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(15 Wealthy Tips) How To Feng Shui Southeast Corner

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Welcome to the article, “What is Feng Shui Southeast Corner?” In this article, we will discuss what Feng Shui’s southeast corner is and how it can be used in your home.

In Feng Shui, there are different corners recognized on the Bagua map, and each of these corners has a different significance. One such corner is the southeast corner.

The southeast corner is auspicious and is classified as the most preferred corner, thanks to its symbolism. In Feng Shui, the southeast corner is known as the wealth corner. It is a corner that is connected to your finances, investments, and friendship.

It is a strong corner that can influence how you attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

The southeast corner covers how you make money, save it, and increase your wealth. Recognizing this corner will benefit you considerably.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to Feng Shui Southeast Corner of the house and activate missing cures. Following this blog, you will learn the importance of south facing home how the southeast corner of your home can benefit you, and the necessary steps to turn your southeast corner around for good.

How To Feng Shui Southeast Corner
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What Is Feng Shui Southeast Corner?

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that focuses on improving one’s overall well-being through the use of energy sources such as plants, objects, and animals.

This philosophy can be found throughout China and has been used by people for centuries to improve their homes and fortune.

How To Feng Shui Southeast Corner

Here, we will focus on the southeast corner, which is a specific part of your home where Feng Shui may play an important role.

  • If you are looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency or increase its attractiveness to guests, then southwestern corner may be a better option for you.
  • Feng Shui’s southeast corner is a corner connected to finances. It is a Bagua area that symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Thus, it is referred to as the wealth corner.
  • This area of your home can be used for a variety of purposes from providing natural light to adding personality and character as well.

How to find a southeast corner of the house Of Any Home

Recognizing the southeast corner of your house will do a lot of benefit you.

It is easy to find the southeast corner of the house by using the Bagua map. The Bagua map covers some specific aspects of life, such as wealth, career, relationships, knowledge, and education.

The southeast corner of your house is also the wealth or financial corner. To find the southeast corner of your house, stand at the door of the main entrance and face inside.

Then, discover the far left corner. After locating the southeast corner, make sure the place is de-cluttered and neat.

What To Keep In The Southeast Area Of The Home

Keep those things that will boost the southeast area of your home and help you to bring financial luck.

These are the things to keep in the southeast corner of the house:

  • Green Plant: Money plant, and jade plant.
  • Beautiful decor and artwork that are painted in purple or gold.
  • Lucky symbols such as money frogs, and Chinese coins.

How To Activate Southeast Corner Feng Shui

The southeast corner of your space can be activated. The southeast corner is a wood element direction.

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By following Feng Shui tips, the southeast corner can be activated to attract wealth and prosperity.

Here are the Feng Shui tips to activate the southeast corner:

Activate wealth Southeast Corner

1. Flowers

Activate the southeast corner of your home by growing flowers.

The southeast corner is associated with the wood element, and one of the symbols of this element is flowers.

You can do this by keeping beautiful flower vases in the southeast sector of your home space as a way of activating wealth and prosperity luck.

2. Water Feature

Adding a water feature can serve as a way of activating the southeast corner of your space.

In essence, a water feature is one of the symbols of the water element, and water nourishes wood.

Nourishing the southeast corner with a water element like a little flowing fountain with clean water can energize the wealthy corner of your home.  

3. Use Of Green Light

Greenlight can help to activate the southeast corner. Green is one of the colors that represent the Feng Shui wood element that represents this corner.

4. Furniture

Bringing wood furniture painted in green or blue into the southeast corner of your space can prove effective in activating the corner, and attracting wealth and prosperity. 

5. Decorate With Purple

One of the major colors connected with the southeast corner is purple.

Purple is a wealth of color also used for meditation and peace, therefore, adding decors painted in purple or anything with a touch of purple such as wall art, foot mat, etc. can help to activate the southeast corner.

6. Growing Of Plants

Apart from flowers, raising a healthy green plant in your southeast corner can effectively activate the southeast corner bringing about wealth growth.

Feng Shui plants that are effective for this intent include money trees, jade plants, snake plants, and lucky bamboo.

7. Bring In Amethyst

Amethyst is an elegant crystal that can add beauty as well as help activate the southeast corner of your space.

Amethyst has been used for a long to boost the wealth zone, thanks to its purple color. It is a crystal that easily reverberates with prosperity feeling.

8. Decorate With Green And Blue

The southeast corner can also be activated by adopting green and blue which are the colors that represent the wood element.

In this case, a portion of your house can be painted using any of these colors. Based on your color preference, you can go for a color accent.     

Feng Shui Southeast Corner Colors

In feng shui, colors are symbolic and can influence feelings. Some colors help nourish the southeast corner of your home and make it active.

