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21 Feng Shui Bed Placement Tips For Health, Wealth + Luck

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Feng Shui Bed Placement Plays a very important role in a good bedroom structure as well as improving harmony. Today we will discover the correct bed Feng Shui placements, directions, and other important tips to correct the placement in the bedroom.

  • Feng Shui is an ancient oriental art of Taoist origin whose objective is to improve the welfare of people in relation to their environment. He was born in China, and his translation would be something like “earth and sky“.
  • This ancient art is based on improving the energy of nature so that it flows in the houses and improves life in aspects such as happiness, health, love, etc.

What is the Importance Of Bed Placement While Sleeping In Feng Shui

Today, it is also understood as the art and science of organization and the design of environments that improve the optimal flow of energy. Explain how your house is a reflection of your mind.

Feng Shui Bed Placement
Feng Shui Bed Placement

Find below the best feng shui sleeping directions and dos.

  • Depending on how your feng shui sleeping head direction is, this is how your house will be and vice versa. Many times, you will be able to know the vital information of a person observing the interior of his house.
  • We cannot consider Feng Shui a true science, and we cannot assure you that by following all these rules your life will improve 100%. But it is an art that cares about harmony and the placement of household objects.
  • A way to control the material chaos that sometimes takes over our house. It is based on the environment, architecture, and interior design. Everything that surrounds the place where the human being will live.

For this reason, many professionals in architecture, decoration, and interior design take it into account for their designs.

  • There are many factors that go into the art of Feng Shui. Elements of nature such as water, air, light, and space. Therefore, we must consider the feng shui bedroom location of windows, taps, walls in the placement of home furniture.
  • There is a very important room for Feng Shui for the correct flow of energy in the home (also known as ” Chi”). This room is the bedroom or bedrooms of the house. It is the place where we rest, relax, and even love.
  • Therefore, the correct orientation of the bed in line with the rest of the Feng Shui bedroom furniture is essential for a good restful sleep according to the rules of Feng Shui.

What is The Best direction For Your Bed To Face?

So many people have this question in their mind which direction should your bed face? for better sleep and relaxation.

  • For the best Feng Shui bedroom, you can place your bed either facing East, or South East for Good results based on the Kua numbers 1, 3, 4, or 9.
  • North East, North West, bed facing west, And South West would be ideal for you if you belong to Kua numbers are 2, 6, 7, 8. Find out the complete to understand more about Bedroom Feng Shui.

What If My Bed Facing The Door In Feng Shui?

It is always the best advice to avoid in feng shui bed facing the door. The reason behind that it’s unsafe to have your bed aligned with the door. Wondering how? The qi, which is the life force energy, comes in through the door and directly into the bed. This can hamper your sleep and the relationship badly.

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If it is not possible to correct the position, you can minimize or correct the effect by using the Feng Shui crystal ball. Below are my recommendations for the same.

Best feng shui bed direction in the bedroom?

We present you five rules for Feng Shui Bed Placement in room objects according to this oriental art.

This is about energies. The decor Feng Shui focuses on finding the best placement and organization of objects for positive energy flow within a given stay. And in one of the spaces in which this takes on special importance is in the bedroom, essential for enjoying a perfect rest and waking up with vitality, without feeling exhausted or nervous.

Therefore, we present five basic rules of this oriental art to correctly place the bed.

  • Bed Commanding Position– In Feng Shui, it is totally forbidden place to place the bed just in front of the door or under the window. Ideally, your zen headboard should have the bedroom wall farthest from the door behind it. It is also recommended to avoid bed sleeping reflected in a mirror since, according to the laws of this Chinese superstition, when that happens our vital energy will be traveling all night.
  • Bed Space On Both Sides For Accessibility the ancient Chinese philosophical system, it is very important to be able to access the bed from both sides. Therefore, avoid placing it completely attached to one of the walls. The space on both sides of the wall allows a balance of your yin and yang, energies for feminine and masculine elements.
  • Feng Shui Bed Placement-Lack Of The absence of a headboard is, according to this oriental art, synonymous with instability and lack of security in life. Therefore, beds with solid headboards and placed on a wall with no windows or mirrors are preferable. In the event that it cannot be avoided, hide the window with good curtains, and cover the mirror with a blanket, especially when you go to sleep.
  • Feng Shui Bed Placement-Bed Decor- If you have hanging items on the head of the bed, remove them. In Feng Shui, these types of elements have no place. Therefore, to decorate that wall we advise you to choose not very heavy objects, such as a small wall lamp. Following this rule, discard the installation of ceiling fans over the bed.

