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How To Dispose Of Feng Shui Items + Broken Sacred Cures

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How to dispose of feng shui items? The practice of Feng shui has benefited many people across the world.

As an ancient Chinese practice, feng shui embraces useful elements and principles that govern life and promotes the ultimate flow of positive energy into a space.

Apart from promoting the free flow of positive energy, feng shui can change the face of your career, finance, and health. It can be engaged to bring abundance, fortune, and ultimately luck.

Everyone desires to have luck. Luck serves as grease that eases tension or friction. In a nutshell, feng shui can influence everything around you.

How To Dispose of Feng Shui Items
How to throw away feng shui items

Despite all these amazing benefits of feng shui, feng shui items expire after some time. Just like everything has a lifespan, feng shui products have a lifespan.

The feng shui items become ineffective because of the negative energies they have absorbed over time.

So, how do you dispose of feng shui items in a way that will have a negative effect? In this blog, we provided suitable steps that will guide you on how to dispose of feng shui objects properly.

The following topics are discussed:

  • How to dispose of old wallet Feng shui
  • How to dispose of old feng shui cures
  • How to dispose of a feng shui bracelet
  • How to dispose of broken items in feng shui
  • How do I cleanse my Feng Shui items?
  • FAQs

Why You Need To Dispose Of Old Feng Shui Cures & Items

Feng shui cures are materials that represent the feng shui five elements that help to enhance or boost the positive energy in the house.

They also ensure that the five elements are properly balanced and effective.

  1. Over time, these feng shui cures get old because they absorb negative energy.
  2. An old feng shui cure is any cure or enhancer that has been used for absorbing negative energy throughout the year. It should be thrown away and used again.
  3. According to feng shui, cures can serve for a year. Apart from enhancing positive energy, cures protect you and the surroundings of your home against bad energy.
  4. In other words, they serve the definite purpose of seeing your home and environment energized with good luck and energy.
  5. If you want to terminate a cure an old cure, you should have spent a full year. So, when they have stayed a whole year (or more) trapping different kinds of energy so naturally, they depreciate, wear out, and weaken.
  6. This is the reason you need to dispose of the old feng shui cure and get a new one. This is necessary to enjoy the flow of fresh energy and make feng shui effective. 
  7. Getting a fresh new cure is the best. Don’t clean them, rather dispose of them and get a new one.
  8. An old cure falls under any cure that has scrapes, marks, damage, or broken and looks deteriorated and old. Therefore, they should be disposed of and get new ones as soon as possible.
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So how do you dispose of your old feng shui cures?

According to feng shui, it is suggested to choose an auspicious date to dispose of the cures. To do this, you can go through the feng shui calendar to know the date.

After ascertaining an auspicious date, the next is to put them (cures like Salt Water, or old item like pixiu bracelet) inside a closed bowl, pot, or container.

You can also put them inside a plastic bag and dispose inside the waste bin.

How To Dispose of Feng Shui Bracelet

Bracelet is important in feng shui. A bracelet is powerful in activating feng shui. It serves to generate excellent Feng shui.

Bracelets are magical talismans able to attract luck, prosperity, and happiness.

It is symbolic in feng shui. It helps to balance and regulate energy flowing, which implies it can remove negative energies from influencing you and your environment.  

Despite its amazing benefits, a bracelet absorbs negative energies too along time, and that is why you need to discard it.

When it is worn out, broken, and old, you need to dispose of your bracelet.

To dispose of it, put the old bracelet inside a nylon and wrap it carefully. Then dispose of it inside the refuse or garbage.

How To Dispose of Broken Items In Feng Shui

Disposing of broken things in feng shui is the right way to secure the presence of feng shui in your space.

In feng shui, it is suggested to dispose of broken stuff the fact that those items help to attract positive energy and dispel negative energy once used auspiciously.

How To Dispose of Feng Shui Items
Dispose of feng shui broken items

Because these broken items have attracted good luck to you and your home, they should be handled and disposed of with respect. Their disposal should not be done casually or disposed of anyhow.  

Use the methods below to dispose of them:

  • Put them inside a red paper that is properly wrapped, and be grateful to them for fulfilling their purpose of existence. Proceed to dump inside the garbage
  • You can bury, or even burn them after giving thanks to them for protection against negative energy and bad events.

Then bring in the new cures that will aid in promoting your wellness and surround you with positive energy.

How Do You Cleanse Your Feng Shui Items?

Cleansing your feng shui items make them more effective, and removes any stagnant energy as a result of dust that has gathered on them. Cleaning makes your items receptive to only positive energy.

Cleansing your feng shui items can be done using the following methods:

  1. Clean by using salt. This type of salt should be coarse to achieve the desired result. Make sure you pour the salt inside the water to dissolve and then use the water to clean the items. Or you can proceed by rubbing the feng shui items completely with the salt, and ensure they are properly rinsed and dried with a clean, dry cloth.
  2. Cleaning your feng shui items should be done gently to avoid being scratched, scraped, or damaged. So, when it is time to rub salt on the items or wash them with salt water, do it gently. Cleansing enhances the potency of your feng shui items. It shows you truly care about them. 
  3. After cleansing your feng shui, spread them outside or where they can receive natural light such as sunlight. Leave them inside the sun to rejuvenate their energy. Sunlight is a powerful source of positive energy.
  4. Feng shui suggested the use of mantras with your feng shui items to make them more effective.
  5. Apart from the use of mantras, to make your feng shui items effective and lively, make use of saffron water. It is regarded to have a mild effect and is very powerful. To do this, first, place your saffron water outside and allow staying for three hours to receive the morning sun.
  6. Then place the items in the saffron water that is outside. Saffron is easy to get these days because they are readily available in various stores offline, and online. Order for it. Thereafter rinse and mop them down with a clean, dry towel.
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How To Dispose of Old Wallet Feng Shui

The majority of people don’t pay attention to their wallets, forgetting it is a tool to enhance their finances.

