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13 Peach Blossom Eyes Shape: Male + Female Face Reading

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In this article, we’ll uncover peach blossom eyes shape face reading meaning for males and females and what makes peach blossom eyes exceptional

According to the proverbial saying, “the eye is the window of our heart”. What this simply implies is that our eye acts as a medium that allows the transmission of our innate feelings.

There are different kinds of eye shapes and patterns in face reading. One of the kinds of eye shapes is peach blossom eyes.

As the name suggests, peach blossom eyes are eyes that are similar to peach petals. Peach blossom eyes shape are celebrated for their attractive look and generally stir up a misconception from the opposite sex.

Naturally, those with this kind of eyes are endowed with a special and irresistible charm that always gets a lot of attention and attracts many pursuers.

In East Asia, having peach blossom eyes is one of the most desirable traits usually connected with attractiveness.  

Peach Blossom Eyes Shape Meaning

Peach blossom eyes (Amorous Eyes) are a kind of eye that looks lengthy and curly with a long tail that tilts upward.

In general, these eyes are circular, almond-shaped, and have a tender upturn at the outward corners – granting the owners the look of a blossoming flower.

These eyes are very catching and gorgeous and are usually enticing and irresistible. Peach blossom eyes can be deceptive sometimes.

The person is always mistaken to just woken up from sleep, and no wonder the eyes are described as “the bedroom eyes”. 

Peach Blossom Luck

These are a few noticeable traits of a peach blossom eye:

  • Watery appearance
  • Double eyelid and extended eyelashes
  • Long and slim
  • Little blush encircling the eyes
  • The upper eyelid possesses a bigger curve
  • Semi-circular shape when laughing
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Is Peach Blossom Eye Share Lucky?

Peach blossom eye is a type of trait that most people desire. Peach blossom eye shapes are notable for being special and greatly desirable in Chinese culture and also across East Asia.

It is because of the amazing look connected to the eyes.

This type of eye attracts get the attention of many people and as such can bring many admirers. People with this type of eyes also don’t lack help and good luck.

What Are “Peach Blossom Eyes” In Chinese?

The peach blossom symbolizes fortuity, revitalization, and spring in Chinese culture, no wonder these thrilling eyes are regarded as a mark of good luck, blooming, hope, and femininity.

Peach blossom eyes shape are eyes that have a look of a blooming flower and are also adopted to determine the attraction of someone with the opposite gender, beauty, and when a bond will happen.

Generally, peach blossom eyes are seen as eyes that look affectionately and tenderly.

 What Do Peach Blossom Eyes Look Like?

 Peach blossom eyes have a circular, almond eyes shape with a tender turning at the outward corners, endowing the person of the eyes to look like a blossoming flower.   

Spiritual Meaning Of Peach Blossom Eyes

Peach blossom eyes are attached with spiritual meaning. Anyone with this eye is considered special and mesmerizing.

They have a captivating look that turns people on. The spiritual meaning of peach blossom eyes is tied to its symbolism which includes good luck, attractiveness, and liveliness.    

Peach Blossom Eyes Male Meaning, Personality, Love Life, Wealth, Health

Peach blossom eyes males are men that are endowed with a pair of peachy eyes. This type of eye combines shiny and watery eyes

Here is a table that explains the personality, love life, wealth, and health of a male with peach-blossom eyes.

PersonalityLove LifeWealthHealth
They express their feelings easily.Peach blossom eyes shape men are naturally good at becoming the bad boy in love.Men with peach blossom eyes are regarded as noble and they enjoy the fortunes that belong to the opposite sex.Men that have peach blossom eyes are also charming and easily attracted to the opposite sex, and because of this, their health may be affected. Staying fit will be a difficult thing for them to achieve.
They have the influence of using one eye contact to change a thousand words.A peach-blossom eyes man has the capacity to build a thriving relationship with the opposite sex.This type of eye will make them attract good luck, wealth, and prosperity.To remain healthy, peach blossom eyes men should not involve in polyamory relationships.
Peach blossom eyes men are intuitive and good at conveying their feelings. They are handsome from the outside.Men with peach blossom eyes are romantic and due to this, they possess an enviable character that invites women.  They trust their eyes to get things done, and men with peach blossom eyes are exceptional at “face-to-face” challenges when they meet for the first time.Men with peach blossom eyes can dedicate themselves to art-related careers.  

Peach Blossom Eyes Female Meaning Personality, Love Life, Wealth, Health 

Peach blossom eyes are common in females and these women have watery eyes and are exceptionally sensitive. By merely looking at this creature, there is an eruption of enigmatic feeling.

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Here is a table that explains the personality, love life, wealth, and health of a female with peach blossom eyes.

PersonalityLove LifeWealthHealth
Women with peach blossom eyes have a lot of pursuers.Peach blossom eyes women tend to receive love from many people, but most of these men are rotten and only a few are sincere. Women with peach blossom eyes can attract wealth because of the many people that have to admire them. They don’t lack human help.Because peach blossom eyes women are very attractive to the opposite sex, they are prone to suffer emotional instability. 
Women with peach blossom eyes have the look of sleepiness, which is known as bedroom eyes.A peach-blossom eyes woman may find it difficult to build a promising relationship because of emotional instability. These eyes will make them attract good luck, fortune, and admiration which tend to increase their financial status.To remain happy and be emotionally stable, peach blossom eyes women should focus on the man that pleases them.
Peach blossom eyes women are very attractive.A peach-blossom eyes woman needs to be patient to choose the best and most sincere man to have a blossoming love life. A peach blossom eyes woman may find it hard to save money, and can easily turn out to be weak emotionally.


Meaning Of Peach Blossom Eyes Shape In Face Reading

A peach blossom eye in Chinese face reading has diverse meanings as listed below.

