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What Do Dream About Being Pregnant In Feng Shui Meaning?

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Dream About Being Pregnant, What Does Feng Shui has to say? When you hear the word “Dream”, something strikes at your mind that you have experienced before at one time or the other.

Sometimes, we may consider dreams as irrational and mumble, but it has a way of dictating our emotional state or feelings even after we’ve woken. many Feng Shui experts suggest to use Dreamcatcher to bypass bad emotions and dreams.

A dream is described as a fascinating and emotional peek that centers around our thoughts, images, preferences, and feelings which occur during sleep. Everyone, in one way or the other, has experienced dreams before but differs from one person to another.

Dream About Being Pregnant
Dream About Being Pregnant

There are different kinds of dreams, and part of them is the dream of being pregnant when you are not pregnant in reality. Dreams about pregnancy when you are not pregnant are taken seriously in many cultures and there are different schools of thought that surround it.

That is why we have put this blog together to provide answers and meanings of different types of dreams that relate to pregnancy. We explained what it means to dream about being pregnant when you are not pregnant, and the Feng Shui take on this.

For us to provide an insightful explanation about “What Do Dream About Being Pregnant Mean When You Are Not Pregnant: Feng Shui Take On This”, the following relevant topics were covered.

  • The spiritual meaning of pregnancy dream
  • Pregnancy dream and giving birth
  • Meaning of pregnancy dream of being with a boy
  • Pregnancy dream of giving birth to a baby boy
  • Pregnancy dream with twin
  • Pregnancy dream with a boy
  • Pregnancy dream with a girl
  • And many more..

The spiritual meaning of pregnancy dream

  • A pregnancy or being a fertile dream has its own spiritual meaning and it is symbolic. When you dream and see yourself pregnant.
  • It symbolizes that something important is undergoing a growing and development phase around you or within you.
  • To be pregnant in the dream could also mean a new phase is about to begin in your life, where you give birth to a new idea, direction, project, or goal.
  • Another spiritual meaning attached to pregnancy in a dream is that such a person is very close to experiencing positive changes in life.
  • There will be a transformation soon. The sign is presenting new opportunities that will come, maybe in a career or business that can impact your life.
  • So, being pregnant in a dream indicates the growing and development of plans, goals, dreams, career pursuit, and so on. Anything that is passing through gestation is also a sign of such a dream.
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Pregnancy dream and giving birth

To be pregnant and give birth is one of the positive dreams someone can dream of. This kind of dream shows something good is coming.

Each time you dream of being pregnant and you give birth obviously predicts good luck is about to land on your coast. It is a pointer that you will soon experience breakthroughs, success, and fortune around you.

Dream About Being Pregnant
Dream About Being Pregnant With a Boy

To be pregnant and give birth could also imply that one of your most cherished dreams which you’ve been longing to see fulfilled is about to be accomplished. Watch out as you will soon achieve your dreams!

When you dream of having pregnant and giving birth, whether you are pregnant or not, shows a complete turnaround in your life is about to take place, and it’s usually a good omen reserved for you in the future.

Meaning of pregnancy dream of being with a boy

When you’re pregnant with a boy in your dream is typically a positive sign. The symbolic meaning of being pregnant with a boy is related to the masculine qualities which are needed to see dreams and wishes fulfilled.

It represents vigor, energy, strength, and vitality as well as being instilled with positivity. Everything you see in males is exemplified in your life.

When you dream of being pregnant with a boy, it also means you will receive ultimate connectivity with inner guidance, inspiration, support, and adequate firmness that will see you through some difficult times, and even succeed in your endeavors.

Dream of being pregnant and giving birth to a baby boy means you will soon embark on a journey of life, or be confronted with tough situations where your ability and resilience will be tested. But in the end, you will come out strong.

Pregnancy dream with twins

Dreaming about being pregnant with twins means you have a goal that needs to be achieved.

