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How To Feng Shui Gym For High Vibes + Motivation: 13 Tips

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Feng Shui is an ancient art that can be applied to the gym and evoke energy transformation within the space.

As much as you can Feng Shui your entire home, your home gym should not be excluded. It is a known fact that the gym is very important for you to stay fit.

It is a place where you work hard to enhance your health; therefore, it is vital to keep the flow of energy powerful and positive.

However, how you organize your home gym ascertains the energy that will be released and your fitness – therefore, building a feng shui gym implies enhanced workouts.

It will contribute to how you stay fit, thereby alleviating stress and facilitating peace.

So, How To Feng Shui Gym for high vibes and motivation?  Following feng shui principles for your home gym, the easier it will be to achieve your fitness goals. In this article, we’ll explore possible ways to utilize feng shui in your home gym.

How Feng Shui Can Be Beneficial For Workout Space?

Feng Shui offers enormous benefits for your workout space and uplifts the energy (weight loss) present there.

Feng Shui focuses on balance, so it is necessary to create harmony in your workout space.  

To stay fit and get stronger, you need to put up a workspace that inspires you to exercise.

By applying Feng Shui, you can transform the energy in your space, and fill it with positivity. And when your space is filled with positive energy, you will stay energized and stimulated.

How To Feng Shui Gym – 13 Location + Layouts Feng Shui Tips

Consider the following tips for Feng Shui at your gym.

How To Feng Shui Workout Space

1. Keep Your Workout Space Clean

One of the ways to Feng Shui your gym is to ensure your workout space is tidied up, and arranged (clutter-free).

Use proper storage facilities to keep the essential materials such as gloves and wraps needed for exercises.

Is only the stationary workout equipment that should be displayed. This is to ensure your gym is neat.

2. Lighten Up Your Gym

Lightening up your space is a great way to Feng Shui your gym.

You can do this by using the full spectrum light fixtures to get the same effect as the natural light and also selecting a location that receives sufficient natural light if possible.

Understand that natural light is critical to your mental health, particularly during the winter’s darker period. Sunlight revives us and naturally strengthens us.

Your gym will become exciting, dazzling, and energetic as you allow more natural light to enter.

In addition, ensure your exercise area is near the windows but far from disturbance.

3. Keep Your Windows Clean

As the saying goes, “Windows are the eyes of the heart“. It is imperative to keep the windows of your home gym clean and neat.

This enhances the penetration of natural light. As a representation, a clean window motivates us to have a clearer view of the world with utmost beauty and precision. 

According to Feng Shui, the views of clean windows stimulate positivity.

4. Select The Right Color

According to Feng Shui, colors are important as they have the capacity to inspire and evoke emotions. Using the right feng shui colors can impact the feelings of anyone using the gym.

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The five Feng Shui elements are represented by a specific hue as listed below, so select the colors that match the vibes and experience you want to make.

For instance, you can use bright reds and oranges to amplify the energy in your workout space, while some people can choose colors that are cool and promote calmness such as grays and blues.

You can strike a balance by going for colors that represent the element in your gym.

5. Add The Right Decor

One major obstacle that prevents people from keeping active is a lack of motivation. Motivation can either assist or thwart your workout habits.

When you lack motivation, you will easily give up. Fortunately, introducing a little change to your space can help you to be motivated, thereby exercising more and properly.

You can consider putting up motivational quotes in your gym or workout area to inspire you.

It may look weird, but it is effective. You can also attract positive energy through decor, so it is important to check what you put up and even the paint on your walls.

Going for motivational quotes is always a great addition to fitness facilities and will assist to inspire fitness enthusiasts to stay at the top when doing exercises.    

According to feng shui, there are decors you should stay away from. Any decor or artwork that depicts violence, fear, skull image, gloom, taxidermy, and anything that exhausts the energy of the environment.

6. Add artwork

It is necessary to choose some arts that give you happiness than adhere to strict feng shui rules.

In the end, anything that inspires you and what enhances your countenance, and makes you feel elevated will help you to stay energized and exercise more.

