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Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart: Love,Marriage,Friendship

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People around the world have trusted astrological Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart: Love,Marriage,Friendship for ages. Similarly, the Chinese love matches have used the yin yang astrology calculator for marriage or romantic relationships.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart
1982 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart

The Chinese calendar has 12 zodiac animal symbols. It is believed that each animal’s Chinese compatibility chart signs influence the people born under it. Therefore, they acquire certain characteristics and personalities accordingly.

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If we know our animal signs, then we can understand our compatibility to gain guidance in life for relationships. Here, we will discuss in detail the Chinese zodiac compatibility chart.

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What Is The Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart?

The Chinese calendar for Chinese marriage compatibility has 12 zodiac signs in the Chinese calendar that are as follows: tiger, ox, rat, snake, dragon, rabbit, monkey, sheep, horse, pig, dog, and rooster. As mentioned earlier, people born under these signs acquire characteristics and personalities that influence their life.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart
1979 Chinese zodiac Compatibility Charts For Signs

These animal signs are determined on the basis of the particular Chinese zodiac years compatibility that people are born. However, the Chinese calendar is not similar to the Gregorian calendar that we usually follow in day-to-day life.

The Chinese zodiac or ‘sheng xiao’ has a repeat cycle of 12 years and each of the years is represented by the above-mentioned animals and their associated attributes.

To find out your right animal sign, we recommend using an online Chinese astrology matching compatibility calculator. You can put in your Gregorian birth date and it will reveal your zodiac animal sign.

The Chinese zodiac compatibility calculator also uses the concepts of Chinese birthday compatibility to match astrology. Based on this information, you can then find out your compatibility with the people born under the other animal signs.

Which Chinese zodiac signs are compatible?

Usually, the animal Chinese compatibility signs that are four years apart are compatible while those six years apart are regarded as incompatible. They have according to the Chinese zodiac best matches.

How To Use Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart?

As mentioned earlier, the animal Chinese compatible signs that are four years apart are compatible while those six years apart are regarded as incompatible.

You can find out the compatibility between you and your friend/partner using the Chinese love horoscope that works on the Chinese zodiac compatibility calculator.

We have prepared a Chinese zodiac sign Compatibility Chart below to help you check your compatible animal signs. You can rely on this chart to know the Chinese zodiac compatibility friendship or love test compatibilities before starting a relationship.

Parent Child Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart

Animal Signs PredictionCompatibleAlmost-compatibleIncompatible
RatMonkey, Dragon, OxTiger, RatRooster, Horse
OxRooster, Snake, RatMonkey, OxSheep, Horse, Dragon, Tiger
TigerPig, Horse, DragonRabbit, RatMonkey, Snake, Tiger, Ox
RabbitPig, Dog, Monkey, SheepHorse, Dragon, Rabbit, TigerRooster, Snake
DragonMonkey, Rat, RoosterHorse, RabbitDog, Sheep, Ox
SnakeRooster, DragonDogPig, Sheep, Snake, Rabbit, Tiger
HorseRabbit, Sheep, TigerDog, Monkey, Dragon, RabbitHorse, Rooster, Ox, Rat
SheepPig, Rabbit, HorseRoosterDog, Tiger, Ox
MonkeyRabbit, OxRooster, HorsePig, Tiger
RoosterSnake, OxPig, Monkey, SheepDog, Rooster, Horse, Rabbit, Rat
DogRabbitDog, Horse, Snake, OxRooster, Sheep, Dragon
PigSheep, Rabbit, TigerRoosterMonkey, Snake
Chinese zodiac Compatibility Chart

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility For Friendship

The Chinese zodiac animal signs are closely related to each other and have a special combination and relationship. For the Chinese zodiac friendship compatibility, the three popular combinations are as follows:

The Trinity Combination: The trinity combination or allies is a group of three animal signs that can be regarded as the best friends when it comes to their Chinese horoscopes love compatibility match.