Dreaming about being pregnant with twins connotes setting goals and realizing them. It also indicates desire and seeing them come to pass or be fulfilled. 

Pregnancy dream with a girl

Generally, when you dream about being pregnant with a girl, it is a sign that you will soon attract good things of life, and concerning some things you have been waiting for, be expectant of receiving good news on them.

Across the world, there are also different meanings attached to dreams of being pregnant with a girl. To some cultures, it means happiness, inner peace, and fruitfulness.

Dreams about being pregnant with a girl can also suggest that you will soon experience more responsibilities, as well as having a feeling of delicate, fragile, or softness.

What is feng shui take on dreaming a pregnancy?

Dreaming of being pregnant in a Feng Shui way means that there is a long waiting time you need to pass through or experience before seeing a plan actualized or completed.

It can also mean that you are conceived with something important, or passing through a situation in which you are keeping close to yourself.

For example, you are brooding a new idea or dream that needs time to gestate or develop.

Meaning of dream of an unwanted pregnancy

When you dream of unwanted pregnancy, it implies you are privileged to come across new and good opportunities that can change your life, maybe in your career, or business.

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But you are limited in terms of capacity to handle them. You have a capacity deficiency to seize various opportunities that come your way.

It could also mean that you come across something or a situation you are not prepared for. Finding yourself in this situation always brings unhappiness.

Pregnancy dream and experienced abortion or miscarriage

Dreaming about being pregnant and abortion is symbolic and vital. It always predicts a state of losing out on something. It comes as a warning that time is running out on a set goal or activity that needed to be achieved.

It could mean you are losing out on time needed to do very important things that can bring more value to your life. These things tend to help your growth, maybe in your profession, life, or business.

Dreaming about being pregnant and abortion could be a sign that an end has come to something vital in your life or there is a need to stop something new that is happening. Look at something you have to let go around you. This can be a sign.

Pregnancy dream and losing the baby

Dreaming about being pregnant and losing the baby could imply a wasted effort or investment.

You invested in something, or put a lot of effort to see a project succeed, but instead, you’re experiencing failure, and everything is breaking down.

You have drawn out some plans but seems like nothing is working according to the way you had expected.

Seeing Your Wife Pregnant in Dream

Seeing your wife pregnant in a dream suggests that something precious is on its way. Pregnancy to women is a thing of joy.

So when you see your wife pregnant in a dream, it is a pointer that fortune, luck, and goodness will soon arrive at your doorstep.

It could also mean that you need an intimate bond with your wife.

Do dreams reveal baby gender?

There is no evidence that dreams can reveal a baby’s gender. In this case, if you are pregnant and dream of the gender of the baby.

It could be as a result of your special interest in a particular gender that has been translated into the subconscious.

Such a dream simply reflects your preoccupied thoughts about the gender of the baby.

What does angel number mean in pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a period of anticipation and responsibilities. For most women, the time of pregnancy and months before they conceive make them be highly spiritually awaked.

Within this period, they are ready and eager to hear what their guardian angels have to pass through. In pregnancy, there are angel numbers that carry specific messages believed to be forwarded from an individual’s guardian angel.

These numbers have unique messages attached to each of them which are purported to guide us in our life’s path. Angel numbers that are connected to pregnancy provide an effective and easy way for the guardian angels to convey their messages to us.

Their interpretation largely centers on what is happening in the life of an individual at that time. Angel numbers can predict the outcome of our actions, warn of impending dangers, or provide a suitable path to help us sail on the right path.

Check the angel numbers as they relate to pregnancy and interpretation.

Angel NumbersInterpretation
Angel Number 1It is a sign of a new beginning. It is related to the opportunity to start afresh. Therefore, when you come across number 1 repeatedly, it is a signal telling you to prepare for a fresh start.

When a woman preparing for pregnancy encounters number 1, it shows the journey to motherhood is about to start for the very first time. It is an indication that a new career, new opportunity, and new relationship are about to start.

