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Best Feng Shui Exterior House Colors For Prosperity

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Color plays an important role in life because it has the capacity to influence the reaction, and mood of human beings. Its significant effect is also noticed in feng shui

In feng shui, color is regarded as life-changing material that can control thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It is keenly attached to emotional feelings and communicates actions.

Feng shui has a different approach to color preference, and this approach is based on the five elements in feng shui. These five elements come with their color, and is important to know them when you are picking colors for your house.

Therefore, color cannot be pushed aside and that’s why we are looking at how it plays an important role in good luck, prosperity, and abundance. In this blog, you’ll be armed with the Best Feng Shui Exterior House Colors For Prosperity

We believe that at the end of this blog, you will fully understand the best color to use for your exterior house decoration which can attract prosperity, and fortune to your house.   

In order to make this blog comprehensive, the following topics are covered:

1. Feng Shui Exterior House Colors Importance.

2 Extеrіоr Pаіnt Cоlоrѕ Bу Trіgrаm (Sесtоr)

2.1 Dіrесtіоnѕ:  

3 Mаkіng Gооd Cоlоr Chоісеѕ Fоr Yоur Hоmе’ѕ Extеrіоr

3.1 Eаѕе іn wіth ѕwаtсhеѕ.

3.2 Thіnk аbоut уоur реrmаnеnt mаtеrіаlѕ.

3.3 Dоn’t fоrgеt thе Feng Shui house colors and trіm.

4 Hаndу Fеng Shuі Tірѕ Fоr Chооѕіng Extеrіоr Pаіnt Cоlоrѕ

4.1 Chесk fоr Fеng Shuі еlеmеntѕ

4.2 Lооk fоr thеѕе соlоurѕ

4.3 Pаіntіngѕ thаt dерісt ѕеаѕоnѕ

4.4 Pоѕtеrѕ

5 Hоw Tо Fеng Shuі Yоur Hоmе Wіth Extеrіоr Pаіnt

6 Feng Shui Frоnt Dооr Соlоr Fасіng Nоrth

7 Feng Shui Frоnt Dооr Соlоr Fасіng Nоrth Еаѕt

8 Сhіnеѕе Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

9 Feng Shui Rооf Соlоr Tips

10 Best Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

10.1 Cоlоrѕ tо Avоіd

11 Luсkу Раіnt Соlоr Fоr Thе Hоuѕе

So, if you’re interested in knowing more about how to choose the best color for the exterior decoration of your home in a feng shui perspective, go through the blog.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors Importance

The importance of color is tied to its power that has the ability to change our mood, get us excited, and also alleviate every worry or concern. Thus, color has a magical power that can serve as therapy, and erase bad feelings.

In feng shui, it is a belief that colors can bring blissful moments into the house, and if used based on the recommended tips, it can bring great excitement, and ambiance into the home.

Colors also have a great effect on how positive energy is attracted into your home. Using the color rightly can attract good luck. Therefore, you can change the atmosphere of your home when you choose the best feng shui exterior house colors.

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So, paint the exterior of your home properly so as to bring luck, positive energy, excitement, ambiances and bliss into your residence.

Extеrіоr Pаіnt Cоlоrѕ Bу Trіgrаm (Sесtоr)


In feng shui, considering the direction when choosing your exterior paint colors can prove helpful.  When you do this, you will get a great result.  

In the table below, you find the direction and the appropriate color.

  Feng Shui Direction  Feng Shui Element  Main Color  Type Of Luck The Color Brings
NorthWaterDark blue color, Black colorProsperity, Wealth, Success and ideal for career breakthrough
NortheastEarthGreen, Black, and BlueEducation, Power, and Control
EastWoodTurquoise,  Green, and AquaGrowth, Development, Enlargement and Family
SoutheastWoodRed, Green, Blue, and PurpleProsperity, Wealth, and Increase
SouthFireOrange, Red, and YellowOutstanding, illustrious, and Fame
SouthwestEarthWhite, Pink, and RedFamily Bond, Relationships, and Marriage
WestMetalWhite, silver, copper, brassFruitfulness, Creativity, Inventiveness, Proficiency
Northwest    MetalGray, Blue, Black, and WhiteMentorship, Knowledge, Guidance, Empowerment

Mаkіng Gооd Cоlоr Chоісеѕ Fоr Yоur Hоmе’ѕ Extеrіоr

Choosing color for the exterior of your home requires proper consideration because exterior paint colors can determine if your home will be appealing or not. It also dictates the type of luck and energy it attracts.

Therefore, in choosing the appropriate color for your home’s exterior, go for the color that will attract good luck, prosperity, abundance, and happiness. These colors are red, blue, green, and gold.  Not only they’re attractive, but align with feng shui practice.

Eаѕе in with ѕwаtсhеѕ

If you find it difficult to choose the appropriate color for your exterior, you can make use of swatches palette. The Swatches is designed to assist you in select color easily and accurately and it comes with over 100 of the most used colors.

The colors available on swatches are appealing, and pleasant. Its flexibility allows you to customize your color preference too. Some online design tools come with swatches too.

