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8 Feng Shui For Real Estate Professionals, Companies Tips

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Feng Shui For Real Estate Professionals– Real estate professionals can increase their sales by using Feng Shui tips that allow positive energy to flow through the house. Read here to read more about Feng Shui for real estate professionals.

Real estate professionals have one of the most challenging jobs in the world.

From getting the house designed to finding clients, they have to make sure that they nail every step to make it big in the industry. In addition, they need to have the right strategies in mind to remain competitive.

Incorporating Feng Shui into your business can help you bring balance and harmony to the property. Using Feng Shui, you can make sure that the house doesn’t just hit the mark in terms of aesthetics but also has the right flow of energy inside.

When you have all aspects covered, you naturally increase your chances of selling properties faster and much more efficiently, which increases your chances of making a profit.

As a real estate professional, you can make it big with a few helpful tips on Feng Shui for real estate professionals.

Some of these include making the exterior appealing, focusing on the main entrance, emphasizing cleanliness, maintaining a pleasant aroma inside, and ensuring enough indoor open space is available. These can provide a positive flow of energy in the house.

Continue to read more about Feng Shui for real estate professionals and also what are the feng shui checklists for buying a house?

8 Feng Shui For Real Estate Professionals + Companies

Here are a few essential Feng Shui tips to help you make it big in the real estate profession.

1. Make the Exterior Appealing

While this may seem like an obvious tip, it is one of the most important ones. The first thing that a potential buyer will look at when house hunting is what it looks like on the outside and the exterior color. It is that first impression that can make or break the deal.

  • You need to make sure that the house isn’t constructed on a T-junction or near a cemetery.
  • It needs to have an aesthetic appeal to it. You can achieve this by having plants in the backyard or even having a fountain outdoors. This attracts positive Feng Shui, making the house look much livelier, hence increasing the client’s chances of liking it.
  • Ensure that there aren’t any dead plans on the outside since those can kill the look completely, making it look unappealing.
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2. Close Attention to the Front Door

Feng Shui experts believe that the front door is the place from where positive energy enters the house. So, you need to make sure that the front door is made in a way that allows a wholesome entry.

  • There shouldn’t be any huge plants covering the front door. Any obstacle in front of the door should be removed. The area should be as clean as possible.
  • You also need to make sure that no mirror faces the door.
  • Apart from that, no bathroom in the house should be visible from the front door since that is something that Feng Shui experts advise against.
  • There shouldn’t be any staircase on the opposite side either. In Feng Shui, a staircase in front of the main door means energy can easily escape right as it enters, which signifies bad luck.

3. Allow for Abundant Space Indoors

Real estate professionals love putting in their creativity as well when selling a house. While that is a good idea, you need to make sure that you leave some abundant space on the inside too.

  • This allows potential homeowners to fill in that space the way they wish to, allowing for greater functionality.
  • Secondly, it allows the space to look much larger too.
  • Feng Shui experts suggest that you declutter and remove any extra decorations on the shelves and tabletops. Additional decorations only make the house look smaller and stuffy, which isn’t appealing to clients either.
  • People looking to buy a house want to add their personal touch to it for greater functionality. Abundant space allows them to do precisely that. 

4. Focus on Cleanliness 

The one thing that Feng Shui experts stress the most is cleanliness and decluttering benefits. The tidier the house, the greater the chances of positive energies coming in.

  • For people who are knowledgeable in this regard, cleanliness matters a lot. It is not related only to how the house looks but also how energy flows through it.
  • As a real estate professional looking to make greater sales, make sure you take care of the property’s cleanliness to attract more people to it.
  • Everything in the house needs to be thoroughly cleaned- the floor, the drawers, shelves, cupboards, etc. 
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5. Focus on the Aroma

When you walk into a coffee shop and smell the freshly brewed coffee, doesn’t it attract you more to the place? The same principle applies here.

A nice smelling place is naturally much more attractive to prospective buyers. That’s why most real estate agents make sure the house smells pleasant on the inspection day.

  • So what can you do to make the house smell nice? You can place a nice scented candle on the countertop. Freshly cut lemons also make the place smell very appealing.
  • It is also a great idea to burn some natural Chinese oils like cedarwood or star anise. Prospective buyers will want to stay in the house longer if it smells nice, which naturally increases the chances of them looking around considering their options.
  • So, good scents bring positive energy, and hence this is something real estate agents need to focus on especially.

6. Consider the Energy of the Colors Chosen

The colors of the walls in the house play a huge role in attracting positive energy. However, Feng Shui experts believe that bright colored walls don’t allow positive energy to come in. So it is always safer to stick to neutral colors for the walls.

  • You could go for white, off-white, oak, cream, and other subtle colors that go well with the whole theme.
  • If you’re worried about potential home buyers finding this too boring, understand that they always have the option of adding in more color with their pick of furniture and other accessories.
  • As a real estate professional, you must focus on the positive energy flow in the house, which is only possible if you have the walls painted in more subtle colors.  

7. Incorporate All Five Elements

You must ensure that all five basic elements are there in the house – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. This allows for optimum energy balance.

  • For the water element: You can have some mirrors in the house or even some fountains.
  • For the wood element: You can have some healthy plants in the house.
  • To incorporate the fire element: It is a good idea to light some candles and have ample light fixtures in the house.
  • For the earth element: Have some landscape paintings in the house.
  • For the metal element: Have a few things with a metallic finish, or even have some white or gray colored décor in the house.

Potential buyers will notice how there is room for energy to flow through the house properly, thus increasing their chances of buying it. 

8. Prepare Treats for Potential Buyers

It is always a great idea to have potential buyers feel welcome when they enter the property for the first time. It shows them how much you value their presence there and how interested you are in cracking a deal with them.

  • Feng Shui experts suggest placing a bowl of chocolates for your guests to make them feel welcome. This is significantly more important when you’re finally closing the deal.
  • This helps bring good luck and helps make the process much smoother.
  • Not just that, but also be ready to make the final move. If the other party is interested, you need to make sure they can move in once the deal is finalized.
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With this useful Feng Shui real estate tips, you will surely be able to improve your chances of closing more deals.

FAQs: Feng Shui for Real Estate Professionals

Q: Lucky Feng shui Numbers For Buying a House?

As per feng shui, 1,2,5,6,7,9 number is considered lucky, check these number combinations or single digit while searching for a new house.

Q: What personality is best for real estate?

Real estate agents should be very social since they interact with so many people daily.

They have to have an extroverted personality to make great pitches and answer questions that prospective buyers may have.

They have to be detail-oriented, too and focus on the little things that can make or break a sale.

The most important thing is for them to be persuasive and put their point across in the best way possible.

Q: What is Feng Shui real estate?

Feng Shui is a science that focuses on the art of placement to ensure the flow of positive energy into your home.

Real estate professionals can make the most out of their work if they focus on balancing energy flow in the home using Feng Shui For Real Estate Professionals tips.

Q: How do I sell my house Feng Shui?

Using Feng Shui principles, you can sell your house much more efficiently. To do so, focus on making the entrance very clear.

Ensure that the house is well lit and that it can be identified at a distance.

You also need to make sure that the house is very clean and that it has a balance of all five main elements present in one form or the other.