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Health, Wealth + Harmony: What Is Wu Lou Secret to Success!

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In ancient China, Wu Lou was an emptied and dried fruit used by Taoist monks, used to store medicine or water. Our natural Wu Lou is made using the same process.

In this article, we are going to explore every thing about what is wu lou meaning, Where do you put Wu Lou brass? and all its health benefits.

What is Wu Lou gourd feng shui meaning?

The Wu Lou which is pronounced as (Hulu) In Feng Shui is a symbol of health, longevity, and vitality. and It looks similar to the calabash gourd. From ancient times the Wu Lou (gourd), pumpkin wu Lou, and golden Wu Lou are believed to contain the elixir of life (miraculous remedy) being associated with the God of Longevity (Sau).

It was used by the Chinese to fill them with water or rice wine on their long journeys. Its shape represents the perfect union between heaven and earth, the upper part being heaven and the lower part being earth.

It carries a coin with the Bagua with eight trigrams as a cover, providing us with the good Feng Shui chí. When activated, it must have a red ribbon tied at the thinnest part.

What is Wu Lou
What is Wu Lou Feng Shui? Pumpkin(Wu Lu). The symbol of health and wealth.

And it will be the indissoluble integration between Humanity, Heaven, and Earth. In China, it is the perfect gift for the person we love the most since we are giving health and long life.

What is the Importance Of Gold Wu Lou Pendant

The gold Wu Lou pendant is made from pure gold, it varies in size and weight, based on the owner or user’s opinion. It is mostly used to eradicate all sorts of bad energies.

Wu Lou pendant meaning– it also helps as a guardian against all harm. The gold Wu Lou gourd is very effective but costly.

Importance Of Black Wu Lou For health

  • In Wu Lou Feng Shui, the black Wu Lou is a symbol of health, longevity, and vitality. From ancient times the black Wu Lou is believed to contain the elixir of life (miraculous remedy) being associated with the God of longevity Sau.
  • It was used by the Chinese to fill them with water or rice wine on their long trips and expeditions. Due to the role of the black Wu Lou, in keeping the travelers alive. He was given the name of life-giver, therefore, he became a symbol of good health.
  • Many deities are known in China as Sau, Li Tieh Kuai (of the 8 immortals), and many smiling Buddhas in red robes. Bring in their different representations symbols of Wu Lou figures.
  • Hence the magic it represents. In sick people, it is used to activate health, but it shall be placed on the table of the night in the room.
  • Also in the place of work, office or where we spent the most time of the day. To have protection and absorb negative energy or bad chi.
  • You can use as many black Wu Lou as necessary to conjure the negative Chí and counteract the # 2 star better known as the star of disease and illness. It is a personal activator that will keep us protected at all times from bad energies.
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Wu Lou Placement In This Year

You can use a Wu Lou to heal and minimize the effects of health-related issues. You can place Wu Lou in any area of your home or office based on the Flying Star chart ( its natal chart or Bagua energy map) of your space.

Brass Wu Lou With 8 Immortals

You might be wondering what is a brass wu lou. The Feng Shui brass Wu Lou is also a symbol of health, longevity, and vitality. Made with brass, it’s powerful and believed to contain the elixir of life.

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Just as the Black Wu Lou (miraculous This elegant amulet is made up of pieces) represents the Eight Immortals, and they are tied together to form a fully open flower.

The Eight Immortals are legendary beings in Taoism, having lived in different eras and having achieved immortality by studying the secrets of Nature.

They periodically reappear on earth to help families by bringing them health, luck, wealth, longevity, and good offspring. The 8 Immortals are deities worshipped by many Chinese. They came to earth to help humanity.

Each of them carries a special object (widely used in Feng Shui such as the Wu Lou feng shui gourd, the fan, the flute, the sword, etc.) and each of them makes a particular contribution.

They help humanity to achieve the following aspirations. Wealth, recognition, glory, luck in literature, business or military skill, integrity, discipline, and love for others. It is a very powerful combination with the brass Wu Lou.

