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[27 Exclusive Tips] How To Feng Shui Bedroom For Love Life

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Feng Shui changes a person’s life with the elements. That has an impact on our lives and can be understood better.

If we have the Feng Shi guide for relationships. Feng Shui is the science of natural elements and the energy exerted by them.

We can apply Feng Shui bedroom tips to get a lot of benefits in relationships as well as on personal things like Health, Wealth, Growth, Peace, and balancing your bedroom feng shui along with different aspects of life.

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What Are The Feng Shui Bedroom Basics?

By learning how to maintain a perfect balance of the energy flow in our homes. We can easily maintain good relationships.

Feng Shui exerts a strong influence on the body and minds of people. By maintaining the right Feng Shui features in your home.

It is now possible to have good Feng Shui Bedroom Relationships / Love / Marriage.

There are many ways to improve the positive energy flow in your Bedroom. By knowing the basic Feng shui bedroom tips to improve your love life; you can have strong and loving relationships in your home.

Best Feng Shui For Bedroom

Feng Shui is very effective in adding more romance and love to your life. Know the 27 Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Improve Romance to fill your home with love and joy.

When you learn the basic tenets of Feng Shui you will understand that there are Feng shui bedroom tips.

To improve your love life and will be able to use all the right Feng Shui Tips For Bedroom to attract and keep love in your life.

With good knowledge of Feng Shui relationship compatibility. You can easily understand the requirements for developing and nurturing an everlasting love-filled relationship in your home.

Feng shui bedroom for romance
Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

Feng Shui is a branch of the scientific study of spaces and the flow of energy in them. By following the basic principles as given by the traditional Chinese Feng Shui experts.

You will understand the Relationship Area, Open Spaces Feng Shui. And know how you can maximize the flow of positive energy inside your home.

It has been proved many times that by maintaining the right components of the Feng Shui in your home. But now it is possible to use feng shui to bring back lost love.

How The Feng Shui Bedroom Setup Be To Get Positive Energy?

A bedroom is the first place in the morning when we wake up, which can affect the mood drastically. And it’s a common saying “HOME SWEET HOME” because this is a place which makes us comfortable and peaceful.

So it is important to start a day with full energy and positivity which can be used throughout the day. Here are some points that we can practice according to feng shui in order to get positivity.

Feng shui bedroom for positive energy
Happy Family Time- Correct Feng Shui In Bedroom

#1 Decorate With Your Favorite Color

We all have our choices when we talk about colors. And it is a great influencer when we tend to like or dislike any color.

So use your favorite colors in the bedroom in the form of wall paint, furniture, and objects. Which can affect us mentally and physically and make us happy and positive.

feng shui colors for bedroom

#2 Arrange Your Bed

Since childhood, our parents have been teaching us about arranging a bed once we wake up. At that time every kid gets annoyed but no one realizes our parents are preparing us for the future.

Making this small thing in the morning can incorporate discipline as well as a clutter-free organized environment. Where we live. when you enter the bedroom at the end of the day, and it looks inviting. You can’t wait to jump into bed for a good night’s sleep.

Feng shui Bedroom

#3 Use Bright Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

Using bright colors inside our Feng Shui room can do wonders as it brings natural light and adds positivity. There is a direct connection between light and a positive state of mind.

On the other side if our room has dark colors. Then it can aggravate our emotions and this can take us towards depression and negativity. Which nobody wants. Also in order to lighten up our room, we can place objects like lamps, lights, etc.

Feng shui bedroom bright colors

#4 Remove clutter from the room and underneath the bed

When our room is full of unnecessary things then how would you feel ?? Heavy and distracted, Correct? Clutter is a symbol of negative energies.

So in order to have a positive mindset try to throw clutter or discard unnecessary things from your house and good room.

Feng shui bedroom clutter free

Another interesting fact is that if you want to remove negativity from any place. Then you can wipe that area with SALT. Salt has the power to absorb negativity.

Also if you have any stuff underneath your bed then remove it immediately. Because it must be empty in order to have a proper flow of energy.