Let’s explore the shui bed direction chart

Bed placement direction chart
feng shui bed placement against a wall
centered bed placement chart
  • Feng Shui Bed Placement Bed Colors– The idea is to opt for bedding (sheets, pillowcases, blankets, bedspreads, etc.) in soft and pastel colors since these transmit tranquility and favor a good rest. In addition, natural fabrics are preferred over synthetic ones.
  • Locating the Bed Away From a Toilet There is a complete no-no in Feng Shui to share your headboard with sides the wall of the toilet. You must not have a toilet on the other side of the wall from your head. If it’s not possible based on your room space, you can place a mirror on the wall above and behind the bed to reflect the negative energy and energetically erase the toilet. This will minimize the defect.
  • Beams, Soffits, and Sloped Ceilings-For the best Feng Shui bed placement, you must avoid heavy objects such as beams, soffits, or sloped ceilings. These features above the bed can create unnecessary pressure and can hamper your sleep.

Feng Shui Bed Placement For Small Bedroom

Depending on the configuration, the surface, the position of the doors and windows, the layout of a small room can quickly turn into a headache but it is far from an impossible task.

It all depends on the location of the bed and its correct orientation. So where to put your bed in a small room? Where to place the headboard to sleep better? All the answers are here.

In what sense should you place your bed in a small room?

The rules of Feng Shui, Chinese art which consists in harmonizing your dwelling in order to draw the maximum of positive energy from it, are formal.

Although the bedroom has only a small surface area, the location of the bed is essential to guarantee quality sleep. Know that having your head north is far from the only prerequisite! 

  • First, it is a matter of placing the bed in the place that seems most harmonious in the small bedroom
  • Then, as far as possible, avoid installing the headboard near doors, windows or in front of a mirror.
  • Finally, it is important to be able to see the door to keep the mind calm, even if it is unconscious.
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Unfortunately, when you build a 10m 2 room, you don’t always have a choice as the proportions and possibilities are reduced. To properly orient your bed in a small room, you have to be clever, think about optimization and have good circulation.

On a mezzanine to gain in square meters, in a caddy corner bed or in the center of an alcove, the ideal is to always have your head against a wall, to be able to open and close doors and windows, and finally come and go as you please.

Even if it is not recommended to place the bed under a window, it may be the only possibility of arrangement. You can then close it with curtains or opt for an Italian window so as not to clutter up the precious space of the small bedroom.

Feng Shui Bed Placement Window

In the bedroom, furnished according to the principles of Feng shui, there is comfort and harmony. It is the correct orientation of the bed, which helps us sleep well and wake up refreshed.

This is why it is a stage in the layout of the bedroom, which should not be underestimated. Here are some very useful tips on the lucky position of the bed.

  • When it comes to the correct position of the feng shui bed, there are a lot of mistakes we make, without realizing their impact on our sleep. For example, the bed should not be on the same wall as the door.
  • The latter, in turn, should not open directly towards the bed – such a positioning bed can reduce the feeling of security. Do not place the bed directly under the window, because you would be exposed to cold energy coming from outside.
  • Another mistake to avoid – the location of the bed between the door and the window. In contemporary bedrooms, we often see that the headboard is not leaning against a wall. Quite the contrary – bed in middle of room.

Feng Shui Bed Placement In Bedroom Feng Shui

The master bedroom should be located on the southwest or northwest sides of the house. If the house has two floors, then the master bedroom should occupy the southwest end of the top floor.