People in these groups will not only compensate for each other’s weaknesses but also support their strong personalities. They work towards a common goal and it is advised to cultivate a friendship with them for both personal and business reasons.

The Secret Chinese zodiac pairings: This combination of two animal signs is extremely special. They bring out a hidden strength and one particular element of energy in each other.

The Conflicting Sign: This combination indicates two friends that are extremely opposite to each other in terms of personalities. However, you must not think that they will be enemies. But, it will create conflicts and misunderstandings between them.

Chinese Zodiac Friendship Compatibility Chart

Your Animal SignYour AlliesYour Secret PairingConflict Animal
RatDragon, MonkeyOxHorse
OxSnake, RoosterRatSheep
TigerHorse, DogPigMonkey
RabbitPig, SheepDogRooster
Dragon Monkey, RatRoosterDog
SnakeOx, RoosterMonkeyPig
HorseTiger, DogSheepRat
SheepRabbit, PigHorseOx
MonkeyDragon, RatSnakeTiger
RoosterSnake, OxDragonRabbit
DogTiger, HorseRabbitDragon
PigRabbit, SheepTigerSnake
Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart– Animal signs

Zodiac Compatibility Calculator For Marriage

Chinese horoscope marriage compatibility calculator helps us in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of our relationships.

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The Chinese astrology matching is created on the basis of a lunar cycle comprising 12 years that symbolizes 12 animals. Each individual born under an animal sign has a particular set of characteristics.

According to a popular legend, these 12 animals were selected by Buddha. As Buddha was about to die, he called upon all the animals to come to him.

Only 12 animals came to him at the time – tiger, ox, rat, snake, dragon, rabbit, monkey, sheep, horse, pig, dog, and rooster. Buddha then honoured these animals and gave them their respective place in the Chinese zodiac signs.

Based on these animal signs, people can reveal their zodiac signs compatibility for marriage. You can refer to the chart that we have provided in the section.

How to Use the Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart?

To know your compatible partner for marriage. Chinese Astrology matching is as popular as the other belief systems around the world such as the Western Zodiac Astrology Compatibility, Korean Zodiac Compatibility, Japanese Astrology Calculator, etc.

What Is Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Rabbit Compatibility Chart

  • Most Compatible Chinese zodiac rat pairings with Sheep, Dog, Pig
  • Least Compatible with: Rat, Ox, Horse, Dragon, Rooster
  • People born under the Rabbit zodiac sign are most compatible with those born under the dragon Dog sign. Besides the Dog, the other two compatible signs are the Sheep and the Pig.
  • People belonging to these animal signs can develop healthy relationships as lovers, cooperators, or friends. The animal signs that can be considered as almost-compatible are the Tiger, Monkey, Snake, and the other Rabbit. These relationships can be amicable and harmonious.
  • However, the animal signs that are least compatible with the Rabbit are the Rooster, Horse, Rat, Dragon, and Ox. It is believed that these Chinese zodiac relationships in particular have a difficult time in marriage, friendship, and business partnerships.
  • If you understand the characteristics of people born under the Rabbit sign, you will find that they can’t have a harmonious relationship with the Rooster as the Roosters like to criticize others too much.
  • Similarly, as the Horse sign is known for changeable characters, they cannot bond well with the Rabbit. The Ox and Rabbit compatibility chart have personality differences, therefore, they can’t stand each other.
  • And for the Rat, they are never a perfect match owing to their extreme incompatibility in the Chinese zodiac. You can use the Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Test to know more about the Rabbit’s compatible signs.
  • Rabbit and Monkey compatibility in the Chinese zodiac has the perfect and ideal match.

