How To Feng Shui Names For Business Success And Growth

The traditional practice of feng shui has a variety of modernized usage, ranging from business and commercial feng shui to environmental feng shui, which are all aimed at improving energy purity

For business, feng shui is being used to create a healthy energy circulation in the workplace in an effort to improve staff well-being and also attract greater commercial achievements. 


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Another aspect in which feng shui may assist in achieving the greatest outcomes for business is in the creation of the company logo, company flyers, business signs, as well as other business promotional items

The guidelines and tips in this article are centred on traditional feng shui concepts to choose feng shui names for business and the success of the business.  

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Importance Of Choosing Feng Shui Names For Business

Your business’s name is among the most significant aspects of your organization. The potential energy that your business exhibits is reflected in its name and symbol. 

Feng Shui Names For Business
Feng Shui Names For Business

Each syllable in your feng shui business name has numerical energy and sound level, which we frequently overlook. Each shade, size, form, emblem, or sign has deeply ingrained connections in our brain. 

You might not know it, but one of the things restricting your business’s success might be the name or symbol of your business that doesn’t reflect your unique energy and resources.

This disagreement may harm your business’s reputation, also the way people perceive you, including your performance. 

A name that helps promote you and your business generates an appealing and enticing harmony that attracts people’s appreciation and respect.  

What Do Feng Shui And Numerology Say for selecting business names? 

Numerology, or numerical significance, aids in determining the energy in your home or workplace.

Figures 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 9 are said to represent the ideal numbers for ensuring that a great flow of energy may enter your workplace and home without being obstructed. 

  1. Number 1 is usually linked with a happy occasion per the Feng Shui experts since it represents a fresh start, purity, or birth. 
  2. Just like with the yin and yang symbol, the number 2 signifies unity or harmony. 
  3. The number three(3) is also a wonderful number since it has unique properties. As multiple copies of three, the numbers 6 and 9 bring excellent luck.
  4. It is claimed by feng shui specialists that the number 9 signifies the end of a phase when occurrences reach their height.
  5. Owners of residences and workplaces having the number 9 should hope to stay in their homes or business for a considerable time. 
  6. If the number 8 is your business or office number, this will transmit favourable energies, much like the number 3 does with benefits. The terms “eight” and “good fortune” sound identical in Cantonese.
  7. The number 5 may indicate a period of extreme transition but the number 7 is regarded as an unfortunate number in Feng Shui. 

In Feng Shui and business name numerology, the number four is regarded as bad luck. It has a strong resemblance to the Chinese term for untimely death. 

11 Things to consider while choosing a buisness names in feng shui?

Below are a few easy tips for deciding lucky business names for your startups.

  1. Use abbreviations in the names IBM (International Business Machines).
  2. For better names shake things up like and try to mix them.
  3. Utilize unfamiliar words that are not exist and has a powerfull meaning.
  4. Its always recomended to gGet the .com domain name for a wider reach.
  5. Keep away from difficult to-spell names and long wired words.
  6. Join other companies or businesses to form a combined brand name.
  7. For a safer side get help from the google itself to find better suggestions.
  8. Utilize a name that has solid significance for your business like Travelbuddy.
  9. Try not to pick a name that is too regional and specific to particular country.
  10. Investigate a guide for more like maps, and see different cultures to get few ideas.
  11. Utilize your own name, by doing this automaticly you will come up with distinct name, many celebs are doing so.

16 Solid Feng Shui Rules For Choosing Business Names

  1. Select names that are not difficult to remember. You wouldn’t want possible future clients to be puzzled about how to discover your company on the internet.
  2. You don’t wish to have to keep correcting the incorrect spelling of your business name. Maintain a straightforward method. 
  3. Choose a name that will not hinder your business as it expands. Choosing a name that is too restricted might lead to issues down the line. You would not want to restrict your organization to a single item or location. 
  4. Perform a comprehensive inquiry on the internet. Do a web check on the name when you’ve decided on the one you want. 
  5. Choose a name that has some significance. You need your company name to express anything that is significant and pleasant about your business. 
  6. Ensure the name is distinctive. You will expect your workers to confidently say wherever they work, plus you will desire your brand to be recognized by your potential customers. 
  7. Make a list of 5 or 10 auspicious business names and check all through friends, relatives, and trustworthy coworkers. Also, obtain input from your intended customers. Also, be certain that the name has no bad implications. 
  8. Check to see whether the name seems nice when spoken loudly. On writing, most names look great, however, when pronounced loudly, they sound terrible. If you’re going to say it out loud, be sure everyone understands how it’s spelt. 
  9. Be certain the name appeals to you individually. You would have to deal with the name over a great many years as the business operator. Therefore be certain you like it as well as feel that it will connect with your consumers.
  10. Give an indication. Try to choose an initial for your company that conveys certain details regarding what you offer. 
  11. Resist choosing a name that restricts your company’s ability to grow or expand its product range. 
  12. Choose a business name that is favourable to the feng shui location of your workplace. 
  13. Be sure that the feng shui name you choose complements the elements present in your office. 
  14. When choosing a feng shui name, make sure it will give a visual component to your target audience. 
  15. Choose a name that isn’t too identical to the names of existing businesses in your field. It might imply seeming unimaginative.
  16. Try to ensure that the business name you choose meets all of the criteria stated in feng shui principles. 

