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How To Feng Shui For Better Relationships And Harmony

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Feng Shui For Better Relationships- A person is nothing without the support of his family and friends–which shows having solid relationships in your life is essential for you to survive in this world.

But most people struggle with building bonds with the people around them and feel lonely and distressed.

And this can have a significant impact on their entire life, including their physical and mental health.

Feng Shui For Relationship Problems

Do you ever feel like people do not understand you, or you cannot connect with them?

Or even after trying hard, you just cannot build strong relationships, be it with your family, friends, or your significant other? Maybe it’s time to stop blaming other people, try to make them understand, and take time to reflect on yourself.

If you cannot build strong relationships with people around you, the problem could be with the energies surrounding you–the problem is probably not them but you.

And no, we are not blaming you, but sometimes we surround ourselves with negative energies that negatively impact our relationships and love life.

And this is where Feng Shui comes into play. If you keep failing in your relationships, despite trying your best, some things are just not working out–you can blame the energies and fix it using the energies as well.

Don’t know how to? Let us explain!

Feng Shui and Relationships: How It Work?

How To Feng Shui For Better Relationships
How To Feng Shui For Better Relationships

Feng Shui is an ancient school of thought which emphasizes the energies surrounding us.

According to Feng Shui, the objects in our environment resonate with energy, and you can bring positive energy to your life using those objects as well.

Sometimes the wrong placement or the presence of the wrong object in the wrong place can turn the energy negative–and that is exactly what happens when you get stuck in a loop of failed relationships.

Hence, today we decided to talk about Feng Shui tips and teachings that can help you bring good luck in your life to help you build better and stronger relationships.

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It costs nothing; all you need to do is make the best use of your environment and its objects.

Feng Shui For Better Relationships [Marriage and Love Life]

Marriage and relationship with our significant other are among the most important relationships we ever form in our life.

But apart from being precious, it is also very crucial and requires a lot of patience and hard work.

However, despite doing the right thing, some couples struggle with their relationship – if you feel the same, you need to incorporate the following Feng Shui For Better Relationships With Husband.

1. Feng Shui in the Bedroom

The bedroom is the most important place for a couple, and you need to make sure the place where you spend the most time is aligned with your Feng Shui and energies.

The best thing to do is to do Feng Shui in your bedroom to ensure you attract good luck and positivity. Here is how you can apply Feng Shui in your bedroom:

  • Buy a pair of furniture – couples usually put only one nightstand in their bedroom, but according to Feng Shui, you need to have two, one on each side, to balance the energy.
  • Do not place the bed with the wall; this blocks the positive energy from one side of the bed and is very unlucky for the couple.
  • Do not put electronic appliances in your room – especially the TV. These appliances attract negative energy in the bedroom. Especially TV which leads to problems between a couple and distracts them from each other.
  • Do not put too many mirrors in the room because mirrors are reflective surfaces. Feng Shui recommends couples not place reflective surfaces because they trap negative energy in the room.

2. Enhance the Earth Element

Another feng shui tips for a good relationship between husband and wife, According to the Bagua map, the earth element corresponds with the love and marriage aspect of our life.

Hence, it is best to make the most use of it.

You can add house plants in your bedroom and around your house to bring mother nature into your life.

Other than that, you can incorporate colors like yellow that correspond with the earth element and attract the element’s energy. You can try painting the walls around your house yellow or throw in a yellow rug in your bedroom.

3. Balance the Yin and Yang Energy

The yin and yang energy represent male and female energies.

You need to balance both to make sure the two of you remain compatible with each other; an increase in any one energy will lead to an imbalance of love energies in your life.

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Hence, to balance the energy, try to balance the lighting in your house–an increase in light increases yang energy making the male partner more aggressive and hyper.

Feng Shui For Better Relationships With Parents

Our relationship with our parents is precious, but sometimes as we grow up, we start growing apart from them – to the point when sometimes our relationship with them is almost ruined. In such a case, you can apply Feng Shui tips in your life, such as-

1. Focus on Wood and Metal elements

As per the Bagua map, the wood element focuses on “family” while the metal element is for “children”.

Incorporating the wood element will help you build stronger bonds with your family, including your parents. And incorporating metal elements will allow your parents to feel positive about you.

You can incorporate the two elements by adding clear crystals that enhance the metal element and house plants that resonate with the wood element.

Moreover, you can also add decoration pieces and furniture that match the wood and metal element.

2. The focus of the Garden

The garden chi is the best positive energy for enhancing the bond between a family.

If you want to improve your relationship with your parents, the best would be to build a healthy home garden and spend more time with your family there.

Not only is nature more rejuvenating and will help you clear your mind – but the presence of colorful flowers and green leaves will attract good chi, strengthening your bond with your family.

3. Enhance the East Side of the House

According to the Bagua map, the family sector lies in the east direction; hence, the best way to gain energy for building a strong relationship with your children would be to improve the east side of your house.

Make sure you do not build a washroom on the east side of your house. Keep this area well lit; make sure you have windows in this section of the house to get sunlight and keep house plants in the east direction of the house.

Feng Shui For Better Relationships With Friends

Feng Shui For Better Relationships With Friends
Feng Shui For Better Relationships With Friends

Friends are very important in your life, and you need to make sure you have a strong relationship with your friends to be able to lead a happy and peaceful life.

However, not everyone is successful in making sincere friends or just ends up losing them as they grow up. Here are Feng Shui tips to help build a strong relationship with your friends:

1. Add the Right Crystals

Crystals are an important object in Feng Shui because they attract energy and bring good luck to people. Some specific crystals can help your relationship with your friends. Some of these crystals are:

  • Rose Quartz – which is the crystal of love but also promotes happy energy among friends
  • Citrine– which is a crystal to help boost self-confidence, which helps you in approaching people and making friends
  • Rhodonite – strengthens empathy, compassion, and respect which are important traits for a friendship to be long-lasting and strong.
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2. Remove Broken Objects

If you have any broken items in your house, you must remove them ASAP because broken objects represent broken relationships–especially friendships.

These objects can have a negative impact on your relationship with your friends, so it’s better to get rid of them as fast as you can.

3. Enhance the South of your House

According to the Bagua map, the south direction of your house represents fame and reputation–and both of these are important to make new friends and keep a strong bond with your friends.

When you have fame, you can be popular among people and attract new friendships, and with a healthy relationship, you can ensure that the relationship will stay strong.

Moreover, you can enhance the south area of your house by using the fire element–which corresponds with this sector of the Bagua map.

The fire element will strengthen the energy of this location–hence it’s best to build a fireplace in the south direction of your house or keep it well lit using candles.

Feng Shui for Better Relationships Wrap Up

Relationships are the most important aspect of our life–it comes above money, fame, and sometimes even a career.

You need to have strong relationships in your life if you want to lead a happy and peaceful life around people you love.

Hence, you can use the tips we mentioned above to build a better relationship with your significant other, parents, and friends!

Feng Shui for Better Relationships FAQS

Q1: How do Feng Shui bedroom for a better relationship with your partner?

You can Feng Shui in your bedroom by incorporating the earth element in it, removing all the mirrors and reflective surfaces, not adding a TV in your room, and making sure you have a pair for every piece of furniture.

Q2: What crystals can help with strong friendships?

According to Feng Shui, three crystals can help build strong friendships: rose quartz, citrine, and rhodonite.

Q3: Feng Shui For Better Relationships With Boss

If you want to have a smooth relationship with your boss and colleagues, then use South and Southeast direction and add plants and flowers.

You can also use the power of colors like red and green more.