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15 Bunk Bed Feng Shui Rules To Follow For Good Bedroom

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Bunk beds are a popular type of bed and also an excellent addition to the contemporary modern home interior decor and furniture variety.

A bunk bed is so much appreciated by kids and a great way to save space. It can be added to the guest bedroom at home to accommodate more overnight guests. 

Much more important than these benefits of a bunk bed is applying Feng Shui rules to bunk beds to create a good bedroom.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art to create a balance between the natural world and man through the proper placement of pieces in living spaces.

So, how do you apply Feng Shui to the bunk bed inside your home? In this post, we provide helpful information on the 15 bunk bed Feng Shui rules to follow for a good bedroom.  Let’s dive in.

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Importance Of Beds In Feng Shui

According to feng shui, a bed is considered the most vital piece of furniture in the house because of the role it plays. Your bed is a vital aspect of your life.

It helps us to relax as well as rejuvenate after a stressful day. It aids sleep and resting, which impacts our health in return.

That is why a good bed can enhance not only your sleep but also your mental and physical health.

How Feng Shui Can Be Applied On Loft Beds?

Loft beds are different from bunk beds. It is suitable in a room that lacks the luxury of space. You can apply feng shui to your loft beds to create a balance between you and your environment.

Since the loft bed is in the air, wall or floor support is absent. Hence, there is a need to use a headboard and protect the beds against a wall. This way, you’ll feel confident and supported.

If you are using a loft bed that comes with a desk and/or futon beneath, you can have a sense of being oppressed by the loft above given that it will thrust the chi energy downward.

How Feng Shui Can Be Applied On Loft Beds

The solution here is to halt the cycle by choosing a metal desk or futon for a loft constructed with wood, and also choose a wood desk or wood futon for a metal loft (adds wood and metal element).    

You can also apply feng shui by painting the base of the loft with a soft color to give a false impression of a ceiling.

This erases the feeling as if the loft wants to fall or press down on you. If the loft does not belong to you, ask for permission from the relevant authority before painting.

Are Loft Beds Good Or Bad Feng Shui?

First of all, you must recognize that loft beds are different from bunk beds.

Bunk beds have beds on both the upper and lower levels, while loft beds only have one bed on the upper side, with the space at the base utilized for other purposes such as a reading table, wardrobe, and others.

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It is a bad feng shui because of the space underneath and the suspension.

Why Loft Beds Are Bad: 6 Reasons

Here are the reasons why loft beds are bad for feng shui:

1. Sleeping In The Air

The first reason why loft beds are bad is because you sleep in a lofty position which is above the floor and this implies that the energy of the bed is not balanced.

This brings about an uneven energy source that negatively impacts the well-being of the occupant, especially when resting.

The consequence is a lack of good sleep, and such a person is exposed to regular weird dreams or maybe nightmares.

2. Things Placed Underneath?

What you place under the loft bed is also important.

When you place detrimental things under your loft bed such as a stove, washing machine, sink, aquarium, and so on, they will have a bad feng shui effect on the occupant of the best.

Hence, it is advisable to utilize the space under the sleeping area by placing a piece of furniture and fixtures there.

3. Discomfort And Pressure

Another reason why loft beds are bad is because the space on the upper level where the bed is located and the ceiling is too close.

So, sleeping in this position can make you experience unrest, discomfort, and anxiety.

4. Sleeplessness

The absence of support directly beneath the body of the occupant can lead to sleeplessness, thereby affecting the quality of sleep.

5. Creates Tension

One of the reasons why loft beds are bad for feng shui is because they create tension and stress.

Sometimes, you may be anxious and fret about falling from such height while sleeping and this can result in sleepless nights.

6. Affect Health

When there is no quality sleep, it may affect your mental health. In addition, there is stagnant energy that is collected between the upper level and the ceiling.

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Bunk Bed Placement In A Room As Per Feng Shui

The best placement for a bunk bed is to be in a position where you will see the door but not directly toward the door.

It is also suggested that the bunk bed can be placed towards the south, which prevents staying in a dead position.

Recommended Materials For Bunk Bed In Feng Shui

When choosing a bunk bed, go for the one made from solid wood. This will make the bunk bed to be strong and tough. 

Therefore, the recommended material for bunk beds is wood. Wood is an element that enhances peace. 