Where to place Wu Lou This year

In contrast to the precepts of the system of flying starts of the Xuan Kong School. From the reclamation of the position of the amulet every year, followers of other Feng Shui trends prefer to locate the Wu Lou in a more intuitive way

To do this, they take as a reference to the popular traditions of the Chinese people. Among these it is mentioned that placing the Wu Lou next to the bed of a sick person helps to achieve recovery.

Likewise, they can be carried as a personal amulet in the wallet, as a pendant (there are small versions), or inside the vehicle. Placing the Wu Lou in the West and Northwest areas of the home is considered to attract general well-being.

Another method is to place a Wu Lou (with the lid open) near the front door of the house. According to an ancient legend, the container will trap demons (negative entities) that try to enter the home.

What Happens If Your Wu Lou Broke?

Anything broken in the house can never bring good luck, in order to invite prosperity and luck, we must discard it. But any broken objects must be treated with respect, not just thrown out in the garbage. It’s always a good Feng Shui to have a clutter-free space around you.

The Sacred Character Of The Wu Lou

As we have discussed What is Wu Lou? The symbol of Wu Lou is associated with Sau, the god of longevity. Who carries with him the container to transport the elixir of immortality, according to ancient Asian legends.

  • Other deities such as Buddha and Kwan Yin have also been depicted wearing the Wu Lou, symbolizing the divine grace of healing, offered equally to all sentient creatures.
  • Monks and healers used it to transport medications, during the longest trips, believing that the permanence of the liquid in the container increased its effectiveness.
  • This belief was based on the fact that the figure of the amulet (similar to elongated money), reflected the union of heaven and earth (the divine and the human), separated by the evolutionary path of sentient beings.

How To Use a Feng Shui Wu Lou?

To use a Feng Shui Wu Lou, you can place the Wu Lou next to the bed of a sick person, it helps to achieve recovery.

  • They can also be used and carried as a personal amulet in the wallet, as a pendant (there are small versions), or inside the vehicle. Placing the Wu Lou in the West and Northwest areas of the home is considered to attract general well-being.
  • Another method is to place a Wu Lou (with the lid open) near the front door of the house. According to an ancient legend, the container will trap demons (negative entities) that try to enter the home.

What is Wu Lou Laughing Buddha

The laughing Buddha is an agent of good luck and wealth. In his left wooden hand, there is a money bag, his back represents good health, happiness, and wealth. In Feng Shui, the laughing Buddha with Wu Lou can absorb disease and bad energy, while the money bag is the symbol of wealth.

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You can place the Laughing Buddha in your living room to give good luck, at home place it in the southeast of your house to bring wealth.

What is Wu Lou Amulet?

The Wu Lou is one of the amulets used by the Chinese people, for centuries, with the aim of promoting the good health and longevity of its owner; In addition, it is attributed the property of accelerating the healing processes.

This ancient talisman was prepared by hand, using a pumpkin (elongated), from which the pulp and seeds were extracted. Later, the fruit was left in the sun, so that it could dry and harden.

In antiquity, it is the recipient of an era of labor for transporting medicinal water or liquids. Currently, Chinese artisans continue to manufacture the Chinese Wu Lou, in the traditional way, but it is a very expensive item.

In this sense, Feng Shui practitioners adopted Wu Lou as a cure against Sha (negative Chi). Prefer to use Wu Lou figures made of metal, wood, ceramic, or jade.

What is Wu Lou Pumpkin?

Pumpkin Wu Lou (Wu Lu), which is the symbol of health and wealth in Feng Shui. The biggest wu lou benefits are that it promotes luck and harmony in life. Below are my top recommendations, if you are looking for this.

What is Wu Lou In Feng Shui?

The Feng Shui Wu Lou (pumpkin) is a bottle made from the bark of dried pumpkin. Which was used to store medicines, thus becoming a symbol of health and more broadly, a protector against negative Chi or Sha.

They are covered in gold paint and always with a red ribbon. The female form bears the figure of Kuan Yin, and the male form has a pair of tied coins.