These are the southeast corner colors:

  • Purple: Purple is connected with wealth and prosperity, which the southeast corner symbolizes.
  • Green: Green is the color of the wood element, and the southeast corner element is wood.
  • Blue: Blue is one of the colors of the water element, and the water element is compatible with the wood element in Feng Shui. Water nurtures wood, and this can bring about prosperity.

Feng Shui Southeast Corner Living Room

The living room is a place where everyone who enters your house, including the family members, meets. As a result, it is vital to make sure this area receives priority to enjoy positive Feng Shui.

The southeast corner of the living room is located at the far left corner when you check from the front door.

This corner can therefore be activated by bringing in furniture or accessories made with purple color, a lively green indoor plant, and by setting up a little flowing water fountain.

Bathroom In Southeast Corner Feng Shui

Having a bathroom in the southeast corner can be inauspicious.

The wood element is the element of the southeast corner and because water nurtures wood, it boosts the corner.

But, when you have a bathroom in the southeast corner, it results in the release of an excess of water and it leads to the flushing away of wealth from your space.

However, by following Feng Shui tips, this can be balanced. Follow these tips:

  • Make sure your bathroom is kept neat. It ensures you get clean water to nurture the wood element, which can improve your wealth.
  • Ensure to get rid of dirt from time to time.
  • If a window is absent, a fan can be installed to eliminate offensive odors. 
  • Let the toilet lid be closed when it is not utilized, and constantly shut the door of your bathroom.
  • Position a vase or pot containing plants in the southeast corner of the bathroom. Plants can purify the air coming into the bathroom.    

Kitchen In Southeast Corner Feng Shui

The kitchen is a space used often in the house where you will find all the feng shui elements, such as wood, water, metal, fire, and earth.

The most suitable direction for the kitchen is the southeast direction. The kitchen facing the southeast corner is auspicious. In Feng Shui, it is a good direction for the kitchen to face.

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A kitchen in the southeast corner also stands for the wood element, which can help strengthen your wealth and generate positive energy.

Master Bedroom In The Southeast Corner Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, a bedroom in the southeast corner can enhance your wealth and prosperity. You can strengthen the southeast corner of your bedroom using the tips below.

  1. Placing lucky charms or symbols at the southeast corner of your bedroom can energize the corner. Lucky charms like a money frog, three Chinese coins, and a lucky pig.

2. Bring in plants and figurines to boost the energy of your bedroom. Plants such as jade plants and money plants can be added.

3. Decorate with purple, blue, or green color: Use any of these colors to energize the southeast corner of your bedroom, and you can enjoy growth in wealth and prosperity.

Missing Southeast Corner Feng Shui Cures

Do you discover that the southeast corner is missing in your home due to the position of the building? There is a solution to missing the southeast corner of a home.

It is good to have a southeast corner in your home. This corner is responsible for wealth and prosperity luck.

This corner facilitates wealth and prosperity attraction. The southeast corner is crucial to have a good Feng Shui home.

If the southeast corner is missing in an area, it suggests one thing- the residents of the house will be deprived of considerable wealth. It may block the flow of prosperity and abundance.

To cure the southeast corner of your home, use the following tips:

  • Position money symbols in your house to cure the southeast corner. These money symbols will help to attract wealth. Bring in money symbols like a money tree, money frog, Chinese coins, etc.
  • Add wood furniture or decors made with purple color.
  • Grow beautiful houseplants that are symbolic of money such as the popular money plants, jade plants, and snake plants.
  • Set up a little flowing water fountain because water can nourish.
  • Include landscaping to cure the missing corner.
  • Introduce beautiful ornament decorated with Feng Shui colors like blue, green, and brownish tones.   

Is Southeast Corner Plot Good

Yes! The southeast corner is an auspicious one and can increase your wealth. This direction helps bright light to penetrate properly.

What Element Is Southeast In Feng Shui?

The southeast element is wood.

The wood element is a Feng Shui that symbolizes growth, nourishment, lushness, wealth, prosperity, and abundance. This element also shows strength, energy, and kindness.

Which Color Is Suitable For the Southeast Direction?

The most suitable colors for the southeast direction include wood and water elements colors.

The Southeast direction element is wood. In Feng Shui, the water element is compatible with the wood element because it nurtures wood.

Southeast direction colors are green, blue, brownish tone, black, and beige.

Can We Keep Money In Southeast Corner?

Since the southeast corner has to do with wealth and prosperity luck, it is safe to keep money in this area. By keeping your money in the southeast corner, it keeps it growing.

Is Southeast Facing Good For Plants?

Yes! It is good for plants to face southeast. They will receive more natural light which is needed for their growth.

Things to avoid while working on the southeast corner

Below are the things to consider avoiding while activating the southeast corner of the house.

