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Useful 13 Bed Under Window Feng Shui Cures + Fixes

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Feng Shui provides all life issues related solutions! We will discuss “Bed Under Window Feng Shui” one of the most important issues and its fixes. It is also applicable to everyone.

This piece of information will arm you with relevant information needed to make the most of your bedtime. Sleep happens to be one of the powerful activities that sharpen our life. Also, sleep defines the state of our health, as it is vital to our body in fueling us up for the next day.

Sleep is there as a powerful weapon to re-energize our body and serves as a solution needed to restore the energy lost during the day.

In this blog, you will learn how various methods you can use to cure bed under the window in the Feng Shui way. In addition, there is a need to be acquainted with the best sleeping position.

There is a direction that is not favorable for sleeping, and a position you can’t point your head because of the devastating effect. We will cover the following topics below:

  • The Meaning of “Having a Bed Under the Window”?
  • Is placing a bed under window bad luck?
  • 11 Quick proven solutions for a bed under a window
  • Why positioning a bed in front of a window considered bad in feng shui?
  • Why bed should not face window?
  • What Is known as the death position of a bed in feng shui?
  • What is the reason you should not allow yourself to bed to face north?
  • What is the best and most suitable sleeping direction?
  • Why Is bad for your feet to face the window??
  • Bed under window superstition
  • Bed under window decorating ideas
  • Mirror facing window well in feng shui?

The Meaning of “Having a Bed Under the Window”?

Having a bed under the window may be new to you, or you might have come across it. And you may be asking for the meaning.

What it means is that you place your bed under the window. This has so many effects, and when you are in this position, your head or feet are pointing to the window as you lie on the bed.

Is Putting Bed Under Window Bad Luck?

According to the Feng Shui tip, placing your bed under a window is bad luck. The principle is based on the fact that the window serves as a major channel through which the air flows in and out of a room, and helps to take in fresh air to replace the indoor air.

Along the process, there is an outflow of too much energy out of your window, which depletes the vital energy that is Qi.

You may be asking why putting a bed under a window is bad luck. This is because when you sleep in a bed under a window, your sleep is negatively impacted by the bright light, and this results in the loss of airflow and body energy which is unfavorable to your health and fortune.

In addition, you will experience blockage of the free flow of the Chi energy from outside the surrounding. Definitely, putting a bed under a window promotes poor and restless sleep.

11 Quick proven solutions for a Bed Under Window Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, there is an ideal position for you to place your bed. But in a situation where you cannot change your bed, we provide quick 11 solutions for a bed under a window.

Bed Under Window Feng Shui
Bed Under Window Feng Shui- Mirror across from window

These remedies are effective, so make use of them.

  1. Seal the window: When your bed is under a window, the simple solution you can engage is by sealing the window. But in case this is the only one you have in your bedroom, you cannot seal it. Hence, use another remedy.
  2. The use of bed treatment can provide energetic backing, and is able to cover up the window efficiently.
  3. Another effective remedy that can be used is to secure your window. You can do this by using security devices like the alarm system, or locks which can reduce the window operability, thus providing peace and improving the Feng Shui.
  4.  At the headboard, place a backplate and make sure to use it to cover your window every night and move it away in the morning to allow the inflow of fresh air.
  5. You have an option to use a thick window shade with a gauze curtain which can provide a quick solution.
  6. It has been found that you can reduce the negative effect of a bed under a window by introducing books or putting 2 trinkets on the windows.
  7. In a situation you have enough space within your bedroom; another remedy is to shift the bed to a better position either right or left a little away from under the window.
  8. Get a bunk bed that comes with a desk under as this ensures the bed upper is not positioned under the window, and at the same time, the desk under will aid the flow of ventilation.
  9. Another effective remedy is to look for a Feng Shui master and invite him to access the best position suitable to place your bed and possibly provide a necessary recommendations, and guidance.
  10.  Going for a strong and sturdy headboard is an effective remedy because it will provide much-needed protection from any negative energy.
  11. The use of windows blind can be a good remedy to bed under the window by reducing negative energy affecting your sleep.
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Why Positioning a Bed in Front of Window Considered Bad in Feng Shui?

Placing a bed in front of a window is not acceptable, and will affect you negatively. This position adds no benefits to you, rather, it makes you experience unfavorable situations.

One of the suitable positions to place your bed is against a wall. According to Feng Shui, placing your bed in front of window should be avoided, as the effect can be devastating.

It is established that there is an excessive outflow of energy which makes you experience unpleasant, poor, and restless sleep.

Why Bed Should Not Face Window?

The reason you should not try to position your bed to face window is because of loss of energy. It is believed in Feng Shui that there is the movement of energy within a space.

Therefore, the positive energy that is supposed to be reserved for your use is lost through the window, as the window serves as an outlet and inlet for the flow of energy.

There is a better position that can fit your bed placement inside the bedroom.

What Is Known as the Death Position of a Bed in Feng Shui?

Whether you believe it or not, Feng Shui confirmed that there is a death position attached to a bed. Positioning of your bed toward the north is called the death position.

What is the Reason you Should not Allow Yourself to Bed to Face North?

Many research carried out shown that our body and the earth have their own magnetic fields. There are large concentrations of the earth’s magnetic field in the north and the south directions.

Let’s find out the best 8 reasons, why we should not face North while sleeping.

