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11 Best Medicine Cabinet Feng Shui Placement Tips For Health

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This article discusses how to make your “Medicine Cabinet Feng Shui Equipped”, we will also see the placement of the correct medicine to keep, directions dos, and don’ts.

In Feng Shui, how your home is set up and placed can greatly affect your HEALTH and HAPPINESS. People often forget about their medicine box, which is very important for keeping your health in good shape.

Impact of keeping medicines in the wrong place in feng shui?

Storing medicines in the wrong spot according to Feng Shui can harm your home’s energy and occupants’ health. Some side effects:

Medicines treat illnesses, thus they carry the energy of health and healing as well as illness. Storing them improperly can interrupt chi flow, causing stagnant or bad energy in some regions of the home.

  • Psychological Impact: Displaying medicines on kitchen counters or in living rooms may unconsciously remind inhabitants of disease and health difficulties, which may cause tension or anxiety.
  • Energy and symbolism permeate everything in Feng Shui. Storing medicines in the money corner (southeast) or the love sector may “contaminate” them with sickness energy.
  • Sleep Disorders: Keeping medicines in the bedroom, especially near the bed, may subconsciously associate them with illness, disrupting sleep. This can impair sleep, which is vital to health.
  • Deterioration of ties: According to the Bagua map, inappropriately storing medicines in the southwest corner of the home might symbolically impair household ties.
  • Energy Drain: Medicines near the home’s entryway or in active living areas drain energy. Since medicines treat illnesses, their presence may drain energy from activities and interactions, causing lethargy or negativity.

The Importance of Medicine Cabinet Feng Shui Placement?

Medicine Storage Cabinet Feng Shui Rules For Good Health

Ideal Locations for Your Medicine Cabinet

According to the principles of Feng Shui, you should put your medicine cabinet in a place that is linked to HEALTH and Happiness.

The best place for your home is in the (East), which on a Bagua map stands for health.

It’s best not to put the medicine cabinet right next to the bathroom door or under the stairs, as these places can have bad effects on the energy related to health.

Proper Organization and Arrangement

It’s just as important to organize your medicine closet as it is to put things in it. Make sure everything inside is up-to-date and organized well.

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Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts for Medicine Cabinets

You should throw away any medicines that have expired or haven’t been used because they can represent a block in your health progress.


  • Do Keep It Clean and Clutter-Free: Make sure your medicine cabinet stays clear of clutter by cleaning it often. This not only helps you find what you need, but it also makes you feel good.
  • Do Use the Right Symbols: Put health-promoting signs inside or around the cabinet, like pictures of healthy plants or the color green.
  • Do Make Sure There Is Good Lighting: The cabinet should be well-lit to show that health management is done with clarity and accuracy.


  • Overstuffing: Don’t keep too many things in your medicine cabinet; this can make the energy in there stay still. Do not keep more than you need.
  • Don’t Put Under Negative Images: Don’t put your medicine box under negative images, like pictures of people who are sick or sad.
  • Accessibility: Your medicine box should be easy to get to so that you can find the medicines you need quickly and without stress.

Enhancing Chi in Your Medicine Cabinet

How Colors and Materials Are Used

In a medicine cabinet, colors like Blue and Green are good because they help with healing and relaxation.

According to Feng Shui, materials like wood element are also good because they help with health and growth.

Mirrors and Reflection

Put a small mirror inside the medicine box if you can. As a form of Feng Shui, mirrors are used to increase energy.

If placed properly, they can also double the healing power of medicines you keep on hand.

According to feng shui, can we keep medicines in the bedroom?

According to Feng Shui, you should try to avoid keeping medicines in the bedroom if you can.

People think of the bedroom as a place to rest and recharge, and medicines, which are often linked to sickness or health problems, can bring in negative energy that could mess up the relaxing and healing atmosphere you want to keep.

Here are some reasons and things to think about:

  • Sleep Quality: The energy of medicines, which is connected to getting better from illness, could have a bad effect on the subconscious mind, which could make sleep less restful.
  • One is the association with illness: Medicines are reminders of health problems, and keeping them in a room that is supposed to be restful can mentally and energetically link that room with sickness instead of health.
  • Other Places to Store Medicines: According to Feng Shui, medicines should be kept in places that are linked to health and energy, like the kitchen or a special room for healing. Things that have to do with health should be sold in the East section, which is where the health area is on the Bagua map.

If you have to keep medicines in the bedroom because of lack of space or the need for easy access, here are some ways to keep the negative energy down:

  • To hide them, put them in a drawer or a small closet that is well-organized and out of sight.
  • Good Organization: Make sure the medicines are in order and that the area isn’t cluttered.
  • Cleansing regularly: Get rid of old or useless medicines on a regular basis to keep the energy strong and fresh.

You can find a balance that meets both your real needs and the rules of Feng Shui by following these tips.

Can we keep Medicines in the kitchen as per feng shui?

In some situations, the kitchen can be a good place to store medicines according to Feng Shui.

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The kitchen is thought to be the center of HEALTH and COMFORT in the home, but it can’t be a good place to store medicines according to Feng Shui.