So, concentrate more on choosing art that makes you happy. Whether it’s an inspirational quote or a delightful painting, ensure to keep things that will inspire you around and happy about doing exercises.

7. Raise Indoor Plants

In Feng Shui, indoor plants are beneficial to humans and the environment. Adding indoor plants to your gym will help to attract positive energy, as well as purify the air in your space.

In addition, these plants are easy to maintain and grow with less natural light. Examples are snake plants, bamboo plants, jade plants, money trees, aloe vera plants, and pothos plants, etc.

8. Use Aromatherapy

The scent is powerful that it can change the vibes and moods of people. According to feng shui principles, scent can assist bring about an engaging workout space.

Although some fitness lovers see any scent during a strong exercise to be offensive, you can go for natural oil diffusers emitting a slight scent.

Research has revealed that peppermint can improve physical performance as it helps to relax the muscle and enhance respiration.

Also, citrus is revitalizing and beneficial for focus during the day, whereas lavender is great for yoga, lessening anxiety, stress, and depression.

Therefore, you can take advantage of your workouts by using a diffuser in your training routine.

9. Add A Mirror To Expand Your View And Focus Energies

A mirror is adopted in feng shui because it helps to magnify objects. A mirror reveals without partiality which allows it to be a great tool for eliminating problems in some areas.

Placing a mirror in your gym will help to create a positive feng shui and also inspires you to lift weights that are heavy and achieve a good shape.

A mirror can also attract positive energy into your space. However, avoid placing more than one mirror in your workout space, particularly when they face each other.

10. Cover Your Workout Equipment

According to feng shui, working out is categorized as a Yang action (yin vs yang). Normally, you should organize your exercises in an area where you can converge your energy.

It is also vital to avert workout-related energy from polluting the space after you have ended your exercises for the day.

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When you’re not using workout equipment, let it be covered to reduce the effect of the energy it discharges. 

11. Create Your Commanding Position

According to feng shui, the placement of your furniture, objects, and equipment is essential to attracting positive energy into your space which is referred to as a commanding position.

This is a spot in your space that provides the maximum feeling of impact and, significantly, it should allow you to have a proper sight of the door.

Now, when it comes to feng shui in your gym, creating a commanding position may be impossible since the gym is sectioned into different areas for different forms of workout.

However, if you have the opportunity to perform this, place the equipment that you used mostly in the commanding position which will permit your customers to enjoy this art.       

12. De-clutter

De-cluttering prevents good energy (chi) to circulate properly in your space. For positive energy to circulate freely around your items and space, de-cluttering is necessary.

Obviously, a gym that hardly consists of any equipment may not be effective for this purpose.

But making sure that the facility is neat and any unnecessary equipment is dropped around for users to discharge stress and concentrate better on their exercises.

The gym equipment such as weights, workout balls, mats, and other little objects should not be littering around, instead, store them somewhere when not utilized.

In addition, you can hang courteous signs that will remind your users to return any fitness equipment used to its proper place to ensure the space is neat and de-cluttered.    

13. Location Is Vital

If possible, your home gym should be placed in a calm area that is far from disturbances, especially loud noise from outside.

The room should be a suitable place that allows the flow of sunlight and great air circulation.

How To Feng Shui Home Gym

A home gym can be turned into a positive area of your home. If you want to do feng shui at your home gym, follow the tips below:

1. Find An Ideal Space

Proper placement and position are very important in feng shui. Find out the right space to locate your gym before buying your home fitness equipment.

Decide where to put your gym and carry out proper clearing of the space and look for storage for everything you placed before. The following places are ideal for the gym at home:

  • Spare Bedroom
  • Basement
  • Garage,
  • Go For Rubber Flooring

If you decide to have some heavy fitness equipment such as free weights, it is vital to prevent any damage that may occur to the house, especially if the gym is situated in a completed basement.

To prevent possible destruction to this space and your home, it is advisable to go for rubber flooring. Apart from protecting your ground, it will also lessen the impact of noise.   

2. Fix A Mirror

Place a mirror in your home gym to enhance your workout as well as have a view of your shape.

A mirror is also a good way to feng shui in your gym, which magnifies your productivity. It can also improve the look of your home gym.

