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How To Feng Shui For Good Health: 13 Practices To Follow

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As this is a common saying Health is Wealth. We all have to deal with health problems nowadays due to increased stress, demand to achieve more, lack of sleep, poor environment, and other reasons.

In this article, we are going to talk about how feng shui can be used to cure health issues and help maintain a healthy life.

So in this article, we will talk about Feng Shui For Health and long life in detail. Which will transform your life drastically? Yet many people think they are healthy by following a good regimen but somewhere they still need to improve their mental health.

Feng Shui For Health

Top Feng Shui Top Tips for Good Health

Here we will discuss top tips and tricks in Feng Shui that can change your well-being drastically.

It’s just to balance the right energy in the right place be it your home, bedroom, or office, Feng Shiu can enhance good energies in your environment so that you can feel healthy and positive.

Many Studies tell that most homes and businesses are lacking the basic energy level necessary to maintain the good health of people who live or work there.

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So below section is intended to be used as a feng shui and health complete guide for good health. Feng shui tips for good health can be practiced to provide well-being and longevity to you. You can try the following feng shui top tips for good health:

1. Remove Your Shoes Outside

Feng Shui recommends that you should not enter your home with the shoes on. Shoes are used extensively outdoors and Feng Shui believes that they carry the negativity and anxiety of the entire day.

Hence, carrying your shoes inside will also bring that negativity and anxiety inside your home which is not good for your health.

Your shoes will also have plenty of dirt and bacteria acquired from outside. Hence, bringing them inside your home is like inviting those bacteria.

Which can have serious health implications like respiratory ailments. You should always keep your shoes outside before entering your home to keep off negative energies and bacteria from entering inside.

2. Keep Your Home Organized and Clutter-Free

An important Fengshui top tip for good health is to keep your home always organized. It should be free from unwanted clutter.

Clutter signifies stuck energy. A cluttered house will keep you tied to past memories and prevent good opportunities and fresh energy from entering your life.

Feng shui tips to keep home clutter free

It will stagnate your growth and won’t allow you to excel in life. This will foster negativity in you and make you feel that your life is too complicated and difficult. A good starting point in keeping your home organized is to remove old items that you no longer use or need.

You can also clean the untidy items using water and sea salt. This will ensure that more positive energy enters your home and also allow it to move freely inside. You will experience a calmer and better life by doing this. 

3. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Feng shui has a few basic feng shui health elements and it recommends you stay closer to them to have a better life. Staying closer to and in harmony with these basic elements will allow you to stay protected from bad luck, sorrows, and any other type of negative energy.

You should fill your home with natural feng shui elements like air and light to allow positive energy to enter inside and get rid of any negative energies.

Houses that have poor ventilation and damp and dark rooms with basements are not suitable to live in according to feng shui. Doing so will affect your immunity and you will always be vulnerable to health ailments like colds, depression, rheumatism, etc.

It is also important to note that excessively dry air is also not good and it may lead to skin inflammation and accelerated bacteria spread.

4. Internal Structure of Your House

The internal structure of your house plays an important role in ensuring your health and well-being. The front door of your house is similar to the mouth in your body. It should be open and well-ventilated.

It should also be completely free of any dirt and garbage and should be clean. The living room can be thought of as the face of your body, hence, it should be spacious, bright, and unobstructed.

The dining room can be thought of as being synonymous with shoulders which signify ability and responsibility. The dining room and kitchen should be very organized and there should be no traces of disorder or clutter there.

The balcony and sundry rooms represent the arms and legs in the body. They should be open and well-ventilated for you to stretch out.

5. Use Positive Colors

Colors play an important role in your life. In the feng shui ritual colors are known to impact your life drastically in terms of health and well-being. You will find that most houses in China are painted according to the guidelines laid down by feng shui.

Feng Shui Cure for Health Problems

It is strongly recommended that you always use positive colors around you and in your home to fill positivity in your life. You should use a combination of only three colors at the most and choose colors that allow positive energy to circulate freely.

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The use of soft and neutral colors will provide calmness. Soothing earth colors, blue, lavender, greens, peaches, etc. should be used for bedding, artwork, fabrics, and decorative objects.

Overuse of white can also lead to “white occurrence” which can provide excess cold energy. You must add other warm colors to compensate for this.  

6. Play Natural Sounds

Feng shui recommends playing soothing natural sounds like gentle waves, mountain streams, birds chirping, the gentle breeze rustling the leaves, etc. Listening to these natural sounds has a positive impact on your health.

