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Best 15 Feng Shui Living Room Layout + Design Lucky Ideas

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If you have a living room that is always dead and not giving any positive vibes then you can follow these Feng Shui Small Living Room Layout Ideas and tips.

This not only transforms your living room look-wise but also will give you a new ambiance to your home while transforming your lifestyle.

It is also called a feng shui family room, as most of the time, all the members use the living room for daily activities whether watching TV, having discussions, etc.

Let us find out everything on Feng Shui Living Room Ideas, Living Room Tips, Living Room Basics, feng shui living room layout do’s and don’ts, design, feng shui living room colors and patterns. These are so simple that even don’t even require huge cost and effort.

How To Feng Shui Your Living Room Layout For Extra Space?

When space is the major concern when enabling a Good Feng Shui Living Room in the Home. Below are quick tips that can definitely help you arrange this.

  1. Create a Good vibe and Chi with nice Paint.
  2. Use the Energy of the Fire by placing Fireplace.
  3. Have a small Coffee Table as a Focal Point.
  4. Use good indoor Feng Shui Plants in the Living Room.
  5. Remove Unnecessary Clutter from the living room to allow Chi Flow.
  6. Another important Feng Shui furniture placement rule is that Since space is the main issue try to use Furniture with Rounded Corners.

Top Quick and Easy Feng Shui Living Room Layout Ideas

According to Feng Shui’s practice, the storage cabinet in the living room must be close to the wall, and the feng shui sofa must also face the door or TV.

Do not back the door, because the back door of the feng shui sofa placement will make your interpersonal relationship not easy. This is applicable to even Feng Shui Small Living Room Layout.

1. Ensuring Sufficient Light In The Living Room

This is one of the best Good Feng Shui Living Room Layout Ideas. If the light in the living room is relatively dark, it will easily make people feel irritable, and then it cannot achieve the effect of alleviating physical and mental fatigue.

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Moreover, the ancients said that “the hall bright room is dark”. This means that the living room must have sufficient daylight and the air must circulate. It can be filled with positive energy at any time, then the index of good luck will naturally increase.

2. Shoe Cabinet Height Should Be Appropriate

It is better that the shoe cabinet near the door is not higher than the adult hips, because the shoes you wear every day will be dusty and sandy.

And bring the air into the room. If the shoe cabinet is too high, it will not only block the view but also affect the fortune.

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas shoe cabinate

3. Should Not Have A Feng Shui Living Room Mirror Behind The Sofa

There should not be a large mirror behind the sofa. People sitting on the sofa can clearly see the back of the seat from the mirror, which is awful.

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And if the mirror is not there, it doesn’t matter if the back brain does not reflect out of the mirror.

Feng Shui in the living room for the whole family should avoid Having a mirror behind the sofa

Feng Shui For Small Living Room Layout
Feng Shui For Small Living Room Layout

4. Do Not Hedge The Sofa

If the sofa is in a straight line with the door, it is called “hedging” in Feng Shui. The feng shui floor level of the living room should not be uneven

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas
Good Feng Shui Living Room Layout Ideas

5. The Feng Shui Living Room Cannot Be A Moving Line

In feng shui living room floor plan should be flat, and there should not be too many steps or differences in height.

Some living rooms adopt the design of high and low-level partitions, which makes the floor height change obviously, so the family movement will be bumpier due to the fluctuation of the floor.

6. The Floor Of The Feng Shui Living Room Should Not Be Uneven

The living room is a place where vitality gathers. It should be stable when required. The living room should not be planned in the moving line, which makes people move too often.

The living room is located in the moving line of the aisle, which makes it easy for family gatherings or guests to visit. Otherwise, it will affect the career and interpersonal relationships of the homeowner.

7. If The Feng Shui Living Room Has Beams, It Should Be Covered By The Decoration

If there are beams in the ceiling of the living room, it will form a feeling of oppression. People sitting under the beams will easily cause stress and lose their fortune. As soon as possible cover the beams in the ceiling of the mezzanine.

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas beam

If the living room has beams, it should be covered with decoration. The living room should use more round-shaped decorations

The living room is a place where family, friends, and relatives meet, and it is most important to create a lively and harmonious atmosphere.

The circle belongs to the sun and is a symbol of dynamics, so the circular lights, ceiling shapes, and decorations have a warm and lively atmosphere.

