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[15] Reflecting Mirrors Feng Shui Cures To Bypass Negativity

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In this blog, we are going to discover Reflecting Mirrors Feng Shui Cures. As mirrors have a huge impact on Feng Shui since they create constant energy and bounce back the reflection.

Be it mirrors above the bed in the bedroom or other locations in the house. If they are placed properly, they can improve luck and abundance.

In the modern apartment, any house without the availability of mirrors seems incomplete. Large Mirrors have become a popular addition that makes homes look complete and acceptable.

Significance of Reflecting Mirrors in Feng Shui?

Many people have different purposes for using mirrors, but mostly mirrors have been identified as something that makes a home look visually more spacious. In other words, where you have limited space, you can make it look more spacious by adding a mirror.

If you’re looking for one of the best Feng Shui cures, it is the mirror, and especially the mirror placement for magnifying good luck. This seemingly small, yet powerful tool can magnify and increase the energy around your house to attract good things abundantly.

Despite its usefulness, it’s recommended you know how to use and place mirrors at home. A house owner should be conversant with the mirror placement rules in order to fully maximize its benefits before putting them inside.

In some cultures, how you place your mirror determines the kind of happenings around your home. In Feng Shui, mirrors are believed to possess many useful, and unique abilities that make them indispensable.

Among others, mirrors are found to have the ability to multiply, or double the energy of an area placed, either by reflecting incoming energy or dispersing the incoming energy to its environments.

Going through every detail listed here will help you to have a proper understanding of how to determine the best and worst places to place mirrors.

Mirror Placement Belief, Mystery, or Superstition

In ancient Chinese culture, it is a popular belief that when you’ve multiple mirrors facing each other.

They create an unseen space for spirits or unknown entities to domicile. It is regarded as a passage that helps the unseen spirits to pass at any time.

Therefore, you must watch the placements of mirrors at home, office, and outside, as it is a belief that works.

Can two mirrors face each other in Feng Shui good?

Mirrors have the capacity of reflecting, enlarging, and multiplying any energy, whether good or bad, and this can be used to your advantage if properly placed inside the house.

If the mirror is wrongfully placed, it can be harmful. Today, how you place your mirrors is important and determines the level of the benefits you’ll enjoy or the negativity.

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For instance, placing or hanging two mirrors opposite each other can result in the turning away of both the light and energy reflection, thereby causing an unequal chaotic movement of the energy and light.

If this occurs, it is a sign of bad Feng Shui in any house, which may result in disagreement, fights, and confusion among household members and eventually ruin healthy relationships among them.

Reflecting Mirrors To Stairs Feng Shui Cure

It is stated that having narrow staircases in the house can reduce prosperity and abundance. What is the solution? Place a mirror to reflect the staircase provides visual widening.

Reflecting Mirrors To Stairs Feng Shui Cure
Reflecting Mirrors To Stairs Feng Shui Cure

It is recommended to place a mirror around the landing area as it is effective in widening the staircase. Besides, adding a mirror around the staircase makes your staircase benefit from the water element (one of the five elements).

Note- Don’t place a mirror at the staircase bottom.

Placing your mirror is important here. Ensure your mirror is facing the upstairs area. For those whose staircase has multiple landing areas, put a large mirror on the first landing, and make it point towards the upstairs landing.

Mirror reflecting door Feng Shui cure

People resort to their mirrors when they want to go out so as to see how they look before leaving the house, thereby placing their mirrors close to the front door or entryways for easy accessibility.

It is bad when you have a mirror placed or facing the front door. This means that placing a mirror facing the door can dispel energy away from home. 

Reflecting Mirrors Feng Shui Remedy- The experts recommended placing the mirror hanging to the wall without leaning forward. Doing this allows energy to enter the home.

Mirror reflecting window Feng Shui cure

The way you place your mirror facing the window is very essential to whether it will bring good or bad energy, which later attracts good or bad things.

If you want to attract good vibes, ensure your mirror placement will reflect attractive, pleasant sights, a blooming garden, or a lush surrounding.

It is not suggested that the mirror placement does reflect any type of harmful or bad illustration outside the window, as this can make a way for the negative energies to enter the house.

Reflecting Mirrors Feng Shui Remedy-Using mirror placement to reflect blooming garden, stream, fountain or lake will attract growth, yang, and prosperity energy can definitely make a good impact.

Mirror reflecting tv Feng Shui cure

Feng Shui has powerful regarded for mirrors, as it has been a major determinant in absorbing and reflecting both positive and negative energy. They serve as a powerful medium for the transmission of energy and must be given the utmost attention.

Feng Shui suggests that you must not place a mirror reflecting or facing your television set. The television screen has a reflective surface, which makes it to be in the class of mirror.

Therefore, if you have a mirror facing on reflecting a television set, you’ve double mirrors close together which is not good.

Reflecting Mirrors Feng Shui Remedy- Feng Shui experts recommend that you place your television in the southeast corner of the living room, and ensure the screen is always covered when is not in use.