It reduces your heart rate makes breathing more expansive, and also allows for the calming of nerves. You can also add melodious sounds to your house in the form of large bells, wind chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, etc.

These instruments should be placed in dark corners of the room where sunlight and ventilation are not accessible. Doing so will help to move the energy into a higher vibration.

7. Sleep In the Feng Shui Health Corner Of The Home

The feng shui practices are akin to living a civilized life. Your place of sleeping has a profound impact on how your entire day goes and also on your overall health and well-being.

According to feng shui principles, the location of your bedroom should be in the health & family corner of your home. This is important as it leads to proper sleep which is important for a healthy mind and body.

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You will see that most Chinese homes take this very seriously and have bedrooms at the corner of their home only. Without adequate sleep and rest, your body will be unable to heal itself properly, which can lead to many other health disorders.

8. Proper Bed Positioning

Sleep is very closely related to your health. Feng shui prescribes certain guidelines for proper bed positioning for getting good sleep. You should ensure that there is no beam directly above your bed as it is not considered good in feng shui.

The presence of a door directly opposite to the bed’s headboard or a window just above the headboard is also not good. 

In addition to this, if there is a bathroom or washing machine upstairs just above the bed, or your bedroom is at the end of a corridor, then your sleep will be affected. This will also make you vulnerable to colds and headaches.

Feng Shui Cure
  • Some of us have the habit of packing up old items and stacking them below the bed. While this helps to save space, it is not considered a good practice in feng shui.
  • Since you won’t be able to clean the area under your bed regularly, it will lead to pest and bacteria growth.
  • It will be like sleeping above garbage which is not at all recommended. Pregnant women should never sleep with stacked items under their beds as it can affect the fetus’s health.
  • With the advent of technology, smartphones, and laptops have become an integral part of our lives.
  • Many of us sleep by putting our phones and laptops next to the bed for convenience. This is dangerous as it can subject you to sleeping in a radiation zone.
  • You will be affected regularly by headaches, dizziness, myasthenia of limbs, etc. Hence, feng shui recommends keeping these phones and laptops at a safe distance and never storing them next to the bed while sleeping.

9. Staying Clear of Dirt and Garbage

Feng shui recommends that you should never put dirt and garbage on your front door.

If there is garbage on the front door, then you will constantly see it and smell it too on opening the door. This has a negative impact on your health. Dirt and garbage can keep you tied in low resonance.

This can make you feel heavier and slowly lead to depression and other health disorders. You will most likely develop psychic debris which will always pull you down and make you feel unhealthy.

You will also find it difficult to look ahead and move forward in your life if you don’t stay clear of dirt and garbage in your home.

Top Feng Shui Plants for Health

Plating a tree indoors or close to your house is a perfect feng shui ritual for good health. When you do so, make sure that they are green and healthy.

The type of plant you choose also decides the impact it has on you and your health.

It is strongly recommended to avoid spiky plants like cactus and spiders. Weeping plants like willows and mulberry should also be avoided as they can cause sorrow, depression, etc.

Feng Shui plants

These plants should be particularly avoided from your front yard. You should plant for good health like the peace lily, lucky bamboo, etc.

Your bedroom is a space where you spend a considerable amount of your time resting and regenerating yourself. You should consider using an odd number of plants in your bedroom to bring in a sense of calmness, relaxation, and good health.

Feng Shui Paintings For Good Health

In Feng Shui, the East Direction wall is a place for good artwork and paintings. That suggests the positivity of nature, as this is a symbol of health and life.

Use this wall for family portraits that show happiness and joy. It could be any memory like wedding pictures, holiday pics, etc.

Feng Shui Bagua for Health and Family

Feng shui Bagua is a map that depicts different corners of luck that have a profound impact on your life. The Feng Shui Bagua for health and family lies in the east or left side area of your house.

If you have been experiencing ill health and strained relationships in your house, then you need to work on the east Feng Shui Bagua for health and family.

The energy produced in the east feng shui health Bagua will have a strong impact on your health and family relationships. This area supports not only your physical health, but mental, emotional, and spiritual health also.

The East is considered as a place for health, vitality, and family. Feng shui believes that health and well-being are strongly linked to the family. To improve health and family relationships.

You will have to work on the east corner carefully. Feng shui Bagua for health and family can help you improve the health and longevity of your family members.

The following tips can help you create the desired energies in this corner which can improve your health and family relationships:

Start Carefully

An important tip to get started is to tread with caution and patience. This area should be treated as a tree- it needs time to grow and branch out. You should remember that even the mightiest of the trees was once a seed.