1. Fire element:

Avoid installing Too Many objects Representing the Fire Element in the Southeast Corner Exhausting the Wood Element You should avoid installing too many objects representing the fire element in the southeast corner, such as candles or red-colored decor.

2. Metal element:

As Metal is the element that destroys Wood in the productive cycle of the Five Elements, you should try to keep the number of Metal elements in the Southeast corner to a minimum.

3. Debris and clutter:

Since chi (energy) cannot flow freely through an area that is congested, you should keep the Southeast corner of your home clear of debris.

4. Broken items:

Items That Are Broken Stagnation can be represented by anything that is broken or does not function properly. It is recommended that these objects be repaired or removed from this location.

5. Negative images:

Images That Represent Negativity Or Struggle Get rid of any images that represent negativity or struggle since these kinds of images do not support the energy of prosperity that we are attempting to cultivate.

Which Plants Can I Keep In Southeast Corner?

Some plants are auspicious and can attract wealth.

They are referred to as houseplants which can be planted and placed in the southeast corner of your house. Here are some plants you can keep in the southeast corner of your space:

1. Jade Plant

The Jade plant is a good plant anyone can keep in the southeast corner of their house.

It is a popular plant that represents prosperity and wealth in Feng Shui. Jade plant does not only attract wealth, it can improve friendship, love, and relationships.

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The Jade plant is commonly used as a gift to attract good luck and fortune. The plant can also purify the air. Maintaining a jade plant is easy.

It only needs to be exposed to natural light and keep watering it. Keeping this plant in the southeast corner of your apartment can lead to an increase in wealth.

2. Coin Plant

The coin plant is referred to as the Chinese money plant. This plant is symbolic and as its name implies, it attracts good luck and prosperity.

The leaves of this plant are a depiction of coins. The coin plant can be positioned in the southeast corner of your home, and you will experience good luck, prosperity, and wealth.

Take time to care for this money plant. It requires medium sunlight and is easy to maintain. Place it in the southeast corner to welcome more prosperity to your home, and life.

3. Lucky Bamboo

As the name suggests, lucky bamboo is an auspicious plant that attracts wealth and good luck into the house. You can keep it in the southeast corner and see fortune trailing your home.

Lucky bamboo symbolizes growth, advancement, nobility, and prosperity.

Lucky bamboo has the energy to grow beyond the limit. Avoid putting curling bamboo in your house as it can indicate twisted energy.

4. Snake Plant

The snake plant is auspicious and attractive. It is a houseplant that you can position in the southeast corner.

It is a plant that can bring fortune, positive energy, and fortuity into your home. It is a belief in Feng Shui that the snake plant patterns signify rising positive energy. Maintenance for this plant is also easy.

5. Citrus Plant

Citrus plants are another plant that can be positioned in the southeast corner.

The citrus plant is a plant that can draw wealth and prosperity close to the house. Expose this plant to bright and direct sunlight to keep its prosperity of this plant intact.

Feng Shui Southeast Cornet FAQs

Q: Is it possible for me to locate my office in the southeast section of my house?

To answer your question, the Southeast corner is a fantastic location for an office.

Especially if your line of work involves dealing with money or if you are self-employed.

Because of its association with prosperity and plenty, the Southeast quadrant is a good location for commercial enterprises.

Q: What hues work best in the corner that is located to the southeast?

The color green is a wonderful option to go with because the Southeast region is connected to the Wood element.

Another viable choice is blue, which stands for the element of water and is known to encourage the growth of wood.

Q: Can I build a bathroom in the southeast part of the room?

Because bathrooms are known to be energy vampires, it is not a good idea to put one in the southeast corner of your home.

If you have no other option, you can try one of the Feng Shui cures, such as minimizing the amount of energy that is lost by keeping the bathroom door closed and the toilet lid down.

Q: What should I place in the corner that faces southeast to bring me luck?

You could want to think about adding a water feature, some lush green plants, or some other signs of prosperity, such as a three-legged frog or a money plant.

Q: What to put in the money corner, feng shui?

Putting a money plant in the southeast money corner (money corner) will increase the energy of wealth. This is because money plants are thought to represent financial growth.

  • Crystals that are known to bring in money, like citrine or pyrite, can be added. People also like to use wealth symbols like a wealth vase, gold bars, or a wealth ship.
  • Adding red or purple items boosts the wealth of energy, and an aquarium or fountain shows that plenty is always coming your way.
  • Mirrors placed in this area in a certain way can make it feel like you’re getting twice as much money. Keeping the space clean and organized will help the energy flow the best.

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How To Feng Shui Southeast Corner Conclusion

The southeast corner of your home can be maximized to improve your wealth and prosperity. It is an auspicious direction that you need to give attention to.

Follow the tips mentioned above so that this corner can bring wealth and prosperity to your home.