8. It’s Not Appropriate To Hang Pictures Of Beasts In The Feng Shui Living Room

Living rooms such as flowers, plants, landscapes, or auspicious animals such as fish, birds, horses, white cranes, and phoenixes are usually less taboo. However, if you like hanging beasts such as dragons, tigers, and eagles.

You need to pay special attention to the heads of the beasts in the painting facing outward to form a defensive pattern. Do not threaten the heads of the beasts inward, otherwise, it is easy. Bring accidents to the family.

9. The Living Room Should Not Be Dark

Fengshui in the living room is full of light first, so try to avoid placing too many potted plants on the balcony to avoid blocking the light.

  • A bright living room can bring prosperity to the family, so the wall of the living room should not be too dark.
  • When decorating the living room, most people may emphasize the overall aesthetics of the living room rather than pay attention to the feng shui living room.
  • In fact, our luck may be related to family feng shui. If we ignore the small details in the feng shui taboo, it may have some interference with our normal home life.
  • Feng Shui living room is a university question, it is closely related to our daily lives. When decorating the living room, most people may emphasize the overall aesthetics of the home rather than pay attention to the feng shui living room.
  • In fact, our luck is also related to family feng shui. Ignoring the small details in the taboo of feng shui may interfere with our normal home life. The following is a list of:

Feng Shui Taboos In Living Room


1. The Ceiling Of The Porch Is Too Low

The space of the porch is the key to air circulation. It should be more spacious so as to facilitate air transportation in the home.

If the ceiling is too low, it is easy to cause oppression, which means that the family is easily suppressed, and it is difficult to have a good day. Therefore, the ceiling of the entrance should be high or low.

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas ceiling
Feng Shui Living Room Layout Ideas

2. Villa feng shui loft For Bedroom

Whether it is a villa or an ordinary house, the shape is exactly the basic requirement of the bedroom. It cannot be polygonal or have beveled edges.

If a loft is used as a bedroom, the hypotenuse of the roof can easily cause a visual illusion, and the polygonal bedroom pattern formed by the hypotenuse will also increase the mental burden. This comes under the Feng Shui Living Room Furniture Layout principle.

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And people living in this house are prone to illness or accidents. Therefore, if you want to effectively use the attic of the villa, it is recommended to use it as a storage room.

3. Too much Roof Pitch

Fengshui is generally not a problem on the roof, but there are some European and American houses now. The roofs of these houses have too extreme slopes and shapes, forming a fierce look from the surface.

Triangular roofs or sloping roofs, which are highly inclined, are called “cold shoulders“, which is a feng shui pattern that is not conducive to the accumulation of wealth. The sharper the roof, the greater the negative impact.

A steeply tilted triangular roof will make the airflow inside and outside the house abnormal; a sloping roof will bias the intake of outside air and make the frequency of the body unbalanced.

Living under this deformed roof for a long time, it is easy to become nervous, hysterical, and eventually become depressed.

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas Roof

4. Stairs and Door Straight

No matter what kind of house, you can’t let the stairs and the door go straight, especially the villa. Sometimes the stairs are designed to face the door for the sake of beauty, which will easily lead to the loss of money and happiness.

And the slope of the stairs should be as small as possible, otherwise, it will be difficult to gather gas. The size of the house is also related to the choice of the shape of the stairs.

Spiral staircases can be used in small houses, which is not only conducive to gas gathering but also saves space. Large-space houses can use arc ladders and polyline stairs.

The former is beautiful and comfortable, while the latter is more casual and is a good choice. All three types of stairs can leave a large space for the indoor gas field flow, which not only satisfies the requirements of “hidden turning.

But avoids direct penetration”, but also takes into account practicality and aesthetics. When setting upstairs, try to choose as close to the wall as possible.

5. Entrance Light Selection: Use The Color Yellow

The lantern of the entrance is best rounded, symbolizing perfection. The white light should be used for the light. The white light represents reason, with decisive and rational judgment.

Which is conducive to family members’ rational use of money. The yellow light represents sensibility, which makes people hesitant and not conducive to judgment. The use of Feng Shui living room colors and yellow lights also makes it easy for family members to spend money unknowingly.

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas light

6. Place Heavy Objects In The Center

For a villa, the central location is the most important place in Feng Shui, which is just as important as the human heart. No matter what floor it is, no heavy objects can be placed in this position.

For the floor where the bedroom is set, if there is exactly a room in the middle, it must not be left vacant for a long time. Selecting this room in the bedroom will be regarded as a sign of the emperor in Feng Shui.