If you have been experiencing severe health problems and highly strained family relationships, it becomes even more important that you energize this area slowly.

Sudden changes or the sledgehammer approach does not work well with the element wood. In order to get the best and most sustainable changes, you should begin with basic and gentle changes.

Decorate Using Easy Wood Elements

The east Bagua area represents the wooden element and thus decorating it with wooden elements can help to energize it. You should use green, blue, and turquoise colors combined with rectangular shapes.

The element of wood is nourished by the water which means you can use marine colors like marine blue, black, dark colors, etc. to complement your decorative elements. This will help in creating vivid and strong natural energies in this corner.

When using plants for this purpose, you should ensure that they are green and in good vibrant health. Plants that are dead or have sharp leaves or thorns like cacti should be strictly avoided as their energy is too aggressive. Artificial plants or pictures of plants can also serve this purpose.

Use Charms and Ideas

You can use small charms and ideas to improve your health and family relationships.

You can see that sometimes making the smallest changes can create a considerable impact.

  • A good example is placing a plant in the east area of your desk, which may provide you with the necessary support for a healthy life.  
  • You can also consider painting the east corner of your home green and using your family photographs on them. Infusion of fresh and good quality air is another undervalued or ignored remedy that can improve your health condition.
  • You can use air-purifying plants or air purifiers to clean the air to ensure better health. Another important tip for energizing the east Bagua is to clean and declutter it.
  • A clutter-free and organized space plays a vital role in ensuring better health and harmonious family relationships according to feng shui.
  • It is recommended to use floral prints and stripes on natural fabrics for nourishing the wood energy.

Feng Shui Tips For Cancer

Cancer has become more prevalent and common these days. The main reasons behind this can be attributed to a hectic and stressful lifestyle. Even with considerable advancements in medical science, cancer still remains a fatal disease. The treatment is also costly which is difficult to afford for everyone.

Feng shui can come to your help in such situations. Feng shui adjustments can be made at your home for therapeutic effects to counter the negative energies and boost your immunity for fighting cancer.

However, it is important to note that this should not be considered as the only remedy for curing cancer, rather it should be viewed as an alternative remedy. The following feng shui tips can help you deal with cancer:

Start with the Bedroom

The bedroom is a very important part of your home where you will spend substantial time. The bedroom door should not open directly into a bathroom and the bed should never be placed against a wall shared by a toilet.

  • Bedroom doors should not open straight into a staircase as it can allow negative energies to enter. They should also not face the corner edge of another room as it can block the free flow of energy.
  • If a bedroom is occupied by someone who is ill, then it should have good ventilation and fresh paint for the infusion of a new burst of energy.
  • The placement of the bed in the bedroom also plays an important role in fighting diseases like cancer. You should never sleep in a bed facing a mirror as it can create serious health issues especially related to the heart.
  • A television should also count as a mirror as it reflects light. If you must have a mirror or television in the bedroom, then they should be covered when not in use.
  • Similarly, you should not sleep with a picture of the lake, waterfall, aquarium, etc. behind the bed as it has the same ill effect as a mirror.
  • The bed should never be under a beam. If you sleep directly under a beam, then it can cause severe headaches and migraines. If the beam crosses the chest level while sleeping.
  • You can experience health disorders related to the heart, lungs, respiratory system, etc. Beams are considered very bad in the bedroom under feng shui.
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Move to the Kitchen

Kitchens are important spaces in your house for practicing feng shui for health. If the kitchen directly faces a bedroom, then it can bring terminal feng shui for healing illness to family members.

The kitchen door should not be in a straight line with either the front or back door as good energy will move through it without circulating in the house.


The kitchen and stove in it represent the wife’s health and it affects her luck the most. The stove must be clean at all times or it will negatively impact the health of family members.

The facing direction of the stove should be oriented. Facing a good direction for warding off serious Feng Shui for healing illness.

The stove represents a fire element and it should never be kept next to the sink. As it will bring in a clash of fire and water elements. It should also never be kept in the northwest corner of the kitchen as it will be analogous to setting fire to heaven’s gates.

Feng Shui Cure for Health Problems

The following are some of the most effective feng shui for health problems:

Clear the Junk

As already discussed earlier, your house should be free from junk and unnecessary clutter. Staying in a house full of junk creates stagnant energy and hinders positive energy from entering your house and life.

It also blocks the circulation and free flow of positive energy within the house. You will be unable to move forward in your life and will be living in the traumatic experiences of your past.

Clutter in the bedroom should never be allowed and it should be cleaned up first to ensure better health and longevity of family members.

