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15 Phoenix Eyes Shape Face Reading For (Male + Female)

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In this article, we will discuss 15 phoenix eyes shape face reading meanings for males and females. No doubt the eyes are a vital part of the body. The eye is the window to the heart and forms an important part of physiognomy.

In Chinese face reading, the eye shape is also considered symbolic and can define the personality and fortune of people.

Phoenix eyes are considered more than just an attractive facial attribute. They come with distinct qualities.

According to the Chinese tradition, individuals that have phoenix eyes are thought to be loyal, virtuous, honest, and astute.

Generally identified as one of the most charming eye shapes desired by many people, the phoenix eye shape has many features to appreciate and explore.

What Is Phoenix Eyes Shape In Chinese?

The term phoenix eye was derived from the Chinese mythical animal and this is a type of eye shape that has its inner corner pointing a little downwards and typically, it has a “tail” that stretches towards the side of the head behind the eyes.  

What Does Phoenix Eyes Shape Look Like?

Phoenix eye is a facial look with a strong influence just like Almond Shaped Eyes, and Peach Blossom Eyes. This type of eye shape looks superb and spectacular.  

It is an eye shape with the top eyelid covering the iris close to the inner corner of the eye. It is also described when you have the uppermost part of the upper lid found at the front of the eye.

Spiritual Meaning Of Phoenix Eyes Shape

A Phoenix eye carries spiritual meaning and is significant. When you have phoenix eyes, it is believed that you are a person that is gifted, wise, capable, and brilliant.

This eye shape is associated with creativity and great insight. It means that you are a person that is gifted in visual art, inquisitive, and anxious.

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Phoenix Eyes Male Meaning, Personality, Love Life, Wealth, Health

Phoenix Eyes Shape Face Reading For Male

There are males with phoenix eyes. They are considered faithful, dedicated, righteous, and astute. The table below provides the personality, love life, wealth, and health of males with phoenix eyes.

PersonalityLove LifeWealthHealth
They have good communication skills which is necessary for building a romantic relationship.Phoenix eyes males are attractive and since they have great facial traits, they will experience good relationships.Phoenix eyes males are striking, positive, confident, inspired, and eager to support people. They easily attract powerful and helpful people which can help them to build wealth, and live rich.          Phoenix eyes males are strong, energetic, happy, and live a brighter life.
Phoenix eyes males are naturally industrious. They go out for what they desire in life.They have good communication skill which is necessary for building a romantic relationship.They are persistent which makes them experience good health, wealth, and fame.  They mostly get hooked up to great women that make them not worry about money in their entire life.

Phoenix Eyes Female Meaning Personality, Love Life, Wealth, Health

Phoenix Eyes Shape Face Reading For Female

Phoenix eyes females are graceful, elegant, intelligent, humorous, and command the attention of noblemen. The table below provides the personality, love life, wealth, and health of phoenix eyes female.

PersonalityLove LifeWealthHealth
Phoenix eyes female is also gifted and intelligent. They are naturally smart.Phoenix eyes women are attracted to men of caliber and potential and they end up in the hands of a caring partner.Phoenix eyes women enjoy relative support from people and attract good luck and wealth.Phoenix eyes women are calm and happy, which may improve their health.
They are hardworking and industrious. They exhibit calmness in the face of situations and are great thinkers.They are exceptional and experienced, and have a good relationship with the opposite sexThey have a bright career which places them in positions that help them to command respect and good income.They are surrounded by helpful people and always end well with nothing to lack. This often gives them rest of mind.

How To Enhance Phoenix Eyes Luck In Feng Shui

Generally, it is accepted that luck favors individuals with bright, clear, and attractive eyes like phoenix eyes. According to Feng Shui, you can enhance luck using the tips below:

  • Place the figurine of the phoenix in your space. Phoenix eyes are named after this mythical Chinese creature. A phoenix creature is a symbol of vitality, determination, drive, zeal, toughness, and compassion. It also symbolizes good luck and reinvigorates.
  • If you’re seeking ways to boost your relationship, begin by concentrating mainly on eye gazing. Spending more time eye-gazing with your partner will enhance your relationship luck. Your eyes are your weapon. It will establish deeper connections and increase communication.
  • People with phoenix eyes have a good disposition, exceptional, gifted, and intelligent. Considering these qualities, people with phoenix eyes can attract good luck by engaging these qualities in their careers, and professions. They can easily attract career luck because of their talent which will set them apart from the crowd.
  • Phoenix eyes’ luck can be enhanced by leveraging their beauty and wisdom. They can attract business luck by putting in place good services and their personality will handle the rest. They will easily enjoy business success by their virtue of grace and determination.
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Meaning Of Phoenix Eyes In Face Reading

In Chinese face reading, the type of eye shape defines the personality of a person.

The meaning of phoenix eyes in face reading encompasses eye movement, an alluring, calm, and cool personality, filled with affection, generosity, and the ability to have faith in others.

Phoenix’s eyes are wise, energetic, and self-driven.

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Are There Any Health Problem Associated With Phoenix Eyes

Eyes are versatile. They are not just the window to our hearts, but they also serve as a pointer to our health.

The common health problem that may occur to people with phoenix eyes and even others is known as astigmatism.

Astigmatism is an eye condition that results in blurred vision. It happens when the cornea —the apparent front cover of the eye is unevenly shaped.

  • The unevenly shaped cornea disallows light from converging properly on the retina, the light-receptive surface located at the rear of the eye.
  • The structure of the cornea looks more like a football shape, and when it becomes round, the eye finds it difficult to converge light rays to a single point.
  • What happens is that the vision loses focus at any distance. This transformation occurs regularly in adulthood and can pave the way for the formation of cataracts.
  • Astigmatism regularly takes place with other eye problems like myopia (shortsightedness) and hyper-myopia (long-sightedness).