Who Are Water Pig Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Pig Compatibility Chart

  • Most Compatible with: Sheep, Rabbit, Tiger
  • Least Compatible with: Snake, Monkey, Pig
  • People born under the Pig zodiac sign are most compatible with those born under the Rabbit sign. The Rabbit sign is usually silent and can easily work together with the Pigs to attain common goals.
  • The Pigs can understand the Tigers quite well and they both can admire each other’s qualities. This helps them to overcome their shortcomings.
  • Also, it gives them an opportunity for learning from each other’s mistakes. The Sheep can also accommodate the Pigs and there are bound to be very few conflicts between them.
  • Besides the Tigers and the Sheep, the other compatible signs are the Rat, Ox, Dragon, Horse, Rooster, and the Dog. People belonging to these animal signs can develop healthy relationships as lovers, cooperators, or friends.
  • The animal signs that can be considered as least compatible are the Monkey, Snake, and the other Pigs. These Chinese zodiac relationships can be extremely difficult to cultivate and sustain.
  • While the Snakes and the Monkeys can be too cunning for them, the other Pigs can adversely impact each other’s confidence.

What Chinese Zodiac Fire Horse Compatibility

Horse Compatibility Chart

  • Most Compatible with: Sheep, Dog, Tiger
  • Least Compatible with: Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Horse

People born under the Pig zodiac sign are most compatible with those born under the signs of the Tiger, Sheep, and Dog. The Horse people find the dependence on the Sheep helping them in realizing their life goals.

While the Horses greatly admire the hospitality of the Tigers, they are attracted to the Dogs because of their patient character.

Besides the Tigers, Dog, and the Sheep, the other compatible signs are the Dragon Horse, Snake, Monkey, Pig, and Rooster. People belonging to these animal signs can develop healthy relationships as lovers, cooperators, or friends.

The animal signs that can be considered as least compatible are the Rat, Ox, Rabbit, and the other Horses. The nature of the Rats and the Ox creates conflicts with the Horses.

While the Rabbits are silent, the Horses usually lack patience and that’s why they can’t bond with each other. Horses are also known to hate the restraint of daily trifles.

So two Horses can never complement each other. You can use the Chinese Compatibility Calculator to find your perfect Chinese fast love match traits.

How Does The Chinese Zodiac Determine Compatibility

So far we have discussed the compatibility of some of the animal signs. Before we discuss more of them, let us help you to understand.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart

Eastern Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart

How the Chinese astrology Matching Compatibility works based on the Chinese element compatibility calculator. The 12 animals that we have mentioned in the chart are based on the Five Elements:

  • Metal: Monkey and Rooster
  • Wood: Tiger and Rabbit
  • Water: Rat and Pig
  • Fire: Snake and Horse
  • Earth: Ox, Dragon, Sheep, and Dog

As per the traditional Chinese astrology matches, the Five Elements are said to be in a balanced generating cycle. While the Fire burns down the things to ash (Earth), the Earth bears the Metal inside.

Under high temperature, Metal converts to liquid or Water. As the Water nourishes the Wood, it is finally Wood that feeds the Fire. Based on this balanced generating cycle.

The Chinese zodiac compatibility of the various animal signs is determined. Some zodiac animal’s compatibility can perfectly support and strengthen each other because of their agreeable elements.

Some can be almost compatible and stay in harmony with the least conflicts. But some elements can create hindrances and harm each other if they form any kind of relationship.

What Is My Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility

We understand that most of us are usually familiar with the Gregorian calendar. But you must know your Chinese zodiac animal to understand the other animal signs that can be compatible with you.

To find out your zodiac animal, we recommend you use the Chinese Zodiac calculator. All you need to do is put in your Chinese astrology compatibility charts by date of birth as per the Gregorian calendar and it will generate your right zodiac animal.

Then you can use the Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatibility Chart to check your compatibility with other animal signs and form Chinese zodiac relationships accordingly. Which is mentioned above.

Chinese Zodiac Astrology Love Compatibility Chart

Please refer to the Chinese relationship chart we have shared earlier in the section ‘How to Use the Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart?

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It will help you to understand the Chinese love compatibility between you and your better half.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Snake

Snake Compatibility Chart

  • Most Compatible with: Ox, Rooster, Monkey
  • Least Compatible with: Tiger, Pig

Year of the snake compatibility– People born under influence of the Snake zodiac sign are found most compatible with people of the Ox, Rooster, and the Monkey sign. The Ox is regarded as reliable and works selflessly without any complaints.

