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21 Feng Shui For Peace, Calmness + Stress-Free Home Tips

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Feng Shui has a prescription for peace and happiness. Its principles are effective as a cure for uncertainty, trouble, and tumult in life. 

As an ancient practice, it provides insights on how to harmonize your life, home, and environment.

It helps to balance and leverage positive and negative energies for the essence of living and also performing day-to-day tasks. Feng shui is adequate for attracting the flow of positive energy that boosts your peace within your vicinity.

Considering the important role peace plays in the affairs of men, many people are looking for ways to enjoy peace. It is needful to say that the search for ways to enjoy this powerful inner emotion is not a waste of time.

That is why it is needful to write a blog post that addresses feng shui for peace. This blog provides adequate insight on how to engage feng shui for enjoying peace all around.

So how do you tap into feng shui tips for annexing peace? What are the 21 feng shui for peace and prosperity- top rules? 

21 Feng Shui For Peace And Prosperity – Top Rules

Peace and prosperity are the two important things that man wants to possess in life. They bring fulfillment.

That is why in feng shui, it is found that wealth (prosperity) is one of the most common elements.

Feng Shui For Peace
Feng Shui For Peace

The term prosperity (wealth) is vast as it compasses many things like success, good luck, abundance, fortune, opportunities, affluence, resources, etc.

Feng shui makes it so colorful that if you’re in friendship with prosperity, you will be attracted to other forms of abundance.

Also, peace is a byproduct of wealth (prosper). To make them stay with you, show your gratitude for all the prosperity you are enjoying.

Here are the 21 feng shui top rules for enjoying peace and prosperity. These rules when fully followed will arm you with the power to create peace, prosperity, abundance, and good luck the feng shui way.

1. Allow the flow of good air and light

In feng shui, air and light are considered major components of its elements. That is why they must not be taken lightly.

Both air and light can be a medium through which positive energies can enter your home and life when they are properly channeled. They can then bring prosperity and peace to your doorstep.

Therefore, you must allow enough air and light to flow into your home by making sure your windows are opened and that there is enough penetration of natural light like sunlight.

You can go a step forward by adding plants to your home. It is good for purifying the air that comes into your home making your home to be lively.

2. Understand the 5 Feng Shui Elements

Five elements are vital in practicing the ancient art of feng shui.

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These five elements are basic concepts for effective practicing of feng shui in your home.

Feng Shui Elements
Feng Shui Elements

If they are effectively used, they can allow the flow of positive energy into your home.

  • The feng shui five elements are earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. These five elements carry distinctive characteristics and have different energy attractions, which can benefit you once activated.  
  • To benefit from these five elements, understand how you can balance them to bring positive energies.
  • If you want to see prosperity, and peace attracted to your home, engage the water and wood elements. Place these elements in the southeast direction of your home to experience prosperity and peace.
  • Wood element: Undines, water fountains, water features, and black color.
  • Water element: Growing natural plants, pictures of a landscape, trees, plants, wood furnishings, vertical, columnar shapes designs, green and blue colors.

3. Remove negative or bad energy as a result of stress

Work has a way of affecting our bodies. After a hectic day, you may experience stress and it may lead to emotional shifts, such as resentment, hatred, and tension.

Remove negative or bad energy after a stressful day by done by opening your windows for the flow of air, use essence in your home like sandalwood.

Also, allowing the penetration of natural light into the house can make you experience peace, and be refreshed.

4. Use colors that promote relaxation

Colors have the power to change the mood of people and make you feel relaxed. Seeing is powerful.

That is why using feng shui colors that represent earth elements, like green, yellow, beige, and brown can promote calmness, peace, and happiness.  

5. De-clutter your space

De-cluttering is a remedy for alleviating every heaviness, and trouble, and makes you experience peace. The effect of having a cluttered environment is bad as it can disallow the flow of good energy around your home.

When your space is cluttered, it makes you feel tired, weak, stressed, demoralized, and lose out on important opportunities. It can get you stuck. Having a cluttered home is not a good sign.

It brings bad luck which can limit your growth and get you stuck. It can cause unrest, tension and disharmony.

The feng shui rule to experience peace is to de-clutter your home. You do this by removing any used, unused or unnecessary things from your home to create enough space. De-clutter your entire home, and experience peace, and happiness.

6. Proper arrangement of the living room

The role played by the living room in a house cannot be overemphasized. It is a part of the building that accommodates people; hence it represents our social status.

You need to properly arrange it to allow free movement and provide enough space for good energy flow.

A well-arranged living room, which is also void of dirt, will allow you to experience peace and tranquility.

7. Spend time with people that influence you positively

The kind of people you spend your time with determines what happens around you. Likewise, if you want peace, stay with people that will make you happy, peaceful and comfortable.  

These sets of people are those that inspire and boost your energy each time you stay with them. They impact your life positively. If you surround yourself with friends that increase your energy, you will notice peace flowing around you.

But if you notice that each time you spend time with your set of friends, your energy is drained, it is good to stay away from them.

In case it is impossible to change them, engage feng shui to keep you and your friends inspired, energized, and transformed.

8. Care more about your sleep

Based on the design of the body, your body needs quality sleep after a stressful day to rejuvenate and regain strength.

That is why sleep is of utmost importance and it aids your relaxation, keeping you refreshed from the hectic day.

According to feng shui practice, you can enhance your sleep and enjoy quality rest if you follow the right procedure.

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Firstly, the position of your bed is very important. Make sure your bed is placed at the “command position” which helps you to see your room door directly.

Move your bed away from under the window, and if possible, use a headboard to provide protection while sleeping.

