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11 Feng Shui Tv Placement In Living Room Rules [Must Follow]

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Apply Feng Shui Tv Placement In Living Room Rules and enhance positive energy by simply adjusting the TV placement.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that uses objects and surroundings to enhance one’s lifestyle and help one lead a healthier and happier life.

But if you think Feng Shui is just about rearranging furniture and moving objects around the house, then you might be wrong.

Feng Shui is much more than just moving around your furniture; Feng Shui allows us to bring the natural world into our interior space by creating a balance between the two.

And this leads to energy flow which creates harmony between people and their environment.

How Does Living Room Feng Shui Work?

When it comes to bringing a positive energy flow into your house, you can and must use Feng Shui in almost all aspects.

There are Feng Shui rules and tips that you must apply in different parts of your house to ensure you are getting the best out of your environment. So when it comes to the living room, we must not forget to exclude it.

Feng Shui Tv Placement In Living Room
Feng Shui Tv Placement In Living Room

The living room is one of the most significant places in our house–it is that one space where we sit and relax with our family, socialize, and welcome guests. Therefore, the living room needs to be optimized using Feng Shui.

Moreover, along with all other furniture, the TV is the center point of our living room–which is why it is very important to follow Feng Shui living room TV placement rules in your house.

If you want your living room to radiate positive energy and make sure your TV is placed in the right spot, you need to continue reading this article.

Here are some Feng Shui living room tips and tv placement rules you must follow.

Feng Shui Tv Placement In Living Room Rules

1. TV Location in the Living Room

Suppose you know about Feng Shui and follow the concept in your daily life.

In that case, you must know that the position and direction of almost everything are very important including the rooms and furniture present around the house.

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The location and position of an object determine its impact on your life and how they can bring you good luck.

2. Consider the Energy of the TV

In Feng Shui, two energies are essential for a healthy life: Yin and Yang–and both hold a lot of importance in our lives. While the Yin energy is calm and peaceful, the Yang energy is bright and is considered active.

Unlike the bedroom, where people sleep and relax, the living room has Yang energy because it is the space where people move around, talk, and hang out.

And to activate the Yang energy of the living room, we need the Yang energy of the television in the living room.

This is why Feng Shui in the living room doesn’t support keeping the television in the bedroom as it can disrupt the energy flow, but it is recommended to keep the TV in the living room to harmonize and activate the Yang energy.

However, for this, the TV must be placed in the correct location.

3. The Direction of the TV

The Bagua map is the Feng Shui energy map that helps determine positions and directions for placing objects, furniture, and other inanimate objects in the house.

You can use the Bagua map to decide what position is considered best for TV placement in your living room.

Where you place the TV in your living room has a lot of impact on your overall chi.

Therefore, as per the Feng Shui living room TV placement rules, you can place your TV on the north side of the room.

  • According to the Bagua map, the north side supports a person’s career and professional goals, and the powerful Yang energy of the TV can support this if you place it on the north side of the room.

However, there is one more position for you to consider.

  • You can also put your TV on the south side of the room, which supports fame and recognition according to the Bagua map in the corner.

You make the connection by seeing the fact that our televisions show us countless celebrities every day–which can activate the energy required for fame and recognition if you place the TV in the right position.

Hence, you can decide the position of the TV by considering what you want to focus on more.

  • For example, if your focus is more on career and success, you can place the TV in the north to bring you luck.

However, if you’re looking for fame, want more followers on social media, or just need some recognition, you can place the television on the south end of the room.

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4. Consider the Position of Other Furniture

Similar to TV placement, other furniture, especially the living room sofa, has many Feng Shui rules to follow–and their position can have an influence on the position of the television.

The sofa set in the living room needs to be placed in a commanding position, ideally in the center of the room. But you have to ensure something:

  • The entry to the living room must not be behind the sofa
  • There shouldn’t be any windows, mirrors, or walkways behind the sofa
  • The Sofa shouldn’t face heavy furniture or staircases

Now you might think about how these rules for placing the living room sofa can impact the placement of the TV? Let us tell you.

Televisions are most commonly placed right in front of the sofa set, which means if you place the sofa in the wrong position, you will also place the TV in the wrong position.

This can bring “sha chinegative energy and bad luck to the residents of a house.

For example, if you place a sofa facing the staircase and you place the TV leaning against the staircase–you will have to be looking right at the staircase at all times.

This can be negative because if the staircase has a heavy or hostile structure, you will be looking at a heavy structure that can impact your mood and aura.

Other Tips for Feng Shui Living Room TV Placement

Apart from the TV placement in the living room, there are some tips that you must follow that can help enhance the Feng Shui of your living room and remove any negative energy that might come with your TV.

Feng Shui Tv Placement In Living Room
Tv Placement In Living Room

5. Place the TV in a Closed Furniture

After determining the position and location of the TV, most people question how they should place the TV in the living room.

People are confused between hanging or mounting the TV on the wall or placing it on top of a shelf or a console.

  • As per Feng Shui, both of the options are not ideal–even though they are the most common ways we have seen people displaying their televisions.
  • According to Feng Shui, it is best to keep your TV in an armoire or a closed-door cabinet so you can keep it enclosed once you have stopped watching the TV.
  • This is done to avoid reflection or negative mirror effects. Once the TV is switched off, it becomes a reflective surface that can reflect clutter and bring in bad energy inside the room.

Therefore, keeping a cabinet or armoire to place your TV inside is recommended.

6. Cover the TV Screen

Having said that, we understand that keeping a cabinet or armoire just to place the TV inside it is not a very feasible option for many.

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It is a big piece of furniture, and not everyone has space for that in their living room.

Therefore, we suggest people cover their TV screens. You can use an old sheet or TV covers available in the market.

This is done to make sure the TV screen doesn’t become reflective and reflect negative energy into the room.

Make sure to do this every night before sleeping because this is more harmful during the night–especially because the TV becomes more reflective in the dark.

7. Avoid Clutter Around the TV

Clutter is your biggest enemy, as per Feng Shui. Make sure no part of your house has any clutter built up to ensure a clear and better flow of energy in your house.

If you have placed your TV on a shelf or a Chester, make sure you do not clutter that space.

If you attach a video game or home theatre with the TV, make sure there are no wires clustered in one place.

And don’t let the remote controls clutter the space; try to keep the remotes in a drawer or closed space.


TVs have an energy of their own, and you need Feng Shui Tv Placement In Living Room rules to ensure harmony and good energy in your house.

The wrong TV placement in the living room can disrupt energy flow and bring bad luck to residents. Hence, make the most of your TV and other furniture using Feng Shui!

FAQs: Feng Shui Tv Placement In Living Room

Q: Which position is the best to keep a TV in the living room?

The best position to keep your tv in the living room is either the north position as it supports career and success.

Or the south position, which supports fame and recognition

Q: Why isn’t it preferred to keep the TV in the bedroom?

A bedroom is a place meant for you to relax and sleep in, and it resonates with “yin” energy.

While the television, just like the living room, has yang energy–since we hang out, talk, and have fun there.

Hence, it is preferred to keep the television in the living room instead.

Q: Why should you cover the TV?

TV can become a reflective surface, and as per feng shui, this can bring negative energy to your house.

Hence it is best to cover the TV to avoid negative mirror affect.