Peach Blossom Eyes Shape Meaning

1. Red Lines On The Eyes

In face reading, peach blossom eyes are a representation of luck.

2. Watery Eyes

In face reading, peach blossom eyes are also classified to have watery look with the illustration of sensitivity and compassion.

People with peach blossom eyes are exceptional in communication and apt in expressing themselves. The watery eyes make them inventive, generous, and tolerant.

3. Idealistic Peach Blossom Luck

In face reading, people with peach blossom eyes are classified to be idealistic. In other words, they are motivated by ideals and aspire to see others accomplish the same.

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These people have a dream that the world can become a better place than it is and strive all within their capacity to achieve their goal.

These goal-getters are made up of a sense of sympathy and compassion which draws others to join in enforcing their wish.

Peach blossom people with this kind of luck are willing to offer help to anyone who needs it. They perform excellently in giving care to people and are willing to serve others.

They are blessed with calm and kind eyes and full smiles. They are naturally great at offering advice and support to people.

Peach Blossom Eyes Shape Vs Almond Eyes 

There are different types of eye shapes such as peach blossom, almond eyes, phoenix eyes, and others. But is there a distinct difference between peach blossom eyes and almond eyes?

Take a look at the peach blossom eyes versus almond eyes in the table below.

Peach Blossom EyesAlmond Eyes
Peach blossom eyes have an appearance that resembles a peach blossom petal with a long and thin curvature at the upper eyes.Almond eyes usually appear with a smaller eyelid and are lengthy in width than they are circular.
Peach blossom eyes are circular too, with an almond-shaped look, and have a tender upturn at the outward corners – offering them the look of a blooming flower.The core trait of almond eyes is the eyes’ width. There is a slight upsurge at the last part of the eyes, which appears similar to a type of Almond shape.
Peach blossom eyes are usually electrifying, lucid, and active.Incredibly alluring, this eye shape is the major and outstanding among these eye shapes.
Peach blossom eyes have an exceptional charm. The eye’s shape truly blossoms like a peach.Almond eyes are usually an expression of a clean first-love face.

Phoenix Eyes Vs Peach Blossom Eyes Shape

What is the difference between phoenix eyes and peach blossom eyes? See the table below.

Phoenix EyesPeach Blossom Eyes
Phoenix eyes have a different look with the inner corner facing slimly downwards.   Peach blossom eyes are circular too, with an almond-shaped look, and have a tender upturn at the outward corners; hence the look is often compared to that of a blooming flower.
Phoenix eyes are regarded as having more than just an attractive facial trait.  They are good at drawing the attention of the opposite sex.

Are There Any Health Problems Associated With Peach Eyes?

People with peach eyes may suffer from mental illness and emotional instability as a result of a huge number of people that have an interest in them.

They are faced with the difficulty of choosing the right partner to start a relationship with. There is also a likelihood of staying out of shape and finding it hard to manage their relationships.

What Are The Common Superstitions Related To Peach Eyes

There are different superstitions attached to peach blossom due to cultural beliefs. Here are a few of them:

  • Peach eyes people enjoy a more robust romantic life as a result of their exceptional and enticing beauty.
  • Women that have peach blossom eyes appear to bring drunk and sleepy.
  • People with peach eyes are often perceived as being confident which brings much luck.
  • People with peach eyes always wear a look that positioned them to receive the attention of nobles. And it is suggested that this will help them to attain an enviable height in life.  

How Peach Blossom Eyes Affects The Relationship

Peach blossom eyes may affect relationships based on the fact that people with this type of eyes attract many pursuers and those who claim to have an interest in them.

They are found beautiful, which may lead to loss of concentration and unfaithfulness.

People with peach blossom eyes tend to be overwhelmed with feelings of acceptability to folks and they need to sit down to analyze ways to improve and sustain their relationships.

To do this, a person with peach blossom eyes needs to be cautious, love and appreciate his or her relationship

How To Enhance Peach Blossom Luck In Feng Shui

There are ways to enhance peach blossom luck in Feng Shui. You can attract peach blossom luck using this tip.

Those born in the years of Tiger, Horse, or Dog, can enhance their peach blossom luck by adopting the positive energy generated by auspicious animals.

One of these animals includes the rabbit. Place a rabbit figurine that is decorated with crystals at the east corners of your home can help you to enhance your peach blossom luck.

You can also place the rabbit figurine decorated with crystals in the east zone of your bedroom.

Peach Blossom Makeup Tips

Is it possible to make up in such a way that will make your eyes look peach blossom eyes? Let’s check a few makeup tips for a peach blossom eye.

  • The major method is to ensure that your eye shadow is mixed, and balanced with blush.
  • Consequently, the entire section encircling your eyes will look pink in color, with no space between the blush and the eye shadow.
  • Work on the appearance of the eyeliner and ensure it is also stretched and tender.
  • It must not be slanted. And finally, use red lipstick to illustrate a peach blossom on the brow.

In Conclusion

Peach blossom eyes are a natural endowment from God, and those who are blessed with these kinds of eyes can use them beneficially for their good. Simply tap into the luck this eye shape brings along.

Peach Blossom Eyes Shape FAQs

Q: What Color Are Peaches’ Eyes?

Mostly, peach eyes are light blue.

Q: Celebrities With Peach-Blossom Eyes

East Asia has the highest number of people and celebrities with peach-blossom eyes.

Some of the celebrities with peach blossom eyes shape are-

Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Lucy Liu, Fu Yiwei, Zhang Xincheng, Liu Xuehua, Guan Zhilin, Wen Bixia, Chen Hong, and Wang Junkai. 

Q: What are the zodiac signs associated with peach eyes

Mostly Rooster, Rabbit, Rat, Horse, Tiger, Horse, or Dog year born people have peach eyes shape.