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List Of Crystals That Can Go In Salt For Cleansing: [How To]

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Here we are going to reveal a List Of Crystals That Can Go In Salt (Himalayan) For Cleansing.

Natural crystals come in various forms, shapes, and colors, and they are a beautiful gift by Mother Nature. But apart from their beauty and aesthetic value, crystals are known for one other quality.

Crystals like Malachite, Agate, Tigers Eye, Green Tourmaline ,and Amethyst are known for its healing properties.

Crystals have been known for carrying energy, healing properties, and bringing in good luck for centuries now. Feng shui–a Chinese philosophy – that helps enhance life by balancing the environment has been using crystals to symbolize good luck and positive energy.

There are two types of crystals available in the market: natural and synthetic crystals. While both are commonly used, natural crystals are preferred for feng shui applications.

Crystals are known for their several healing properties and are used for various reasons. For example, some crystals enhance wealth, while some are linked to the secret of a healthy love life. 

Apart from their colors and their benefits, crystals are also distinguished based on one other property: their cleansing method. Crystals are cleaned using different techniques, and one technique cannot apply to all crystals.

For example, some crystals cannot be cleansed, while others can be cleaned using salt and water. Confused? Don’t worry. Let’s get to know more about crystals in Feng shui and crystals that can go in salt for cleansing.

The Role of Crystals in Feng Shui

As discussed above, crystals are known for their healing properties and are given a lot of importance in Feng shui because of their ability to bring good luck and carry positive energy.

According to Feng shui, crystals can be divided based on their colors–that correspond with the 5 elements: water, earth, metal, fire, and wood.

Feng Shui Five Elements
Feng Shui Elements

Water Element

Blue and black colored crystals such as black coal, basalt, aquamarine, and azurite are considered crystals that resonate with the water element.

They are said to absorb negative energy and are considered the most powerful of the other 4 types with their dark color.

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Fire Element

Crystals colored red, orange, and dark purples such as rose quartz, red jasper, and orange citrine are crystals of the fire element.

Due to their color, they have the ability to bring good health and improve love life. They are best for new couples and budding relationships. 

Metal Element

White, or clear and transparent crystals are crystals of the metal element. Moonstone, opal, and clear quartz are some of the most common metal element crystals.

These crystals are a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. They are also known for improving health.

Wood Element

 Green crystals such as fuchsite, dunite, turquoise, and talc are common crystals of the wood element category. They are known to carry luck for wealth and good health

Earth Element

Crystals of yellow, brown in earthy tones are classified as crystals for the earth elements.

Common crystals in this category include yellow citrine, yellow jasper, and smokey quartz. They are best known for their quality to bring in wealth.

What is Crystal Cleansing, and Why Do We Need to Do it?

Like any of your possessions, you might want to cleanse the crystals you own or collect.

But it’s actually not that simple. Most people believe cleansing crystals only means cleaning their outer surface to make sure they’re tidy on the outside–but with crystals, this means much more than that.

Crystals are like “energy sponges“; they can absorb and retain energy from where they have been and from people who touch them.

When you purchase a crystal, we are sure you want it to bring positive energy to your home. However, you can’t entirely be sure where it has been and who has touched it so far.

A crystal must be carrying a lot of harsh and unwanted energy in it, which you don’t want entering your life. Hence it is best to cleanse your crystal or in other recharge or revitalize crystals– to optimize its functions.

When Should I Cleanse My Crystals?

Crystals are not like ordinary objects; they don’t necessarily get dirty, and you might not feel the need to cleanse them.

Contrary to how it looks, every crystal needs to be recharged and revitalized. Therefore, experts suggest you periodically cleanse your crystals.

The first is, of course, when purchasing the crystal and bringing it home for the first time. It is good to cleanse your crystal to get rid of any negative energy it may already contain.

Other than that, there is no need to cleanse them daily, but you can do it on a regular basis. Cleansing your crystals once a month is recommended.

Methods of Cleansing Crystals

There are different methods used for cleansing crystals, but not all methods are fit for all types of crystals. Some crystals are cleaned in the water while others are recharged under the moon or inside moon water.

Some are stacked with other stones to revitalize their energy, and some are cleansed using salt.

Crystals Cleansing
List Of Crystals That Can Go In Salt

Plain Water

Water is the purest form of the mineral. Cleaning with plain water is a great idea to activate the dead crystal. Simply putting crystal into flowing water, can do your job.


Smudging is a ritual that has been followed for ages. Simply smoking a few herbs together like dried sage, cedar, frankincense, lavender and other herbs cleansing your crystal into the smoke can remove all the negativity.

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Burning sage

Sage is alone can be used to clear and absorb crystals’ bad vibes just like smudging.

Sun and moon light

Adding your healing crystal into full moonlight and sunlight can clear and absorb all the bad vibes. Once done you can use your gemstone.

Cleansing Crystals with Salt

Salt is a very effective material that removes impurities and contaminants from the crystals and helps in drawing out negative energy from them.

