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Lychee Eyes Shape: 15 Face Reading For (Male + Female)

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Eyes play an important role in face reading and knowing much about a person’s fortune. In ancient times, eyes are used as a deceptive discovering tool.

Through face reading, you can find out if a person is deceiving you through the person’s eyes.

You can easily discover lies through your eyes. The eye shape also contributes to the fortune of a person. In Chinese culture, face reading is considered a weapon for knowing the thoughts and intentions of people.

There are different types of eye shapes and one such is lychee eyes. The lychee eyes have their peculiarity and quality.

In this article, we will discuss 15 lychee eyes shape face reading meanings for males and females. Let’s delve into lychee eyes shape.

What Are Lychee Eyes In Chinese?

Lychee eyes are also known as round eyes and big eyes. This is a kind of eye with high and broad eyelid cleft.

The lychee eyes make people have a dazzling gaze and are smart but sometimes appear delicate.

What do Lychee Eyes Looks Like?

Lychee’s eye looks more rounded and big. This eye shape has a white portion surrounding the cornea or iris where it meets the lids.

The inner and outer corners of lychee eyes are circular and not dragged inner or outward, they remain fixed.

Next, lychee eyes have a visible crease. Lastly, there is no tapering of the inner and outer parts of the eyes, however, they stayed curved.

How Do I Know If I Have Lychee Eyes?

Take a look at yourself in a mirror, if you can notice any white surrounding the upper and bottom of your iris (the colored section) you have lychee eyes.

Take note that this white portion does not need to be big around the iris.

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Even though you can only notice a little amount of white around the upper and bottom of your iris, this still matters and you have lychee eyes.

Spiritual Meaning Of Lychee Eyes Shape

Spiritual Meaning Of Lychee Eyes Shape

Lychee eyes shape is symbolic and comes with different meanings. Eyes are significant and representative of the soul.

That is why the common saying that the eye is the window to the heart can buttress why the meaning of lychee eyes is said to be a spiritual feature.

Lychee’s eyes represent soul, mind, and boundless vision. The eye represents psychic vision, clarification, and illumination in many cultures and beliefs.

In Buddhism for example, the eyes signify spiritual view and observing with the soul.

The spiritual meaning of lychee eyes includes:

  • Concentration
  • Clarity
  • Sight
  • Observation   
  • Divine
  • Manifestation and existence
  • Aptitude
  • Perception
  • Responsiveness

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Lychee Eyes Male Meaning, Personality, Love Life, Wealth, Health (TABLE)

There are many males with lychee eyes and what this means is that these males are imaginative and creative. The table below outlines the personality, love life, wealth, and health of lychee eyes males.

  Personality  Love Life  Wealth  Health
Lychee eyes males are creative, innovative and have a clear image. They are often in control of their world.Luckily, lychee eyes males have a charm that wins people to them easily and is loveable, even when at the point of hurting them over and over again.Lychee eyes males are creative and imaginative which can boast career success and make them earn more.Lychee eyes males are often moody and impractical which tends to make them unhealthy.
At times, they get swept off with their emotions, and find it difficult to control their thoughts and feelings to themselves.They tend to have smooth relationships because they attract many people in no time.They are out to satisfy people and they are attracted to people who give them support to scale high in their endeavors and accumulate wealth.Men with this type of eye shape are too emotional. They do not use logic; instead, they are guided by emotions and feelings which may affect their health.

Lychee Eyes Female Meaning Personality, Love Life, Wealth, Health

Lychee eyes females have the qualities that endear people to them. The meaning, personality, love life, wealth, and health of lychee eyes females are outlined in the table below.   

  Personality  Love Life  Wealth  Health
Lychee eyes females are creative and they have a quality that gets the attention of people.Lychee eyes females possess eyes shape that always displays the compassionate part of their character helping them to be approachable and develop healthy relationships.Lychee eyes females find fulfillment in pursuing artistic careers and are often carried away with art or music which brings them recognition.Lychee eyes females are usually expressive and friendly which contributes to their well-being.  
They are alert, attentive, kind, and bright. They have a very expressive character which helps them to share their ideas and thoughts easily.They have a charming trait that erases their negative attributes and makes them endeared to the opposite sex.They are also short-tempered and often moody which may subject them to emotional disorders.They are also short-tempered and often moody which may subject them to emotional disorder.

Meaning of Lychee Eyes In Face Reading

The meaning of the lychee eye in Chinese face reading is that this eye shape is regarded as an emotional and expressive type of eye. People with this kind of eyes are bold, and brave and can easily express their minds.

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Generally, individuals with lychee eyes are happy and caring, and they also have the predisposition to go extreme and carry out things recklessly.

Are There Any Health Problems Associated With Lychee Eyes?

Generally, there is no specific disease or health problem associated with one kind of eye shape. However, there are different health problems affecting the eyes.

Your eye is a vital aspect of your health. It is important to give it much attention and maintain its health. It is equally good to recognize and treat eye disease quickly.