It represents the masculine nature of strength, vitality, and vigor to see a goal achieved.It is a number that launches women into motherhood.
Angel Number 9This number indicates an end is about to take place. This is not about a negative end. It is interpreted that some phases in your life are about to come to an end. It could be the end of a career, opening up for a new viable, and better one. 
Angel Number 333Angel number 3 represents new life, renaissance, new beginning, resurgence as well as life sustenance. If a woman encounters angel number 333, it is a signal that she will carry a pregnancy soon.

It is a good message telling you will soon welcome a new life and the guarantee of being sustained divinely by receiving the love and care needed.

You are bringing one of God’s most esteemed creations, which makes the Universe convey its blessings to you.
Angel Number 911Though a popular number that comes to mind for rescue in the event of negative happenings. But is different in pregnancy. It symbolizes positivity and a sign of motivation.

When you see the combination of these numbers, it tells you to prepare for good changes coming to your life very soon. To get the best interpretation, split into single digits of 9, 1, and 1
Angel numbers 22 & 222These numbers serve to encourage any woman who is getting discouraged after trying to get pregnant but is unsuccessful. 

Dream about being pregnant after menopause

Having a dream about being pregnant after menopause implies the dawn of new hope. You will soon come out strong from your present struggles, pains, unpleasant situations, and hardships. You are feeling calm and relaxed.

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Q: Dream about a pregnancy test?

Dreaming about a pregnancy test and you are excited about the result, shows the arrival of good luck soon.

Be prepared to welcome good luck, fortune, and other pleasant things. It symbolizes that you will soon enter into a fortune.

But in the case of dreaming about a pregnancy test and failing, it signifies that you are embarking on a project, and despite the effort, you put in, the outcome is not failure.

Q: Dream about getting pregnant

Dreaming about getting pregnant is a positive sign that shows something new is about to start, like the birth of a new idea, project, innovation, and relationship.

It also symbolizes a new beginning for anyone. It can also mean that something in you is in the growing and developing stage.

Q: Dream about breastfeeding?

This type of dream implies the desire of the dreamer to find love, care, nurturing, compassion, and kindness from someone else.

Q: Dream about seeing a pregnant woman?

Dreaming about seeing a pregnant woman means you’re missing someone close to you and you desire to have a conversation with the person. In essence, you are longing to share a bond with the person.

Q: Dreaming of seeing a pregnant woman at the wedding?

When you dream about a pregnant woman at the wedding, it signifies a quick turnaround, fast accomplishment, solid health, happy life, and long life.

Q: Dream about miscarriage?

The dream means that nothing is working out as planned and envisioned. It depicts failure over a project or something you are pursuing.

Q: Dreaming of Birth or Labor

This dream symbolizes that you will soon take delivery of your dreams or wishes. It shows what you anticipated or a long-time dream will soon come to pass. Be prepared to welcome good luck, success, and fortune.

Q: Dreaming of Giving Birth to Triplets?

Dreaming of giving birth to triplets symbolizes extreme fruitfulness and fertility.

Expect everything around you to flourish, and if there is any dying business or career, it will definitely bounce back to life again.

For a partner, expect to have many children too.

Q: Dreaming a Man Is Pregnant?

To dream a man is pregnant implies something in that man is passing through gestation. It could be an idea, project, and so on.

It could also mean you should prepare for unexpected life changes soon.

Q: Different between male-female dreams in Feng Shui

While some people may have intriguing dreams, others may experience sketchy dreams.

Based on the differences in our dreams, some findings revealed that the males’ dreams involve physical activity.

While the females tend to experience longer dreams that concentrate more on conversation and characters.

In conclusion

The Dream About Being Pregnant, when you’re not pregnant just indicate the emergence of new life.

It is symbolic as it points to the fact that you are getting ready to enter into a new chapter of your life as you pass through the growing and developing phase.

Be ready to start a new phase of your life, embrace new growth, and development. You can see your dreams fulfilled.