What are the feng shui bedroom rules and Tips For Better Sleep

Who doesn’t want to sleep like a baby ?? In order to have a proper sleep, we have some Feng Shui tips that you can follow and invest in.

fens shui bedroom for good sleep
  • Place your bed in the center of the room
  • Allow air flow with proper blinds. 
  • Invest in a bedside table on either side. 
  • Choose soothing, light-colored walls
  • Use dim light bulbs while sleeping.
  • Don’t use electronic devices like TVs and screens
  • Invest in proper bedding like a king or super-king size bed and mattress in your Feng Shui master bedroom
  • Don’t place any kind of mirror, particularly within the sight-line of the bed. 
feng shui for good sleep

Top Feng Shui Colors For Your Bedroom

According to feng shui, in order to energies your bedroom, warm colors must be used.

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Like skin tones, such as cream, peach, beige, yellow, coral, tan, or cocoa. These are ideal for bedroom walls because they’re thought to be soothing and bring more light.

Other ideal colors like Light blues, greens, and lavenders are good for a sound sleep. But so many colors in a combination, such as grays, blues, or stark whites are believed to interfere with relaxation.

Feng shui bedroom colors

Things To Avoid In The Bedroom To Boost Feng Shui

#1 Water

Specific to the bedroom as per Feng Shui it’s strictly a big NO to use any water feature. Not even a small fountain, feng shui bedroom picture with a boat or river is recommended by Feng Shui masters.

#2 Mirrors

Mirrors in the bedroom are always taboo when it comes to Feng Shui. As per experts, mirrors should not be placed in front of your bed.

Because it releases constant energy which may interrupt your sleep. Another logic is that if the mirror is there in the bedroom then it might hamper your relationship.

If you already have a mirror in your room that is not detachable. Then, when it is not used, try to cover it. So that its reflection doesn’t see while you sleep.

#3 Avoid Technology

In this fast-growing time technology is something which everybody is using. In the form of Mobile phones, Laptops,iPods, Smart TVs, appliances, and all electronic items.

We can’t avoid using these but in Feng Shui. If you need proper sleep and want to have a better relationship with your spouse. Then stop using these in your Bedroom area.

#4 Feng shui paintings for bedroom above the bed

Stop using very large and heavy paintings above your bed.

As they will make you feel heavy and you will feel discomfort in sleep. Instead use light graphical, colorful pattern paintings like below.

feng shui bedroom painting
feng shui bedroom light color painting
feng shui bedroom flower painting

#5 Lamps with sharp corners

Nightlamps should be placed in the bedroom. But they should be discreet, ideally rounded, and lower and away from your position of sleep or head. As you don’t want anything sharp-edged at your face as you’re sleeping!

#6 Large furniture

The main idea behind not using large-sized furniture is that we want to make our bedroom spacious. So that we can breathe and the moment of energy can flow freely. Another obvious point is that when you can’t move freely in your bedroom.

#7 Under-the-bed clutter

Your bedroom must be clean and clutter-free as it creates unnecessary stress and headaches, even if you don’t realize it at first.

Just like above the bed we should not place any heavy painting or threaten. Similarly, underneath the bed, we can’t keep all the clutter.

Clutter free bedroom in feng shui

Try to use only essential things inside the bedroom and remove unnecessary things.

How to Bring Good Energy to Strengthen Your Love Life In Bedroom?

As per Feng Shui, the southwest Bagua area of the home denotes the area for love, relationships, and marriage. Hence the Feng shui elements that represent the love relationship must dominate in this part of your home.

Take all positive steps in such a way that the Feng Shui energy flow of Chi nurtures. And replenishes the energy for a lasting marriage and relationship.

Feng shui relationships
Good Feng Shui Can Do Wonders In Relationships- Feng Shui Bedroom for love

Use of great artwork

To create a harmonious and balanced energy flow in the home. You can tone up this part of the house with artwork, and lighting and do the following.