The following are common eye care tips:

  • Cultivate Healthy Eating Habits. Ensure to eat healthy and balanced food regularly such as fruits and vegetables. You can eat fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as tuna, salmon, and halibut.
  • Maintain A Healthy Weight. When you fail to cultivate a healthy diet, you become overweight. And obesity exposes you to the risk of developing diabetes. And having diabetes is likely to cause diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma.
  • Do Regular Exercise. Regular exercise can assist in preventing or controlling high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. These ailments can result in eye problems. But regularly doing exercise, can lower your chance of developing these eye and vision problems.
  • Wear Sunglasses. No matter the type of eye shape you have, sun exposure can affect your eyes negatively and increase the chance of getting cataracts and age-related macular deterioration. Therefore, wear sunglass regularly to protect your eyes from UV-A and UV-B radiation.
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking exposes you to the risk of developing age-related eye diseases like muscular disintegration and cataracts and can rupture the optic nerve.
  • Be Familiar With Your Family Medical History. It does not matter the kind of eye shape, whether lychee, almond, or peach-blossom-shaped eyes, you can inherit some eye diseases, and therefore it is necessary to discover if anyone in your family has experienced such eye disease before. This will assist you to ascertain if there is a tendency for you to develop eye disease.
  • Allow Your Eyes To Rest. If you stay in front of a computer for a lot of time, you may not remember to wink your eyes which can result in tiredness of your eyes. To lower your eyestrain, try as much as possible to look away from your computer set. Also, reduce the brightness of your computer set.
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How Lychee Eyes Affect The Relationship

Lychee eyes may affect relationships based on the attributes of the kind of eye shape. People with lychee eyes are emotional and this may affect their relationships.

Emotion plays a vital role in relationships. They have drifted away easily from their emotions. They allow their emotion to rule over them.

When you are regularly disturbed emotionally, either through stress, anxiety, or depression, your relationship will not grow, or it will gradually disintegrate if you are not in tune with your partner.  

People with lychee eyes are also expressive and seem to be dramatic. They may find it difficult to speak nicely about their partners and even keep secrets about their relationships.  

How To Enhance Lychee Eyes Luck In Feng Shui

The first way to enhance lychee eyes luck in Feng Shui is by making your eyes glittery, and a little wet. This will attract good fortune.

When your makeup is too dark, particularly mascara, it is unfavorable and will draw ill luck.

Lychee Eyes Make-Up Tips

You have your eyes as a free canvas to perform any makeup. Don’t be intimated to play around with what will suit your face.

Lychee eyes are also good for trying many colors. Start with the upper lash line and outer corners, and create a darker shadow in a slope to provide depth on the surface corners and keeps blending outwards. 

To emphasize the shape of your eye, and make the most of your lid distance, attempt using a vivid color wash through the entire eyelid.

You can balance lychee eyes by using eyeliner toward the waterline and introducing mascara to the upper and lower lash lines.

Lychee Eyes Vs Almond Eyes

Lychee and almond eyes are two different kinds of eye shapes. What is the difference between lychee eyes and almond eyes? Check the table below.

Lychee EyesAlmond Eyes
Lychee’s eyes have a visible white section around the iris. The white area that is observable is known as the sclera.  It means that if you have lychee eyes, you’ll notice this section surrounding the upper and/or lower parts of the eye.   Lychee’s eyes have a visible white section around the iris. The white area that is observable is known as the sclera.  It means that if you have lychee eyes, you’ll notice this section surrounding the upper and/or lower parts of the eye.   
People with lychee eyes have visible creases. The whites on the upper or lower area of their irises can be seen. This kind of eye looks more circular and/or bigger and is very notable.An individual with almond-shaped eyes has a noticeable crease on the eyelid and their iris contacts the eyelid on both the upper and the lower. Almond eyes are broader than other shapes and their eyelids are small.

What Ethnicity Has Lychee-Shaped Eyes?

Some eye shapes are instantly identifiable as exclusive to a particular ethnic group – Asian, being at the forefront, but any eye shape is not on ethnicity. Anyone can have lychee-shaped eyes.

In any ethnic setting, there are people endowed with almond eyes, lychee (round) eyes, downturned eyes, or deep-set eyes.

In Conclusion

Lychee’s eyes are usually large and astonishingly captivating.

They are people with creative skills and are out to take up activities that they are passionate about to fill the world with happiness.

Since you know who you are as a lychee eyes person, you can take advantage of your gift. You can achieve your dream, add up to your beauty and live a fulfilled life.

Lychee Eyes Shape Meaning FAQs

Q: Are Lychee Eyes Rare?

Lychee eyes are common to see. There are many people with lychee eyes.

Q: Are Lychee Eyes Attractive?

Yes. Lychee’s eyes are attractive. People with this kind of eyes have charming qualities.

Q: What Color Are Lychee Eyes?

When you have lychee eyes, you can notice the whites around the upper and lower area of the iris.

Q: Celebrities With Lychee Eyes Shape

Ashley Olsen, Mila Kunis, Katy Perry, and Zooey Deschanel.

Q: What Are The Zodiac Signs Associated With Lychee Eyes?

The zodiac sign associated with lychee eyes is Taurus.

Q: What Looks Best On Lychee Eyes?

With lychee eyes, you can highlight the upper lash line and the exterior corners; therefore, it’s necessary to ensure the bottom lash line is minimal.

So regularly utilize a soft shadow.