You should make a conscious attempt to keep your house as organized and clutter-free as possible to ward off any health problems.

Display the Wu Lou

Wu Lou is an important feng shui symbol that has been used for centuries to achieve good health and longevity. It is shaped like a two-segment bottle and represents heaven and earth.

It signifies a perfect harmony between heaven above and earth below. Wu Lou is supposed to absorb negative energy. You can choose a metal Wu Lou to cure your illness.

It can be placed on an upright nightstand in your room. You can experience the negative energies being absorbed by Wu Lou and an increase in the flow of positive energy in your home, which can be beneficial for curing health disorders.

Add the Right Elements

In feng shui, earth and wood are the two elements associated with health and well-being. You can increase positive energy and ensure the better health of family members by adding these two elements to your house. Each element is represented by color, shape, and material.

The wood element is depicted by all shades of green, columnar shapes resembling trees, and things made from wood.

You can use wooden things to strengthen the wood element. However, it is important not to overdo one component and to maintain a proper balance between all the five key elements.

Being Centered

According to feng shui, the center of your home is the most important area in it. It also signifies health and longevity. The center of the house binds all the other areas of your house. When you make a Feng Shui Bagua, then identifying the center of the house is easy.

Once identified, you should work towards improving the energy flow and circulation around it. This will help in improving the health and longevity of family members.

You should try to ensure that the center of the house is clear of any negative objects and clutter. You can also add elements representing the earth element in this area.

Being Grounded

The earth element in feng shui is associated with the center of your house and thus with health and longevity. You should invoke the earth element in your house to enjoy better health and well-being of your family members.

The earth element is represented by colors of yellow and brown, square-shaped shapes, and materials derived from the earth like clay and stone.

Using a vase in the center of your house with yellow flowers is a good way to integrate the earth and wood elements. Alternatively, the vase can also be placed on the kitchen countertop.

Emphasizing the earth element provides stability in your life and makes you feel more grounded. This reduces stress and aids in achieving improved health.

Increase Your Personal Chi

In addition to improving the chi in your house, it is also recommended to increase your personal chi. Chi or energy flows through living things and your body just like it circulates through your house.

You can practice yoga which helps in chi circulation through your body and removes unwanted blockages. When energy flows unhindered through your body, it can create positivity and keep you protected from many health disorders.

Create Garden Feng Shui

You can create a garden that is consistent with feng shui principles. The exterior of your house plays an important role in keeping you healthy and protected. There can be poison arrows around your house in the form of single trees, utility poles, etc.

You can mitigate the negative effects of these poison arrows by using feng shui health cures like water fountains, tall shrubbery plants, etc. between your house and the poison arrows.

Having an ornamental garden is a good idea as it can attract positive energy and direct it into your house through doors and windows.

Feng shui statues or symbols can be used in the ornamental garden to promote the health and well-being of your family.  

Feng Shui Tips for Challenging Bathroom Locations

The location of a bathroom can bring a feng shui challenge. Bathrooms in the feng shui health area can cause health problems for you and other family members. The bathroom should be located in suitable feng shui health directions and corners.

However, you can make adjustments for shifting and changing the energy flow and minimizing the negative impact. If the bathroom is located in a challenging location that is not in accordance with feng shui, then you can make the following changes to reduce its impact:

Center of the House

A bathroom located in the center of the house is not recommended according to feng shui. The center of the house is its most important part and also affects your health and longevity.

However, if there is already a bathroom in the center of the house, you can make adjustments to it for good feng shui.

Tips for Challenging Bathroom Locations

The bathroom should always be kept clean and dry. You can also consider adding art, candles, or flowers to strengthen the wood element. Air-purifying plants can also be used in the bathroom for better energy flow.

Bathroom Facing Front Door

The bathroom facing the front door is not considered good under feng shui. This is due to the fact that universal energy- is supposed to enter the house through the front door. If there is a bathroom facing the front door, then most of the chi will enter and leave the bathroom without getting dispersed.

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This will leave negligible or nil positive energy in your house for nourishment and better health. In such cases, you should keep the bathroom door closed. You can also create a focal point near the front door to direct the positive energy away from the bathroom.

Bathroom Door Facing Your Kitchen

If the bathroom door and kitchen door are facing each other, then it is considered to be bad feng shui. When two doors face each other, then feng shui energy flows faster in the space guarded by the two doors.

You should strive to create the maximum possible division between the two areas. The remedy can be to keep the bathroom door closed.

You should also keep the bathroom clean and filled with positive energy. The use of a divider, curtain, screen, etc. between the two areas can be done to create a demarcation. Another tip is to paint both doors in different colors to create separation. You can also create a focal point between the two areas.

