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Best Feng Shui Plants For Office [Health, Wealth, and Luck]

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Are you wondering how you can create a more positive environment at work? Read here to learn about the best Feng Shui plants for office!

Do you ever wish there was a way to bring all the good fortunes of the world your way? Would it not be great if we could wash away all the negativities in our lives and live in peace?

Well, such a thing does exist, and it is called Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of creating a dignified balance of all the good and bad in your life. It is about inviting good energy into your places and keeping the harmful energy at bay.

You can achieve this balance if you incorporate all the tai chi 5 elements: earth, fire, water, metal, and wood.

You can do so in any environment where you spend much of your time, like your home or office. Plants are a significant part of Feng Shui, and it is believed that they bring good fortunes if you place them in the right way.

Best Feng Shui Plants For Office
Best Feng Shui Plants For Office

You can place plants in the wealth corner of your desk or office space to attract health, wealth, and luck to your workspace. Money tree, jade plant, and lucky bamboo are some plants that can be used for a positive follow of energy in the office.

You must take care of these feng shui plants so they don’t affect you adversely. Moreover, do not keep pointy or spikey plants in your office because they will not let the positive energy into your workspace.  

Using Feng Shui plants for offices is an easy way to sprinkle some good luck in your life and attract health and wealth for your success.

Importance of Feng Shui Plants

According to Feng Shui, every item and element in this universe release some energy. Some of them absorb the bad vibes around us and emit peaceful and harmonious vibes, while others may do the opposite.

  • Plants play a vital role in Feng Shui because of their excellent properties of bringing positive vibes to their surroundings and eliminating the negative ones.
  • Plants can bring good fortunes with health, wealth, happiness, and success if placed appropriately.
  • Plants spruce up and bring liveliness to every place through their freshness.
  • Having a plant in your office or home will make the air in the surrounding pure, an essential factor for Feng Shui.
  • Feng Shui is all about purifying your environment to avoid negativity, and plants serve this purpose perfectly.
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Choosing Feng Shui Plants for Office

Just as we use feng shui at home for harmony, happiness, and peace, We can similarly use Feng Shui plants for the office and attract success and wealth into your environment.

  • Many people working in offices are unaware of the eyes on them. There might be people who have ill intentions for you, which might affect your performance.
  • You can incorporate plants in your office to make sure you have strong vibes of good fortunes in your surroundings.
  • According to Feng Shui, plants are living beings that have a strong influence on the environment.
  • Choose plants that go well with elements of tai chi and surround yourself with positivity.
  • Use the Bagua map to find the perfect placement where the plant can flourish and some you with its positive energies.
  • Use tall plants like bamboo that represent great heights and success for your work.

Placement of Feng Shui Plants for Office

Ancient Chinese developed the Bagua map to help people figure out where the different elements could be kept. You can use it to reap the most benefits and fill the space with positive vibes that strongly influence various aspects of your life.

  1. Your office is an important space for you, and you need the positive energies that plants bring to a place.
  2. The entryway is a crucial part of any location in Feng Shui. Make sure that the pathway is clear.
  3. Whether you have a small cubicle office or own the whole office building, the entryway is where people come in, and similarly, so do the energies.
  4. You want this space to be inviting. Hence Feng Shui plants for office should be placed here where they cut off the negative energies from entering through the doorway and welcome the positive vibes that will maintain a good flow of energy in your surroundings.
  5. Any area in the office that looks dead and dry has a sloped ceiling or sharp corners that need to be livened up and softened. Use plants here to turn this area around and fill the surrounding environment with joy and prosperity for your work.
  6. You should also use a water element in your office for a clean flowing energy source.
  7. To influence success in your workplace, use wood elements and different plants to invite in energy that positively affects success. It is an essential element for the office since your Feng Shui will be incomplete without it.
  8. Refer to the Bagua map below to figure out the wealth corner of your desk or office space to draw the good fortunes for wealth you.
  9. Use green plants to incorporate the element of health. Nothing is without health, and it is an essential aspect of life in the office space since wealth or success is not only defined by money
  10. Water your plants regularly to keep them alive and prospering.
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Here’s the Bagua map to help you divide your workspace or office desk into nine parts and figure out where you want to focus during your work.

Wealth & Prosperity Element: WoodFame & Reputation Element: FireRelationship Element: Earth
Family Element: WoodHealth Element: EarthChildren & Creativity Element: Metal
Knowledge & Self Cultivation Element: EarthCareer Element: WaterTravel & Helpful People Element: Metal

5 Best Feng Shui Plants For Office that Bring Health, Wealth, and Luck

Different plants influence different aspects of your life. However, it is important to note that all plants are representative of the element wood, which makes them all the perfect influencers of wealth in your work life.

Best Feng Shui Plants For Office
Best Feng Shui Plants For Office

Keep all these plants fresh and regularly watered, so they don’t diminish emitting their energy. 

  1. Lucky bamboo is the first plant we would suggest. Placing a lucky bamboo in your office near the doorway will bring all kinds of wealth, peace, success, and growth.
  2. Place a jade plant in your office if you are looking for health, prosperity, harmony, and good luck. You only need to water it when the soil is dry because too much water kills it.
  3. A money tree is one of the best feng shui plants for office. Placing it incorrectly in your office will bring you wealth, good fortunes, and abundance. It can be placed in the wealth corner to release a positive flow of energy that can surround your workplace.
  4. Golden pothos can be placed in your workspace to replace negative energy with positive. As mentioned earlier, some people have nothing but evil intentions for you in the workplace. Protect yourself by surrounding yourself with positive chi.
  5. Boston fern is a gorgeous plant that emits positive energy and is very welcoming. You need this to fill your office with a flow of energy full of positive vibes so anyone who comes in can benefit from it and feel welcomed.  
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Plants You Should Avoid Placing in Your Office

Placing Feng Shui plants in the office is no rocket science, but it does require great scrutiny if you want to take full advantage of the benefits and have positive chi (flow of energy) in your life.

  • The environment requires a balance to have a good flow in the surrounding.
  • Office spaces are usually small and do not have enough room for big plants. Placing big plants will attract way too much energy than a small environment can handle
  • It is said that pointy, sharp, or spiky plants like cacti shoot poison arrows of negativity. This, obviously, is not good for your environment. Avoid using them and make sure not to disrupt a good flow of energy.
  • It cannot be emphasized enough, take care of your plants. If you are placing them in your office, they are your responsibility. Make sure they are in a favorable environment and are taken care of in the best possible way.

FAQ – Feng Shui Plants for Office

Q: Which plant is good for the office desk?

The top 5 feng shui plants that are good for an office desk are lucky bamboo, jade plant, money tree, golden pothos, and Boston fern.

They are the top 5 plants you can use on your office desk. Remember to get the placement right so you benefit from it.

Q: Which plants are good luck for business?

You can place lucky bamboo, jade plant, money tree, and Chinese money plant to bring in luck and good fortunes for your business to grow and be successful.

Q: Which plant is lucky for the office?

Rubber plants and Ginseng Ficus can bring you good luck in your office.

Always remember to refer to the Bagua map when placing any element to be safe and benefit from Feng Shui.

Q: Which plant can attract money?

The money tree is the most famous and common house plant that attracts money. You can place it in the wealth corner of your home or workspace.