Think Abоut Yоur Pеrmаnеnt Mаtеrіаlѕ

If you want to get amazing result from your exterior paint colors, it is better to paint all the permanent materials at your home. This does not only saves you stress, and money, but also it will last longer seeing their beauty every day.

You can’t remove the vibes, and the excitements that accompany the right color. It is capable of leaving you active, chirpy and positive.

The permanent materials in your home include walls, stirs, glass, ceiling, floors, and other materials that last longer. Paint the permanent materials to attract positive energy.

Dоn’t Fоrgеt Thе Feng Shui House Colors And Trіm

In feng shui, it is believed that things are coordinated and control by the force of energy, and this is applicable to color. Feng Shui house colors also carry the same effect which is why it is vital you know the meaning of feng shui house colors.

These colors are classified as the feng shui house colors and the guide below will ensure you don’t forget it.

Feng Shui Color  Importance
Brown, orange and yellow  In Feng Shui, these colors are recognized as the earth colors. Their main function is to ensure your bedroom is balanced.They aid in transforming your bedroom into a more fostering setting.  
Green and teal  Recognized as feng shui wood colors The green and teal colors are associated with personal growth, expansion, and healing, which make them suitable for the bedroom. These colors make you energetic, full of life and help you to enjoy more sleep. These colors are nature-color, and their connection with the nature, can help introduce calmness into your bedroom.  
Peach and pink  These colors are symbolic in strengthening love ties. If it is your desire to get a love partner, introduce these colors to your bedroom. Pink is commonly known as the feminine color which can position you for a new relationship. Color peach is similar to pink, and the feng shui’s recommendation is to change the color after attracting your suitable partner. The reason is that these bedroom colors have the capacity to help you attract more new partners, and you don’t want to experience this.  
Purple  By adding this color to your bedroom, you can experience financial upturn and see your self-esteem dramatically improved. It is also a color that can propel you to enviable height in your career. Hence, is ideal for those who desire promotion.  
White  Perhaps, the most popular color but it carries some benefits. It is symbolic and it is connected with integrity, purity, incorruptible, and innocence. But ensure it is used in a limited manner because it is powerful if overused. Accompany it with colorful bed linens if you like it inside the bedroom.  
Navy (Dark Blue)  Navy or dark blue is ideal when you’re concerned about your spirituality. It helps to make your room an abode of the spirits, thereby enhancing your spiritual sensitivity. These colors contain properties that aid meditation and ease every tension.  
  Grey    Grey is known as a color that offers support, which is suitable in giving expression to the beauty and symbolism of other colors. It balances other colors also. For example, you can combine pink or peach with grey, and you get an exterior color that attracts luck.  

Hаndу Fеng Shuі Tірѕ Fоr Chооѕіng Extеrіоr Pаіnt Cоlоrѕ

If you’re loooking for one of the coolest methods of introducing feng shui principles into your residence, choose colors. The exterior colors can determine how luck is attracted into your home. 

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Choosing a suitable exterior paint colors can make your home a haven of prosperity, and liveliness. Your space is properly balanced with the good energy (yin and yang), leaving your home replenished, and healthy, in addition to the eye-catching beauty that accompany it.

That is why we provided some handy feng shui tips which can help you to choose exterior paint colors

Chесk fоr Fеng Shuі еlеmеntѕ

There are 5 main elements in Feng Shui and these are fire, water, wood, metal and earth. In choosing your exterior color, you need to know the feng shui elements and their correspond colors.

Fire Element

Meaning and Usefulness:

  • The Feng Shui fire element works well for the people in career. It works by bringing the positive energy which helps you to become vigorous, healthy, and active. It also makes you to become recognized at work.
  • Adding fire elements through its color representation to your home will attract happiness, activeness, liveliness, excitement and sexual energy.
  • Excess of it can be dangerous as it brings aggressiveness and rancor to your home. So, because fire is extremely powerful, the wisest step is to introduce it as a supporting element, which tends to limit or restrict its activeness.


  • Power
  • Lively
  • Excitement
  • Enthusiasm
  • Vigor


  • Red,
  • Solid Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Pink

Water Element

Meaning & Usefulness:

  • Water is pivotal to human existence and its element releases positive energy that refreshes, revitalize, calm, purify and pleasant
  • Water element is a sign of prosperity, fortune and luck.
  • Water element can have positive effect on restoring family bonds, love, and harmony. Where love is fading, and relationship is collapsing, introduce water element to bring about harmonious relationships with your family, partners, and others.
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  • Peace
  • Serenity
  • Prosperity
  • Wealth


  • Black
  • Blue

Wood Element

Meaning and Usefulness

  • The wood element in feng shui is synonymous with nature, abundance, nourishment, and greenness. It also linked with curative energy.
  • The wood element is effective in bringing good energy, which makes it symbolic for growth, success, and breakthrough in finance, and career.


  • Increase
  • Success
  • Growth 
  • Strength


  • Green
  • Brown

Metal Element

Meaning and Usefulness

  • The metal element is a symbol of strength, precision, and effectiveness.
  • Introducing metal element colors can be helpful in promoting focus, clarity, and quietness.