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Choosing A Business Name Which Attracts Luck

  • You can choose a business name based on numerology. For example, if your business name consists of thirty-seven (37) alphabets.
  • This means that it has strong energy vibes representing good fortune, love, and loyalty, as well as success in business and relationships with individuals of the opposites sex. 
  • If your business name comes in at forty-six (46) alphabets, that is likewise full of energy, plus it corresponds with strong ambition, creativity.
  • As well as steady advancement, according to its description. Moreso, it’s a name that brings good luck. 

Choosing Good Feng Shui Business Name

The Southeast region of your house or workplace is associated with wealth, or economic wellbeing and excess, according to feng shui. 

Feng Shui Names For Business Rules
Feng Shui Names For Business Rules

That’s the conventional or unique feng shui method of defining your wealth area. Choosing a name related to this region will benefit your business very much. 

feng shui water element

Feng shui aquariums are elegant and effective feng shui solutions that encourage prosperity as well as abundance.  Also, aquariums represent the feng shui water element.

In business, water association means the flow of money and abundance. When deciding a successful name for the business.

Examples Of Lucky Business Names List For 2022

It is advisable to choose a business name rhyming or associating with aquariums because aquariums are regarded as beneficial and prosperous in feng shui since they combine numerous wealth and luck attracting feng shui characteristics in a balanced manner.

Below are few recommended examples for business names.

  1. Sublime Prana. 
  2. The Lotus Base. 
  3. Luminous Spaces.
  4. Design for Energy. 
  5. The Authentic Flow. 
  6. Abode Design Lifestyle. 
  7. Apeiron Technologies. 
  8. Feng Shui Connections. 
  9. Chefmaster Food Services. 
  10. Harmonica Builders and Developers. 

These Names listed above will bring positive energy and vibes into your business and also improve your luck.  

What To Remember In Feng Shui When Creating A Logo For A Business

Below are the points which you need to remember while designing a business logo.

Feng Shui Names For Business Logo
Feng Shui Names For Business Logo

1 Logo Design Components Or Elements

Various kinds of companies, including individuals, are linked to various feng shui components. These are the five elements in feng shui: earth, water, metal, fire, wood. Every one of these components contains features that are specific to different sorts of businesses. 

Colors have a lot of influence on feng shui. Colors communicate powerful wordless information much more effectively than utterances or forms.

Since colors are linked to specific components, you must select the logo colors carefully. You need the feng shui aspect of the business to match the color of the logo design elements

3 The Logo Shapes

  • Within feng shui, shapes correspond to certain components or elements. 
  • Consider these fundamental feng shui concepts in consideration while picking logo shapes.
  • These concepts will help you pick the most visually appealing design layouts for your company’s reputation and profitability. 

Images, similar to shapes, must be picked to correspond to your company’s goals. Business logo images represent anything your company does, making them one of the simplest things to choose. 

5 The Logo Symbols 

Symbols are a little more confusing than images. Symbols may, however, assist a company by merging to the proper feng shui energy. Such can also happen with a symbol that appears to be irrelevant. 

6 Negative associations should be avoided

Constantly avoid bad connotations and imagery while developing a logo. These draw the negative type of energy, which your business does not require.

Feng Shui Colours That Brings Luck For Businesses 

The feng shui colors you choose for your logo and workplace décor should support your company’s major energy as well as potentially boost or stabilize the principal feng shui characteristic you want to advertise. 


Red, for instance, is associated with vitality and originality. It also increases hunger, that’s why it’s included so frequently on eatery logos and decorations


Green is relaxing and encourages stress relief whereas blue signifies credibility and consistency.  

Business logos that are round, elliptical, or spherical in shape are ideal shapes for company logos. 

  1. Rounds, ovals, as well as ellipses shapes are thought to convey a pleasant emotional impression. A circle could symbolize society, friendship, passion, ties, and harmony in a logo.
  2. Rings carry a marital and relationship meaning, implying reliability and longevity. Curves of any kind are thought to be elegant.  
  3. In further realistic terms, logo forms with smooth edges like squares and triangles, represent steadiness, it could even symbolize harmony.
  4. Strength, competence, as well as precision, are also conveyed by smooth lines and accurate logo shapes.  

Symbols are easy to grasp and understand, but words must always be interpreted in conjunction with a picture. 

  • A symbol may be thought of as a seedling or egg that grows towards significance with the consumer’s involvement, similar to how seedlings and eggs grow into new creatures after being stimulated by an external source. 
  • One of the explanations why symbolic logos seem to be more successful over wordmarks is that symbols eliminate the information processing step through being directly recognized. 
  • Symbols are also global, but wordmarks are restricted by the limitations of languages.
  • Since an excellent image is a visible, physically attractive feature, it helps people remember your business in ways that a business name itself would not.