Below are a few reasons why you might want to avoid having medicines in the kitchen:

1. Energy of Illness in a Space of Nutrition:

  • The kitchen is where food is prepared and stored, so it naturally has a connection to health and nutrition.
  • Keeping medicines, which are connected to being sick and getting better, can lead to a symbolic clash of forces.
  • This conflict could mess up the good energy that comes from food and health in the kitchen.

2. Risk of Contamination:

  • There is a real chance of contamination when medicines are kept close to food.
  • People could accidentally eat medicines, or if they don’t store them properly, pharmaceutical chemicals could get into food.

3. Accessibility Problems:

  • The kitchen is often a shared area that many people in the family, including kids, use.
  • Keeping medicines in a place that is easy for kids to get to or guests who don’t know how to use them correctly is more likely to happen.

4. Environmental Factors:

  • Cooking causes temperature and humidity to change in kitchens, which can affect how well medicines work and how long they last.
  • There are times when you can’t be sure that the air in the kitchen will stay cool and dry, which is important for most medicines.

5. Visual and mental clarity:

  • Seeing medicines a lot in a room that’s supposed to be for food and getting together with other people can be a visual memory of being sick, which can have an effect on mental health.
  • This constant warning can have a small effect on the energy and mood of the room, which could change how the whole house feels.

6. Alternative Suggestions:

Instead of putting your medicine cabinet in the kitchen, think about putting it somewhere less central but still appropriate:

  • A certain health zone in the house is marked on the Bagua map, which is usually the East section.
  • A utility room or a private study is a good place to keep pills out of the way and under better control.
  • Any other safe and well-kept space that keeps the right conditions for keeping medicines and doesn’t get in the way of other things going on in the house.

The goal of Feng Shui is always to make a space that is as peaceful and helpful as possible. When choosing where to store medicines, keeping these tips in mind can help keep the home’s energy healthy and the people who live there healthy.

Five places where it is safe to keep medicines in feng shui?

According to Feng Shui, medication should be placed carefully to make sure they are in line with ideas that promote health and well-being.

With Feng Shui in mind, here are FIVE Places where medicines should be kept that are safely and properly:

  1. The East part of the house: in the Bagua plan, the East is linked to health and family. Keeping medicines here can strengthen their energetic link to health and happiness, which is good for everyone in the family’s health.
  2. Health-Related Area: If you have a space in your home set aside for health-related activities, like a corner for meditation or a shelf for health supplements and gear, this can be a great place to keep your meds. The intentional setting makes the focus on health and fitness even stronger.
  3. Home office or study area: If this room is used to handle family issues, such as health, it might be okay to keep medicines there. To keep the room’s main purpose as a place of calm and productivity, make sure the medicines are kept in order and out of sight.
  4. Utility or Storage Room: Medicines can also be kept in a clean, dry, and well-organized utility room or any other storage space in the house. It’s important that this place doesn’t have any bad vibes or clutter. To keep the flow of chi good, this needs to be well organized.
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Use these general Feng Shui rules to keep medicines safe:

According to Feng Shui, putting medicines in the right place helps make sure that they add to the home’s general energy in a good way, which is good for health and well-being.

  • Visibility and Accessibility: Medicines should be easy to get to, but they shouldn’t be the first thing you see when you walk into a room. This can unconsciously connect the energy of the room with illness.
  • Keep the area where the medicines are kept clean and organized on a regular basis so that the energy stays fresh and supportive of healing.
  • Stay away from bedrooms and bathrooms: According to Feng Shui, bedrooms and bathrooms are bad places to store medicines because they are associated with rest and relaxation or water energy, which can be at odds with the purpose of medicines.

FAQs About Medicine Cabinet Feng Shui

Q1: Can I put my medicine cabinet in the bathroom?

Putting it in the bathroom isn’t ideal, but if you have to, make sure the cabinet is always closed to keep the energy contained and good.

Q2: What should I do if the only place I can go is under a staircase?

If you have to put a medicine cabinet under stairs, try to make the space feel better by painting it in light or bright colors.

Q3: How often should I clean out my medicine cabinet?

You should clean out your medicine cabinet at least twice a year to get rid of old medicines and keep everything in order.

Q:4 Does the color of the space where I store my medicines affect its Feng Shui?

Yes, colors are very important in Feng Shui. Blues and greens are soothing and healing colors that might look good in a place to store medicines.

According to Feng Shui, these colors help the medicines work better by increasing their healing and peaceful powers.

Q5: Feng Shui says that the best way to store medicines is in a certain type of container.

Choose containers that are clean, well-organized, and either a neutral color or a color that works with Feng Shui’s healing energy, like blue or green.

Stay away from patterns that are too bright or too jumbled, as they might throw off the calm energy you want in a health-related place.


An easy and effective way to improve your health and well-being is to use Feng Shui to organize your medicine storage.

You can improve the health energy in your home by thinking about where, how, and the flow of energy around the medicine storage you use.

Start making these changes right away to get the most healing out of your surroundings.