  • Focused
  • Unruffled
  • Meticulous


  • Grey
  • White

Earth Element

Meaning and Usefulness:

  • The earth element indicates balance, firmness, solidity, and trustworthy
  • It supports life, by helping plants grow.
  • It nourishes, protects for your health, and boost tranquility.


  • Balance
  • Firmness
  • Sustenance


  • Sandy
  • Earthy Colors
  • Light Brown (Beige)
  • Light Yellow

Lооk fоr thеѕе соlоurѕ

These colors are attractive and can bring luck according to feng shui tips. So, check them out.

  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green and teal
  • Peach and pink
  • Purple
  • White
  • Navy
  • Black
  • Grey

Pаіntіngѕ Thаt Dерісt Sеаѕоnѕ

The flowing colors depict different seasons we have:

  • Winter: Blue
  • Summer: Yellow
  • Spring: Green
  • Fall: Orange/Red


If you want to hang posters or attach a wallpaper at home, go for posters with nature friendly colors like green, blue, yellow, and brown.

Hоw Tо Fеng Shuі Yоur Hоmе Wіth Extеrіоr Pаіnt

Feng shui is a practice that cut across virtually what human being needs for existence, and that’s why its principles are proven effective. You can paint the exterior of your home by following the feng shui tips.

When you want to paint the exterior of your home, bear the following feng shui tips in mind:  

Establishing Harmony

Painting the exterior of your home must follow the feng shui tips and principles. One of the tips is to ensure you establish coordination, and balance between the five elements.

When you create a harmony between the five elements with your color, there is a balance in the flow of energies into your home. Also, the colors are balanced without being over-used. 

Natural Light

When painting the exterior of your home, take into consideration the flow of sunlight, which is a major source of natural light. Sunlight in feng shui is seen as a source of positive energy which has the ability to rejuvenate, nourish, and energize.

Allow the penetration of natural light into your home, because sunlight can enhance positive energy. Choose a color that allows easy penetration of natural light.

Don’t hinder it.

Make Your Space Nature Friendly Using the Five Elements 

When painting the exterior of your home, follow the principle guiding the application of the five elements with their colors. This will help to bring nature closer to your home. We provided this above.

Feng Shui Frоnt Dооr Соlоr Fасіng Nоrth

The right colors for a door facing north are blue and black.

One of the requisites to enjoying free flow of positive energy is to properly take care of your front door facing north. Ensure the place is tidied-up, and neat.

Feng Shui Frоnt Dооr Соlоr Fасіng Nоrth Еаѕt

The right colors for a door facing north east direction are beige, sandy, earthy, yellow, reddish-purple, purple, orange and pink.

Сhіnеѕе Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

The Chinese have their color preference for their house exterior. The common Chinese feng shui exterior house colors types are:


In China, blue is a color that represents water element, and is a symbol of healing, harmony confidence and longevity.


One of the colors used by the Chinese to paint the exterior, and is a symbol of calmness, tranquility, growth and stability.


Red is seen as a color that represents strength, life, value, energy, and passion. Hence, it is often used for exterior house painting in China.


Gold is highly classified in China as a color that shows royalty, leadership, wisdom, and intelligence. 


Yellow is a favorite color used also for exterior painting among the Chinese. It is attached to imperial reign, symbolizing authority, splendor, royalty, and wealth.

Feng Shui Rооf Соlоr Tips

Check out the feng shui roof colors tips below. These tips will guide you to pick the best roof color for your home.

  • Feng Shui suggests the use of colorful materials for your roof which will beautify the design of the roof.
  • Any of the feng shui colors listed above can be used and these colors can establish synergy, stability and harmony around your home.
  • Introduce lush and attractive natural landscape to balance the roof design.
  • Use green color roof to bring prosperity, good luck, and growth to your home.

Best Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

  • Red
  • Green
  • Beige
  • Feng Shui
  • Gold
  • Yellow
  • Brown

Colors To Avoid

In feng shui, these are the colors to avoid:

  • Colors that are too bright or too dark can cause sleeplessness and unrest.
  • Avoid excessive use of pick color especially in the bedroom should be avoided for people in a relationship, and love partners, as it can invite third party.
  • Avoid dark blue and black colors in the living room as they can cause instability in the energy flow.
  • Avoid using too much of red color as it can cause rift and disharmony in your house.  

Luсkу Раіnt Соlоr Fоr Thе Hоuѕе

The following are the lucky paint colors you can use for your house:

Lucky ColorTypes of Luck
RedSafety, strong energy, and good luck
BlueHappiness, serenity, calmness, and wellbeing
SilverProsperity, Expectation, True love, and Thinking
GreenReplenish, healing, wholeness, and growth
OrangeLively, affection, friendliness, inspiration, and joy
PinkLove, romance, and happiness
PurpleCourage, opulence, spirituality, and insight
WhitePurity, transparency, and openness
YellowRoyalty, imperial, wisdom, and dignity
GoldWealth, prosperity, abundance, and value

In conclusion, colors are of great importance, and their symbolism can have impact on our lives. Therefore, go out and use the feng shui colors for the exterior of your home. Enjoy good luck, and prosperity.