, hence they gather during the event.


One of the common symbols of Halloween is a ghost. During Halloween night, ghosts are believed to appear for the celebration.

The spirit of the dead walking around to check out on their loved ones and where they lived become apparent during the party.

Owl Symbol

The owl symbol is commonly used for Halloween for a long time, and its meaning centers around the symbolism of the bat.

Skeleton Symbols

Skeletons are one of the Halloween symbols that strike and make people look haunted.

Skeletons symbols are used to signify it is a party about the dead. Many use skeleton costumes and various animal skeletons are illustrated for this purpose. 

Spider Symbol

Spider symbolism is just to make the home and its surroundings look like a haunted and deserted place. They love to stay in dark deserted places like caves, graveyards, and dungeons.

Using spiders and cobwebs make Halloween look spooky and horrific. This makes spiders usually associated with the Halloween holiday.  

Top Feng Shui Halloween Superstitions

Halloween has its superstitions. Many have attached different beliefs and superstitions to this festivity. A few of them are listed below:    

  • When you burn candles inside a Jack O’ Lantern, it can dispel every evil spirit around.
  • Ensure to burn candles on Halloween to avoid suffering bad luck the rest of the year.
  • Gazing into the flame of a candle during Halloween makes you see the future.
  • During Halloween night, if it occurred that you heard some footsteps coming at your back; don’t turn to check who is there. Doing so can make you be challenged by the ghost or dead spirit which can result in your death.
  • Burning a fire during Halloween can result in bad luck for the remaining days of the year unless you seek priestly counsel.
  • Seeing a spider during the Halloween festivity may suggest one thing- you are being watched by the spirit of a dead loved one.
  • For anyone that wants to encounter a witch on Halloween night, what you do is wear clothes you like inside out and then stroll backward.
  • Giving out nuts to children during Halloween means you are guaranteed protection against the Devil.
  • Ringing a bell during Halloween chases away the dark spirits. Ringing a lot of bells at the night is seen as a good thing.
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How Do I Decorate My Apartment For Halloween?

  • Start by hanging witches’ hats or placing them on a table.
  • Get a huge Halloween-themed sticker and let it be placed on the window.
  • Position Halloween-themed items like pumpkins, candles, owls, etc.
  • Use cobwebs and spiders to decorate the surroundings and the plants.
  • Spread a Halloween-themed quilt over your bed.

In Conclusion

You can turn your Halloween holiday into a memorable event by following the tips above. And also you can expect to enjoy luck and positivity while looking ahead into the remaining days of the year.

How To Feng Shui For Halloween FAQ

Q: What Day Should You Put Halloween Decorations Up?

You can put up decorations from late September since Halloween comes in October.

Q: How Can I Be The Best House On Halloween?

Decorate your house with spooky Halloween items. From your bedroom to your living room, and the surrounding, fill the entire space with Halloween.

Q: How Do You Decorate Your House For Halloween?

Decorate your house starting from the front door and the pathway by placing luminaria, lighting fixtures, and other spooky Halloween items outside.

Halloween colors such as black and orange can be used to decorate your house for Halloween. 

Q: How Can I Make My Room Feel Like Halloween?

To make your room feel like Halloween, you can position some of the Halloween-themed materials on your bedside table, like a pumpkin candle, and a Halloween mug.

You can also change the atmosphere of your room by using Halloween colors for lighting. You place orange candles in the room too.

Q: What Do You Put In A Haunted House?

The main things you put in a haunted house to make it look scary include: skeletons, witch’s hats, spider’s cobwebs, fake blood, and bat and owl symbols.

Q: How Do I Decorate My Apartment Balcony For Halloween?

You can decorate your apartment balcony for Halloween decorating with the appropriate animals.

Animals symbols like owls, bats, and ravens can be put on the balcony of your apartment. You can cover your balcony with skeletons, fake blood, and lanterns.