That’s why those born under the Ox sign adjust well with each other. The Snake and Rooster are both conscious of their dress and appearance.

Their common social goals help them in getting along with each other. As far as the Monkey is concerned, the Snake can bond with them easily both as lovers and business partners.

The other compatible signs for the Snake are the Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, and the Dog.

The worst compatible signs for the Snake are the Tiger and the Pig. The Tigers do not prefer the penetrative eyes of the Snake. Similarly, the Pigs are extremely honest and they can’t digest the diplomatic character of the Snakes. 

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Dragon

Dragon Compatibility Chart

  • Who is the dragon most compatible with? : Rat, Rooster, Monkey
  • Least Compatible with: Ox, Dog, Rabbit, Dragon, Sheep
  1. People born under the Dragon sign find those born under the Monkey sign as the most compatible because of their tacit understanding of each other.
  2. The Dragons are also attracted to the humorous and practical nature of the Rats. The Roosters not only have similar interests with the Dragons but also help in advancing their careers.
  3. The other compatible signs for the Dragon are the pig, horse, snake, and tiger. These people appreciate the Dragon’s exceptional bearing and strength.
  4. The Dragons cannot bond with other Dragons under any circumstances as they can’t give up their own decisions for the other. The authoritative Ox is always in conflict with the stubborn Dragon.
  5. However, the worst compatible signs for the strong Dragons are the Dog and the Sheep. The Dogs have a close guard and the Sheep have a meek personality.
  6. And the Chinese astrology strongly rejects any relationship between the Dragon and the Rabbit. Kindly refer to the Dragon compatibility chart to know more about your chinese sign love compatibility.

Ox Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart

Ox Compatibility Chart

  • Most Compatible with: Rat, Rooster, Snake
  • Least Compatible with: Horse, Dog, Rabbit, Dragon, Sheep
  1. The Rooster and the Ox perfectly complement each other. Their strong sense of devotion and efficient work ethics make them amazing friends and partners.
  2. Since the Rat and the Snake take extremely good care of the Ox, their relations can be harmonious and sustaining.
  3. The other compatible signs for the Ox are the tiger, the other ox, monkey, and the pig. These people won’t be close with the Ox but they can still adjust with each other.
  4. The Rabbits are dominating in both career and marriage and that’s why the Ox can’t stay with them. Though the Dragons often praise the Ox, they can’t be expected to have a healthy relationship in the long run.
  5. Horses do not like the Ox as they harm them in both career and love. The usual dullness of the Ox creates conflicts with the active nature of the Dogs. As mentioned earlier, the Sheep are usually tender.
  6. So, they can’t survive the stubborn nature of the Ox. Kindly refer to the Ox compatibility chart to know more about your Chinese sign compatibility chart.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart Percentage

You will often find a zodiac compatibility percentage of compatibility when you use the Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Calculator. This reading is based on the Chinese astrology’s lunar calendar that has 12 animal signs closely associated with the Five Elements.

If you use the zodiac percentage test to find your compatibility with your partner, you will also get a compatibility rating along with the Chinese zodiac number.

This compatibility rating is the percentage that can help you assess the success and fruitfulness of your potential relationship. The higher the percentage, the more compatible you will be with your partner.

Chinese Zodiac Rooster Compatibility Chart

Rooster Compatibility Chart

  • Most Compatible with: Ox, Dragon, Snake
  • Least Compatible with: Rat, Rabbit, Rooster, Dog
  1. With similar and strong characters, the Rooster and the Snake both complement each other. The Snake adds colors to the usual dull life of the Roosters so they get along well.
  2. The Rooster and the Dragon are also compatible in the sense that they both are creative and assist in promoting each other’s career. The other compatible signs for the Rooster are the Tiger, Sheep, Monkey, and Pig.
  3. When a Rooster comes into a relationship with another rooster, they are often seen fighting more than usual. The opposite personalities of the Rooster and the Rabbit keep them in constant conflict.
  4. As for the Dogs, the Roosters sometimes get along with them. But, they eventually turn cold and indifferent towards each other. That’s why their long-term relationship is doomed to be a failure.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatibility And Meanings

The twelve Chinese New Year animals’ compatibility chart can be categorized into four groups based on the animal sign’s similar ways of thinking and understanding.

