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How to Get Good Luck Fast the Feng Shui Way?

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How to Get Good Luck? There are times when we feel stuck in a loop of bad luck where nothing goes right. You wake up in the morning feeling demotivated because you feel that you don’t have anything going your way.

You might find yourself struggling to get some good luck here. If so, you’re not alone.

A lot of people think of ways to get out of a bad luck cycle during difficult times. Many people think that this is because of external factors that are out of a person’s control.

While this does hold true to some extent, did you know that you could get good luck the Feng Shui way? Adding a good luck charm, a water fountain, or using the famous 27 feng shui cure are all ways to redirect some good luck your way.

So, if you’re wondering how to get good luck fast the Feng Shui way, then keep reading!

The Good News

You’d be happy to know that it is possible to change things yourself for your own good. We have immense power and strength to make the bad into the good.

The best way is to instantly bring good luck the Feng Shui way. Yes, you read that right.

The simplest trick is to believe in yourself, and that goodwill follows you anywhere you go.

The Secret

A man can communicate and interact with his environment in previously unknown ways. However, in the Chinese school of thought, some laws make energy flow in our favor.

This concept revolves around the objects around us and how their energy (chi) affects us, especially when relaxing, sitting, or designing our rooms and buildings.

Our Energy

They say that a human can send out vibrations into the universe that helps bring about anything we desire. With our surroundings, we can bring good luck the Feng Shui way and come out of the dark loop we have found ourselves in.

The best thing about Feng Shui is that there are many ways that you can try for yourself to reverse the bad luck in your life by bringing the great chi into your life. So then, how to get good luck fast the Feng Shui way?

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The Stagnant Chi

Many people experience bad luck in life, ranging from one specific area to many areas. For example, many people claim that they have bad luck in love; some say they have bad luck in finances.

Hence the first step to coming out of the loop of bad luck is that you focus on your life which is stagnant with bad energy.

You must look to assess why there is bad chi, to begin with. After you are aware that you are experiencing bad luck in one aspect, you must look closely at what is blocking good energy.

You should declutter your surroundings. Feng Shui emphasizes how one can block good chi if they have too much clutter in their surroundings. The best thing is to compartmentalize and declutter your entire home or the room you spend most of your time in to enable positive chi to come and bring in some good luck.

If you fail to declutter, you will most likely never experience good luck in your life.

Feng Shui Ways to Bring Good Luck

There are more ways you can start bringing in good luck in your life with the Feng Shui way.  What a person needs to do here is focus on their home because that is where they live the most.

With the help of these ideas and having a good chi, you can lead a healthier, fulfilled, luckier, and much more comfortable life.

How to Get Good Luck Fast In Feng Shui
How to Get Good Luck Fast In Feng Shui

1. Water Fountain

Did you know flowing water in your room could bring in some good chi? Water is one of the feng shui 5 elements (Fire, Wood, Metal, Earth)

Feng Shui emphasizes having a desktop fountain in your room as the water will flow into your room.

However, note that the desktop found must not face the door, but you can always keep it in the southeast sector of your room.

2. The Famous 27 Cure

There is a famous cure that Feng Shui endorses and swears by. The concept revolves around 27 objects in your house, whether it be in the living room, the main room, or your bedroom.

You will first have to select the first 27 items in the room, including furniture or small objects like decorations. Then you will have to move them either to a new place or just inches apart from their original place. This Feng Shui method helps loosen up the bad chi in the room.

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3. The Front Door

Feng Shui places great importance on the main door of your home. If it is cluttered, then you are blocking good chi from coming into your home.

Turquoise Front Door Meaning
Turquoise Front Door Meaning

Any obstacle in any of the entrances of your home, whether it is a sidewalk, the driveway, or windows, can block the chi you have been waiting for.

You should clean up the mess outside, such as debris or dirt. You must repair any light, doorknobs, squeaky hinges, cut any overgrown grass, wash dirty windows, and repair or paint the door so it invites good chi.

How to Get Good Luck with Your Finances

There are many people who struggle with money. They also think they have bad luck when it comes to having a good financial standing. What to do then?

Turn out, even small changes to your wallet or car can bring in that good chi. These include:

  • You must remove the paper clutter from your life to get money luck. Open any unread mails and throw away used or old bills. If you stack these items in your home, you will keep the good luck out of your home.
  • You must treat money with respect. For example, many people disregard coins, keep them in the drawer, and ignore them. You must keep a separate pouch for all your coins and keep them safe for your use.
  • If you have a damaged wallet, you will need to get rid of it immediately. They say in Feng Shui that your financial luck has a place in your wallet.
  • Be generous. If you have things that you no longer use anymore, then you must donate them instead of throwing them into the garbage. You can improve your wealth situation by being generous.

The best thing about Feng Shui is that you do not have to make very big changes in order to reap the fruits; you can start with just small changes and enjoy the benefits.

The Color Red

In Feng Shui colors have a great impact, the color red has a great place as it brings good chi into people’s lives. The red color brings many blessings, abundance, and luck to people who wear it, decorate with it or possess items in red.

You can use the color to bring good luck in your life by wearing red clothing and accessories or even a red hairband or make-up.

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Red envelopes are a way to bring luck to the person who is gifting and the receiver’s financial standing. Tradition says that paying bills, giving gifts, and simply keeping a coin in a red pouch could bring the luck you have been waiting for.

Something that can add to your good luck

  • Coins: if you want instant wealth luck, then having a red ribbon with three or four Chinese coins can do the trick, and you will feel the good luck in your finance coming your way.
  • Red envelope: you can start carrying a Chinese envelope in your purse and always have a Chinese coin or any bill from any currency.
  • Three-legged toad: if you want wealth and success in your career, then Feng Shui focuses on having a three-legged toad placed in your office, looking towards your room, and never outside. Once you do this trick, you will allow good chi to enter your office, allowing you to succeed in life.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Does Feng Shui work for everyone?

Most people vouch for how useful Feng Shui is. You can start off right away to see how useful it is for you!

There is no singular best approach for everyone as everyone’s living space is different. You can start Feng Shui anytime you want by following the principles.

Q: How quickly does Feng Shui work?

Many people experience results within a few weeks, but some can take longer to see the results depending on how focused they are with Feng Shui.

Q: How do I attract good luck in money with Feng Shui?

You can attract good luck using Feng Shui by focusing on decluttering your office space.

Q: How do you stop bad luck in Feng Shui?

Ancient cultures believed in adding a line of salt around their house to stop bad luck in its path. This is difficult to do today.

Instead, you can sprinkle some salt on the entrance of your house. This will help stop any bad luck and serve the same purpose.