  1. What that means is that the North and the South Poles contain a higher level of magnetic fields than the East and the West.
  2. In a situation where you sleep, and your head is pointing toward the north, it makes the magnetic field of your body be interrupted by that of the earth.
  3. This increases the concentration inside the body. And this alters your blood pressure abnormally and can even lead to heart problems.
  4. Another reason why your bed should not face north is the fact that our blood contains a high level of iron, which tends to be attracted by the magnetic pull of the earth each time we sleep.
  5. This attraction results in a higher concentration of iron, which is accumulated in the brain.
  6. When this occurs, there is the possibility of having a headache when you sleep. Many people complain about this when they sleep, and this is what happened.
  7. Sleeping with your bed facing north can also interrupt the circulation of blood which results in restless or disturbed sleep.
  8. The north position can cause devastating effects on your life, by increasing sleep disorders like insomnia and sluggishness. When you are supposed to look refreshed after sleep, you tend to look tired and worn out.
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What is the Suitable Direction for Sleeping

  • The most suitable directions that fit a sweet sleeping pattern and enjoy healthy rest after day work in Feng Shui are the East and South directions.
  • The reason behind this is that when you sleep with your head facing south, there is a chemistry that tends to reverse the adverse and devastating effects caused by the north direction.
  • This position positively affects you and your sleep by defending you from experiencing severe health problems.
  • The amazing benefit of this south direction is that it helps to put your blood pressure under control and also see to it that you enjoy a steady blood circulation.

Why Is Bad for your Feet to Face the Window?

When your feet are facing the window, it is regarded as a bad thing, and traditionally, it is believed that dead bodies are firstly evacuated from the bedroom feet.

Bed Under Window Feng Shui
Bed Under Window Feng Shui – Feet to Face the Window

Also, when you sleep with your feet facing the window, you permit too much energy to be lost through the window which can rob you of a sound sleep. Through this, you feel weak, tired, and worn out.

According to Feng Shui’s belief, this is called the ‘death position‘ or the ‘coffin position‘ due to the fact that your feet or head face the window and is a resemblance to how they carry the dead through open doors from the house.

It is wise to avoid sleeping facing the north because of the consequence, even to your health.

Bed under Window Superstition

In the world of human existence, there are many superstitions borne out of different fates, and people over the world hold different views concerning this subject.

Sometimes, because of people’s views, it is difficult to know the one to follow, observe, and acknowledge. It is generally accepted among many cultures around the world that it is bad luck when your bed is placed under the window or feet facing the window.

Relatively, it is concluded that the negative effect of the bed under the window is true and Feng Shui carefully provides what you need to know about this bed placement and the energy relationship with people and the environment.

Indisputably, your bedroom can influence the outcome of your life as a result of vital things attached to it. It can influence your joy, health, and capability to save money positively, and when it is not rightly used, it can affect your personality negatively.

Bed Under Window Decorating Ideas To Minimise Adverse Effects

By engaging the following decorating measures, you can reduce the adverse effect of a bed under the window.

1. Use Heavy Draperies to Cover Window

  • One of the decorating tips that can cater to the bed under the window is to use thick heavy draperies.
  • The thick draperies can be used to cover the window completely, thereby disallowing the penetration of light.
  • There are plenty of heavy draperies that you can choose and use. They come in different colors which leaves your bed radiant, and beautiful.
  • While the day breaks, you can open the draperies so that the positive chi energy can flow in, and when you sleep, you can close up the draperies tightly.
  • By doing this, you will disallow the flow of too much chi energy from running over your bed while you sleep.
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2. Use shutters

You can treat the bed under the window by using shutters. In case you’re using shutters in your bedroom, it can serve this purpose, and you do it to close the lower portions.

Make use of this method for your blinds. This is helpful in providing a reliable solid wall for any bottom-up blinds.

3. Use Headboards to Make a Wall Effect

  • It is an effective step to use a headboard to serve as a barrier or wall between you and the window.
  • What you need to look out for in the headboard is how strong, high, and solid it is.
  • Using a headboard with these features can be helpful, and protect the wall.
  • Also, there is needed to leave sufficient space between the wall and headboard so that there can proper flow of the chi energy to flow within your room.

4. Keep your bed clean

Making sure your bed is clean, and the environment around it is tidied up will help to promote sound sleep, thereby reducing the effect of the bed under the window.

This covers removing anything kept under the bed. Ensure dust does not stay in your bed, and you’re committed to doing it always. It enhances your sleep at night.

Where to Put Bed in Room with Windows

Feng shui bed position window– Many keep asking about the best position for the bed placement in a room with windows. To avoid any bad luck, the best position is to place your bed at the center of the bedroom.

Mirror Facing Window Good in Feng Shui?

  • You can choose to place a mirror to face the window. Nothing is wrong with doing this, but what matters is what the mirror is reflecting from the exterior of your home.
  • If you know the exterior of your home is filled with harmful objects like electricity poles, and fence wire, is better not to allow your mirror to reflect a window.
  • But where you have a natural, lush garden, a calm environment with beautiful trees, you can allow your mirror to reflect the window.
  • In Feng Shui, it is recognized that when your mirror reflects trees, lush landscape, river, water fountain, or garden, these natural things can boost growth energy, drastically change your romantic life, and leave tranquility within your space.
  • If you use any of these cures, it is recommended you leave a spacious entrance from your door. Because you are curing a mirror facing a door does not mean you should choke the space out of your door.
  • Don’t create a tight entry for your passage at the front door, because a tight entry can be unfit for attracting the best.


We have discussed everything regarding Bed Under Window Feng Shui Cures.

In Feng Shui, the perfect position for bed placement in the bedroom is against a wall. Each night you should enjoy a good sleep void of stress. You’ve gone all day long to labor, it’s time to rest, give no room to whatever can disturb your sleep.

Our fulfillment lies in seeing you enjoy some level of comfort, fill your space with positive energy needed to attract good fortune, and enhance your health. Therefore, engage the above tips in placing your bed properly in the bedroom.