Mirror reflecting clock Feng Shui cure

In ancient times, the clock is a very powerful symbol used to represent progress and growth. The placements of your mirror and clock are important in determining how positive energy is attracted into your home.

Mirror reflecting clock Feng Shui cure
Mirror reflecting clock Feng Shui cure

When properly placed, the clock can help you achieve prosperity energy. Therefore, to maximize the energy power that clock brings, a mirror must not be reflecting it.

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Rather, allow your mirrors to reflect the exquisite environment, beautiful garden, fountain, and stream than reflecting anything that is not appealing, including the clock.

As early mentioned, allowing your mirrors to reflect beautiful nature brings positive energy into your home. Don’t allow your chi energy to stop by allowing mirrors to reflect it.

Also, anytime your clock stops working, repair it immediately before the chi energy is stagnated.

Mirror reflecting fireplace Feng Shui cure

It is found that when a mirror is reflecting a fireplace, it’s an advantage. You can allow your mirror to reflect a fireplace, and enjoy the benefit of chi energy being retained in your home.

A mirror reflecting fireplace can provide a needed cure for a troubled home. But to get the best out of your mirror placement.

Firstly know the location that corresponds with the furnishings you’ve to ascertain if introducing a mirror is compatible with them so that they wouldn’t repel the chi energy, rather boost the energy level.

According to Feng Shui tips, the mirror is a symbol underwater element, and since it has a reflective surface like water, you can use it over a fireplace by sustaining the chi energy once both the frame element and mirror size are considered.

Mirror reflecting water Feng Shui cure

Mirror and water both represent water elements since they’re reflective. Hence, to fully enjoy the power of a Feng Shui mirror, someone must be aware of how to use it. 

It has been proven that mirror reflection has a curing ability that can be used to our advantage. Since people place mirrors at home, their reflection can either magnify, or enhance good, and bad energy.  

According to Feng Shui tips, since mirrors and water represent the same element, it is recommended water can be reflected. Water in form of a fountain, stream, and others forms a natural environment in which you can allow your mirror to reflect, and you will boost your positive energy.

Allowing your mirror to reflect beautiful scenes, and natural beauty, including water body, can increase the chi energy at your home.

Where should you not put a mirror? Top 6 rules

The advantage a mirror carries in Feng Shui cure is enormous if properly used. The mirrors are the sole determinant of the level of energy you enjoy at home.

In Chinese culture, mirrors are held in high esteem and careful studies on how to place them have paid off.

Since they are important elements, mirrors carry healing power, and if they are placed in the right direction, they can boost the energies at home.

Because mirrors placement can limit the flow of energies, when used properly, they can enhance, and magnify abundance, fortune, peace, and health while consuming the negative energy.

Since they are vital, and their placement as well, we list the place where they should not be put.

  1. The first rule is that mirrors must not be placed facing each other, or placed opposite each other. This placement can cause a lot of damage which may lead to disharmony at home. The reason is that two mirrors facing each other or opposite each other will be producing negative energies in the area.
  2. It is suggested you place your mirrors away where your body parts are not reflected while sleeping at night. Cover up your bedroom mirror at night.
  3. Do not place your mirror is where is reflecting bad or harmful objects around in the environment. Allow your mirrors to reflect the most beautiful scenes.
  4. Where you have negative objects, you can place a mirror in front so as to absorb the negative entity out of it. Don’t allow it to reflect elsewhere.
  5. Don’t place a mirror, television, reflective object, or any shining material right in front of your main door.
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Where to put your Mirror? for best outcome in Feng Shui

1. Placing mirror inside the dining room

If you’re looking for a good place to place a mirror, it is the dining room. According to experts, dining room mirror placement speaks a lot as it reflects the dining table in a favorable manner.

When you put the mirror inside the dining room, you’ll enjoy the positive energy that helps to improve health, increase wealth and fortune, increase tranquility, and provision of food.

To gain the best, and make the dining room look stunning, place a wall mirror that reflects the entire dining room.

2. Placing a mirror in front of the cash locker

If you want to increase your fortune and abundance, you can try placing a mirror in front of the cash locker at home. It is accepted that mirror placement can also bring wealth luck, and energy.

Place your mirror in front of a cash locker to attract more fortune you want. To get the best out of this mystery, make sure your mirror is clean and does not reflect the distorted locker image.

3. Placing a mirror inside the bathroom

Of course, you can place a mirror inside the bathroom to attract positive energy. If you want to do this, ensure your bathroom is fully lit. Don’t allow any darkness to penetrate.

Placing the mirrors in a dark corner inside the bathroom is inauspicious, which will repel the energy level you need. It is recommended to place the mirror on the wall northward or eastward in the bathroom.


Over the years, mirrors have been carefully selected and used because of their abilities mentioned above.

You can get the best out of this inanimate object because they are seen as a good Feng Shui cure to enlarge or enhance anything you desire in life, but the only shortcoming is that they must be properly placed to achieve your desired goals.

Therefore, you must properly consider how you place your mirrors at home because of their reflective properties.

In this article, we have covered everything about the importance of mirror placement, and tips for Reflecting Mirrors to help enhance the energy level your mirrors can bring into your home.