3. Use The Wall For Storage

Your home gym might be small and restricted, hence is good to have storage fixed to your walls, possibly racks. Racks will be ideal for keeping yoga mats, and other light equipment.

This will prevent the equipment from eating up your space in the gym.

4. Add Fragrance

You already know the power of aromatherapy in workouts. It is capable of providing a mesmeric experience during your fitness training.

You can make your home gym a good fen shui by taking advantage of the power of scent.  

Research has revealed, for example, that peppermint can aid the improvement of training performance by supporting muscle relaxation and good breathing.

Therefore, explore the possibility of using an essential oil diffuser to enhance your workout space vibes and to assist you to benefit more from your training.

Keep It Organized

Keeping your home gym organized will serve you a great deal. Disregard the feeling that it is just a personal gym and you have to treat it anyhow.

You need to treat your gym with respect and ensure everything is organized to help you find what you need easily and also allow the flow of positive energy.

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So, instead of having your weights and plates messing around, organize and store them properly.

Get Inspiration

If you find it difficult to come up with a befitting home gym, look for inspiration online and copy.

Besides, there are several home gyms available and exploring can open your eyes to see the right kind of equipment being used by others and their placement.

Best Feng Shui Colors For Gym

Color is also an integral aspect of attracting positive energy into your gym. According to feng shui, colors can lift your vibes and also boost your energy level.

Don’t forget, when utilizing any color, you should focus on balance, given that the idea of feng shui is to maintain an energy balance.

So, what are the best feng shui colors for the gym according to the location of the gym?

Home Gym LocationFeng Shui Color
South and SouthwestRed
West and Northwest  White and Gray
North and Northeast Black and Blue
Green and PurpleEast and Southeast

Feng Shui Treadmill Placement Rules

According to feng shui, the placement rule for your treadmill is to be in the commanding position.

Place the equipment that you used often such as bikes and treadmills in a commanding position.

This will permit you to make the most of your gym and experience tremendous improvement.

Treadmill In Bedroom Ideas Is Good Feng Shui?

The treadmill in the bedroom is not a good feng shui.

Having one in your bedroom can make your room becomes cluttered and also makes it difficult for you to sleep on time because you may want to work out before going to bed. 

Best Plants For Gym Space

Indoor plants are good for the gym. Indoor plants have many benefits such as purifying the air and enhancing the flow of positive energy.

In picking your plants, don’t go for plants that have thorns, as they may inflict injury on you and other users. Here are some of the best plants for a gym space.

These plants require low maintenance and will improve the aesthetic attractiveness of your space.

Feng Shui Items For Gym To Energize The Space

These are some of the feng shui items to energize your gym space.

  • Scents such as lemongrass, and peppermint can uplift and refresh users during exercises.
  • Plants such as bamboo, jade plant, etc.
  • Artworks that are inspirational, and do not depict violence.
  • Motivational quotes.

Why Are Gyms Painted Black?

Black is mostly used in gyms because it is a color that represents determination, strength of will, and resolute character.

Wall Colors For Home Gyms

Are you looking for suitable colors for your home gym? Here are a few colors you can use.

  • Blue color as it creates a feeling of calmness.
  • Red color: it is an energetic color symbolizing great energy and creating an electrifying environment. It is ideal for home gyms that emphasize weight lifting, and cardio training. However, it should be moderate.
  • The green color is also good for a home gym as it soothes and calms your workout space.

How Do You Maintain And Care For Gym?

  1. Ensure your gym equipment is neat, and disinfect the equipment from time to time to prevent the disease from spreading. 
  2. Take cognizance of the equipment that is used mostly and be committed to regular maintenance of these appliances to prevent unpredicted injuries to users.   
  3. Make sure the equipment is lubricated from time to time, especially the treadmills and other appliances that need lubrication regularly.
  4. Make sure your gym is organized and clean.

In Conclusion

You can improve your gym to be a place that is not only meant for physical fitness but also a place you will have a good flow of positive energy.

By following the tips mentioned above, a gym can be filled with high vibes and regularly motivate you to achieve your fitness goal.