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How to Manifest your Dreams with Feng Shui [8 Expert Ways]

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Feng Shui is a process that can assist you in effectively manifesting your dreams. Read in detail to know more on How to Manifest your Dreams with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui impacts both your psychic aspect as well as your physical scenario. The process originated 30 centuries ago and since then has been practiced worldwide.

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It is not a magical process, but if used effectively can be used to bring harmony and balance to your life. In addition, as per experts in the field, Feng Shui can also be used for manifesting your dreams, such as money manifestation!

The need remains to follow the right path and some relevant tips to help you achieve the same. Also, experts believe clearing away existing hurdles in your life through Feng Shui can help you gain immense success.

Your personal space reflects who you are and who you are becoming. For example, a simple pen on your table, gifted by your dear friend, demonstrates your intention to enjoy and maintain a healthy relationship with your dear ones.

8 Tips To Help You Manifest Your Dreams With Feng Shui

Let us walk through some relevant tips to use Feng Shui to help you manifest your dreams.

Manifest your Dreams with Feng Shui

1. Get Rid of Energy-Evacuating People

The people around us form an essential part of our environment. Thus, paying attention to what kind of people are present in your immediate scenario is advisable.

Remember, positivity draws positive feelings and helps us take practical steps towards manifesting our dreams. However, the same can be said about negativity.

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As per Feng Shui experts, the process works effectively when you remove positive energy-drawing people from your immediate environment. Anyone taking away positive thoughts and feelings from your life isn’t likely to help you manifest your dreams.

2. Grow Trees

As per Feng Shui, trees are the best way to absorb negative energy around you. Trees represent growth and strength to move upward and can prove as obstacles to all kinds of contrary thoughts and feelings.

Also, the trees are grown with the intention of witnessing growth and positive change. Thus, as per Feng Shui, you should always plant a tree with the purpose of fulfilling your wish.

Also, as per Feng Shui, some trees are considered auspicious, such as plum, apple, lemon, orange, plum, peach, and lime.

It would help if you planted these trees in your garden’s south, southeastern, and eastern corners to speed up the manifestation process.

In addition, ensure to amend the soil quality and guarantee ample sunshine and water while planting the trees.

3. Decluttering is Essential

Decluttering is imperative when you want to use Feng Shui to manifest your dreams and gain immediate success. Feng Shui works on placing things with a positive intention in your life and removing harmful items.

Remember, the Universe aligns with your environment, and the cleaner your environment, the better your chances of approaching your goals.

Also, the Universe hates the creation of a vacuum. Thus, when you declutter and create a vacuum, the Universe gets a more accessible space and time to grant your wishes.

So, make a list of things you do not require and try to get rid of them soon.

4. Consult Bagua To Declutter

When you think of decluttering, it is advisable to consult the Bagua of your home. Bagua is the energy map related to Feng Shui, which includes eight life areas.

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This map correlates with different aspects of your life.

A look at the Bagua helps you identify the areas of your home that correlate with the type of manifestation you are trying to achieve.

You can then start decluttering the areas that align the closest with your dream manifestation.

Do you see any broken items in these areas? Are your closets closely stuffed? Is any kind of unfinished project, such as construction, left in the middle?

All these unfinished things and clutter simply drain away the energy and leave no room for the Universe to manifest your dreams.

5. Improve Energy-Drawing Spaces

Again, Feng Shui works in alignment with your environment, and thus, it is essential to pay more attention to your nearest spaces.

You can start by brightening up the dark rooms and areas. Also, ensure to open windows and add colors to the room, painting them bright to eliminate negativity in your closest environment.

When the things and rooms around you look bright and clean, it draws more positivity. This helps you to work with passion towards completing your goals.

6. Keep Wish-Fulfilling Animals Near You

Another way of using Feng Shui to manifest your dreams is to keep wish-fulfilling animals near you.

As per Feng Shui, many animal forms, such as a cow, can do so. Even as per Buddhism and Hinduism, a cow standing on a heap of coins represents your desire to become rich and perseverance to do the same.

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Whether the cow, bull, or oxen, they all represent wealth accumulation. Thus, even the stock market makes use of bull as its representation.

Also, rats or mongooses represent the desire to become wealthy and overcome hurdles in one’s life.

As per experts, these rats and mongooses even possess the ability to change bad luck into good one.

7. Make Use of Art

Art or creativity around you also represents the path to let positivity flow in your environment and help you achieve your goals quickly.

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Art is a therapy and helps you infuse your home and the immediate environment with your personal style.

Also, creativity helps you clear your thoughts and make plans to get near your desires. Also, you get new ideas, and the momentum helps you remain inspired to achieve more.

8. Believing is Powerful

No science or process can work if you do not believe in it, and Feng Shui is no different. Also, Feng Shui implies that you need to take concrete actions to manifest your dreams.

And every time you accept these steps, the more you need to strengthen your belief that you will achieve your goals.

Most manifestations work better when you believe strongly that you have done all to achieve the goals.

For example, if you want more deals in a business, you will get more of them once you believe you have done all to achieve them. 

Final Words

We all dream of getting good things, be it money, success, love, or peace, and Feng Shui helps to achieve them in style.

The process of Feng Shui is no magic and works well by aligning your thoughts and desires with your immediate environment.

Thus, you need to follow a piece of expert advice on how to do so and the tips mentioned above in detail.

In addition, many good websites such as can offer you this information in detail. Happy goal achieving!.