A pair of Wu Lou on the sides of the double bed protects against diseases, and can also be used in the kitchen, on a desk, or even in the car to protect yourself from accidents.

What is Wu Lou Keychain

The Wu Lou Keychain is a traditional Chinese pumpkin-shaped good luck charm. In the past, pumpkins were hollowed out and used as containers, and so were the containers for storing traditional medicines.

This is why they have always been associated with health and good luck. These wu lou charms have always been the perfect gift for loved ones who want to protect themselves from all harm. It is normal for them to have Buddhist inscriptions.

What is Wu Lou Natural

Feng Shui natural Wu Lou is an ancient and sacred item with a red cord comprising a Chinese Lucky coin and a Chinese endless knot. Like a small bottle or flask, this model has a cap to hold liquid. 

This Wu Lou has different sizes and in 4 styles: natural, or with various Chinese signs and symbols. Very popular in Feng Shui, it symbolizes longevity and health and brings happiness, prosperity, and abundance

It helps to cure illnesses, repel negative energies, and eliminate bad luck. In Chinese, the pronunciation of “Hulu” is similar to that of “luck and fortune”

Many Chinese and Asian deities are represented with a Wu Lou, such as the Laughing Buddha. Or Tieguai Li who is a deity from the legend of the 8 immortals, and who both carry a Wu Lou gourd containing medicines treating the ailments of peoples.

How to wear Wu Lou bracelet?

An Obsidian wu lou bracelet can be worn in your working hand. many people suggest it to wear on your left hand, but this is not true. Every hand is your working hand you can wear a Wu lou bracelet.

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There are a few rules when you wear a Wu Lou bracelet.

  • You should not wear it while sleeping, Keep this aside in a clean box when you are sleeping.
  • Avoid taking this to the bathroom, or while taking a shower.
  • Do not allow anyone to touch it except yourself, but if somebody already touched it by mistake then clean it with clean water.
  • And the last but not the least rule for wearing wu lou barecets is to respect and believe.

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FAQS On wu lou gourd meaning

Q: What is Jade Wu Lou meaning?

The Wu Lou, which is also called the “gourd” or “bottle gourd,” is a strong sign of health, longevity, and wealth in Feng Shui.

The Jade Wu Lou has more healing power and spiritual meaning when it is made from jade, which is a sign of purity and safety.

People think that it can take in bad energy and send out good chi, making the area around it more balanced and peaceful.

Q: How to wear Wu Lou Pendant?

If you wear a Wu Lou pendant, its healing and protective powers can come into your life. Here are some ways to put it on:

  • Pick out a Good Pendant: For the best Feng Shui effects, choose a Wu Lou pendant made from real materials like jade, metal, or crystal.
  • Choose the Correct Chain: Choose a chain made of silver or gold, and make sure it’s long enough to put the pendant close to your heart for the best energy link.
  • Wear with Intention: Set your intention for what you want before putting on the Wu Lou pendant. It could be better health, protection, or general well-being.
  • Keep it Clean: To get rid of any bad energy that has built up in your Wu Lou pendant, cleanse it regularly using moonlight, sunlight, or smudging.
  • Wear It Often: To get the best results, wear the Wu Lou pendant often and keep it close to your body so that its healing and protective forces can fill your aura.
  • Wear with Other Jewelry: The Wu Lou pendant can be worn by itself or with other jewelry. Just make sure it stays close to your skin to keep the energy flowing.
  • Respect the Meaning: Treat the Wu Lou pendant with respect and awe, knowing that it has meanings that can help you be healthy, live long, and have plenty in your life.


We have seen What is Wu Lou, wu lou meaning, and the usage of the Wu Lou is to activate health and must be placed on the bedside table in the room.

Also in the workplace, office, or where we spend the longest time of the day. It should be placed for protection and absorb negative or bad energy.

To be able to use them for this purpose, they must be natural, dry and a cut must be made in the upper part.

Then, the membrane inside the waist should be removed, the seeds should be removed and they should be painted silver or gold.