Bathroom Above the Bedroom

Having a bathroom above a bedroom is not good according to feng shui. You can consider different cures for treating this. The cure will also depend on how busy the bathroom will be. A good cure can be to limit the use of such a bathroom as much as possible.

It can be designated as the guest bathroom which will automatically limit its use. If the bed is placed directly beneath the bathroom, then you should adjust its placement immediately.

Design features can be used on bedroom ceilings like crown molding or decorative medallions for minimizing the bad feng shui. You should also use light colors in the bathroom which is directly above a bedroom.

Bathroom Over the Front Door

If there is a bathroom in your house above the front door, then you should take care to improve its feng shui. Chi enters your house through the front door and if there is a bathroom directly above it, then the chi can move in and out without circulating in the entire house.

You should keep the bathroom clean and its door closed to guard against this. A bathroom rug or dark-colored floor can be used to create a separation between the two spaces. Positioning a chandelier on the main entrance also creates positive feng shui.

Bathroom Under a Staircase

In feng shui stairs and bathrooms are both not considered auspicious. Hence, if you have a bathroom under a staircase, then it is a highly challenging situation and requires corrective actions. The stairs should be kept well lit and light colors should be used for it.

Another feng shui cure for stairs is positioning a chandelier below the staircase can also be an effective remedy. The bathroom door should always be kept closed and the feng shui elements of the bathroom should be kept strong.

Feng Shui Gifts for Good Health

Below are the most used gifts for good health. let’s discuss them one by one. If you need to buy then check out here. They are not only for adding great decor but also feng shui symbols for health and longevity.


Tortoise is one of the celestial animals and one of the longest-living animals on earth. The tortoise is a popular feng shui gift for good health and longevity. The hard shell of the tortoise is believed to provide you protection.

You should be aware of how to place the tortoise to get the maximum benefit and cure from it. If you want to get good health and protection, then it should be placed at the backside of your house. For greater energy in your house, it should be placed in the north direction.

For bringing surrounding energy to a place in your house that needs more protection and stability, you should place a stone tortoise near the west-facing door.

Wu Lou

Wu Lou is an important and popular feng shui symbol that denotes health, well-being, and longevity. It is associated with the God of immortality-Sau-as he carries. The Wu Lou fills it with the nectar of immortality.

Wu Lou has a distinct two-segment shape. The top half of it is believed to represent heaven and the bottom half signifies earth. The Wu Lou is considered a shape that signifies the ideal harmony between heaven and earth.

It should be placed near your bedside to provide you protection against diseases and health problems. This is very important if you are already sick or regularly suffering from various health ailments.

Wooden Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is one of the most common and well-known feng shui gifts globally. The wooden laughing Buddha is associated with the wood element which in turn is known to offer good health, positive energy, and longevity. The laughing Buddha denotes a happy man.

It is important to put in the right direction for getting the maximum feng shui health benefits from it. You should ideally place it on a corner table in front of the main entrance of your house. This ensures that the positive energy that enters your house is passing by the laughing Buddha.

Bagua Mirror

If your house has negative chi, then you will experience health problems. One effective feng shui gift for curing this is the Bagua mirror. The Convex Bagua mirror can be hung outside.

Your main entrance to ward off and deflect negative energies. The symbols on the frame of this mirror signify the perfectly balanced universe of energy.

This mirror should be placed outside and above your front door. With the three solid lines representing heaven on the frame at the top. The three broken lines on the bottom of the frame denote earth.

Your intention of using the Bagua mirror should be to deflect the energy from your house only and not to direct it to neighbors. Doing so can cause negative energies to return back to your house. As per the Feng Shui practice, we should not keep the Bagua mirror inside the house.

FAQs On Feng Shui for Health Problems

Q: Quick tips in feng shui stomach problems?

Feng shui for digestive-related issues, watch out for the kitchen area if it’s not aligned as per feng shui rules like if the kitchen facing the bathroom, the sink is near to stove.

Q: Feng shui objects for protection against diseases and accidents?

To protect you and your loved ones try feng shui health symbols like evil eye protection, it is available as an amulet, bracelet, and hanging item.

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As you have understood now Feng shui is an ancient combination of art and science that focuses on constructing and optimizing homes and offices to bring happiness, good luck, health, well-being, harmony, and longevity.

Feng shui for healing illness has also been practiced for a long time. It has to do with the placement of objects in accordance with the flow of natural energy.

Try to follow all the above feng shui tips for health, cures, and items for long-term benefits.