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How To Use a Singing Bowl For Healing + Cleansing Guide

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Singing bowls are also popular, as Frequency Bowl, Himalayan bowls, and Tibetan bowls, for cleansing. They are extensively used across the globe for various sound therapies, just like Tibetan Prayer Flags.

The singing bowl produces different sounds that work on every cell in the body which is used for healing different parts of the body and is good for many health benefits few are below.

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What is the science of singing bowls?

It is ideal to loosen up music to accomplish a province of Zen and to rehearse care. Our Tibetan Singing bowl music.

Which joins woodwind music, and sporadically the sound of Tibetan singing bowl, is incredible rest music to assist you with unwinding and rest.

This quieting music is Zen music and can likewise be utilized for chakra adjusting or to open your chakra to assist you with accomplishing care.

In this article, we will try to answer many questions such as How To Use a Singing Bowl For Healing and Cleansing and the topics below topics.

  • how to play a singing bowl.
  • how to use a Tibetan singing bowl.
  • how to use a Tibetan bowl for cleaning.
  • how to use a singing bowl for meditation, etc

So if this is something that fascinates you, then you are in the right place.

What is the spiritual meaning of a singing bowl?

The main advantage of using singing bowl sound therapy is that it calms your mind, body,, and soul. And balancing all 3 is to balance your overall life. You can concentrate better, you can take correct and valid decisions personally, and professionally.

By practicing sing bowl after some time, you will feel totally rejuvenated and energetic as it creates relaxing and powerful vibes that directly work on your chakras.

How to use a singing bowl for healing?

Tibetan singing bowl healing & cleansing is no hoax.

Various scientific researches of electromagnetic waves emerging from the brain have confirmed the existence of waves that match certain frequencies.

Which in turn activates a different part of our subconscious mind. These sounds are also produced by various other objects such as energy-clearing bells.

It also resonates with the brain in its normal state, which is our everyday conscience.

Alpha waves are present while we are meditating. Also, they produce a calming effect on the consciousness as well as help your mind and body in relaxing.

Two more different types of waves are also recognized by scientists and they are called Beta waves.

They are present only while we are sleeping and the other one is Theta waves, which originate during the state of slumber.

So how do singing bowls work?

Wave patterns recorded from the singing bowl are recognized to have the same patterns as that of alpha waves produced by our mind.

How To Use a Singing Bowl For Healing
How To Use a Singing Bowl For Healing

Therefore, properly synchronizing them provides a deep feeling of relaxation.

Sound therapy is famous among people for the same reason. As it is one of the easiest and most effective ways to relax our minds and restore harmony.

Though any kind of music that provides you with a soothing feeling is beneficial but using a singing bowl is very effective in particular.

For millennia, singing bowls were used by our ancestors to activate the deep state of our mind known as our “consciousness”.

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It is used to correct energetic imbalances and expand them.

What are the benefits of singing bowls?

Tibetan singing bowl for cleansing has many endless benefits such as

  • It is excellent for meditation purposes.
  • It is also used for muscle regeneration and deep relaxation.
  • It also helps to relieve pain in the shoulders, muscles, and joints, and to ease pain related to the digestive system, sciatica, migraines, spine injuries, headaches, or spinal injuries.
  • It also helps to improve circulation release blockages, and tension or open the blocked chakras of the body, and eliminate toxins from the body.

Using singing bowls for relaxation, using its vibrations improves concentration along with emotional benefits.

Also, it helps in unblocking blocked chakras. The vibration of the bowl can help ease emotional or mental pain (fear, worries, low self-esteem, depression, insomnia, anxiety).

Their unique tones and frequencies are used to stabilize blood pressure. It also helps with asthma-related issues.

Children having hyperactive disorders can also benefit from this as it boosts the immune system.

How to use singing bowls as a beginner?

Being a beginner, there are numerous things that you can take into account while using a singing bowl.

The basic principle is to strike the bowl and then run circles around the edge in a clockwise direction. But the techniques require perfection.

Here are the points worth considering while using a singing bowl:

The first and most important principle is “Practice”! And like any other skill, by practicing, you will get better with time. Hence, always remember, “practice makes a man perfect”. Therefore, in case you might not get it right in the beginning, be patient and don’t get discouraged.

Now this may come out as a stretch, but point number 2 is a reminder about step 1. “Be patient”! Okay guys you need to understand that using a singing bowl must generate a relaxing experience for you. So, if you are not getting it right don’t stress about it. It’ll just take the fun away and what’s the point if it is stressing you out even more.