  • Add artwork reflecting the earth, love, or images of items or animals in pairs or fix artworks that are deep red-purple or orange in color depicting the color of fire.
  • Place an artwork with a strong energy flow for the Earth element that represents the southwest Feng Shui area. To add more stability, protection, nourishment, and grounding to the minds of those living in the home.
  • The best artwork for this would be to have an image of a pair of ducks representing the yin and yang pair.
  • Place an artwork that expresses the emotion of love in a true and nurturing manner and take care that the artwork is in the Earth or Fire elements color and not in the colors of other elements of water, metal, or wood.
feng shui tips for bedroom
  • Adding artwork or decorating with textiles, wall hangings, or using other items in fire element colors of red, orange, pink, yellow, or purple.
  • You can also use the light fixtures or lampshades or furniture in these colors to bring about a marked improvement in your love and relationships

Use of decorating lights

  • A good tip to use Feng Shui Tips to Attract and Keep Love in Your Life is by using the right types, size, colored lights to spruce up the southwest Bagua of your home.
  • So, use these Feng shui bedroom tips to improve your love life by bringing in the right types of lights.
  • By following these guidelines as lighting can also be used to influence the positive effects of the Feng Shui on the southwest Bagua of your home.
  • This is found to improve and bring about the necessary improvements in love, romance, and relationships. 
feng shui tips for bedroom
  • Light represents the fire element and is good for enhancing the power of this element.
  • And at the same time can be used to spread the energy flow in the required areas of your home.
  • Take care to fix the lightings and fixtures that are in Fire elements color and the overall design.
  • And look of the light and its fixtures harmoniously merge with the other parts of the bedroom or .south- west Bagua area of the home.

Correct use of feng shui bedroom furniture

  • It is desirable to have the bedroom in the southwest part of the home.
  • And if it is not possible, arrange your bedroom in such a way that there a perfect balance.
  • Prevails in your bedroom especially in the area where you have placed your bed.
  • Avoid placing very tall and heavy furniture or fixtures on one side of your bed.
  • Also, leave the other side empty or have a small-sized fixture that completely spoils the balance of this vital area of your bedroom.

Use things in pair

Yet another Feng Shui Tips to Attract and Keep Love in Your Life is by decorating your bedroom with objects that are in pairs.

feng shui tips for love in bedroom
feng shui bedroom decorating ideas

You can use a set of two candles and put other things in sets of two in the color of the fire element.

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You can also use figures with square shapes as Feng shui symbols for love that are taken as the shape of the earth element.

Use Of Bagua Map

When these are placed in the southwestern Bagua of your home you will be able to see a considerable deepening love and joy in your home.

If you want to enhance the feng shui relationship compatibility or use feng shui to bring back lost love or want to nurture the Feng Shui Relationships / Love / Marriage.

Then you should avoid using the elements or things that are connected with the metal, water, and wood in the southwest Bagua of your house.

One of the Feng Shui Tips to Attract and Keep Love in Your Life or one of the most widely used Feng shui bedroom tips.

Painting Proper wall colors

To improve your love life is to color the southwest Bagua of your home. Or your bedroom with colors like red, yellow, purple, coral, or orange. Which represents the color tones for the Earth and Fire elements in Feng Shui.

  • When painting your home area with these colors it is necessary that you need to keep an opening.
  • Or some perspective structure to complement the incomplete Bagua area in your home. For this, you can also use images containing artworks with color depth as well as those with visual pathways.
  • With Feng Shui, it is possible to bring in more feng shui relationship compatibility. By simply using the specific colors in your home.
  • Use the right colors for the bedroom walls and add the right types of feng shui bedroom window treatments in such a way that one seamlessly integrates into the other to give a balanced flow of love and sexual energy.
  • Among other colors prefer pinks and subtle shades of pink that are a representation of love, joy, happiness, and romance. 
  • It’s a good practice to use colors of white, bright green and pink can give short term boost to your relationships.
  • There is nothing wrong with using favorable colors as mood enhancers during your romance

Good and solid feng shui headboard

The Feng Shui guide for relationships states one of the most important of the Feng shui bedroom tips to improve your love life is to have a proper bed in your bedroom and it must have a good and solid headboard.