These four groups have three animal signs each. If you know their personalities, you will understand why they are compatible and incompatible with the other animal signs.

#Group 1: Rat, Dragon, and Monkey

People belonging to these animal signs are extremely intelligent and action-oriented. Their common intellect makes them suitable for each other.

#Group 2: Ox, Snake, and Rooster

People belonging to these animal signs are deep thinkers. They are always focused on achieving their goals and bond with each other due to their similar intellectual powers and habits.

#Group 3: Tiger, Horse, and Dog

People belonging to these animal signs are great admirers of freedom. They understand each other well. But, due to their strong sense of personal ego, they do get in conflicts at times.

#Group 4: Rabbit, Sheep, and Pig

People belonging to these animal signs are peace-loving and sympathetic. Their strong belief in cooperation and mutual benefit makes them great pairs.

Pig Rat Compatibility Chinese Zodiac Sign

Among the 12 animal signs, the Rat and the Pig are regarded as one of the best Chinese zodiac matches. Though the Rats are usually thrifty and the Pigs are luxury-loving, they still complement each other as the Rats keep a check on the Pigs from going into debt.

Similarly, the Rats are often considered cynics but the trusting nature of the Pigs helps in creating a healthy balance. Not only this couple is greatly admired by society, but they are also regarded as extremely good friends.

This compatibility is not limited to love and friendship. They are considered great sexual partners as well.

The Pigs admire the lustful nature of the Rats and the Rats are a fan of the sexual enthusiasm of the Pigs. The kissing, cuddling, and comfort make them amazing partners in bed.

chinese zodiac sexuality compatibility (love + Romance)

As discussed above in the case of the Pigs and the Rats, the zodiac animal signs can also help you in assessing the sexual compatibility between the partners.

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To know your compatibility, you can use the Chinese Zodiac Test or Chinese compatibility test to refer to the chart we have presented in the section ‘How to Use the Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart?’.

Dragon and snake love compatibility

Dragon and snake compatibility– As indicated by the Chinese zodiac investigation, individuals conceived in the Year of the Snake are well viable with Dragon and Rooster signs in general.

And the couples in high similarity can increase a cheerful and never-ending relationship regardless of adoration or marriage.

The Dragon and snake relationship can be empowering and fulfilling. Be that as it may, both should acknowledge each other’s disparities.

Pig and dragon love compatibility

Pig and dragon compatibility– The Pig and the Dragon make particularly extraordinary companions and sweethearts. The warrior Dragon can appear to be a savagely daring and free sign, yet its high energy misrepresents a warm, delicate heart.

The Pig is an incredible match, being extremely delicate and warm of the heart itself; to the Pig, nothing matters more than dear loved ones.

Ox and rooster love compatibility

Chinese Ox and Rooster are profoundly viable. Both value a steady home life and they are both loyal. The chicken will in general glorify their accomplices, so they advantage a ton by Ox’s straightforward nature. They will keep their home and funds altogether and feel all the better for it.

Check here Love calculator compatibility.

monkey and snake love compatibility

Monkey and snake compatibility– The Monkey and the Snake may have too many contradicting characteristics to get along well. The two of them do very much want to make some great memories. This might be the greatest quality of their relationship, which can result in good initiation.

year of the monkey love compatibility

Detailed investigation as indicated by Chinese zodiac similarity shows that the Monkeys’ best matches are Ox, Dragon and Rabbit.