Remove every electronic gadget from your room that can disrupt your sleep, and as such lead to energy draining. Remove mirrors from the two sides of your bed.

Get rid of items that cause clutter and make sure your bed has enough space on the two sides. Let the two sides of your bed be free.

In addition, open your room for the free flow of quality air, natural light, and positive energy.

9. Create a place of meditation to sharpen your spirituality

Tuning your spirit to collect with the divinity can bring you peace. Create a place that aids meditation to enhance the serenity of your home.

Sometimes, you need to stay alone from the hustle of life to meditate and meddle with the spirit world. Meditation helps you to experience rejuvenation and refuel yourself for the next task.

Also, in place of meditation, you tend to make a quality decision that can help your profession and career.

10. Take advantage of the wealth corner in your home

In feng shui, there is a wealth corner in your home, if it is found and activated can bring you prosperity.

To locate the wealth corner, go to the main entrance of your home while you face inside. The wealth corner is situated at the far left corner.

Some of the feng shui elements are associated with wealth, and that is the wood element. You can activate the wealth corner by adding natural green plants and growing them.

Plants are symbols of the wood element, which indicates growth, development, increase, expansion, and new beginnings.

Also, you can use colors that represent wealth like purple.

11. Bring in feng shui money plant

Bringing in the feng shui money plant is a major way to increase your peace.

Some plants are termed “money plants” and they are good in attracting prosperity, abundance, and wealth. It propels your financial liberty, which gives peace.

The most common Feng shui money plants are

What you do is to keep these plants clean to avoid dust and stagnant energy gathering on them.   

12. Use red color as your front door paint

In feng shui, the front door plays a vital role as part of your home as it serves as an opening through which the energies and new possibilities enter your home.

Therefore, make your front door more inviting, attractive, and free of debris. Also, make use of red color for your front door because it is a favorable and vibrant color according to feng shui.

The red color is a color that represents safety, vigor, vibrancy, energy, and passion. Since red color is conspicuous, it can make your home energized, attention-grabbing, and open to opportunities.

13. Place citrine crystals inside your house

Citrine is a crystal that is powerful for attracting wealth. It is a semiprecious gemstone with great quality and characteristics of bringing prosperity, wealth, and luck.

It is associated with confidence and positivity.  Hence, it can be used to boost your level of confidence, courage, and trust.

As part of bringing wealth to your home, a citrine gemstone can be placed at the wealth corner, or on the office desk and therefore help you to attract needed support, success, peace, good luck, fortune, and wealth.

14. Get feng shui money frog symbol

Placing a feng shui money frog whether in the office or at home in one of the 21 feng shui rules for peace and prosperity.

According to Feng Shui, the money frog is a popular and acceptable symbol in China that is mostly employed in bringing prosperity, fortune, and wealth.

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Apart from this benefit, it is a sign of intelligence, acumen, wisdom, longevity, and wellness

If you desire luck in this aspect, you can do well by placing a feng shui money frog symbol inside your home. Give the frog symbol adequate treatment and care like daily cleaning to prevent dust from gathering on it. 

15. Place oranges inside a bowl and put them inside the house

It is widely believed in Asian culture that oranges symbolize abundance, luck, and prosperity. This type of fruit can give you the energy that can make you more vibrant, lively, and efficient. 

In addition, orange has a great smell and when placed in your house, it can transform, and lift the vibes around your home and bring wealth and fortune into your home and life.

16. Gather Chinese coins and put them inside the house

In feng shui, placing Chinese coins inside the house is a major way of bringing peace and prosperity. It is part of the 21 feng shui rules for peace and prosperity because of its symbolic nature.

Chinese coins are associated with optimism, fortune, prosperity, and good luck.

During the ancient time, Chinese coins were used as means of exchange, which is a representation of fortune, abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

To get the best out of these coins, use the red or yellow strips to bind them together and hang them on your wall.

17. Construct water fountain to represent wealth

You can construct a water fountain within your house premises to invite peace and prosperity. Water is symbolic as it is one of the feng shui elements (water element) and also is often used to represent wealth.

Water is a symbol of peace, calmness, and tranquility.

Placing a water fountain near the main entrance helps to open your home to the flow of positive energy, wealth, and prosperity. To keep the flow of abundance into your home ever fresh, ensure to keep the fountain cleaned and neat.

18. Introduce flowering plants

In feng shui, flowering plants can add your home’s vibes and ensure the flow of positive energy needed to enjoy peace and prosperity.

Natural plants represent a wood element, and the wood element is a symbol of growth, expansion, and increase. Show your care to this nature-blessing and you can enjoy peace. They are beneficial in purifying the air that enters your home.

19. Allow the penetration of natural light into your home

Natural light such as sunlight is an energy stimulant. Sunlight penetration into the house can activate the flow of positive energy which is responsible for vibrancy, activeness, liveliness and stability.

When you allow your home for easy flow of sunlight, your home is lifted with peace and prosperity.

20. Be committed to keeping your entrance clean, and inviting

The entrance of your home can welcome both positive and negative energy depending on how you take care of it.

To allow the flow of positive energy necessary for attracting peace and prosperity, ensure the main entrance is clean, inviting, and attractive.

Get rid of used items that can disfigure it. When it is inviting, it is a channel of peace.

21. Keep cleaning your windows.

Windows are regarded as the eyes to your home and life. Therefore it must be given utmost attention. It is important to keep clean always to disallow the collection of stagnant energy.

In conclusion, by following these feng shui rules above, you can see peace and prosperity flowing effortlessly into your life and home. Your home and life are positioned auspiciously. You can live your life to the fullest.