As per the ancient Chinese Bedroom Feng Shui experts, the headboard in your bed gives good quality sleep with its gentle sense of security while you are lying on your bed.

Add Feng Shui items

As it is a scientifically proven fact that good quality of sleep gives sound physical health. Also, a strong sex drive, equip your bed with a strong and solid headboard and complement it with other bedroom Feng Shui items to improve the level of romance in your life.

feng shui tips for love in bedroom

Correct position of Bed

The positioning of the bed in your bedroom in a Feng Shui compliant manner is one of the Feng shui bedroom tips. Which improve your love life and take note of the following for placing your bed in a proper position:

feng shui bedroom mirror
  • Never place your bed in such a way that you will be sleeping under a window as it is a Feng Shui taboo.
  • Avoid placing your bed in a corner of the room otherwise, you will always feel stuck and trapped.
  • Place the bed so that it is accessible easily from both sides. So that one of you need not have to climb on the other to go on or off of the bed.
  • Place the bed so that both of you can get into desirable sleeping positions.
  • Arrange your Feng Shui bedroom furniture in such a way that it is less disruptive to approach the bed.
  • Take care to avoid all conflicting things that will disrupt having a sound sleep.
  • Always change the bed sheets and linen often to freshen the feeling of romance and love while in the bedroom.

Never clutter your bed with too many pillows or stuffed animals and other dolls as it will give an overwhelming mindset while approaching your bed

feng shui tips for bedroom

Maintaining symmetry in bedside furniture will give a sense of comfort and equality in your mind while you are together in your bed

Apart from this, the other Feng shui bedroom tips to improve your love life include

Place images of romantic couples, or the artworks that symbolize the emotions of love, affection, joy, romance.Other positive emotions for a mental bonding between you and your lover.

feng shui tips for bedroom romance

Give place only for things that will make you feel more comfortable and help you connect intimately with your lover or spouse while you are in your bed.

Avoid Spreading Yang Element

To avoid the spreading of the Yang Element in your bedroom through the television that is belonging to the Fire element, never have a television in your bedroom.

Feng shui for relationships in Bedroom
Yin Yang

It is a source of distraction and will prevent you from intimately connecting with your loved one.

Depriving both of you have the opportunity to have intimate conversations that are the basis for a cherished romantic relationship.

Avoid work-related furniture and materials

Avoid work-related furniture and materials that are a part of your daily work and never bring your work to do while you are in your bed.

So, no place for your laptops, smartphones or other gadgets that will fix your mind in a work-related mindset while you are in your bedroom

Do not add friends and family Pics

  • Do not give place to photographs of friends and family in your bedroom as it is a factor that will affect your romantic mindset and spoil your love mood.
  • As most people are not accustomed to show their lovemaking acts in the public presence of these photos will have a bad psychological effect that will dampen
  • your romantic mind and bring down your ability to respond positively to the actions of your lover.

Use Flowers to enhance the romantic environment

Though feng shui bedroom plants are not good for your sleeping room you can use the right combinations of flowers to add fragrance and beauty to your bedroom.

Some flowers are used to aid in building relationships and good romantic times together.

feng shui flowers for bedroom
  • The Feng Shui Bagua Bedroom for Relationships is very clear that you should not have your bathroom.
  • As on the southwest part of your bedroom as it negatively affects the love relationships.
  • If we cant avoid modern Feng Shui it dictates that this area must be reinforced with the Fire and Earth elements.
  • Which brings in a good Feng shui relationship compatibility.

Other things to consider

  • Do not retain the things of your past relationships. It is better to remove the things that make you remember your past relationships.
  • You can throw them away from your sight. But traditional Feng shui guide for relationships states that you should change the bed .
  • And mattresses that you used during your last relationship as you will be sleeping with negative energy flow when you continue using the same bed now. 
  • If your bed is available at the far end of a long hallway. And it faces the front door your romance and love life may be negatively affected.
  • One of the Feng Shui Tips to Attract and Keep Love in Your Life is too. Use Mirrors and crystals in particular patterns in your Relationship Area | Open Spaces Feng Shui.
  • Place candles add sensuality to the environment and use red, pink and multi-colored candles to add strength to the Fire element in your bedroom.
feng shui candles for bedroom
  • Fix happy photos in as many places as possible. Place happy and memories of your exciting moments together in your bedroom.
  • In other places like the kitchen, hallways and feng shui love corner in the kitchen. This will help you in renewing the feeling of togetherness.
feng shui tips for bedroom

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Feng Shui Bedroom Design and Layout Should Be

See to it that your bedroom does not have any additional rooms in it:

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though this is not very common, some persons have another room within their bedroom or have a partition in their bedroom separated by a light door or some kind of room divider.