However, not all crystals can be cleaned using salt; hence here is a list of crystals that can go in salt for cleansing. 

Crystals That Can Go in Salt for Cleansing

1. Amber

  • Amber is the fossilized resin of the ancient coniferous forest. This crystal is set to help with emotions, and in feng shui, it is famous for helping people keep their lives balanced.
  • It is recommended to keep amber to help bring positive thoughts and good vibes as it promotes relaxation.
  • As per Feng Shui, it also helps remember dreams and encourages self-expression in the wearer.
  • Amber is fit for cleansing in salt as it emits vibrations that contribute to a person’s overall wellbeing and easily recharges under salt.

2. Tahitian Black Pearls

The black pearls are considered a representation of love, peace, and harmony in an area. They are considered very beneficial to be kept inside a home.

It helps in removing feelings of depression, anxiety, and day-to-day stresses. According to Feng Shui, it is safe to cleanse the black pearls in salt because it absorbs and removes negative energy.

3. Pink Chalcedony

  • Also known as cactus agate, this is a crystal known for its healing properties.
  • When placed in salt, it helps remove pain in the body and brings forth good health and positive self-expression when kept in a house or worn by a person.
  • Moreover, the crystal helps in forming an intense connection between the physical and spiritual world.

4. Citrine

  • Citrine is a crystal known as the “success stone” because it helps bring energy and focus.
  • According to Feng Shui, it is a crystal that helps people reach their desired outcomes and helps them in participating in various activities.
  • Citrine is fit to be cleansed using salt as it revitalizes and recharges its energy.

5. Amethyst

  • Improves the internal system.
  • Brighten the skin’s appearance.
  • Resolve stomach-related health.
  • Decreasing joint pains.

Why Can’t All Crystals be Cleansed Using Salt/Salt Water?

Cleansing crystals using salt or saltwater is very common, but not all crystals are fit for this method. It is unsafe for some crystals to be cleansed using salt because raw or rough stones can easily react with the saltwater and dissolve.

And other times, keeping porous crystals in dry salt is dangerous because the salt can penetrate the crystals, and sometimes those crystals can lose their polished look.

Moreover, when the crystals come in contact with salt they release sodium silicates and clump together. Hence, it is best to use an alternative method for cleansing such crystals.

Now let’s check list of crystals that can’t go in salt

  1. Amber,
  2. Turquoise,
  3. Red coral,
  4. Fire opal,
  5. Moonstone,
  6. Calcite,
  7. Kyanite,
  8. Kunzite,
  9. Angelite,
  10. Azurite,
  11. Seleni

How to Cleanse Crystals in Salt?

There are 2 ways you can cleanse your crystals in salt.

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Dipped in dry salt:

This is one method in which crystals that need to be cleansed are dipped in dry salt. You can take a glass or bowl, fill it with salt, and place your crystal under the salt.

You can leave it for a few hours or overnight and then rinse it with cool water when you take it out.

Dip in Saltwater:

Another method is using saltwater. You can either take sea salt or a normal glass of water and dissolve the salt.

Soak your crystal in it for some hours, or leave it overnight until it recharges itself. Next, rinse it and pat dry it with a cloth before using the crystal.


Crystals play an important role in Feng Shui; they are famous for their healing properties and benefit the people who keep them in their homes or wear them.

Cleansing crystals is important to make sure the crystal is revitalized and is rid of negative energy.

However, it’s essential to be careful about the technique you choose to cleanse your crystals. Salt cleansing is a common technique, but there are only specific crystals that can go in salt for cleaning.

Salt Safe Crystals FAQs

Q: Why should we cleanse our crystals?

Crystals carry energy in them, and cleansing crystals help in revitalizing them and also help in removing the negative energy from them.

Q: What are the various methods used for cleansing crystals?

There are various methods for cleansing crystals; Crystals can be cleansed in water, kept under the moonlight, sunlight, soaked in salt water, and dry salt.

Q: Why can’t all crystals be cleansed in salt?

Porous crystals cannot be cleansed using salt as it can be damaging to them and break them. Moreover, some crystals can dissolve in saltwater.

Q: Can green aventurine go in salt?

Yes, just like other stones Amber, Citrine, and Aventurine can go into salt for cleansing. As it can handle the harsh chemical.

Q: Can carnelian go in salt?

No, don’t use salt for cleansing carnelian stone. Salt has rough particles that can damage your stone. If you need to activate carnelian stone, use only plain water in a bowl and clean it for the first time use.

Q: Can red jasper go in salt?

The red jasper stone is too delicate and can’t handle a harsh thing like salt. Salt can ruin the crystal completely. So you can try other cleansing methods like water, full moon, full sun, and sage for cleansing.

Q: Can aquamarine go in salt?

Stones like aquamarine should not go into salt as it’s highly corrosive and can damage fragile stones. However, for cleansing aquamarine, you can use plain water.

Q: Can citrine go in salt?

Yes, citrine stone can go into salt for cleansing and charging. As it’s known for success stone, it helps boost focus and knowledge.