Feng shui loft bed rules to follow

There are many aspects of Feng Shui to think about, but none more so than the bedroom’s arrangement and furnishings. The same holds true with bunk beds.

Optimizing the Feng Shui of a bunk bed can have a good effect on the energy and harmony of your space, whether it’s a bedroom for your kids, a dorm room, or a guest room.

Feng Shui Tips for Your Bunk Bed:

1. Positioning:

Beds should face the door but not be in the door’s direct line of sight, as recommended by traditional Feng Shui. One common name for this is “commanding position.”

This guideline is also applicable to bunk beds. If possible, avoid having the bottom bunk directly across from the door, but try to position the top bunk so that it still has a partial view of the exit.

2. Stability:

Bunk beds require sturdiness and steadiness. Particularly in the bedroom, Feng Shui stresses the need for safety.

Anxiety and uncertainty might be triggered by a bunk bed that wobbles or is otherwise unsteady.

3. Upper Bunk Ceiling Clearance:

There should be plenty of room between the top bunk’s mattress and the ceiling.

If you want to have a good night’s sleep without being disturbed by thoughts of suffocation or imprisonment, experts say you need at least 33 inches of space.

4. Bed Symmetry:

Even if it’s more difficult to achieve with bunk beds, it’s still a good idea to strive for symmetry in the bedding and the rest of the room’s design.

The top and bottom bunks might share a bedspread, if possible, or the bedside tables and wall art could be symmetrical. In Feng Shui, symmetry is seen as a calming and balancing element.

5. Avoid Clutter:

It’s important to keep the area under the bed clear. It’s important to keep the area under your bed clear and uncluttered to promote healthy chi movement.

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Bunk beds, especially those with built-in drawers or desks, can make it difficult to adhere to this rule, but you should do your best.

6. Color Theory:

Feng Shui places great emphasis on the use of color. Bedrooms are encouraged to be decorated with soothing colors like light blues, greens, and pinks.

What Are The Safety And Security Measures For Bunk Bed In Feng Shui?

Here are the safety and security measures for bunk beds in feng shui:

  • Make sure that the bunk bed is firm and does not shake when kids are playing around on the top bunk.
  • Ensure the bunk bed is sturdy, and built using solid wood.
  • Ensure the bunk bed is fixed to the wall to add strength and make it stable.
  • Make sure both the beds on the upper and lower bunks are built with headboards.
  • Consider adding plywood between the upper mattress and the slats to make it secure and prevent any damage.

How Do You Décor Your Bunk Bed In Feng Shui?

Decorating your bunk bed in feng shui goes a long way in creating harmony between you and your environment. You can decorate your bunk bed in feng shui using this method:

  • Try painting the base of the upper bunk or spread a fabric that has soothing colors over it. Stay away from using a color that is too dark, because it can make your kids feel insecure.
  • Wrap fabric across the lower bunk to make an enclosed space that looks like a tent.
  • You can utilize curtains to make the bunk bed more attractive to kids and build more privacy.
  • Utilize fabric that is padded to beautify the bunk bed frame.

How To Select the Right Bunk Bed? Feng Shui Tips

Select A Bunk Bed With Strong Wood

Always go for a bunk bed made with strong wood instead of one that comes with particle boards or refined wood.

Strong woods provide quality and durability because they will last longer and at the same time offer solidity for protection.

1. Resolve If You Prefer Beds That Can Be Separated.

It is necessary to know some bunk beds can be detached into two separate beds and you will not find this option in some.

If you plan in the future to stop using bunk bed style, detaching bunk beds surely will offer you more choices to make, preventing you to spend any extra money.

2. Consider The Height Between Beds.

When it comes to height, bunk beds are different.

They don’t have the same height. It is necessary to know that although beds are designed for sleeping, they are also meant to sit on, therefore, the height between the lower and upper bunk must be sufficient for your child to sit up at ease without hitting their head.

It is also perfect to think about the fact that there are some times you will need to sit on the bed to share stories with your kids and such.

In addition, to the fact that your children become taller as they grow, so there is a need to provide sufficient space to have room for these requirements.

3. Think About The Height Of The Bed To The Ceiling.

Another important thing to consider regarding the height of the bunk is the distance between the upper bunk and the ceiling.

Take into consideration the height of the bunk beds and ceilings to create a considerable space for the upper bunk occupant to sit up comfortably without any concern.

4. Select A Color That Aligns With The Decor.

In selecting your color, you need to work with a feng shui color that matches the color of your room and the existing furniture.