Color selections will have a greater influence than shape or wording selections. A few of the feng shui for business logo layout color selections are simple, however, the majority of them need additional feng shui knowledge. Below are some fundamentals;

  • FIRE: For a business associated with fire elements, select from red, a bright yellow, purple, orange, or pink. Remember that red is a motivating color that inspires you to take action.
  • EARTH: If your business is based on earth elements, you can utilize shades that are sandy, beige, earthy or light yellow. 
  • METAL: A business involved with metal elements can pick white or grey colors
  • WATER: Companies based on water elements such as aquariums can decide between black water and blue tones. Blue is a soothing tone.
  • WOOD: For wood element businesses, select from green or brown wood.

Choosing Lucky Business Name Through Date Of Birth

Each human is conceived with a unique set of auspicious numbers such as a fate number, a life number, even a lucky number. Suffice to mention, the birth date is used during the calculation of all these figures. 

Each numeral, from 1 to 9, does have a planet that controls it. This suggests that your lucky company name through birth date is as much determined by the location of planets throughout the native’s star sign even as it is through the alphabet letters given to every numeral.

The relationship connecting Numerology and Planets

  1. The Sun rules the numeral one (1), thus, these individuals ought to be businesspeople.
  2. The Moon regulates the numeral two(2), therefore, these individuals should be performers or choreographers.
  3. Jupiter governs the numeral three(3), hence, such people can pursue a profession in commerce.
  4. Rahu rules the numeral four(4), thereby these individuals are skilled traders. They can pursue filmmaking as a profession.
  5. The numeral five(5) is controlled by Mercury, and those born under this sign do well in the financial sector and athletics.
  6. Venus rules the numeral six(6) which is why these individuals should be working in the foodservice industry.
  7. Neptune oversees the numeral seven(7), hence, these people can work in the area of study.
  8. Saturn influences the numeral eight (8), however, these folks ought to be in policymaking or politics. 
  9. Mars governs the numeral nine(9). These individuals should be working as a lawyer or any defence sector. 

Choosing a profession that aligns with the governing planet’s personality and power is proven to boost a company’s performance and development.

Good Fortune Business Name Calculator 

The lucky business name calculators may be applied for a variety of things, like deciding on a name, scheduling presentations or events, balancing work as well as leisure.

Feng shui name calculator can even help in determining the path your company ought to go or the fundamental concept you want to represent. 

It’s only one tool among several that can assist you to link with your current path as well as your instincts concerning your life and career.

It can assist in recognizing possible strengths and difficulties. Here are some links to a working Lucky business name calculator.

List Of japanese lucky name for business

  1. Yoroka
  2. Sazuno
  3. Okepo
  4. Mishita
  5. Kirori
  6. Japan On The Go
  7. Kyoto Xpress
  8. Tea of Shizuoka
  9. The Japanese Explorer
  10. Sushi Samurai
  11. Roaring Ramen
  12. Nikko & Yaki
  13. The Sushi Story
  14. House of Osaka
  15. Tasty Japan

List Of chinese lucky name for business

  1. Jozzby
  2. Lozzby
  3. Anetly
  4. Gozzby
  5. Rengvo
  6. Hamofy
  7. Bivety
  8. Lomofy
  9. Daniry
  10. Dozti
  11. Hatello
  12. Fonicy
  13. Beroly
  14. Honoly
  15. Nozti

List Of lucky names for business in india

  1. Tarini
  2. Navya
  3. Nivedya
  4. Swagya
  5. Pragya
  6. Nirvana
  7. Pralabh
  8. Mishthi
  9. Anujgaya
  10. Bibid
  11. Swarekha
  12. Utkarsh
  13. Sarva Seva
  14. Sarva Seva
  15. Upkarr
  16. Vinayaka
  17. Arogya

Common questions on feng shui lucky name for business 2022

Q: How Do I Select A Fortunate Name For My Business?  

Combine The Concept Of Feng Shui And Numerology When Choosing A Name.

Q: How Do I Form A Suitable Business Name? 

Use A Simple Name, Easy To Pronounce, And Also Relating To Your Business. 

Q: Which Name Is Ideal For Business? 

Visit A Good Chinese Name Generator To Come Up With The Ideal Name For Your Business. 

Q: What Numerals Are Best For Business Names? 

Numerals 3 And 6 Which Are Ruled By Jupiter And Venus Respectively Are Best For A Business Name.

Q: What are the Lucky business name numerology 9?

Lucky business name for the numerology 9, starts with ‘I‘, ‘R‘. The number 9 business owners are charismatic and have excellent leadership skills. This is how to use lucky name for business owner number 9.

Q: What are catchy trending names for business in feng shui?

Divine Chi, YinYang Vibes, Qi Everywhere, Zeal , Five Elements, and Balance Life etc.

Q: Can I put Co in my business name?

Yes, “Co” is well suited and easy to spell. Its literal meaning sounds like ‘Company‘, which is suitable for most business start-ups.

Find a below an interesting article on feng shui for business.


Understanding your business’s elements will help you pick the right successful Feng shui names for business, colors, graphics or symbols, logo form, as well as the best style for the logo. 

When you understand your business elements, it will eliminate the uncertainty of creating a distinctive, appealing logo that reflects your business as well as your business’s mission and goal. 

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