This implies they will increase an upbeat and agreeable marriage with individuals with these signs. On the other hand, the monkey is not compatible with Tiger, Pig and Snake signs.

Rooster and rabbit love compatibility

The Rabbit and Rooster make a wired and tough pair for romance. This is because of unique character qualities. The Rabbit is soft and nice while the Rooster is just the opposite in all the senses. That makes them a difficult pair.

Who is the Tiger most compatible with?

As a rule, individuals with the Chinese zodiac Tiger sign can coexist well with Dragon, Horse and Pig, who can be best accomplices in their marriage life. Tigers are also further categorised as male and female tigers.

What is a Tiger woman? Meaning

The Tiger woman is alluring and attractive, and yet she motivates extraordinary power and has a specific renowned presence. Many times it’s also called as tiger dragon sign.

She’s tempestuous yet additionally calm, kind and scary, intense, and gutsy enough to confront any circumstance and to try and manage dangerous circumstances.

Chinese Zodiac Marriage Compatibility Chart

You can utilize the above parent-child chart by first investigating your optimal match as you continue looking for the best similarity in a marriage accomplice.

These will in general have a demonstrated history of good and suffering relationships. The following area uncovers conceivable great counterparts for your sign.

A decent match probably won’t be the ideal or wonderful match, yet it additionally has a decent history for an enduring and cheerful marriage.

The couple probably won’t be as yin and yang as the ideal matches yet are as yet a decent balance of chi energy.

Troublesome and Worst Matches

The other two classifications of the troublesome matches and most noticeably awful matches are simple. While you’re not being advised not to wed somebody with one of these zodiac signs.

It flags that there might be some rough occasions inside these connections that may not make due just like the other two groupings. Simply recollect there are consistently exemptions for any standard.

Utilize these as rules when there are no feelings yet joined to somebody whose zodiac sign probably won’t be the correct yin or yang to yours.

Most Marriage Compatibility Sign Pig

The Pig is the most compatible with all different signs. This is on the grounds that the pig will in general be an extremely liberal sign.

The pig is very faithful and tolerating in life. They can get along with many people easily.

Rat and Ox Marriage Match

The Rat and Ox marriage match is a kind of yin and yang relationship. The Rat isn’t utilized to long haul connections, so it will be a change, however, the Ox isn’t tenacious and appreciates alone time so won’t be subject to the rodent for a steady friendship.

The Rat is a decent provider while the OX appreciates being a parent and dominates in this job. This mix will permit every individual to do whatever they might want to do without the other inclination ignored.

Horse and Dog Marriage Match

The canine and Horse marriage will thrive since the Dog is faithful and legitimate and is a characteristic chief. These characteristics are ones the ground-breaking Horse can regard.

OX and Monkey Marriage Match

A known recluse yet an awesome parent, the OX is a decent counterpart for the monkey known for uncorrupt propensities, for example, being lively and exceptionally inquisitive.

The bull will discover these characteristics charming and the monkey will appreciate the bull’s consideration and appreciation. Both are incredible with children and they will share the delight of bringing up their kids together.

Roaster and Snake Marriage Match

The Roaster is an extraordinary multi-tasker and is cool during an emergency. The Roaster has the desire, and this attribute is significantly refreshing by the dedicated snake.

At the point when the Roaster becomes anxious and eager, that snake realizes how to diffuse that tension, making them the yin and yang required in any marriage.

Chinese and western astrology compatibility

Chinese and western zodiac compatibility– The Western astrology Compatibility signs are 13: Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Aries, Leo, Cancer, Cancer, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius compatibility

The Chinese Astrology Compatibility signs are 12: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig compatibility.

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Make use of the Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart and Astrology Calculator. Also known as the Feng Shui Compatibility Calculator, assess your compatibility with your partners, friends, and every other relationship by looking above the feng shui compatibility chart.

Know your strengths and shortcomings and also those around you. Once you are aware of your zodiac animal sign, you can also reveal your elements, lucky colors, and the numbers to guide you through life.