Feng Shui Bunk Bed Cures

A bunk bed is a good option for saving space and keeps the children excited. But, in feng shui, a bunk bed is bad, and there is a way out.

In this section, you’ll learn how to improve your bunk beds and make them good Feng Shui. Here are some bunk bed cures according to feng shui.

  • Place the bunk bed in a command position. This is a position that will make your kids see the door while lying in bed.
  • Turn your kids’ room to be a healthy place. Avoid placing water images or aquariums in the room, as this can create an unfriendly environment.
  • De-cluttered the space to allow a free flow of positive energy which will enhance the sleep of your child can rest and make them creative. A cluttered environment will make your children feel pressured and anxious. Therefore, create a space that will help your kids feel strain and enhance their creativity. 
  • Beautify the room with light, color, and artwork to create a calm and lifting environment. A kid’s room ought to inspire, not dull the child’s heart. Ensure there is sufficient lighting in the room, the desk, and the bedside table.
  • The lower bunk can be draped with fabric to produce an enclosed space that looks like a tent for privacy and security.
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Best Colors For Bunk Bed In Feng Shui

Colors are quite important in feng shui. It is believed that colors play a role in determining the liveliness and vibes of a space.

Using the right bunk bed colors can help your kids to be lively, and excited.

Therefore the best colors for bunk beds are the ones that are calm, and gentle, such as green, blue, and purple.

How Do You Maintain A Bunk Bed And Keep It Clean

Here are the ways to maintain a bunk bed:

  • Make sure to dust your bunk bed regularly.
  • Use a gentle cloth to keep the bunk beds clean.
  • Don’t utilize harsh chemicals for cleaning.
  • Check out loose bolts or screw and ensure they are tightened.
  • Move the bed bunk away from moisture, and heat as any of these can ruin the longevity of the wood.    

In conclusion, by engaging with minimal effort and focus, you can utilize these feng shui principles mentioned above to create a balanced space, especially your bedroom, and with your bunk bed.

Bunk Bed Feng Shui Rules FAQs

Q: What Type Of Bed Is Best For Feng Shui?

Pick a sturdy, and robust wooden bed that is built with a headboard.

Q: Which Side Should Your Bed Not Face?

Don’t allow your bed to be in line with the door. According to feng shui, this position is a “dead” position.

Rather, place it in a position that will allow it in a way you will see the bed directly.    

Q: Should Bunk Beds Be Against A Wall?

A bed bunk can stay against a wall to give it more support and balance.

Q: What Age Is OK For Bunk Beds?

The suitable age for bunk beds is between 6 to 16 years old.

Q: What Are The Side Effects Of Bunk Beds?

The side effects of bunk beds are related to injuries sustained during sleep or playing when a person falls from the upper bunk.

Q: Should Adults Use Bunk Beds?

Any adult can use bunk beds in as much as the bed can support their weight. In most cases, there are bunk beds designed for adults.

It is necessary to go through the specifications of each bunk bed to be certain it can accommodate the weight of an adult.

Q: Can we put a desk underneath the bunk bed?

As a general rule, Feng Shui advises against having separate rooms for sleeping and working.

The focus and concentration required for work or school can clash with the relaxed focus and concentration required for rest.

However, if you’re cramped in a room, cleanliness and orderliness are especially important.

Q: How can I enhance the Feng Shui if my bunk bed is permanently installed in its current location?

If you’re stuck with your bunk bed’s current placement, try incorporating some Feng Shui elements, such as crystals or mirrors.

If the door is not visible from the bed, for instance, a tiny mirror could be used to create the illusion that it is.

Q: Is there a certain Feng Shui way to position a ladder?

No, a ladder’s placement is not governed by any hard and fast Feng Shui principles.

But for the sake of security, make sure the ladder is well-built and well-fastened.


Using the principles of Feng Shui, you may arrange your bunk beds in a way that fosters harmony, attracts positive energy, and keeps your children safe.

Though space or design limitations may prevent the full implementation of all the principles, any effort to improve the situation is worthwhile. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of Feng Shui is to cultivate an atmosphere that is conducive to health and happiness.

These bunk bed Feng Shui suggestions will help you maximize your space for restful sleep, tranquil energy, and general harmony, whether you’re new to Feng Shui or an experienced practitioner. Cheers to living in peace and harmony!