As per the traditional Chinese Feng Shui experts having such an additional room or partition in your bedroom is likely to lead to infidelity in a love relationship.

Make your bedroom a place to have all the privacy you want.

Your bedroom must be a place that can be completely cut off from your surroundings.

But make sure that your bedroom offers complete privacy and does not allow others to peek into the bedroom or allow sounds to go out through the windows or walls.

feng shui tips for bedroom

Make your bedroom Yin friendly

Yin is the form of energy that helps people relax and feel a sense of calmness in the mind. So, use dimmer lights and have facilities for light and soft music.

It will be better if the walls and windows of your bedroom are in suitable colors. This will bring down stress which is one of the main dampening factors of romance and love. 

Make your bedroom free from clutter

Clutter brings in a sense of stress to the mind-affecting your ability to indulge in love and romance with an open mind.

Over cluttered environment will make you and your partner lose tolerance and patience leading to constant fights.

This is one of the best Feng Shui Relationships / Love / Marriage tips that will work wonders in your love and romantic relationship.

Correct Feng Shui Bedroom Direction Of Bed

It should be noted that the Feng Shui Relationships, Love, Marriage is manifested in the southwest Bagua of the home.

Which represents the element Earth supplemented by Fire. So, for a successful marriage and joyful relationship, always enhance these elements in this part of your home.

When you use Feng Shui to activate the southwest Bagua of your home. It adds strength to the feminine energy of Ying.

Thereby adding the required level of strength to the woman of the house with physical, mental energy to add harmony and love to the marriage or ongoing relationship.

Feng Shui Bedroom Mirror Placement Tips

  • No mirrors in your bedroom that too facing your bed.
  • This will severely interfere with your intimate relationship.
  • Do not place large mirrors that reflect the energy flow and denoting the element water
  • Mirrors reflect light and spread the light energy inside the room in multiple ways.
  • A mirror overlooking your bed is a bad Feng Shui practice and will have a very bad effect on the quality of your sleep also.

Rules for feng shui photos in bedroom

Using paintings and photos in the bedroom is a good idea only if when you like the painting vibes.

As you know images depict emotions and feeling with deep colors , patterns and frames. So be very careful while selecting Images that are violent and stressful as they can affect your mood.

So use feng shui friendly soothing images and painting with soft tones.

Q: Feng Shui bedroom colors for sleep?

For sleeping better you must have soft tones like pink, peach, green, and blue. Avoid bold and big patterns wallpaper.

Q: What is the best direction for your bed to face?

You should try to face your head southward direction. Just remember to avoid the north-to-south direction as it’s the worst direction.

Q: Where should a bed go in a bedroom?

As per feng shui experts, your bed must be placed in the center of the room for proper air circulation and good vibes.

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Though Feng Shui cannot do everything to find love and improve your relationship making the vital changes as per the principles of the time tested Feng Shui.

It is sure to bring in favourable circumstances and the right mental attitudes helping the blossoming of the love and affection and maturing it to become a lifelong passion for each other.

Thus, the ancient science of Feng Shui can act as your Feng shui guide for relationships. And by following the abovesaid Feng shui bedroom tips.

To improve your love life you will find that the Feng Shui Relationships / Love / Marriage is real. Which helps you enhance the level of feng shui relationship compatibility.

By following the above Feng Shui Bedroom Tips. You can Attract and Keep Love in Your Life. The Feng shui bedroom tips to improve your love life you can lead a happy. And a joyful romantic life for a long time to come.