Using correct equipment is also necessary as it affects the sound your bowl produces. Using a wrong or broken mallet can prevent the singing bowl from producing the perfect sound. Also, It may bring discomfort.

Since the bowl’s size determines the mallet’s size. Therefore, always take this into consideration while choosing a striker for your singing bowl.

Finding your bowl’s sweet spot is also necessary. The sweet spot is the part of the surface where the vibrations are most stable and smooth, free from any kind of interference or chatter. It requires patience, effort, pressure, angle, and speed to find your bowl’s sweet spot.

Here are some does and don’ts for playing, a singing bowl you can consider:


  • Start your singing bowl session with the intention
  • Try different techniques to generate unique sounds.
  • Always stay close to the bowl’s rim.
  • Take good care of your bowl to enjoy its benefits for a long duration.
  • Always keep practicing to get better results.


  • Make sure that your fingers don’t touch your bowl’s side.
  • Avoid gripping the striker tightly.
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How to use a crystal singing bowls?

Using crystal singing bowls is very similar to using a normal one.

Crystals are believed to contain positive energy which when synchronized with your energy can help you feel calm, happy, and relaxed.

How To Use a Singing Bowl For Healing
How To Use a Singing Bowl For Healing

Steps to play:

  1. Use a quiet and calm space to place your crystal bowl.
  2. Use a rubber bowl if you are using a large singing bowl. It will help to stabilize the bowl when put on a flat surface. The crystals are smooth, so there is a chance of them slipping.
  3. You can place smaller bowls in hand; it will also help you to hear the sounds better.
  4. Gently tap the outer rim with a mallet and then gradually glide it around the outer edges of the rim.
  5. Vary the pressure you apply to vary the sound until you find your “sweet spot”.
  6. “Patience” is the key, it might take you a while before you find that sweet spot.
  7. Make sure to use light strokes and use very light pressure. As the quartz bowls are very fragile and they can break very easily. If you handle them with care they will remain beautiful and effective for very long.

How to use a singing bowl to cleanse crystals?

If you ever think about how to cleanse your crystal stone, then we can suggest some really easy and effective methods to help you with the process.

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The method we are talking about includes using a singing bowl to clean your crystal. Using crystal is believed to have some kind of positive effect on your conscience and overall wellness.

To clean your crystals using a singing bowl follow the given instructions carefully. Singing bowls are known for their healing powers, so this process also promotes your mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Take a clean piece of cloth and spread it on a flat surface. Make sure the table, as well as the cloth, is clean and clutter-free.
  • Place your crystal on the cloth and keep the singing bowl near it.
  • Now you can start the cleansing process by using your singing bowl. Gently strike the singing bowl with a mallet so that you hear a ringing sound.
  • Start moving your mallet on the rim of the singing bowls. After you’ve struck the bowl start moving the mallet in the clockwise direction to make your bowl sing. Moving the mallet around will help the ringing sound to perpetuate.
  • Avoid placing your crystal inside the bowl as the high vibrations produced by the bowl can damage your crystal.
  • Always practice singing bowl movements a few times if you are a beginner. The quality of your singing bowl also matters, therefore, it is recommended to buy a nice one.

Can you put water in a singing bowl?

When you play a singing bowl, the strike and movement along the edges create vibrations and sounds that travel throughout the bowl.

If you put water inside the bowl and then play it. The water will also start to resonate along with the vibrations. As water element is one of the five feng shui elements. Water and metal elements when used together, create powerful healing energies.

It’ll create droplets and waves that look too beautiful and are a sight to be seen.

  • When the bowl is filled with water and you play the singing bowl by rubbing the mallet around its edges.
  • The water inside it will also start to vibrate and it will resonate with the vibrations of the bowl and sound waves will further amplify through the water.
  • This will further grow into a rippling movement, soon the water droplets will start to bounce along the surface.
  • This occurrence will produce a mesmerizing sound and it will resemble the feeling of rain falling.
  • Listening to such natural and organic sounds as rainfall will produce a very soothing effect.
  • Also, it can be very relaxing and can lower your stress levels. In this hectic world where people want to remain close to the environment.
  • This can prove to be a very efficient solution. Such sounds increase the parasympathetic response.
  • Which will help you to relax and function more smoothly in your day-to-day life.

How to use singing bowls for chakras?

The singing bowls are intermittently connected to the chakras. Here are the chakras and their connection with singing bowls. Chakra bowl meanings are as follows.