Living in this bedroom for a long time is important for school and career Development is very favorable. In this way, the villa has become a veritable “house of the emperor”.

7. The Entrance Is Airless, And Debris Is Scattered

The porch is the first space to enter the door. Effective use of this space’s fortune can have a good effect. Don’t set a fan in the entrance to disturb the airflow, and don’t close it too much and block the airflow.

Light a long light at the entrance to light up the entrance, which is conducive to the circulation of air. This is why the god of fortune in Feng Shui likes to patronize.

Don’t pile up sundries at the entrance, and various items must be neatly packed to help with Feng Shui.

8. Bedroom Chandelier Above The Bed

Many family bedrooms have chandeliers on the top, but if the chandeliers are located just above the bed, it is not good for people.

When a person sleeps in a bed, he or she may feel pressured by the lamp, which is unhealthy. The solution is to move the bed to a place where the chandeliers cannot rest, or simply restless.

9. The Pattern Of The Entrance Corner Pointed At The Door

The porch is a port for receiving air, so the pattern of the floor is suitable for those with auspicious meaning.

Be sure to avoid the pattern of sharp corners facing the door, and do not allow the texture of the wooden floor to face the door. They will also form a fierce evil, which is not good for family luck.

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Quick Feng Shui Living Room Do’s and Don’ts

Following these simple rules can make Feng Shui living room design easy. This brief guide can help you balance your home’s energy:


  • To use the Command Position, place your primary sofa or chair to see the door without being exactly in line with it. The command position provides security and strength.
  • Use all five elements: Use wood, fire, earth, metal, and water to balance and energize your area. Represent these elements with colors, textures, and objects.
  • To maximize natural light and airflow: Clean and unblock windows to let fresh air and natural light energize the space.
  • Do strategically use mirrors: Mirrors reflect lovely views or enlarge the area, but never face the door directly since this might deflect energy.
  • Do Declutter: Clutter blocks chi (energy) in your home. Declutter often to make the space feel open.


  • Keep the Entrance Clear: Energy flows readily into and through your living area if the entrance is clear.
  • Color can excite a space but too many strong hues can cause disorder. A relaxing palette will complement rather than clash.
  • Avoid Seating Under Beams: Sitting under beams can feel oppressive and attract negative energy. Canopy or drape the beam to minimize its impact if necessary.
  • In Feng Shui, water features in the south of your living room can harm luck. Select wood and fire elements for this location.
  • Take Plant Health Seriously: Plants that die represent stagnated energy. Use healthy, bright plants to enhance wood and air quality.

FAQs on Feng Shui Living Room Layout

Q: Tips for sofa under stairs feng shui

Sofa under stairs in feng shui is considered bad. As it blocks the energy and gives a sense of insecurity. Always place the sofa near a solid wall or a corner of the living room.

Q: Best feng shui living room colors?

The best feng shui living room colors are light colors that can bring natural light and good vibes like yellow, white, and green. You can definitely add a few darker items or paintings to complement light shades.

Q: Best feng shui living room TV placement?

Find below a few Feng Shui TV Placement In Living Room Tips
1) The ideal place to have a TV in feng shui is in the Living room
2) Remember to put the TV at eye level and in the center of the Room
3) The ideal feng shui direction for TV, is in the north or south side of the room
4) For good feng shui vibes, cover your TV  when not used to reduce the mirror like effect.
5) Avoid TV in the bedroom, it can hamper your
6) Avoid placing your TV in front of or opposite a window, it can hamper your sight that reflects light.
7) Avoid bold wall colors, especially on the back of the TV wall.

Q: Is the feng shui living room dining room combo good?

Well, both these combinations are great and make the house spacious and useful even for the smaller living room areas. The only thing to consider is making sure they don’t clash with each other’s energies.


Instead of just moving furniture, Feng Shui in your living room creates a harmonious environment that improves your health and attracts positive energy.

By carefully placing your furniture, harmonizing the five elements, and keeping your living room clean, you can create a peaceful and positive place.

Keep in mind that Feng Shui requires balance and fluidity. Try alternate layouts and decor until the room’s energy lifts and calms you. With these recommendations, your living room will look good and attract prosperity and peace.

By using the above tips you can enhance your living room, still, there are multiple Feng Shui Living Room Layout Generator Free and online apps you can opt for.