Causes Of Astigmatism

  • Hereditary and is frequently there from birth.
  • Can arise due to an eye injury or eye surgery.
  • It can happen as a result of an uncommon problem known as keratoconus. In this case, the cornea becomes increasingly thinner.
  • It can diminish or increase as time goes on.


  • The vision becomes blurring at any distance.
  • Headaches.
  • Discomfort in the eyes.

Preventive Measures

  • Be aware of your risk factors for eye conditions. A few of these factors include age, family history of eye problems, or racial background.
  • Choose a healthy lifestyle: Ensuring you stay healthy will reduce your chance of experiencing eye diseases or vision problems.
  • Keep fit and watch your weight. Consume healthy foods and go out for exercise.  
  • Desist from smoking.
  • Protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays by wearing sunglass.

What Are The Common Superstitions Related To Phoenix Eyes

Common superstitions related to phoenix eyes include:

  • Phoenix eyes are seen as a wealthy symbol.
  • Phoenix eyes are ordained to marry a wealthy spouse.
  • People with phoenix eyes have a strong moral standard. They are identified to detest lies and not compromise or misuse power.
  • Phoenix people are recognized to be dignified, special, and amazing.

How Phoenix Eyes Affect Relationships

Phoenix eyes may positively affect relationships.

The type of eye shapes you have can determine how your relationship will last. Going by the meaning of phoenix eyes, they are bound to have fulfilling relationships.

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They have attributes that make relationships work.

  • People with phoenix eyes are loyal, dedicated, and determined to see everything they involve themselves, including relationships work.
  • They have the ambition to excel in all things. Because of this, they will make sure that their relationships work too.
  • Phoenix eyes usually portray beauty, courage, self-esteem, and influence.  
  • Phoenix eyes will infuse inner life and commitment that can boost their relationships and takes up the responsibility by helping others succeed.
  • They have a powerful communication tool at their disposal. And communication improves romantic relationships and establishes robust friendships which lead to stronger bonds.
  • People with phoenix eyes have eye gazing ability which is a strong way of communicating emotion and creating intimacy.
  • And eye gazing is a potent communication skill that can enhance closeness in both intimate and other relationships.

Phoenix Eyes Makeup Tips

Phoenix Eyes Shape Female Make Up Tips

People with phoenix eyes are generally sexy and beautiful. Many makeup techniques can be used to enhance phoenix eyes. The following are makeup tips for Phoenix eyes.  

1. Eyebrow Shapes For Phoenix Eyes

A curled brow relaxes your look, whereas a straight eye will give you a stronger look. Going for a long arch is preferable, and it will add extra angles to your look.

2. To Define And Enhance Phoenix Shape

The better way to define this is to follow the lines of your eye shape. You will get the best by using eye-shadow patterns that highlight the linear structure of your eye.

If there is the absence of mono lids, is good to stick with horizontal patterns.

If you choose vertical patterns, you will have dark colors becoming visible on the outer section of the lids.

When you can combine using the dark color along the base section of your lid, it will come out better and curl the eye shadow slightly.

3. The Effect Hones The Shape

If the shape goes along your upper lid with equal thickness, you will get a good eyeliner shape.

If the bottom lash line is lined, do it by using the same process across. Since your eyes have a sharp angle, you can also soften the liner by blending it.

4. Try Different Colors

Don’t be afraid to try different methods by applying one or two colors of shadow. Play around with many colors by using dark eye shadows and see the result.

When it seems the colors are becoming thicker on the outer corner of the eye, you can wipe it off. Try to blend the colors so that the result can be gentle and tender. 

Then go ahead applying mascara, with additional swishes on the outside lashes.

In Conclusion: Phoenix Eyes Shape

Phoenix eyes are a gift from God. We are made with different eye shapes. We cannot have the same shape.

It doesn’t matter the type of eyes you have, you can stand tall, and earn respect.

It is time to appreciate what you carry. You can define what you will attract by the kind of personality you built.

When you tap into your gift and potential, you simply attract people that value what you carry.

Phoenix Eyes Shape FAQs

Q: Are Phoenix-Shaped Eyes Rare?

Phoenix-shaped eyes are rare to find and many celebrities are endowed with this type of eye shape. You will find them mostly in Asia.

Q: Are Phoenix Eyes Attractive?

Yes, they are attractive. This type of eye shape is also beautiful. Phoenix’s eyes are charming and gracious to behold.

Q: What Color Are Phoenix Eyes?

Blue-like sapphires.      

Q: Celebrities With Phoenix Eyes Shape

Some of the celebrities especially from Asia with phoenix eyes shape are:

Hou Changrong, Lee Joon GI, Lee Jun KI, Prince Wang So, Xishi, Wang Zhaojun, Diaochan, and Yang Yuhuan

Q: What Are The Zodiac Signs Associated With Phoenix Eyes?

Scorpio is the sign that is associated with Phoenix Eyes Shape.

Q: What Ethnicity Has Phoenix-Shaped Eyes?

Asian people mostly have Phoenix Eyes Shape, and that makes them very beautiful.

Q: What Looks Best On Phoenix Eyes?

Phoenix’s eyes are gorgeous. They are versatile too and can be enhanced with complementing eyebrows and makeup.

Q: How Do You Know If You Have Phoenix Eyes?

If the top eyelid faces the iris close to the inner corner of the eye, it implies that you have phoenix eyes.