How To Use a Singing Bowl For Healing
How To Use a Singing Bowl For Healing
  • Root Chakra: Color associated: Red, Note: C,
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Color associated: Yellow, Note: E,
  • Sacral Chakra: Color associated: Orange, Note: D,
  • Heart Chakra: Color associated: Green, Note: F,
  • Crown Chakra: Color associated: Purple, Note: B,
  • Throat Chakra: Color associated: Blue, Note: G,
  • Third Eye Chakra: Color associated: Indigo, Note: A,

The quartz crystals singing bowl sound can help in harmonizing and reshaping the resonance of the targeted chakra inside the body.

Human bodies can be healed very well with the help of sounds.

In fact, all forms of ailments can be cured through rebalancing the inner resonance in our bodies.

For instance, when a quartz crystal singing bowls are struck in a way to play the F-note, it produces a sound that connects directly with your heart chakra.

The sound produced is in the purest form and the resonant frequency will enter the heart chakra which helps in healing and awakening the body.

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It also helps in releasing all the blockages, diseases, stored energy, and ailments from the heart.

How to play multiple singing bowls?

Singing bowls work on the principle of sound vibrations.

If you are playing multiple singing bowls then you will need to be even more careful as matching the frequency of each bowl is significant.

Vibrations originating from multiple bowls can provide a similar relaxing and soothing effect on your body and mind.

What are the dangers of singing bowls?

Various neurological disorders will foreclose the usage of singing bowls. If anyone has epilepsy then you should avoid sound therapy at all costs which includes the singing bowls.

If you, however, want to use a singing bowl then you must consult a doctor, and don’t forget to use prescribed anti-epileptic medication.

People having Parkinson’s disease who use (DBS) Deep brain stimulation devices must avoid using a singing bowl at all costs.

In case you have any other neurological diseases other than those mentioned here, then please contact your physician before using singing bowls.

In addition to this don’t place a singing bowl on your body if you have any kind of heart condition.

Also, avoid using it if you have a coronary stent, cardiac shunt, implantable cardioverter defibrillator, artificial heart valves, metal implants, or metal staples.

Where should a singing bowl be placed?

Place a singing bowl on a firm surface preferably a wooden surface is recommended. In some cases, people also place these bowls on their bodies to get a more immersive experience.

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FAQs on How To Use a Singing Bowl For Healing

Q: How many decibels intensity does a Tibetan bowl produce?

Frequencies are mostly used to cure and fix different health and mental issues. It is expressed in the unit of Hertz (Hz). Our human tolerates hearing sound starts from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Where a Singing bowl produces frequencies between 110 Hz and 660 Hz.

Q: What is the difference between 7 and 9 metal singing bowls?

Based on their sizes 7 and 9 metal singing bowls, both produce different frequencies, which are used to heal different health and mental issues.

Q: How to choose a singing bowl?

As a beginner the Small Size Singing Bowl is appropriate. You can choose a size of 3.5 inches to 6 inches in diameter. Once you become professional you can go for a bigger singing bowl.

Q: Why do singing bowls hurt my ears?

For many people singing bowl, the sound will be a little disturbing. As it produces high vibrations, that might disturb the metal element in them.

Q: Singing bowl frequency generator

A metal Singing bowl generates frequency between 110 Hz and 660 Hz but brass frequency bowl can generate up to the 800s or even 900s vibrations.

Q: Why my singing bowl stopped singing?

First, check the singing bowl material if it’s damaged or cracked, it can prevent the singing bowl to produce a vibrant sound.

If it’s fine, then you may also check your mental state, if you are too tensed and eager for something then also it can impact the singing bowl sound.

Q: How to identify fake singing bowls?

A good quality singing bowl will be a little heavy as it’s made of metal. You can also start by playing, or listening to the actual singing bowl from the experts.

The real Tibetan bowl sound will be vibrant enough, you can feel its frequencies. If not, then you can check its quality..

Q: How many times to use a singing bowl for healing?

As a beginner, it’s recommended to play a singing bowl for 5 minutes a day. Gradually you can increase the frequency based on the benefits you are getting from the sound healing techniques.

Q: How to use a singing bowl for cleansing?

Singing bowls are excellent for cleansing negativity from life and from space. As we discussed singing bowl spread healing vibrations that directly work on our chakra.


Now that you know what a singing bowl is and How To Use a Singing Bowl For Healing, you can incorporate its use into your day-to-day life.

Also, if you feel there is negative energy around you, use the singing bowl sound therapy to attract fresh and positive vibes to your home and workplace.

So, if your world is full of chaos, a singing bowl is something that you can definitely use.