  • The children of the owners of the house will be able to use this room as long as they are married. As for young children, it will be inconvenient to use it since it could cause inconveniences with the maintenance of the house. The presence of bedrooms in the northeast area of ​​the house can also cause negative effects.
  • The boys’ bedroom (s) should be located to the northwest or west. The youngest children’s room may be in the east wing of the house.
  • Newly married couples should not use a bedroom to the east. It is convenient that the guest rooms are located in the northwest of the house, although they can also be located in the extreme northeast.
  • As for the decoration, the walls of the bedrooms should be painted in light pink, dark blue, dark green, gray, etc.
  • Some experts in the field argue that the walls should not be painted white or light yellow. The bedroom door should be on the east, west, or north, and will conveniently have a single leaf.
  • A person must sleep in his own house, with his head pointing east or south. If you are going to sleep in someone else’s house, or you are traveling, then your head should point west. One should never sleep with his head to the north. 
  • When getting out of bed, your right foot should touch the floor first. If the room is used for study, it should be done on the east side.
  • The closet or wardrobe should be located in the northwest or southwest part of the room. The television, stove, and air conditioner should be located at the southeast end of the bedroom.
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More Tips from the Feng Shui

  • The southwest sector of the room must not be empty.       
  • It is convenient to build a bathroom on the west or north sides of the room.       
  • It is better not to have a panic room in the bedroom. However, if it is there, it had better be located on the south wall, opening to the north.

And since we are talking about achieving the home you always dreamed of, have you thought about Feng Shui?

Feng shui bed placement for wealth

In feng shui arranging a bedroom is a key to having a prosperous and wealthy home. Especially bed placement in a bedroom must in the commanding position.

In feng shui, the best commanding position for bed directions is a southwest that promotes good health and abundance for the owner and makes a long life.

On the other hand, placing your bed in the northeast or southeast may result in disapproval and arguments among the couple.

Another good hack to promote wealthy life is to place a money bowl under the bed. Keeping things like a wealth vase, cash, and a jewellery box or any kind of precious things can make life prosperous.

Here are a few Frequently asked questions on Feng Shui Bed Placement

Feng Shui Bed Position Window

feng shui bed placement

For the best bed position feng shui, it’s not a good idea to place a bed directly under, straight to, or parallel the room from a window. As the bright light can hamper your sleep and disturb your natural cycle.

In Feng Shui What Is The Death Position For A Bed

The “death position” in Feng Shui is a position when your bed is positioned towards the door pointing from your feet. Such placement must be avoided in all situations. It brings bad health, loss of money and bad luck.

Tips on a feng shui bed under a window?

Sleeping under a window in feng shui is considered bad. As it gives a sense of insecurity and hamper your sleep and majorly relationships.

The best tip is to move your bed away window, or if you cant then create a solid window arrangement like cleansing, focusing on its security.

Feng shui bed facing bathroom door?

In feng shui bed facing bathroom door impacts the member’s health. As it sends constant negative energies may result in couples disputes.

As a cure, move your bed from that place or place your bed diagonally so that it can bypass the energies coming from the door.

feng shui bed placement compass direction

In order to get the correct bed placement direction that is southwest, we can use the Bagua map compass direction. As for many people reading directions can be challenging.

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In conclusion, for Feng Shui believers, light transmits energy. This element is used in Feng Shui Bed Placement to correct sectors and sometimes represent the fire element.

  • It is very important that both our room and our house in general are illuminated most of the time. Light is always energy regardless of whether it is natural or artificial. But watch out!
  • Natural lighting, that is, sunlight, is preferable. Its excess also damages, damaging plant materials and also personal balance.  Try to regulate excess light using blinds, curtains, or blinds rather than artificial light.   
  • The balance between light and darkness in our house is what will bring about the balance of our emotions. Its objective is to create a positive and harmonious environment that improves the life and well-being of the occupants of a house.
  • In this doctrine, each point of light symbolizes the sun, necessary to live and to keep people’s good emotions and spirits.