In feng shui, the wallet plays a crucial role in keeping your money from getting lost. A wallet is symbolic of delivering auspicious luck.

How to dispose old wallet
what to do with old wallet feng shui

So now what to do with old wallet feng shui? Likewise, keeping an old wallet may be a bad sign. So, it is better to dispose of it. But before then, some signs show your wallet is old, and it needs to be changed.

Some of them are:

  • Do you notice your wallet is wearing?
  • Do you find it hard to open and close the zip?
  • Do you find holes in the wallet?
  • Is your wallet rough with the edges tattered?

How do you dispose of an old wallet in feng shui after it has become old?

Remove all the necessary documents, receipts, and money inside it, and put them inside nylon. Simply drop it inside your waste bin or refuse disposal.

Then replace it with a new wallet to get access to new positive energy.

Use the feng shui tips below to make your new wallet to bring financial luck  

1. Clean Your New Wallet

Cleaning is a sign of tendering and brings luck. It is important because it removes stagnant energy from the wallet.

Make sure to give good attention to your wallet. It is pivotal to how you will attract financial luck.

2. Dispose of Old Receipts

Don’t let old receipts stay inside your wallet for long. It is a sign of cluttering. Clutter is detrimental to attracting luck because it disallows the free flow of positive energy.

De-cluttering ensures you remove pile-up documents from your wallet.

3. Arrange Your Money

Attracting financial luck through your wallet is attached to how you arranged your money. Make sure you properly arranged your money to appear neat.

Don’t allow your paper money to fold up, or crumple inside your wallet. If it does, it is a pointer that you are imprudent about your finances. Take time to carefully spread out the banknote and the bills.

Also, arrange based on denomination. Part of arranging your money is to separate the coins from the paper money.

4. Pick Feng Shui Wallet Colors

In feng shui, there are favorable colors that can attract luck. In picking a new wallet, go for a wallet that is made with feng shui colors.

For instance, the five elements in feng shui come in different colors. Pick your favorite colors according to feng shui that align with what you desire.

  • The red color is vibrant and auspicious. It represents energy, warmness, liveliness, activeness, and vibrancy and ultimately is a color that draws wealth. It is the color of the fire element.
  • Black and navy blue are colors that represent the water element. These colors are symbolic and auspicious. They can attract prosperity and abundance. Since water flows, expands, and shows a level of energy, it means you will enjoy the energy, and strength making your finances expand.
  • Green is the color of the wood element and the symbolism of wood is that of growth, expansion, and rejuvenation. Getting a wallet with a green color can bring growth and increase your finance. Another color that represents wood elements is tan.
  • Ochre is a color that represents the earth’s element. It is a robust color that is symbolic of sustaining and assisting your finances.
  • Wallets with metal element colors such as gold, copper, silver, gray, and white are favorable too as they can help you to bring prosperity.
  • Navy blue is another water symbol. This color energies and can help you expand your finances.
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5. Turn Your Wallet Into An Auspicious Object

In feng shui, you make an object auspicious to attract luck. In the same manner, your wallet can be turned into an auspicious object.

To do that, you can keep money luck charms like Chinese coins, money frogs, or other symbols of luck inside the wallet.

Don’t use up the entire space of your wallet. Leave space to allow increase and expansion. 

6. Treat Your Wallet With Care With Feng Shui

Feng shui makes your wallet a never-ending financial store. What it entails is to treat it with care, and handle it in a feng shui way.

One of these ways is de-cluttering regularly. Don’t pile up unused or used items inside your wallet so that the clutter doesn’t disallow the free flow of positive energy. 

Following these tips above attract luck and wealth, as it makes your wallet an auspicious one. Therefore, don’t be afraid to discard the old wallet, and replace it with a new one.

FAQ: How to dispose of feng shui items

Q: How To Make A New Feng Shui Cures Effective?

1. Allow your feng shui cures to undergo thorough cleansing as mentioned above.
2. Make them active and energized using incense. Also, put them outside to receive sunlight.
3. You can position them close to a semiprecious stone that is a luck enhancer. 
3. Choose an auspicious date to put together your new cures. You can pick using the feng shui calendar.
4. Make your thoughts about using them known. In this way, express your wish and intention to boost the impact.

Q: How to dispose of a bagua mirror?

In order to dispose of the old Bagua or Pakua mirror, the best way is the pack it properly in paper or in a wrapper. Once fully covered then throw it away straight to the dustbin.

Q: How to dispose of broken jade?

Broken jade must not be glued up again. Once broken it will not work. So just put it in a red paper or cloth and simply throw it away.

Q: Where should I put my feng shui items?

As per Feng Shui experts keeping items in the east, north, or southeast direction is the best way to bring positivity.