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11 Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid Benefits And Placement Tips

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Feng Shui is a great way to get your Yin and Yang in balance. From making you look and feel great, to opening up opportunities for personal development and more, all is a given when this art is practiced as recommended.

One such element of Feng Shui that offers outstanding benefits is the Feng Shui crystal pyramid. While crystals are already a powerful Feng Shui symbol, the structure of the pyramid further adds to the potency of positivity it emits.

In this article, you are going to get a brief overview of what Feng Shui is all about, the role of a crystal in feng shui, and how you can use the Feng Shui crystal pyramid to kick start your cycle of good luck and fortune.

The benefits of the Feng Shui crystal pyramid along with its placement guide, are sure to get you what you have longed for a while now. Read ahead to find out more.

Feng Shui–What The Practice Entails

Feng Shui is an effortless and easy way to get all your desires in balance.

Be it good luck, fortune, improved health, better relationships, academic success, career growth, to even financial and emotional stability, all can be achieved by getting Feng Shui into your life.

This practice is also referred to as an art or science. It is since Feng Shui seeks to bring a sense of balance between the surrounding environment and the person engaging in the practice.

In Feng Shui, all elements in the universe give out two types of energy: positive and negative energy. Getting rid of the negative energy and allowing the positive energy to take over requires the use of several Feng Shui symbols and elements.

One such element is the Feng Shui crystal pyramid. It is the most common Feng Shui element that is used by avid Feng Shui practitioners.

Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid Meaning?

Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid Meaning
Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid Meaning

In Feng Shui, the crystal pyramid is a unique element that has a lot to offer. It is known to help bring the right kind of energy into the home.

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It can even be placed inside an office. The way it works is quite fascinating–the square base of the Feng Shui crystal pyramid acts as a magnifier.

It multiplies and magnifies positive energy from the apex of the Feng Shui crystal pyramid.

You can thus expect your way to spiritual healing, clarity of the mind, and a boost in luck and fortune with the Feng Shui crystal pyramid in your home in no time.

Benefits of the Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid

Here are some of the benefits the Feng Shui crystal pyramid is known to offer.

  1. Helps absorb negative and unwanted energy from your home
  2. Enhances the presence of positive energy
  3. Aids in reducing symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, and depression
  4. Helps promote better communication and relationships
  5. Gives your confidence a boost and helps in making calculated and quick decisions
  6. Aid sin physical healing–better skin and improved health are a given
  7. Can help promote better sleep. People with insomnia have experienced an improvement in their symptoms after giving the Feng Shui crystal pyramid a try.
  8. Helps balance your emotions and keep your nerves calm
  9. Offers spiritual healing.
  10. Provides space for good luck and fortune to grow and enhance
  11. Improves wealth and abundance in life.

Placement Tips for the Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid

When it comes to placement, there is no room for error. In Feng Shui, the placement and position of the Feng Shui crystal pyramid are important. Any random placement of the crystal pyramid can render your efforts useless.

  1. You can place the crystal pyramid near your vanity mirror or the place you get ready for the day. This helps enhance the beauty and keeps you looking fresh and youthful.
  2. Place the Feng Shui crystal pyramid on your bedside table to promote better sleep.
  3. While meditating, the crystal pyramid can be held in the palm of your hand. This will help get rid of negative emotions and energy and instill feelings of calmness and positivity.
  4. Magic elixir – to make the magic elixir place the crystal pyramid inside near your water bottle or jug. Let this stay there for an hour before drinking the water.
  5. To improve concentration levels at work or while studying, you can place the Feng Shui crystal pyramid on your desk.
  6. The center of the home or room is where the crystal pyramid works the best. Place the crystal pyramid on a coffee table in the center of the living room.
  7. Placing the quartz crystal pyramid in the hallway of the house or office can cleanse the area of negative energy
  8. The pyrite crystal is known to bring prosperity and success. If you can find a crystal pyramid made from pyrite, place it on your business card on your office desk.
  9. Placing the crystal pyramid in the 4 corners of the room or house can further magnify its benefits
  10. The northeast sector is where the placement of the crystal pyramid is known to improve good luck and academic success
  11. Placing the crystal pyramid in the southeast enhances positivity and optimism
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Types of Feng Shui Crystal Pyramids

Types Of Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid
Types Of Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid

Feng Shui crystal pyramid comes in different forms and types. Each has a unique benefit to offer. Here are a few of them.

  • Amethyst pyramid–aid sin detoxification of the body
  • Rose quartz pyramid–helps promote relationships
  • Quartz pyramid–helps improve focus, memory, and concentration levels
  • Moonstone Pyramid–works best for gaining fortune
  • Onyx pyramid–aids in self-confidence and helps smoothen the process of making difficult decisions
  • Sodalite pyramid–helps improve creativity and efficiency. It also calms the body and offers healing energy.
  • Labradorite pyramid–alleviates anxiety and helps treat eye infections. In most cases, it can be beneficial in treating and helping cure brain disorders.
  • Obsidian pyramid–emotional stability and inner strength are enhanced with this particular Feng Shui crystal pyramid

You can even combine various crystal pyramids together to enhance the practice. For instance, the amethyst pyramid, when paired with the quartz pyramid, can help heal your body from any deficiencies.

Things to Avoid When Incorporating the Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid into Your Practice

There are a few things you should avoid when using the Feng Shui crystal pyramid.

  • For one, avoid placing the crystal pyramid on any of the outer surfaces.
  • Make sure the base of the pyramid, i.e. part of the crystal pyramid having the 4 corners, is always placed down, facing the surface.
  • Keep your crystal pyramid on a flat surface to maximize the benefits.
  • Avoid keeping it on uneven surfaces, as this can disrupt the balance and flow of positive energy entering your home.

How to Make the Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid Provide Anticipated Results Quick

To get your practice of Feng Shui on the right track, a few key aspects are important to keep in mind. These can help make your Feng Shui practice a lot more effortless and get you your desired results in no time.

  1. Be persistent and patient. The practice of Feng Shui quite literally demands this – the presence of impatience and agitation can throw your Feng Shui art off the rails. You don’t want this, especially if you are seeking good luck and fortune to come your way.
  2. Practice meditation to keep your nerves calm and create an aura of positivity around you. Yoga, aromatherapy, and exercising can help with this as well.
  3. Help others in need – this can be something as small as assisting a friend or giving money to charity. The more you give, the greater the prospects for your fortune to multiply get.
  4. Keep your Feng Shui crystal pyramid clean at all times. Wipe down the surface if you see a layer of dust – the cleaner and spotless the Feng Shui crystal pyramid is, the better it is going to work in creating the Yin Yang balance.
  5. You can even put it under running water to wash away the negative energy or let it sit in a container of brown rice.
  6. To re-energize the crystal pyramid, place it under the sunlight or moonlight. This will help it reabsorb the positive energy.
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Get Your Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid Today!

You can get started on your Feng Shui practice using the crystal pyramid without delay. You now know all that you need to do to get the anticipated results.

So, avoid delaying it and purchase a Feng Shui crystal pyramid from a Feng Shui store near you. You can even place an order online – but be sure to check the reviews first. You don’t want to end up having your money wasted behind a scam.

Once you get your desired results, do try to get other practices of Feng Shui into your home.

Play around with the Feng Shui colors to enhance the presence of positivity and combine it with the right home décor items.

You can even invest in other Feng Shui symbols such as plants, animal figurines, portraits, and water-based décor items.

Just make sure you get their placements right – that is what makes the practice of Feng Shui a hit or a miss.